Best Outdoor Pillows – Reviews & Type Comparison

Sitting outside on the patio should be relaxing and comfortable. Unfortunately, this is nearly impossible if you don’t have the best outdoor pillows.

Even the best of outdoor chairs will fall short of comfortable if you don’t have the right pillows to go with them. You might be surprised to learn that the selection of outdoor pillows is nearly as large as the bedroom selection.

Choosing the best may become a hustle because you be confused about which one to choose. This article is meant to make your work easier.


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Best Outdoor Pillow – Top 12 on the Market of 2021


What Makes A Pillow an Outdoor Pillow?

Best Rated outdoor throw pillows

1. Match your outdoor design – Well, for a pillow to be called an outdoor cushion, it has to provide you with comfort and, at the same time, complementing your home’s exterior décor and atmosphere.

2. Water and dust resistant – The pillow should be made with a water and dust resistant material and should have bold colors and a timeless style, which will be perfect for your patio or porch.

3. Aesthetic – Outdoor pillows are mostly what your guests see first when they walk into our backyard, so they have to be cozy and welcoming. They should be able to encourage your guests to sit down and feel like they are at home.

An outdoor pillow also has to come in different colors and sizes to get a variety to choose from; the colors have to be bold but still match your exterior décor and atmosphere. They should come in patterns so that you cannot miss one that you like.

4. Durable – For a pillow to be an outdoor pillow, it should be made with quality fabrics that are specifically designed to be tear and wear-proof, because they may be outside for long, especially in the sun and rain, ensure that you buy a pillow that will not fade over time or get stained by the rain.

Materials like Sunbrella are treated specially to withstand such harsh climates and still maintain their bright color.

Therefore to answer the questions that make an outdoor pillow, it is all about color, comfort, and the quality of materials used.


Reviews of the 6 Best Pillows for Your Outdoor Spaces

The summer is all about outdoor living, and having a good pair of outdoor pillows will go a long way. If you have a deck or a patio, you have furniture, and they require great outdoor pillows.

we have listed some of the best outdoor pillows and pillow inserts:

#1. Best Waterproof – Phantoscope Outdoor Square Pillow Insert


  • Outdoor and indoor usage
  • Hypoallergenic microfiber polyester
  • Water and mold resistant
  • Two sets of pillows
  • Great for people with allergies


  • No cover

outdoor throw pillow inserts

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The Phantoscope outdoor pillows are not only premium inserts but also water-resistant; it is specifically made with quality materials. The pillow is mold and water-resistant, and that means it can prevent water from entering or soaking and dust mites away.

The edges have safety stitching to ensure that it effectively keeps the water out and keeps away dust together with all it brings.

What’s more, the stitches also provide that the pillow is firm and comfortable. The fabric is hypoallergenic and has a polyester filler that contains no smell or allergens to ensure you are safe. The pillow also comes in a variety of sizes for different uses.

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#2. Best Fluffy – Foamily 2 Pack Hypoallergenic Lumbar Support Pillow


  • Hypoallergenic fabric
  • Exclusive rights to pillow filling
  • Firm back and neck support
  • Water and dust resistant
  • Very fluffy and firm


  • Need an extra cover

outdoor lumbar pillow inserts

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The Foamily hypoallergenic support pillow insert is made explicitly with high-quality materials that you won’t find in any other pillow type.

The company ensures that their rights to this pillow are exclusive so that no other company can copy them. The pillows are tested several to ensure they have the right amount of filling and come in different sizes.

Additionally, it provides you with excellent support for both your back and neck in a seated position.

It is also designed to be a multifunctional pillow as it can still be used inside to add décor to any room in your house; it can be used for comfort and support but still can work as an accessory.

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#3. Best Rated – Vanky Cheap Cotton Outdoor Buffalo Check Pillow Covers


  • Comes in different sizes
  • The package comes with two pillow covers
  • Invisible zipper closure
  • Easy to wash and insert
  • Machine washable


  • Does not include a pillow insert

outdoor patio pillows

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Having a decorative pillow has become one of those things that everyone has, and it is because of their comfort and generous support.

They bring style and fashion to your indoors and outdoors and match great with your décor as you can choose a cover that looks like other things that are already there.

Furthermore, this pillow cover is perfect for a medium-sized pillow and comes in different sizes, so you get to choose the one that will fit your needs the most.

With it, the outdoors look great, and if you decide to use it on your inside sofas, they will add color, support, and even comfort.

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#4. Best Large – Blue Page Black Off White Decorative Pillow Cover Set


  • Classic black and white design
  • Suits all home style and atmosphere
  • Durable Thick fabric texture
  • Secure sewing with exquisite tassels
  • Hidden zipper closure
  • Easy to wash


  • May need to clean more often

large outdoor pillows

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The blue page decorative pillow cover is an all-season pillow with a warm and comfortable touch and is excellent for the baby.

With this pillow cover, you are set for even the harshest conditions because it is made with a breathable fiber that is water and heat resistant. It can be used as a decoration or to give you and your guests comfort and support.

It comes in black and white, a design that has always been classic and matches well with many home styles and atmosphere.

The pillow cover also features a hidden zipper so that it can make it easier for you to clean and insert. Its durable materials ensure it will last you a long time.

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#5. Best Simple – MIULEE Red Waterproof Throw Pillow Case for Outdoor Garden


  • Durable canvas polyester
  • Cozy and breathable material
  • Hidden zipper
  • Water and dust resistant
  • Easy to wash and insert


  • Does not come with inserts

red outdoor pillows

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MULEE is a company that is dedicated to helping all its clients have an improved quality of life. With their outdoor waterproof pillowcase, that gives your home style and comfort.

The pillowcase is sewed and cut by hand to provide you with a perfect looking pillowcase. The material used is a durable canvas polyester with a PU coating to ensure that it is waterproof.

Another thing, the zippers have a hidden design for the cover to look beautiful, and the zipper also matches the cover’s color. The particular fabric used makes this pillow cover waterproof and suitable for the outdoors.

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#6. Best Striped – NATUS WEAVER Modern Linen Pillow Cover with Hidden Zipper


  • Machine washable
  • Two pcs of cover
  • Invisible zipper
  • Durable quality material
  • Soft linen for snug and comfort


  • Pillowcase only, no insert

outdoor decorative pillows

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The NATUS WEAVER is a great throw pillow for those looking to add color and style to their home. It is made with soft linen to make you feel comfortable when using it.

The material used is 100 percent high-quality polyester to ensure that it lasts you a long time. Whether your home has a traditional or modern feel, this pillow will match perfectly.

Besides this, it also offers you four types of colors to choose from for the perfect furniture match.

Its softness adds snugness and comfort to your home, and you can use it for various uses like to watch TV or in your car for improved comfort while traveling.

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How to Choose an Outdoor Pillow?

There are different things to consider when choosing an outdoor pillow. Below are some of them:

  • Style

When choosing an outdoor pillow, you should consider the style; they come in different colors and patterns. Choosing the best for you will depend on your preferences and need.

There are pillow covers known as welting and are a way to outline the pillows; they give the cushion a sophisticated look.

You can also get one with a tie so that you ensure it is secured to the furniture if you don’t want it to move. That is great, especially if you keep picking the pillow from the floor.

  • Color and Design

When it comes to the color and design of the pillow you want to keep the rest of the area in mind, whether it’s the patio or a sunroom, the style is always important.

Of course, the style is never more important than choosing a comfortable pillow. After all, you can always find pillow covers to help tie everything together nicely.

Best European Style – Blue Page Outdoor Sunbrella Pillows

large outdoor pillows

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  • Weather Resistance

That is one of the most important things to look at when buying an outdoor pillow. That is because they are made for the outdoors, and if they don’t resist water, they may end up getting mold.

Some pillows are water-resistant while others are waterproof; if you want a pillow that you won’t have to take in wherever it rains, then you should ensure that the material used is waterproof. Water and dust resistant pillows are also great as they won’t invite dust mites.

If your pillows are not weather-resistant, you have to do extra work like removing them when they are not in use.

An alternative is also to cover them with a waterproof cloth so that they can stay dry, and when you want to use them, you can remove the cover, and you are good to go.

If you live in a comfortable and warm place all year round, you need a durable pillow that will last long.

  • Insert/Filling

Most of the important qualities of outdoor pillows have been covered. The insert or filling is extremely important because it determines how much support the pillow can actually offer. It will also influence the price.

  • Memory foam pillows are considered the most comfortable by many customers.
  • Down and down alternative pillows are the best options for those who go for fluffy and soft options.

Best Down Alternative – Mybecca Affordable Pillow Insert with Highly Softness

Square Hypoallergenic Pillow Insert Polyester

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  • Material

The material of the pillow, or the material of the cover if you are using one, is also very important. You want a material that is going to withstand harsh weather conditions.

If you know you live in a rainy area, then you should consider choosing a water-resistant material that won’t get soggy or eventually start molding.

Professional research shows that the higher the PU coating is, the more valuable you get. Anyway, if you are looking for a pillow for outdoor trip, being flexible use and light weight, the inflatable camping pillow is what you want.

  • Value

With the different outdoor pillow choices, that means they cost differently. It is a fact that the more you spend, the better value you will get on your outdoor pillow.

The truth is, no one has that type of money to spend just on pillows, knowing that they will only be used once in a while. You have to know what exactly you are willing to pay so that you can know the range in which you are searching; that way, and it will be more comfortable.

Another thing, know how you are going to maintain the outdoor pillows. If you are a very busy person, buy a pillow that does not require a lot of holding, which will narrow down the options for you.


What Are the Different Material Types of Outdoor Pillow?

best outdoor throw pillow covers

Outdoor pillows come in different types of materials to be protected from the harsh weather conditions outside. The materials offer you water-resistant or waterproof features, and others are designed not to fade from the harmful sun rays.

Below are some of the outdoor pillow materials used and what they offer you.

1. Vinyl

Vinyl is one of the affordable choices, and it is well known for its resistance to moisture. They are straightforward to clean by just the use of a damp cloth or a rug.

On the other hand, they can get hot when left on the sun for long, making it difficult to sit on or support your back with them.

They are not as comfortable as other materials in the market, but they will last you a long period if you cover them when not in use.

2. Cotton Canvas

Cotton canvas is widely loved because they are not pricy and come in different colors and designs. They are very soft hence very cozy and comfortable to use.

To use this pillow material outside, you have to treat it first to be waterproof. If you prefer not to do so, you should use them inside to not contact moisture or water.

3. Textilene

This type of material comes from polyester that is also coated in PVC.

Just like vinyl, they also get hot when left in the sun, but the plus side is that the polyester material makes it durable and wear and tear-resistant to last you a more extended period.

4. Sunbrella

This is one of the best materials when it comes to outdoor pillows. They are a bit expensive but worth every penny. They are the best option for people who use their outdoor cushions regularly as they will last you a long time. The pillows are waterproof and fade-resistant, not forgetting mildew and mold.

Apart from the outside cover other outdoor pillows, different material types include the inserts. It is essential to know what kind of insert is in your pillow to maintain it. Examples of material inserts include clustered polyfil, polyester, foam, and even Dacron.

Ensure you know what you want so that you can buy one that you can maintain. Materials like Dacron are substantial and prevent the pillow from flattening, making them very comfortable and long-lasting.

Best with Sunbrella Canvas – Pillow Perfect Yellow Lumbar Support Outdoor Pillow Sets


What Type Outdoor Pillows Can I Choose?

Having a big selection to choose from is nice. It can also mean that it’s difficult to make the right choice if you don’t know what you’re looking for or looking at.

Let’s look at some of the different types of outdoor pillows, their inserts and covers, and how to choose from among them.

– Outdoor Lumbar Pillow

Outdoor furniture is usually designed to be more sturdy and rugged than indoor furniture. This helps it to stand up to the elements of the weather, such as wind and water.

It can also make the furniture more uncomfortable and less supportive. This is especially true if you’re planning to sit on them for any prolonged period of time. Outdoor lumbar support pillows can really help remedy this unfortunate situation.

When shopping for outdoor lumbar pillow sets, pay close attention to the material, the covers, the filling, and the design of the pillows.

Lumbar pillows should be designed to provide maximum support to the lower back. Many manufacturers try to label their normal throw pillows as lumbar pillows just to mark up the price.

Best Softness – Cheer Collection Faux Fur Lumbar Support Pillow for Lower Back Pain

– Outdoor Pillow Pad/Seat Cushions

Normal outdoor furniture might come pre-equipped with some form of padded cushion. These cushions are rarely as durable as the furniture itself and every bit as supporting. They wear down in time and manage to provide even less support.

