Best Cooling Body Pillow – Spending a Good Summer Night

Staying cool while sleeping is essential if you want to get a good night’s sleep. Cooling pillows come in several types. Some absorb and dissipate heat, while others increase airflow or wick away sweat, making the pillow cool.

A good cooler pillow should have the features that suit your needs. Several things go into selecting the best cooling pillow, as you will see in this piece.

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How to Choose A Cooling Body Pillow?

You might want to consider the following factors when choosing the right cooling body pillow.


These pillows are available in three main shapes which are, rectangular, C-shaped, U-shaped. The rectangular-shaped pads offer one-sided cushioning and support. The U and C-shaped, on the other hand, provide more full-body support.


The type and quality of the material used for making a cooling body pillow determine its lifespan. You should consider purchasing a cooling body pillow that’s made using high-quality and durable material.

The best material would be foams and latex that offer support and shape retention. Cooling body pillows made of these materials guarantee a longer lifespan than regular ones.


There are three primary cover materials used in making these pillows; these include cotton, phase change material, and bamboo. Natural cotton fibers are breathable and soft.

Various varieties of cotton and fibers may vary from the short stable and extra-long staple.

Egyptian cotton and Pima cotton are both extra-long staples, soft and breathable.  Cotton wicks moisture away, giving a cooling feel, and thus it is the most used in covers, increasing airflow. It is also easy to clean.

Phase-change textiles, on the other hand, controls the temperature by absorbing and releasing heat. It changes from liquid to solid-state, thus regulating the temperature.

Bamboo, on the other hand, wicks moisture and is lightweight. Bamboo is also more absorbent than cotton hence the best for hot sleepers. It is breathable and increases airflow.

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Most cooling body pillows have a length of between 48 to 54 inches. You might want to get a shorter type if you are not as tall and don’t need cushioning between your ankles.

Get a taller one if you are tall, and you want to cushion most of your body. These pillows also vary in width. The wider pads may keep your limbs more uniformly elevated, while the narrower ones may let you wrap your legs and arms around them comfortably.


Review of Best Cooling Body Pillow

Cooling Memory Foam Full Body Pillow

straight cooling body pillow

Mindful Design shredded memory foam – w/Cooling Gel, 116 Ounces, Blue

Best for – Support and comfort for the stomach, Side sleepers, pregnant women

What Makes This Pillow Outstanding?

Maximum comfort and restful sleep – The pillow is made with a mindful design, a blend of supportive memory foam and high-quality Gel for better alignment. Additionally, it reduces strain during sleep to help you wake up feeling refreshed.

Contours to different sleeping positions – The memory foam pillow is flexible compared to the traditional memory foams, allowing it to mold to different sleeping positions. Perfect for side sleepers as well as pregnant women.

Single/Double-sided – The shredded memory foam pillow is available in two versions; the single one is a 39″ x 12″ panel of cooling Gel, the double one is a 39″ x 12″ panel of cooling Gel on each side. It helps to dissipate body heat to keep you cool and refreshed throughout the night.

Customers reviews

“I love this pillow! I have used it for two weeks, and it is softer and thicker than my previous one. It maintains shape throughout the night, and I must say the cooling Gel is just what any woman with menopausal needs.”

“It works for me, unlike with other pillows I used in the past and it doesn’t make me feel sweaty at night. Initially, I was skeptical about buying this pillow, but its reviews convinced me to go for this product. I would recommend it.”

“I bought it when my wife was six months pregnant. Before I bought this pillow, she complained of tiredness during the day due to lack of sleep. Since I got this product, everything changed; she sleeps like a baby and has never complained of tiredness during the day.”

What You May Not Like

It takes too long to puff up – You might have to wait up to two days to use the pillow after purchase.

Too heavy – Trying to turn over during the night is a bit challenging because of its weight. The solution to this is taking out some memory foam.

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PharMeDoc Pillow

U shape cooling pillow

Pregnancy Pillow with Detachable Side support – Semicircular, Machine washable cover

Best for – Pregnant women, support for back, Legs and Hips, recovery from surgery

What Makes This Pillow Outstanding?

Special cooling cover – The U-Shaped pillow comes with a cooling cover that helps to disperse heat. The pillow is perfect for summer, especially for pregnant women, to help you feel cool throughout the night.

A detachable extension – The detachable extension can be used as a full-body detachable pillow or for additional back support, making it an excellent support for pregnant women and anyone else.

Risk-free – The U-shaped pregnancy pillow is risk-free, and the manufacturer offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Furthermore, a huge percentage of customers who have used this pillow have applauded its quality.

Customers Reviews

“It is a pillow every pregnant woman out there should get. I bought one when I was five months pregnant, and it did work well for me. It is perfect for side sleepers like me and other pregnant women out there. I got value for money.”

“Love is all I can say about this pillow. I wish I didn’t have to wait too long to get it. Even after I gave birth, it still helped me during breastfeeding. I would recommend it.”

“No regret! I bought this pillow three months ago, and I love it. It offers enough support and comfort. Go for it!”

What You May Not Like

Too flat – A few mothers have complained about the pillow being too flat to offer adequate support.

Takes too long to fluff up – The pillow takes up to 48 hours to open up fully when unpacked from the package.

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Nestl Gel-Infused Memory Foam Pillow

gel infused cooling pillow

Shredded memory foam – Queen-gel cooling pillow cover, machine washable

Best for – Sleep, rest, side sleepers and pregnant women.

What Makes This Product Outstanding?

Cooling memory foam pillow – The pillow is filled with shredded foam that contours the body with a cooling effect. It also has an adjustable loft that helps users to fall asleep and stay in bed longer.

Adjustable pillow – It has a zipper on the inner shell that allows you to add or remove foam for individualized comfort. You can use it as an alternative to Queen Size pillow to provide additional support and relief.

Soft washable pillow cover – Its pillow cover is made from bamboo-driven rayon that is breathable, soft, removable and machine washable. That way, you will not worry about spills or stains.

Environmentally friendly – The pillow has been satisfied to meet CertiPUR-US. It is environmentally friendly and contains zero harmful substances.

Furthermore, every purchase has a money-back guarantee; if you are not satisfied with the quality of this product, you have a chance to return it and get all your money back.

Customers Reviews

“Before I bought this pillow, I used to have terrible sweats during the night; everything changed when I purchased this pillow. I’m sleeping like a baby! It is so huge when I feel hot; I move my head over. Go ahead and purchase one.”

“My husband is always too hot during the night, and so I bought this pillow for him. It’s been two week now, and he likes it. I recommend it.”

“I was transferred to a new place, and I couldn’t sleep because of too much heat. My friend recommended this pillow, and everything changed. I now sleep better.”

What You May Not Like

Overstuffed – The pillow is too hard for some people; the good thing is that you can reduce the shredded foam on it to make it softer.

Too big – While this could be a good trait for some people, others have complained that the pillow is too large.

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NTBAY Zippered Pillow Pillowcase

silk cover cooling pillow

Satin Body cooling pillow – Side hidden cover, Dark Grey, 20 x 54 Inches

Best for – Sleep, rest, side sleepers, pregnant women

What Makes This Pillow Outstanding?

Maximum comfort – The pillow is made from nice quality microfiber fabric with a smooth, robust and hypoallergenic surface. Even after a long time of wash, it will still stay in shape for years. Additionally, the hidden zipper ensures the foam stays in place throughout the night.

Versatile and easy to use – It comes with a soft cover to create less friction and reduce hair breakage. It is suitable for pregnant mothers and side sleepers. Apart from using them in bed, they can be used on the sofa or couch.

Easy to use and care – The pillow is machine washable; a gentle circle, tumble, dry low and cool iron if required. Users have 90 days of return and replacement service if they are not satisfied with this product.

Customers Reviews

“My six-year-old daughter has extremely curly hair. Using the body pillow helps to keep her comfortable and keep her hair free of knots and tangles throughout the night. I will soon be making more orders for this product. Highly recommend it.”

“I love its soft material and silvery colour. My friend recommended it, and I have never regretted spending money on this product. I was worried that it would lose shape after my first wash; it still looks fine! It took a short time to dry. I got value for money.”

“At first, I thought it would be creepy on my skin, which is not the case. It is soft and offers adequate support throughout the night. Everyone in the family wants it!”

What You May Not Like

Zipper breaks easily – Some customers have complained of the zipper breaking after a few months of use.

Loses shape after the wash – After three of four wash circles, the pillow loses its touch and shape.

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Benefits of A Cooling Body Pillow

Helps Relieve Insomnia

Insomnia is a condition of disorganized sleep. You might be having insomnia if you experience sleep breaks in the night, and even much difficult to fall back to sleep until morning.

This can make you feel fatigued, experience low energy and a feeling of frustration.

However, a cooling body pillow can help ease the problem by allowing your head to stay cooler so you don’t wake up at night due to excessive heat.

Improved Mental Health

A good night’s sleep is vital for a healthy mind. If you can have an interrupted night’s sleep, you probably will feel well-rested and refreshed and ready to tackle the challenges of a new day.

Thus, a cooling body pillow will help you have a good night’s sleep as it prevents excess heat.

Best for Hot Weather

It is hard to catch sleep during a hot night. But with these pillows that provide a cooling sensation to the entire body, you can easily fall asleep quickly and have a sustained one.

Helps in Failing Sleep

Science reveals that cool temperatures promote good sleep. The cooling body pillows absorb excess heat and give you a cooling sensation that promotes ideal sleep.

benefits of using a cooling body pillow

Do Gel Foam Really Sleep Cool?

Gel foam is a memory foam that has tiny infused gel beads or particles in it. It is comfortable and offers outstanding conforming and pressure relief.

Whether or not gel foam sleeps cool depends on the company that manufactured the model. Many best-selling models with gel memory were found to have outstanding ratings on the effectiveness of their gel foam.

However, various factors determine the effectiveness of gel foam in a cooling body pillow.

The Percentage of Gel Foam in The Pillow

The concentration of Gel contained in the memory foam determines its effectiveness. For a pillow with an insignificant amount of gel inside, the performance will be wanting.

Some designs have only 5 to 10 % gel which means a more temporary cooling effect than those with 25 to 30% gel. The duration of performance also is dictated by the ambient temperature in the room and your body temperature.



Do Cooling Body Pillows Really Work?

Cooling body pillows work; however, this will depend on the type you use. The one made using natural fiber like cotton and bamboo inadvertently reduces the temperature because of the breathability nature of the fabrics.

Such a pillow also wicks moisture away, thus dissipating heat. One made of polyester may not be very breathable. Choose one whose material has a low thread count, as this will keep your body cooler than one with a high thread count.

The Gel is a truly cooling component of cooling body pillows. The Gel, through conduction, pulls the heat from your body and traps it away.

Should Side Sleepers Use A Body Pillow?

Side sleepers should use body pillows. Not only them but also stomach sleepers, pregnant ladies, and couples as well. Body pillows get rid of snowing and improve the circulation of blood when you are sleeping.

They align the spine with the body and, at the same time, relieve your body from pressures. Everyone, including side sleepers, should use body pillows to enjoy a long, comfortable and peaceful sleep.

Can You Use A Body Pillow for Whole Night Sleep?

Yes, you can use a body pillow for the whole night as it can relieve unnecessary pressure and your chances of neck pain, back pain and provide more leg and arm support beyond what your mattress offers you.

It also helps you get used to the side sleeping position, which is the recommended sleeping position.