Best Decorative Pillow Insert and Cover

Decorative pillows are some of the most versatile pillows for both indoor and outdoor settings.

You can use the pillow on couches, beds, and outdoor furniture since they provide support while adding d├ęcor to your furniture. For support purposes, the decorative pillows work by aligning the spine in the right form to prevent the spine’s straining.

Can you use the decorative pillows when sleeping? The answer is yes. These pillow models are also suitable for supporting the body when lying on a couch or bed. Here is a review of the best models if you need durable and quality decorative pillows for your home.

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How to Choose a Decorative Pillow for Fitting Your Home Decor

Choose pillows with zipper

When choosing a decorative pillow, either for the bedroom, living room, or any area, you plan to use, make sure the pillowcase has a zip closure style. Such a pillow is convenient when it comes to cleaning since all you need is to unzip and remove the cover to clean it.

If you plan to change either the cushion cover or insertion, it would be easy to do so. For a good appearance, choose a pillow with an invisible zip style or a zip matching with the cushion or cushion cover color.

Focus on the size

The size of the decorative pillow is highly determined by the place you plan on using the pillow. Do you need a pillow to place on a small sofa, bed, or large furniture in your living room?

Choose a size that will add that decorative feature to the furniture or bed without occupying too much space. The decorative pillows come in different sizes, ranging from 18 x 18 to 12 x 20 or more.

Best 18×18 Insert

best 18x18 pillow insert

Quality and comfort by these utopian pillows are guaranteed since they are filled with comfortable materials. You can use the pillows on the bed or couches.

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Best 20×12 insert

best 12x12 decorative pillow inserts

If you are looking for a decorative pillow that resembled a bed pillow for your patio couches, this is the right choice of pillow to consider.

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The color and patterns

This is another crucial thing or factor you need to focus on when choosing decorative pillows. The decorative pillows’ color should match or instead blend with the furniture or the place you set them up.

Too many colors of the pillows on the furniture may make it look unattractive or take away your seats’ beautiful look.If you opt for two to three different patterns on the pillows, make sure the designs complement each other and the area you use them.

The use

Why do you need the pillow, or where do you plan to place it? Some decorative pillows are multifunctional, whereby you can utilize them for lumbar support or support up our heads when sleeping in bed.

Other models provide generous support to the back when seated in bed or couch. In this case, figure out the need for buying the pillow to make sure it will serve the purpose.

Your budget

The decorative pillows are sold at varying prices depending on the fillings, design, and size. However, you should not drain your bank account to acquire an excellent decorative pillow.

Some beautiful pillows retail at less than 20 dollars. But, when choosing these types of pillows, make sure to consider your needs and the area you want to use them.


Best Decorative Pillow Covers Review

For 18×18 Size

Corduroy – Home Brilliant Super Soft Pillow Cover

corduroy velvet decorative pillow case


  • The pillow covers come in different colors
  • They feature beautiful velvet materials
  • They are easy to slip in cushion inserts


  • The pillow is a little bit heavy

The pillow cover consists of velvet material that is super soft and comfortable to the skin. A pack consists of two pillow covers, each measuring 18 x 18 cm.

  • Multiple colors

If you need to mix match the decorative cushions on the furniture or bed, this s a right choice of a cushion cover brand. The pillow covers come in varying colors to match with different home decors.

  • Easy to insert

The pillowcases are made in a standard 18 x 18 cm size, making it easy to insert.

  • Easy to maintain

In case of dirt or spillage, you can easily clean the pillowcases with a machine washer. Just make sure to follow the manufacturer’s guide.

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Fluffy Surface – Uhomy Luxury Fur Throw Pillow Cover

fluffy decorative pillow cover


  • This pillowcase has a quality material design
  • It is stretchable for efficient fitting
  • The pillowcase comes in different color shades


  • The zip tends to clip the fur when closing

The fur is one of the most versatile fabrics that will never get outdated. A fur pillow is suitable for multiple areas since it adds a great statement in any place you use it. This pillow cover has faux fur that is soft and comfortable to the skin.

  • Multifunctional in use

These decorative pillow covers are great for adding decor features in different places, including beds, sofas, cars, etc.

  • Expandable

The cushion cover has stretchable polyester material that you can increase the size with 1 inch more for comfortable fitting the pillow insert.

  • Washable

The pillowcase is washable using cold water and a delicate cycle cleaning method.

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Modern Pattern – Fascidorm Decorative Pillow for Bedroom & Sofa

modern decorative pillow case


  • The pillowcases come in varying colors
  • They have quality material comfortable to the skin
  • The cushion covers can be used with different inserts


  • The cushion covers do not come with the inserts

The geometric design plus the different colors on these pillowcases bring a unique and beautiful look to your room. The pillow covers are suitable for various areas as the colors blend with other decor finishes and furniture designs.

Special features

  • Quality material

The covers are crafted with quality and durable polyester material that is quite comfortable and soft to the skin.

  • Invisible zipper design

The cushion covers have the invisible zipper design for convenience and to provide a flawless look when you insert the pillows

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Best for Couch – Home Brilliant Linen Yellow Pillow

yellow pillow cover for couch


  • Inserting the pillow in the cover is easy and smooth
  • They come in two different finishing that complements the room
  • Each pack has to pillowcases


  • The pillowcases are a bit scratchy

These cushion covers are crafted in size 18 x 18 inches, which can pretty much fit in most throw pillow inserts sizes. The features on the pillowcases add an elegant look in any place you decide to set them at.

Beautiful design

The package consists of two pillowcases that are designed in woven checker and polka dots to complement each other and area you use them

Easy to insert

These pillowcases have a smooth zipper that is easy to open and close to insert the pillow

Quality material crafting

The pillowcases consist of quality and pure polyester material that is super durable

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For 12×20 Size

Best Budget – UGASA Lumbar Throw Pillow Cover Striped

20x20 decorative pillow case


  • You can easily clean these cushion covers
  • The cushions have quality polyester and cotton materials blend
  • They are easy to maintain


  • Not founded

These pillowcases have Coudray material on both sides so you can conveniently use them on both sides.

  • Multiple colors

These cushion covers come in different bright colors to complete various areas you use them.

  • Durable and excellent material blend

These cushion covers are crafted with quality polyester and cotton blend for durability and comfort

  • Matching zipper

The zippers on the covers have the same color as the cover to ensure uniformity

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Where Can I Put Decorative Pillows?


The best places to use decorative pillows in the bedroom area are the bed’s headboard and bedroom furniture. The decorative pillows are perfect bed props if you arrange them well with other functional bed pillows.

Some are multifunctional as they provide a comfortable leaning surface when reading or watching TV; you can place the decorative pillow on top of the bed pillows or bedside the bed pillows.

When it comes to bedroom furniture, the decorative pillows add a beautiful finish to the seats while providing comfortable support when you sit to rest on the chairs.

Ensure the decorative pillows have a color that blends with your bed pillows, beddings, and furniture.

Living Room

The decorative pillows do magic in adding a beautiful finish to the living room furniture, including old furniture styles.

Depending on the colors of pillows you choose, they elevate the room to make it look cozier, and the pillows also add a modern chic look to the living room.

Just make sure you don’t pile up too many pillows on the couches and choose the color scheme that matches the sofa’s color or other decors.

Garden & Backyard

The Garden and backyard are the areas that we relax when we want to catch some fresh air on the outdoors.

Thus, you need decorative that complements the outdoor settings and, at the same time, provide support when you sit.

The decorative pillows can be placed on the furniture for support when you sleep or support your back when seated on the garden chair.



Decorative pillows are great props that add color, decor, and chic finishing both indoors and outdoors. The pillows come in different styles and sizes to fit other functions.

The pillows are also suitable for support purposes as you can set them on furniture and bed for support when sleeping or seated to read a book. When choosing these pillows, focus on the color, the size, and the design to complement the areas you want to put them.