A high-quality lumbar support pillow, or any high-quality outdoor cushion for that matter, will be made with special types of fabric designed to survive the heat, rain, and cold.

Best for Outdoor Furniture – Pillow Perfect Westport Teal Seat Pads

Pillow Perfect Indoor Outdoor Westport Tufted Seat Cushion

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– Outdoor Throw Pillows

As for throw pillows, they have their place outdoors as well. An outdoor throw accent pillow can add a little bit of color and a lot of character to your patio or sunroom.

These are typically purchased primarily based on their shape, design, and material. Choose out pillows by shape, here is the top rated and best selling one:

Best for Longevity – Greendale Home Fashions Polyester Accent Pillow

Fashions Rectangle Outdoor Accent Pillows

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If you’ve found a throw pillow you really like because of its shape and comfort, but don’t like the design, then you can opt to purchase an additional pillow cover.

You can even have a custom-designed pillow cover tailored to meet your design needs. This way, you can get the most comfortable pillows possible and then cover them properly so that they match the rest of the set.

– Outdoor Bolster Pillows

However, just because a pillow is used mainly for decorating doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be comfortable. You’re encouraged to try out the bolster pillows before making a purchase. Feel them and judge the support they might offer after a long day of sitting outside.

And you can try outdoor throw pillow round bolster for special need:

Best Cooling – Allsett Health Bamboo Cervical Bolster Pillow for Summer



How to Protect Outdoor Pillows?

Best lumbar support pillow outdoor

Protecting outdoor fabric can be a lot of work, depending on the material used or the fabric. Ensure that you find one that suits your needs and preferences. Some most common materials include olefin, cotton canvas, PU- coated polyester, and even acrylic.

Below is how to protect your outdoor pillows from different kinds of situations:

– From the sun

While most pillows are designed with protective materials that ensure they don’t get affected by UV rays, too much sun can damage the cushions, hence protecting them.

The main basic thing to do is to move them to shade or a covered place so that it won’t get affected by direct sunlight. You can also buy a spray-on fabric guard that will help the pillows from fading.

– From rain and snow

Buying an outdoor pillow that is water-resistant will help the moisture from entering the pillow.

Water can also get through, and they will start to soak, and it will be hard for them to dry up. If you expect rain, you can cover your pillows with a waterproof cover. Ensure you shave off the excess water as soon as possible and air-dry them in the sun.

Air drying them will ensure that mildew and mold will not grow on them. Even if you do an antimicrobial treatment on the pillows, they may develop mold if left in a damp place for too long.


FAQs about Outdoor Pillows

outdoor pillow pad or cushion chairs

1. How Do I Keep My Outdoor Pillow from Fading?

  • To protect the pillow; you can buy a weather guard spray that will increase the pad’s life and prevent it from fading.
  • Another thing you can do is to remove dirt by vacuuming before you can wash it.
  • Keeping the pillows away from the sun also helps a lot. You can place them under the shade so that they won’t get affected by the sun.

Ensure that the fabric is breathable and whenever you are not using the pillows, put them away. If you are in a pool and have applied oils on your body, ensure you lay towels down before sitting so that you won’t destroy the pillows.

2. Can I Leave Outdoor Pillows In the Rain Directly?

Some fabrics, such as Sunbrella, are designed to be fade, mildew, and moisture resistant. That means if you leave them in the rain, they will not get destroyed.

That does not mean that they won’t get destroyed over time. Even though they are water-resistant, they will finally get destroyed. Therefore the answer is no; you cannot leave pillows in the rain, maybe a day if they are waterproof, but if not, they may soak, and it won’t be easy to dry them thoroughly.

Rain can also lead to the fabric wearing and tearing, which will destroy it. Apart from all that, rain can also make your outdoor pillows fade, which will make them look old and worn out.

If they get rained on, pat them dry with a towel, remove the covers and check if any water got through, and air dry them to be sure. When they are not in use, keep them away and remove them again when you want to use them.



There are so many outdoor pillows out there that it may be confusing on which one to choose. With this review, we believe that you have all that you need to make an informed decision on the best outdoor pillow for you with the information you have read from above.

When you find one that suits you best, ensure you take great care of it so that it can last you a long time and to avoid molds and parasites. An excellent outdoor pillow will provide you and your guests with remaining cozy and comfortable.

They will compliment your décor and add style and decoration to your exterior.


Here are pillows for your reference: