Choosing The Right Outdoor Throw Pillows & Cushions

Sitting outside on the patio should be relaxing and comfortable. Unfortunately, this is nearly impossible if you don’t have the right outdoor pillows. Even the best of outdoor chairs will fall short of comfortable if you don’t have the right pillows to go with them. You might be surprised to learn that the selection of outdoor pillows is nearly as large as the bedroom selection.

The Different Types Of Outdoor Pillows

Having a big selection to choose from is nice. It can also mean that it’s difficult to make the right choice if you don’t know what you’re looking for or looking at. Let’s look at some of the different types of outdoor pillows, their inserts and covers, and how to choose from among them.

Best Rated outdoor throw pillows to buy

Best Rated outdoor throw pillows

Outdoor furniture is usually designed to be more sturdy and rugged than indoor furniture. This helps it to stand up to the elements of the weather, such as wind and water. It can also make the furniture more uncomfortable and less supportive. This is especially true if you’re planning to sit on them for any prolonged period of time. Outdoor lumbar support pillows can really help remedy this unfortunate situation.

When shopping for outdoor lumbar pillow stes pay close attention to the material, the covers, the filling, and the design of the pillows. Lumbar pillows should be designed to provide maximum support to the lower back. Many manufacturers try to label their normal throw pillows as lumbar pillows just to mark up the price.

Hot sale outdoor lumbar pillow sets best for lower back pain

Best lumbar support pillow outdoor

Normal outdoor furniture might come pre-equipped with some form of padded cushion. These cushions are rarely as durable as the furniture itself and every bit as supporting. They wear down in time and manage to provide even less support. A high-quality outdoor lumbar cushion, or any high-quality outdoor cushion for that matter, will be made with special types of fabric designed to survive the heat, rain, and cold.

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outdoor pillow pad or cushion chairs

As for throw pillows, they have their place outdoors as well. An outdoor throw accent pillow can add a little bit of color and a lot of character to your patio or sunroom. These are typically purchased primarily based on their shape, design, and material.

Choose out pillows by shape, here is the top rated and best selling one:

Best rectangle outdoor pillows

Fashions Rectangle Outdoor Accent Pillows

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Best square outdoor pillows

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However, just because a pillow is used mainly for decorating doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be comfortable. You’re encouraged to try out the pillows before making a purchase. Feel them and judge the support they might offer after a long day of sitting outside.

And you can try outdoor throw pillow round bolster for special need:

Red outdoor throw pillow bolsterHere for more about bloster shaped pillow: Best Bolster Pillows For Yoga & Day Bed

If you’ve found a throw pillow you really like because of its shape and comfort, but don’t like the design, then you can opt to purchase an additional pillow cover. You can even have a custom-designed pillow cover tailored to meet your design needs. This way, you can get the most comfortable pillows possible and then cover them properly so that they match the rest of the set.

Choosing Outdoor Pillows

Most of the important qualities of outdoor pillows have been covered. The insert or filling is extremely important because it determines how much support the pillow can actually offer. It will also influence the price. Memory foam pillows are considered the most comfortable by many customers, but you should feel a few different types of fillings and choose for yourself.

Best cheap outdoor pillow inserts

Square Hypoallergenic Pillow Insert Polyester

When it comes to the color and design of the pillow you want to keep the rest of the area in mind, whether it’s the patio or a sunroom, the style is always important. Of course, the style is never more important than choosing a comfortable pillow. After all, you can always find pillow covers to help tie everything together nicely.

The material of the pillow, or the material of the cover if you are using one, is also very important. You want a material that is going to withstand harsh weather conditions. If you know you live in a rainy area, then you should consider choosing a water resistant material that won’t get soggy or eventually start molding. (Here is a hot sale inflatable pillow for outdoor use,water resistant)

Best outdoor pillow covers in cheap price

best outdoor throw pillow covers

Finally, do as much research as possible before purchasing your outdoor pillow set. There are a lot of different manufacturers out there and some of them are better than others. Use the internet to look through online reviews of the manufacturers as well as the different pillows if they are available.

Here are pillows for your reference: