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Best Pillow for TMJ

choose the best pillow for tmj

Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ) or other joint disorders can destroy your sleeping pattern. Imagine coming back home after a long day wanting a rest only to have to deal with the pain that comes with TMJ.

The good news is that there is a solution that can change everything, specifically designed TMJ pillows! These pillows are made to provide you with comfort and support regardless of your sleeping position.

In this guide, we give you all the information you may want to know about the TMJ disorder, including everything you need to know about TMJ disorder, things to consider when purchasing a TMJ pillow and the top three TMJ pillows available in the market.

choose the best pillow for tmj


How to Choose A Pillow for TMJ Sufferer?

Choosing an appropriate pillow for TMJ can be challenging compared to the selection of an ordinary pillow.

There are several factors to consider to ensure you pick the right model or brand that will address and manage the discomforting symptoms of TMJ disorder. Below is a quick look at some of the things to consider when buying a TMJ pillow.

Filling Material

Different pillows designed for TMJ have different filling materials. Most of these materials are constructed from memory foam, while others are filled with latex, shredded foam, feather fill or plastic component.

Before purchasing a TMJ pillow, always pay attention to the compactness or pressure of the pillow. If the TMJ pillow does not feel beneficial or reduce pressure on the targeted points, then look for a different brand that can perform superiorly to this need.


Another crucial factor to look at when choosing a TMJ pillow is the design, the level of support a pillow can provide largely on the design. TMJ pillows have been designed uniquely to provide maximum support to the jaw, neck and shoulder.

If you are not able to do an actual test of what the pillow can do, check out the reviews made by users. Through such testimonials, you get first-hand information about what customers think about the product. Go for the TMJ pillow with the highest number of positive reviews.

Sleeping position

Your most preferred sleeping position is one factor you cannot ignore when looking for an appropriate TMJ pillow. No matter how good the pillow is, it is not good enough if it does not suit your favorite sleeping position.

For instance, memory foam fans, hot sleepers and even eco-friendly lovers are likely to be inclined to a TMJ pillow that is accommodative to their personal preference.

Remember, you are already nursing a disorder, do not go for a pillow that promotes your health but is not compatible with your whole self.


Review of Best TMJ Relief Pillow

Accutrig TMJ Relief Pillow

Neck/shoulder muscle relaxer – Pain relief management device for cervical spine alignment.

accutrig pillow for jaw pain

Best for – It’s the perfect fit for anyone feeling frustrated by TMJ issues, tension headache, neck and shoulder pain.

What Makes Accutrig TMJ Relief Outstanding

Faster TMJ Relief – Dysfunction of your joint where the jaw meets the skull can be irritating and cause many discomforts. The good news is that this TMJ Relief Pillow is designed to relieve pressure, realign your jaw, and bring TMJ pain relief.

Reduce stress – Say goodbye to frustrations associated with TMJ disorders, tension headaches, migraine or neck and shoulder pain. You have a chance to enjoy your days and evenings with your family as you will not have to deal with pains anymore.

All-natural – The TMJ Relief pillow is all-natural; it does not require any chemicals to reduce the effects of migraines, tension headache and neck pains associated with TMJ disorder. Users will not have to deal with the stress that comes with pain-related issues.

Money-back guarantee – The TMJ pain relief pillow is an American product that offers a 100% money-back guarantee for unimpressed customers.

The Buyers’ Review on Accutrig TMJ Pillow

“It works! I have been struggling with TMJ for months before I found this product. It has helped to keep the pain away without using my mouthguard.”

“My wife likes to relax on the couch after a long day with her head and neck on this muscle relaxer. She says it has helped to relieve tension on her neck.”

“I am a truck driver; navigating through 18 gears for long hours is not easy; the upper part of my body gets sore, and being 50 years old makes it worse. When I bought this product, I didn’t think it would help much. I was amazed by the relief it gave me!”

What This Pillow May Not Be Fit For

Uncomfortable at the beginning – Well, you may not love it at the start, and you might feel uneasy about it. However, as you move on, you will get used to it and realize its magic.

Glue slowly ripped off – A few customers have complained that the glue was visible and the foam ripped off after few months of using it.

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Restcloud TMJ Pillow

Neck and shoulder relaxer – TMJ pain relief, chiropractic pillow and cervical spine alignment.

Chiropractic pillow for tmj relief

Best for – People with stiff neck looking to restore proper cervical curvature associated with TMJ disorders.

What Makes This Product Outstanding?

Work fast – After just 10 minutes of use, you will feel a huge difference in your neck and facial muscle. Furthermore, it’s a simple and effective natural solution for stiff neck and cervical curvature.

Dense and soft foam – Its design provides a comfortable, sturdy and lightweight base. However, it can’t be used as an ordinary pillow through the night.  Use it when you feel some pain or discomfort in your neck.

Easily adaptable – Normally, you will take 1 to 3 days to adapt fully to this pillow. Your neck needs time to familiarize yourself with the new corrector curvature. Once you are used to it, you will enjoy extreme comfort while on this device.

The Buyers’ Review on Cervical Traction Device

“I must say it has helped to relax my muscles and alleviate the pain that comes with having the cervical disc disorder. Since purchasing this pillow, it has been my go-to pillow every evening for 30 minutes before bed. I also purchased one for my grandfather who struggles with cervical problems.”

“This pillow is very comfortable. When I wear it, I feel the natural stretch on the neck right away. Before, I used to feel some stress on my neck; upon using it, I immediately notice less tension.”

The Pillow May Not Be Fit For

Not the best texture to lay on – If your skin is hypersensitive, you may have to use a towel to avoid feeling some discomfort on your neck.

No money-back-guarantee – Even with many positive reviews, one would expect the product to come with a money-back guarantee to cater to dissatisfied customers.

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EPABO Contour Pillow

Memory foam Orthopaedic – Ergonomic cervical pillow (Firm & Queen).

contour pillow for tmj relief

Best for – People struggling with neck pain, side sleepers, stomach sleepers and back sleepers.

What Makes EPABO Contour Pillow Outstanding?

 Ergonomic – Comes with a contoured design that perfectly supports and aligns your neck, head, neck shoulder to help you sleep faster and deeper. You will likely experience some discomfort in the first two weeks while the body is attempting to adjust to the most suitable position.

Therapeutic relief – The luxury sleeping pillow provides therapeutic relief for users. It comes with premium fabric to help you keep you comfortable throughout the night. All materials used are chemical free for better health.

Quality – Made from hypoallergenic/polyester propriety pillowcase that feels silky soft. Breathable memory foam gives it better air circulation to keep you cool and dry throughout the night.

30-day money-back guarantee – The quality of this product is high; if for any reason you are not impressed by the quality of this pillow, contact the manufacturer to get a full refund of the money spent.

The Buyers’ Reviews on EPABO Contour Pillow

“For the longest time, my mother used to complain about her pillow being uncomfortable; based on reviews, I ordered this pillow for her. I love its shape; it comes with a soft cotton sheet. My mother loves it, and the pain she used to feel has since disappeared.”

“I have used this pillow for over one year, and I love it. Before, my neck was stiff, and I used to wake with a dry mouth, which has since changed since I purchased this pillow. A great purchase!”

The Pillow May Not Be Fit For?

Not firm enough – A few customers have complained about the pillow is too stiff, especially when new. It barely lets my head goes down.

Not enough support for short necks – The pillow is likely to sink when you sleep on the back. Furthermore, some users have complained about the pillow being uncomfortable when you sleep on the stomach.

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How to Use A TMJ Pillow for Jaw Pain?

The most common effect of TMJ disorder is lack of sleep; it’s during the night when you grind your teeth and lay your jaw in an imperfect alignment.

Some of the proven ways to reduce the effects of TMJ disorder during sleep include giving your head and neck extra support, avoiding positions that strain your neck and head.

Sleeping on the stomach – Laying down is probably the worst sleeping position for anyone suffering from TMJ disorder.

When you sleep facing down, the spine is out of alignment and pushes the face towards the pillow, subjects too much pressure on your jaw joints, leading to teeth grinding and jaw clenching.

Laying on the side – Depending on the type of TMJ pillow you use, sleeping on your side will put your head and neck out of alignment leading to pain in the morning.

Laying on your back – If you are suffering from TMJ, laying on your back is by far your best sleeping position, your neck and back will have a good alignment, and the jaw will have no pressure.

Although sleeping on the back may not be your favorite sleeping position, you will get used to it after a few days, and you will feel the results.

tips to use a tmj pillow


What is TMJ

TMJ stands for temporomandibular joint, a sliding hinge connecting the lower jawbone with the skull bone in front of the ear. The temporomandibular joint enables you to move your jaw up and down and slide to the sides so you can chew, talk and yawn with ease.

Temporomandibular disorders (TMD) occur on the jaw and muscles on the face that control it. Some of the most common causes of TMJ include injury on the joint, jaw or any other muscle on your head or neck from a heavy blow.

Some of the most common causes of TMJ include Arthritis, stress which causes you to tighten your facial and jaw muscles.

TMJ is worse during the night because most people are prone to grind and clench their jaws. The condition is caused by your body trying to keep your airway open.


What Cause TMJ Syndrome

Temporomandibular joint disorder is caused by problems in the jaw joint and the surrounding facial muscles that control the movement of the jaw.

Like any other joints in your body, Temporomandibular joints are subject to wear and tear, disease, trauma, and degeneration due to age. Another common cause of wear and tear on the TMJ is bruxism or grinding of teeth during sleep.

Most people do not realize that the top and bottom of your teeth should not come into contact except during chewing.

When you hold your teeth together for a long period, the neck and facial muscles become fatigued, causing headaches, neck pain, difficulty in chewing and soreness—clenching during sleep, causing more pressure on the jaw, causing more damage.

If you suffer from TMJ disorder, we recommend trying out the following to relieve the symptoms associated with this condition.

  • Avoid sleeping on your stomach to reduce the pressure that goes to the back of your head
  • Choose an appropriate pillow. A firm memory form pillow that offers excellent neck support will make you feel better.
  • Lay on your back. This is the most appropriate sleeping position by far since your back and neck will have a good alignment, and the jaw will have no pressure.


Can You Use A TMJ Pillow for All Night Sleep?

Some TMJ pillows are specifically designed to relieve temporomandibular joint-related disorders, while others can be used as sleep pillows.

Those made for people suffering from TMJ disorders are specifically designed to help users sleep throughout the night without any discomfort.

Most of these pillows are made from polyester blend material to help keep the user dry throughout the night. The pillow is made to fit into the odd crooks as well as crannies of your head and neck.

TMJ can make you uncomfortable in bed and can interfere with your sleep. Although there are medically proven solutions out there, TMJ pillows have been made to provide you with the comfort and support you need, regardless of the position you choose to sleep in.

Whether or not you can use a TMJ pillow for all-night sleep or not depends on how you feel at that given point. If you feel comfortable enough to sleep on an ordinary pillow, you can get rid of the TMJ pillow.


Final Thoughts

Even as you seek long-term medical treatment to deal with TMJ, a little lifestyle change will improve your sleep and reduce the pain associated with this condition. Choose the best pillow and adapt a good sleeping position to help decrease the pain and discomfort that come with TMJ.

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