Best Bed Pillow – Top Comfortable Pillows for Bedroom Reviews & Guide

Bed pillows come in different shapes, design, fillings and even brands. However, it is quite easy to choose the best bed pillow for your comfort and the right support.

Some of the factors that one should consider when choosing a bed pillow include: bed size, the uses, and material fillings of the pillow among others. Make sure the bed pillow you choose serves the purposes and at the same time provides safety when sleeping in various positions.

A pillow that is easy to clean is a good option for convenience and hygiene purposes, especially during the summer seasons. So, which is the best bed pillow model, and which are the best brands to buy from?

In this article, we will provide all crucial details regarding the review of the best bed pillows, how to choose the best bed pillow, and the best brands on the market today …


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Top 11 Best Bed Pillows On the Market of 2021


Reviews of the 5 Best Comfortable Bed Pillows

There seems to be an endless array of pillows available at most stores that sell bedroom furniture. If you don’t know what you’re looking at it can be hard to decide what you actually need.

Do you need decorative pillows, a pillow for reading, or just something to go to sleep on at night?

1. Best Rated – Hot Sale Beckham Hotel Collection Gel Pillow


  • This pillow is resistant to dust, mold mildew and other allergens
  • It has stain and fades resistant construction for durability
  • It is large to fit on large beds


  • Some of the customers may not like the down alternative fillings

Best Sale Beckham Hotel Luxury Plush Gel Pillow for Bed

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Are tired of getting an allergic reaction from different brands of bed pillows? Well, your search is over since this pillow is crafted to accommodate all people, including people with allergy since it has no chemical ingredient.

No shift design. The materials plus the fillings on this pillow prevent it from slipping off the bed so, one can sleep comfortably. This is a reliable design to fit people who sleep in multiple positions.

Super comfortable and great support. These pillows are crafted to ensure you have uninterrupted sleep and prevent injuries. The available linen gel fiber fillings provide comfort and support.

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2. Best Comfortable – Beegod Bedroom Pillow for Back and Side Sleepers


  • The pillow is washable with the machine, but use cold water and soft tumble, and low temperatures
  • The pillow is fade and stain resistant for durability
  • It helps prevent neck pain


  • Not suitable for people who look for extra firm bed pillows


beegod supportive bed pillow

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Ensure total support and comfort if you are prone to sleep on the back or side with this great bed pillow model.

Quality material construction. This pillow is crafted with high-quality materials from polyester, soy fiber, and cotton to provide total support and comfort

Soft and comfortable. The pillows are made with a mild firm design to ensure your head and neck muscles are fully aligned and supported to prevent injuries.

Support multiple sleeping positions. The pillow has an extra-large size of 16 x 24 x 4-6 inches to support your head even when sleeping on all positions.

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3. Best Down Pillow – Downluxe Feather Down Pillow for Sleeping


  • The pillows feature beautiful and decorative finishes
  • They are comfortable for different sleeping positions
  • The edges are well stitched for durability
  • The pillows are made with quality materials


  • Some may not like the cotton shell



downluxe queen size goose feather down bed pillow

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One pack of this bed pillow model is enough since it consists of two pieces that are large to fit even in large beds.

Goose feather materials. This pillow is crafted with goose feather fillings that are soft to touch and comfortable to support side and back sleepers.

Cotton pillow cover. The covers of these two pillows are made of soft and comfortable cotton materials

Easy to maintain. These pillows are easy to maintain since you can clean them with a machine. Just make sure to use cold water and gentle cleaning mode at low temperatures

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4. Best Large – Cosybay Ultra Soft Large Body Pillow


  • This pillow has an excellent filling that provides firm support while sleeping
  • It has breathable materials for support when sleeping
  • The pillow is extra-large to fit in large beds


  • Not suitable for narrow bed


extra long bed reading pillow

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Whether you have a large body, or you need a bed pillow that you can share with your partner, this right here is a good option. The pillow measures 20 x 54 inches.

Breathable material cover. This pillow consists of high-quality material infusion from polyester, viscose, lycra, and bamboo viscose to ensure you stay cool even in hot seasons.

Memory fiber fillings. This pillow has unique memory fiber fillings that provide total support and comfort to the user.

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5. Best Budget – Coolzon Shredded Memory Foam Bed Pillow


  • This pillow provides ultra comfort and support
  • You can adjust it to accommodate your sleeping modes
  • Super affordable
  • The pillow has pure memory filling for excellent support


  • It is filled with shredded memory foam



foam bed pillows for comfortable sleeping

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This pillow consists of bamboo fabric cover that allows the excellent flow of air for breathability purposes.

Pure memory foam fillings. If you are looking for a comfortable pillow on a budget, well get this amazing model. It has memory foam fillings that provide excellent support and comfort

Adjustable. This pillow is adjustable to fit every user’s sleeping needs. For example, you can remove some fillings if you feel it is too firm.

Easy to maintain. The pillow cover is removable for cleaning. The pillow has two protective pillowcases

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Factors to Consider When Buying a Bed Pillow?

best bed pillow reviews

– The size

The bed pillows are crafted in varying sizes, which are quite easy to select. The choice of the bed pillow is majorly determined by 3 factors that are:

  • The size of your bed;
  • Your size and;
  • How you want to use the pillow.

For example, if you need a pillow that accommodates all sleeping options, choose a large pillow to ensure total support when you turn and sleep on all positions.

A large pillow will also fit people who sleep on large beds for support when you turn on the bed. If you need a prop pillow or a pillow that you can use when sitting on the bed to work or reading, a small pillow may work just fine.

– The type of fillings

The majority of bed pillows are made with a feather, memory foam, and memory gel fillings.

The feather pillow feelings are perfect for cold seasons or to keep you warm since they retain heat. However, these pillows are a bit uncomfortable since one may feel some feather pokes when sleeping.

Memory foam pillows are designed to offer the right support to your head and neck since they conform to one’s head when sleeping. These pillows are durable since they retain the right shape when you get up.

The memory gel fillings provide reliable support and at the same time ensure there is good airflow when you sleep. They are comfortable to support all sleeping positions.

– Your sleeping positions

How you sleep highly determines the type of pillow you should buy. So, make sure to choose a pillow that supports your neck when you turn on all sides.


What Are the Different Types of Bed Pillows In Your Bedrooms?

  • Bed Pillows for Sleeping

If you aren’t staying comfortable through the night, then you aren’t getting a full night’s sleep. The mattress plays a big role in your sleeping routine, but don’t let that overshadow the importance of a quality pillow. Choosing the right pillow can make all of the difference.

It’s the pillow that helps the head and neck stay aligned properly while sleeping. Sleeping on the wrong pillow can result in neck, shoulder, or back pain.

You should search for a sleeping pillow that is designed to work with your primary sleeping position. Some people sleep on their back, some on their side, and others on their stomachs.

Best for Sleeping – Coop Home Goods Shredded Memory Foam Bed Pillows

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  • Bed Pillows for Reading

Choosing a pillow for reading in bed can be difficult. You likely find that it’s extremely difficult to stay comfortable when reading in bed for prolonged periods of time.

You aren’t usually laying flat on your head, but instead on your back with your head against the headboard. Having the wrong kind of pillow beneath you could result in some noticeable back pain the following day.

The key is to find a pillow that allows for proper alignment of the spine and provides adequate support. The pillow needs to be slightly more firm than your average sleeping pillow, but not so firm that it won’t move with the contour of your spine.

You might forgo the traditional pillow altogether and choose a wedge pillow instead. These are designed with a triangular shape that allows the pillow to stay propped at a 45-degree angle. They aren’t always the best for sleeping with, but you can easily put them off to the side when it’s time to go to bed.

Or, you can choose a husband pillow. Designed with a back cushion and 2 arms like someone is cudding you, it meets the requirement of some of you who are looking for more support when sitting in the bed for reading or having a rest.

Best for Reading – Bretwood Originals Backrest Pillow

best bed pillow for reading Over 1400 sales 5 colors

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  • Orthopedic Neck Support Pillows

These are pillows specifically designed to support the neck. They are a great option if you suffer from neck and shoulder pain that makes it difficult to get a good night’s rest.

Designed with firmness and support in mind, orthopedic pillows should contour perfectly to the neck as well as the head while still offering maximum support.

As with choosing a normal sleeping pillow, you will want to keep your sleeping position in mind. Look for a pillow that is specifically designed for your sleeping style.

Best Orthopedic – EPABO Bed Ergonomic Pillow for Neck Support

neck support bed pillow

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  • Decorative Bed Pillows

You don’t actually sleep on decorative pillows, so many of the factors that are important with other pillows don’t apply here. It doesn’t matter whether they have memory foam or full-body support. They are meant for decorative purposes, so it’s mostly about the appearance of the pillow.

What factors are important for decorative pillows? Size, shape, color, and design all play an important role. You want colors that accent the rest of the room and go along with the comforters. The colors on the pillow could blend perfectly with the room or you could choose colors that intentionally stand out to make the top?

Best Decorative – MIULEE 2 Throw Pillows With Cotton Covers for Bedrooms

back support throw bed pillow

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  • Extra Long Body Pillows

Long pillows, which are also known as body pillows, can make an interesting addition to any bedroom. They help you break away from the norm and also happen to be very comfortable. Whether you sleep alone or with a significant other, you’ll enjoy a body pillow if you can manage to find the right one.

Long pillows are also sometimes decorative. Decorative long pillows tend to be shorter than the sleeping variation and make the perfect centerpiece for your decorative pillow collection.

Their additional weight makes it perfect for preventing the rest of the pillows in the collection from falling over.

Best Body Pillow – Snuggle Pedic Cooling Firm Bed Pillow

best long body pillow for bed

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  • Bed Wedge Pillow

The final pillow type to mention is the bed wedge pillow. These can be used for sleeping or just for relaxing during the day. They can support the head as well as the upper back or lower back. They are extremely versatile pillows, which is probably why they are becoming so popular.

Memory foam wedge pillows are usually the best option because they allow for the most support and are very comfortable.

Most are designed at forty-five-degree angles, but some have lesser angles to allow for different sleeping styles.

Here is the best sale one with high rated:

Best Wedge Pillow – SleepBetter Foam Bed Pillow for Anti Reflux

Sleep Better Bed Wedge Pillow

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Here are some of the most common pillow types and their purpose in the bedroom.

bed pillow for sleeping
bed pillows for reading
back support pillow for bed
decorative bed pillows
bolster pillows for bed
best body pillow for bed
bed wedge pillow
– …. with various bed pillows, you can enjoy more in bed!


What Are the Best Bed Pillow Brands?

1. Beckham Luxury

For luxury when sleeping at night, Beckham Luxury pillows are the best option. These pillow models are quite common even in hotels due to their quality and reliable support they provide when one is sleeping. These pillows may a bit pricier than other models but are worth it.

Special features:

  • Memory gel. The memory gel provides excellent support and comfort, while still, ensuring one has a good breathable experience when sleeping.
  • Large sizes. These pillows are crafted in large sizes to fit in large beds such as queen-sized or king-sized beds. They are also comfortable to sleep in different positions.
  • Hypoallergenic crafting. The Beckham Luxury pillows are designed to fit people with allergic reactions. The pillows do not have chemical infusion during the manufacturing process. In addition, these pillows are designed with mold, mildew and mite resistant for comfortable sleeping experience throughout.

Best Seller – Backham Luxury Linen Down Alternative Bed Pillow


2. Utopia Bedding 

This is another reliable brand of bed pillows worth considering. The Utopia Bedding pillows are comfortable, yet need of the most affordable brand of bed pillows on the market.

Special features:

  • Easy to maintain. Although these pillows may require a special cleaning method to prevent them from damage when using a machine, they are quite easy to maintain. So, you can always machine wash your pillows after a while of use by following the manufacturing guide.
  • Chemical-free. These pillow brands are designed to suit all people, including those allergic to strong chemicals since they don’t have any chemicals addition when making them.
  • Unique design. It is quite easy to differentiate the Utopia Bedding from other brands of bed pillows since they are made in the box design. These pillows are crafted in a box style to fit the side sleepers and for convenience when inserting them to typical pillowcases.
  • Varying styles. These pillows are crafted with both firm and soft filling styles to provide comfort and the right support when sleeping in different positions.

Best for Back Side Sleeper – Utopia Bedding Medium-Firm Plush Bed Pillow


3. Linenspa 

Do you have a shoulder or neck injury and you need a pillow brand for support and comfort? Well, when it comes to pain relieve and support after an injury, Linenspa is the best bed pillow brand worth considering. The pillows are crafted in different designs and materials to accommodate various uses. You can also find great travel or pain support pillows from this brand.

Special features:

  • Comfortable fillings. The pillows are designed in varying fillings, including gel, memory foam, shredded memory foam to provide great support and comfort when sleeping on various positions
  • Ergonomic styles. The Linenspa bed pillows contours to one’s body to offer perfect support and comfort when you sleep in various positions. The also ensures you have the right support if you have neck or shoulder injury.
  • Good for all seasons. The memory gel fillings provide support, while still allowing airflow for breathability during the hot seasons.

Best with Back Support – Linenspa Standard Size Cudding Pillow for Bed Rest and Reading



These have been approved by medics as the best orthopedic pillows on the market. The designs and fillings on the pillows accommodate different sleeping positions.

Special features:

  • Luxurious sleeping pillow. These pillows are known to provide the right therapeutical effect to users, and in return, it helps to reduce neck and shoulder pains
  • Quality gel memory foam. The majority of pillows from this brand are made with gel memory foam materials that allow breathability and ensure good air circulation.
  • Hypoallergenic design. The pillows do not contain any chemical materials to provide safety for people with allergic reactions.

Best for Neck Pain – EPABO Contour Orthopedic Bed Pillow with Ergonomic Design


5. WonderSleep 

The pillows are suitable for all sleeping positions since they are designed for easy adjustability. Meaning, you can remove the foam shreds to adjust it to fit your sleeping positions.

Special features:

  • Quality material construction. The pillows have reliable and durable shredded foam materials for comfort and ensure long use.
  • Easy to maintain. The WonderSleep are easy to clean with machine washers using various cleaning modes.
  • Cooling effect. These pillows are infused with bamboo material that provides a cooling effect when sleeping with the pillows.

Best with Adjustable Loft – WonderSleep Cooling Pillows with Bamboo Cover


Which One Should I Choose: Soft Bed Pillow vs Firm Bed Pillows?

best bed pillow reviews

The bed pillow feelings in terms of soft and firmness are influenced by various factors such as the sleeping positions and your type of bed.

  • Sleeping positions

If you are a side sleeper, a firm pillow will be the perfect option since it offers total support, and fill the gap in between the neck and shoulder when sleeping on the side. This pillow is also reliable for side sleepers with a shoulder injury for the same purpose.

The stomach sleepers require a soft pillow to prevent straining the upper body area, which may result in injuries caused by firm pillow when you sleep on this position. Also, raising your head too high may reduce the good circulation of blood on the head. A soft pillow conforms to one’s body to create a good balance for a good sleep.

For the back sleepers, a soft pillow is a right option since it helps to keep the head and the neck in good alignment. But, if you have a neck injury or pain, consider a pillow that is a bit firmer to provide perfect support and comfort.

  • The bed

If your bed is firm, the soft pillow would be the right option to balance the firmness of the mattress for a comfortable sleeping position.

For those sleeping in a thin mattress, or if your mattress sinks when you sleep, choose a firm pillow to ensure a good balance and support of the neck.

But still, choose a pillow that offers support and comfort to your neck muscles to prevent injuries or pain.



If you need quality and reliable bed pillows that will last you for long, the above reviews and brands are the best to consider buying from. But, make sure to follow the right buying guide when choosing the best bed pillows. Your comfort and safety should be of paramount when selecting the bed pillows.

Also, consider other factors like your bed size, the use, and also your body requirements. So, read through this article to learn more about bed pillows and why these models and brands are the perfect choices for bed pillows.



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