How to Use A Yoga Bolster

A yoga bolsters pillow is one of the most versatile pillows you can use when doing yoga, sleeping, or just relaxing on the sofa.

Even if it is a versatile and flexible pillow, many people do not know how to use the pillow when doing the listed activities. If you are in such a dilemma, this article will provide you with a guide on using the yoga bolster pillow.

ways to use a yoga bolster

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What is a Yoga Bolster Pillow?

The bolster pillow is unique usually firmer than other standard pillows used in yoga poses. This pillow features a cylindrical form; it is long and slimmer than other pillows.

This pillow can be placed under your bed pillow to increase support when sleeping or set on your sofa backrest to support your back while seated.

When it comes to yoga, the yoga bolster pillow is usually used to provide a support surface when doing stretching, extreme poses, and exercises that involve deep breathing.

Is the yoga bolster pillow necessary?

Yes, the yoga bolster pillows are pretty helpful when doing yoga since they are more firm and provide the proper support to your body. Thus, you can pose in extreme forms using your body without worrying about getting an injury.

Besides that, the bolster pillows are orthopedic tools and so are safer in providing safety and protection.


How to Use a Yoga Bolster Pillow

1. Child’s pose support form

If you need to stretch your lower body areas without moving too much around, this is the perfect yoga pose to do with the bolster pillow. The child’s pose helps you stretch lower areas like the hips, thighs, and ankles.

You can also do the pose to gently stretch your back and the neck if you are experiencing some pain. For people with headaches or feeling anxiety, this pose will help you calm your nerves and relieve headaches.

How to do the pose with a bolster yoga pillow

  1. Go down to a kneeling form and spread your knees apart
  2. Then place the bolster pillow in between your knees and let it extend a bit at the back area
  3. Then gently lower your upper body part and rest on the bolster pillow while spreading the arms apart
  4. You can add a few blocks under the yoga bolster pillow if you feel it is too low to elevate its height

Tips when doing this yoga pose

  • Put some soft supporting objects on your legs or knees if you feel straining from the hard floor.
  • Avoid doing this pose on a cold floor, as it may feel uncomfortable
  • You can gently stretch the back area while in the posture to relieve tension

2. Reclined bound pose

Apart from helping to stretch various body parts like the inner thighs, groins, and knees, this pose can also target the internal body organs. For example, doing this pose greatly helps to stimulate the heart and improve general body circulation.

This pose’s other body organs that this pose helps to encourage are the ovaries, prostate gland, bladder, or kidneys. Other than these great benefits, the reclined bound form will help to relieve stress and migraine.

How to do the pose with bolster pillow

  1. Sit flats on the floor, with legs spread in front of you, and places the yoga bolster pillow behind you
  2. Then bring the soles of the feet together in such a way that the knees spread far apart. Make sure the soles are touching each other
  3. Then drop your body back to the bolster pillow with the hands spread apart

Tips when doing this pose

  • If you feel your inner thighs are strained a lot, place blocks or supporting objects like a pillow on each side of the knee

3. Supported backbend

This is one of the best stretching poses in yoga, but you cannot do it alone since you may end up getting a back injury. So, a bolster pillow comes in handy to make sure you maintain the proper form and do not strain the backbone.

The supported backbend pose helps to stretch the abdominal muscles; it helps increase the backbone’s flexibility to improve the upright posture. If you are experiencing some neck and back pain, this pose will help relieve the pain.

How to do the pose with a bolster pillow

  1. Place the yoga bolster pillow on the workout mat in a way that it aligns with the shoulders.
  2. Then sit with your legs spread while ensuring the pillow is behind you.
  3. Lower your upper body until your shoulders lay on the pillow. Ensure the head extends above the pad and only should lie on it.
  4. You can use your hands to support the head while in this form. Stay in this form for 5 to 6 minutes. Then bend your legs upwards with your knees up for another 6 minutes. Alternate the two legs form for better results and comfort.

Tips when doing this form

  • Ensure your back is not bent while in the state to prevent further injuries
  • Always stop to take breaks if you feel too much straining on your neck and lower back

4. Legs up on the wall pose

This is a standard pose done by most women during their menstrual periods. The pose helps to alleviate crumps and regulate the flows.

Other than this, you can do the pose to relieve swollen leg muscles, stretch the back, and relieve tired feet. Some people are recommended to do this yoga pose to help improve digestion.

How to do the pose with bolster pillow

  1. Find the perfect spot in the room with a wall, and place the bolster pillow under your sacrum
  2. Then extend your legs while leaning them against the wall as further as you can high up. Make sure your soles face up
  3. Then lay flat with your back and hands spread apart

Tips when doing this pose

  • If you want to add more resistance for effective results, especially when stretching the back, do the pose without leaning on the wall
  • However, beginners should use the wall for some form of support until they get used to it

5. Seated forward bend/fold

This is one of the most accessible yoga poses with the bolster pillow, but it is packed with multiple health benefits. The pose aids in relieving stress and mild depression.

The pose helps to stretch significant body parts like the spine, shoulders, and hamstrings too. You can do this pose if you are experiencing menstrual problems since it focuses on areas around the ovaries; if you have digestive issues, it can help relieve the issue.

How to do the pose with bolster pillow

  1. Sit on the mat with your legs spread in front but together
  2. Then place the pillow on your legs, lean the upper body and rest on the pillow
  3. Ensure to stretch your upper body as much as you can for effective results

Tips when doing this pose

  • If you feel the bolster pillow is too low, you can stack some things under it to elevate it up

Other Poses You Can Try Out

Widen legs forward fold

This is a great pose essential for relieving pain in the back while strengthening your back and leg muscles. If you are having mild lower back pains, this pose will work magic in reducing the pain. Also, for people who have abdominal discomfort, I would recommend you do this pose.

How to do it

  1. Sit on your yoga mat and spread wide your legs as further as you can until you feel the stretch effect on your inner thighs
  2. Place the bolster pillow in between the spread legs and lie on it with your torso
  3. Still, you should ensure that your upper body is stretched while lying on the pillow
  4. Stay in this form for about 10 to 15 minutes, rest your body up and repeat the same

Tips when doing this pose

  • If you are tall and feel your body is stretched a lot, you can elevate the pillow by placing some blocks or elevating objects underneath it


This is a versatile yoga form that target the outer and inner well-being. This pose can help to relieve stress, migraine and improve your calmness.

If you are experiencing back pains or digestive problems, doing the pose a few times can hugely reduce the problems. The pose is also recommendable for relieving fatigue too.

How to do the pose

  • Place the bolster pillow under the knees and rest your legs on top of it
  • Then gently lower your body to the pillow and lay such that your knees are elevated, and the other body rests on the floor
  • This is one of the most gentle yoga forms directed at helping your body relax and relieve pain and discomfort.

Tip when doing this pose

  • This is an easy yoga form that you can do from anywhere. For example, you can use the pillow while in bed or relaxing on your sofa



These are the top ways that you can use the yoga bolster pillow to improve your overall health. There are multiple benefits that you can reap from this pillow, as mentioned in our article.

However, note that to receive the best results, you need to maintain the correct form. Whichever pose you do, make sure that you retain the proper body form for excellent impacts and safety.