Best Latex Pillow to Help You Find the Most Comfortable Sleeping Position

As you look forward to having the best sleep at night, ensure that you have the right pillow. Latex pillows are all you need for unmatched comfort and support.

In this article, we will introduce one of the best materials to have on your pillow – latex. and review-cum-buying guide on how to choose the best latex pillow that suits your needs.


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What Is the Best Latex Pillow in 2021?


What Are The Benefits of Using Natural Organic Latex Pillow?

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Latex pillows boast of a myriad of benefits, including the following.

1. Enhanced durability

It is almost impossible to overstate how long-lasting latex is. These pillows will comfortably serve you for several years, assuring you the reliability and value for money that you need. As long as you maintain them accordingly, you will have no reason to worry.

2. Comfort

The goal of buying a pillow is getting enough comfort, and latex assures you of more than that.

Since this is a relatively firm pad, it assures you of the comfort you need. That is what will help in addressing pain and pressure issues on your joints. The support these latex pads offer to your neck and head is also incredible.

3. Hypoallergenic

Latex material doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals. This in itself is an advantage as it reduces the chances of suffering from sporadic allergies stemming from coming into contact with trace amounts of harsh pesticides and chemicals.

It protects you against different dust mites, bed bugs, and other allergens. Besides, most of these pillows come with no chemical additives, ensuring that you do not sustain skin conditions.

4. Breathability

Natural organic latex pillows are far better in the dissipation of heat and moisture. This makes the sleeping environment a touch more comfortable.

This pillow boasts of great air circulation and flows within it, thanks to its built-in microscopic air bubbles. Its heat retention is also magical, and you will no longer witness unpleasant scents in the pillow. All these aspects contribute to unrivaled breathability.

5. Stability

These pillows have superior stability of the structure. When you lie on them, they do not have the customary sinking in feeling that is associated with other types of pillows.


Reviews of the 6 Best Latex Pillows You Can Buy

Understandably, people find it relatively challenging to choose the right latex pillow, thanks to the many elements to consider.

Well, that should not be a problem anymore. Here are the best 6 options you could consider.

1. Best for Anti-Allergic – JUVEA Medium Firm Talalay Latex Pillow

talalay latex pillow

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Juvea Pillow is a choice you cannot overlook, especially when looking for a high-loft option. This pillow highlights a blend of cotton and latex, making it relatively breathable.

Since it is a product of open-cell technology, it assures you of enough air circulation. This way, you will be confident that it will be breathable, yet it can never go flat.

It comes with fillings that will comfortably take the shape of your back or neck, assuring you of unrivaled comfort regardless of your sleeping position.

What is more, its high-profile, medium-density nature adds to the comfort you enjoy in the long run. You will love this pillow because of its plush tendency, making it suitable for stomach sleepers.

This pillow has a removable and washable cover, including when using a washing machine. This cotton-polyester blend assures you of the longevity you envision.

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2. Best for Side Sleeper – Simmons Beautyrest Soft Latex Foam Pillow with Cover

simmons beautyrest latex pillow

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Nothing could be a better choice for you than this latex foam pillow. It boasts of incredible comfort levels, and it favors different types of sleepers. What is more, you will get this pillow in various sizes, meaning you do not have to worry about how big it can be.

Usually, it comes with foam fillings. These fillings have proven to be not only suitable for enhanced breathability but also enough warmth. They ensure that the pillow enjoys better air circulation, eliminating any foul smell in it.

You can barely overlook how firm this latex pillow is. This nature allows it to be a suitable choice for side sleepers, as it comfortably holds the neck and the head all night long.

It features a relatively soft cover whose breathability is remarkable. As if that is not enough, this softcover is friendly to the skin, giving you the comfort you deserve.

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3. Best for Neck Pain – OrganicTextiles Standard Talalay Natural Latex Plush Pillow

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There is no denying that organic elements have spiked interest among many people. Thankfully, that is what you get from this all-natural latex pillow.

This latex pillow guarantees you unparalleled comfort and softness. Thanks to its foam filling, you will be confident of getting all the support you need.

Its design comes in handy in relieving pain and providing comfort to pressure points. You will also get smitten by its bounce-back effects, as it ensures your head and neck are in perfect position.

This pillow is barely susceptible to dust and termites, making it a suitable choice for allergic people. It is also resistant to mildew, assuring you of an enhanced lifespan.

This allergen-free design is all you need for improved cooling effects and peaceful sleep. It will also be fair to mention how skin-friendly this pillow tends to be.

It is 100% natural, as it contains no memory foam, synthetic latex, or chemicals. Nothing could be much friendlier to the environment than this.

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4. Best with Low Loft – Malouf King Size Firm Latex Filled Bed Pillows

malouf latex pillow

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Here is yet another incredible choice you cannot overlook. It comes in different types, including high and low loft options.

This is a firm pillow that gives your head the elevation and the comfort it deserves. Its low-loft nature makes it a perfect choice for stomach sleepers, as the head will not be way too high.

The foam consistency in this latex pillow is outstanding, thanks to the zoned technology. This technology comes in handy in providing you with zoned support and unmatched pressure and pain relief.

The inner fillings can only make things better, as they take the contours of your body.

You will fall in love with how dust mite resistant this product is. It also boasts of incredible mildew resistance. Well, these aspects are vital for enhanced longevity and the comfort of allergic people.

Besides that, the cover is removable and machine-washable. Nothing could assure you of more breathability than this.

Did you know that this product comes with no toxins or chemical additives? This way, it is a product worth lauding for its eco-friendliness.

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5. Best Cooling – PureCare Gel-Infused Latex Pillow for Sleeping

latex cooling pillow

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This product highlights a perfect blend of Frio nylon and polyester. With this fabric, you are confident of longevity and unmatched softness. You will also be sure of a relatively skin-friendly surface, meaning that you do not need to worry about rashes.

The fill material in this latex pillow is Talalay latex, which guarantees you reasonably responsive support. Thanks to this responsive nature, it becomes a lot easier to get relieved from pain and pressure.

Further, it comes with cooling fibers that play a significant role in dispersing heat across the surface of your pillow.

This product comes with an impressive tunneling design, keeping heat from accumulating within the fabric. What is more, it comes in handy in keeping the surface relatively cool.

Did you know that its cover has a physical barrier against allergens and bed bugs? For this reason, this is an option worth embracing if you are allergic to mites and other allergens.

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6. Best Extra Firm – LECHE Cervical Shredded Latex Pillow with Neck Support

latex cervical pillow

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If you are looking for an orthopedic pillow, look no further than this. You will fall in love with how versatile it is, as you will comfortably use it for pain and pressure relief. Whether you have neck or shoulder pain, this is the ultimate choice for you.

This product comes with a reasonably ergonomic design, taking the shape of the contours of your body. Whether it is the head or the cervical curve, the effects are the same.

As if that is not enough, this pillow assures you of even dispersing of body pressure. This way, you will be sure of impressive breathing patterns in the long run.

That this pillow is an extra firm option is no secret. This firmness is all that back sleepers and side sleepers will need for their comfort. What is more, you will be free to adjust the height, depending on which loft suits you best.

The shredded latex in this pillow will be vital for enhanced temperature regulation. It allows for seamless air circulation and heat retention.

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How to Choose the Best Latex Pillow?

nest natural latex pillow

Various aspects go into the selection of the most suitable latex pillow. While it could be a challenging process, understanding which element to focus on will be vital. Here are the things to consider if you are looking for the right latex pillow.

1. Look at the Firmness

You can barely overlook the urgency of the firmness of a pillow, as it determines your comfort in the long run. In most cases, you will have to decide between soft and relatively firmer options, depending on your needs.

Firm options will often be much better for back and even side sleepers. On the other hand, you will find softer options more suitable if you are a stomach sleeper.

2. Check the Loft and Thickness

There is no denying that pillows come with varying lofts and thicknesses. Usually, the thickness you select will determine the convenience and even comfort you attain over time.

It will also be fair to mention that your choice will depend on your sleeping position, with side sleepers preferring much thicker pads. In contrast, a stomach sleeper will be more comfortable with much thinner options.

3. Check Whether It Is Hypoallergenic

No one wants to sleep on any pad that could be susceptible to mildew and allergens. For this reason, it will be ideal for you to focus on how hypoallergenic the surface tends to be.

Preferably, let your choice have natural hypoallergenic surfaces. This way, you will have no reason to worry about any harmful chemicals in the long run.

4. Consider the Design

Did you know that an ergonomic design will be handy when dealing with pressure and pain? That such a design helps relieve pain within a short time is no secret.

Go for something that adjusts with your body’s contours, as this will ensure you get the comfort you envision.

While at it, confirm how robust the construction is. With enhanced sturdiness, you will be sure of reliability and durability. That is what guarantees you value for money.


What Are the Types of Latex Pillows?

Latex pillows come in 3 distinct types, including the shredded and solid pillows. Here are a few insights into the same.

1. Solid Latex Pillow

Unlike the shredded pillows, solid latex pads come with one relatively firm foam rubber in them. These pillows seem much denser, and they often come with an open cell structure.

Further, you will fall in love with how breathable they tend to be. Thanks to the incredible ventilation and even airflow, you will be sure of a much better time with solid latex pillows.

2. Contoured latex pillow

This is the kind of pillow that is designed to improve the efficiency of neck support. The pillow is, first of all, sturdy to ensure that your neck receives the best kind of support.

Additionally, the pillow is contoured to take into account the shape of the head and the shape of the neck, thereby, they have a thick neck section and a somewhat thinner head section.

This type of pillow provides great support for the head and neck since the design of the pillow is a perfect fit for your head and neck.

And there is a perfect latex contour pillow for people who do not move around a lot as they sleep:

Best Contour – OrganicTextiles Talalay 100% Natural Latex Pillow for Neck Pain

3. Shredded Latex Pillows

Shredded pillows highlight much more flexible and plushier pieces of foam rubber. These pillows are not only shapeable but also easily adjustable. Its resilient responsiveness will get you smitten. And its enhanced moldability is all you could ever desire.

In contrast to the contoured latex pillows, shredded latex pillows are fluffy as opposed to sturdy. They are made by shredding natural rubber foam producing small pieces of latex foam.

The resulting pillow has the best amount of malleability, allowing users to change the shape of the pillow as they please.

This type of pillow is best used by people who move around a lot while asleep and also people who prefer malleability on their pillow.

Usually, this type of latex pillow will be suitable for those that need unmatched comfort.

Best for Comfort – Malouf Fluffy Shredded Latex Pillow


Thin vs. Firm Pillows

You can barely overlook the significant difference between thin and firm pillows. Usually, people will decide between these two, depending on their health conditions, sleeping positions, and the comfort they want.

Here are a few differences between the two.

  • Comfort

There is no denying that thin pillows will come in handy for stomach sleepers. Thanks to the lower loft, you will barely have to worry about hurting your stomach in the long run.

Usually, this thin pad helps align your spine much better in your sleeping position. On the other hand, you will find firmer cushions to be suitable for side sleepers.

  • Wrinkles

Did you know that firm pillows make you susceptible to wrinkles on your face? Thanks to the contact made between the face and the pad, it becomes relatively easy for the pillow to get both spots and wrinkles.

On the other hand, thinner pillows come in handy in reducing the instances of spots and wrinkles on your face, as they ensure the facial skin remains normally stretched.

  • Skin issues

There is no denying that most thin pillows do not expose you to skin conditions. These pillows will barely accumulate dust, dirt, or allergens, making it much easier for you to avoid any complications at the end of the day. The same will barely hold for thicker pads.


Memory Foam vs. Latex Pillows

latex contour pillow

Memory foam is one of the most common elements used in making pillows. It is a product of viscoelastic polyurethane, and it assures you of incredible comfort.

On the other hand, latex is a relatively natural foam that assures you of bouncy and much softer texture.

1. While latex can be natural or synthetic, memory foam is 100% human-made. What is more, this memory foam is a product of specific weight-absorption objectives.

2. You will also note that there is a significant difference in the pricing of these two materials. Memory foam is much cheaper than latex.

3. However, depending on the weight-absorption rate, the prices of memory foam pillows differ from one to another. On the other hand, despite attracting a premium rate, the cost of latex pillows is relatively uniform across the board.

4. Latex often comes as a relatively soft structure, assuring you of a relatively higher responsive rate. That these pads will bounce back much more quickly is no news. Conversely, memory foam tends to take much longer to bounce back, thanks to its solid-state.

5. When talking about durability, latex will always outlast memory foam. Perhaps, that is why it comes at a premium rate.


How to Clean Latex Pillows?

Various aspects go into washing or cleaning your pillow. One aspect you cannot ignore is that only the cover will be worth washing. Things can only be better if this cover is removable, and it can either get hand-washed or machine-washed.

Here are a few insights into what this process should entail.

1. Take the time to remove the cover of your pillow.

2. Put this cover in a mild detergent, and ensure that you hand-wash it.

3. Ensure that is away from the sun when drying, but within room temperature.

4. Consider vacuuming the pillow from time to time.

Most experts suggest that you should not use a machine to clean your latex pillow. That is because it could end up damaging the structure, leaving you with losses.

You will also need to avoid dry-cleaning the foam. While at it, never use heat driers on this latex pillow.



1. What Are Latex And What Are Latex Pillows?

Best Real Latex Pillow Reviews

Latex pillows are pillows that are made of latex material. Latex is a polymer that is derived from plants and trees, with rubber trees providing the majority of natural latex supply.

You should also take note of the fact that modern science and chemistry has been able to replicate in part the structure and compounds that produce the polymer in nature.

However, even though through science man has been able to produce man-made latex, we have not been able to refine the quality of the latex. As such, the quality of man-made latex is not on par quality-wise with the quality of natural latex.

For purposes of creating pillows, the latex material is foamed to produce the right kind of structure that can provide support to the head and neck when sleeping.

The foaming process creates small bubbles that are interconnected, giving the entire structure the spongy and bouncy feel that characterizes latex pillows.

However, nothing beats the natural organic latex pillows in providing complete comfort for the neck and head.

Best Selling – Malouf Z Organic Natual Latex Pillow

Malouf Talalay Latex Zoned Pillow

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2. Who Should Buy a Latex Pillow?

As mentioned, latex is a natural component without any toxins in it. That it assures you of hypoallergenic pillows is undeniable. For this reason, these pillows will be best for persons with different allergies.

Also, the latex pillows assure you of an ergonomic design that will comfortably take the contours of your body. With this, addressing pain and pressure across your body joints will be much more seamless. If you have such pain, this latex pillow should be your ultimate choice.

3. Are Latex Pillows Good?

Latex pillows have proven to be excellent. From durability and eco-friendliness to breathable, hypoallergenic properties, latex pillows are worth beholding.

You will also fall in love with how comfortable and supportive these pads are.

Above all, they assure you of value for your money.  The only catch is to ensure that you get the right pillow and from a reputable brand.

4. How Long Does a Latex Pillow Last?

It is no secret that latex pillows tend to last for a relatively long time. Usually, these pads could serve you for up to a decade, which is a significant period.

The difference lies in how you maintain them. While maintaining these latex pillows is straightforward, you need to be best at it. It is through this that you will enjoy longevity.

5. Is Latex Pillow Toxic?

The simple answer to this is no. Usually, latex comes with hypoallergenic properties, meaning they cushion you against various allergens.

As if that is not enough, you will no longer have to worry about chemical additives in the pad. These aspects show that the pillow cannot be toxic. Perhaps, this is why latex pillows are graded eco-friendly.

6. What Is the Best Natural Latex Pillow for Kids?

Natural latex pillows are used to make neck pillows, bed sleeping pillows, and body pillows. They are also perfect for making pillows for kids and toddlers, especially those who are prone to allergies or those who are hypersensitive to chemical smells. Try it for your kids!

Best for Kids – Little Sleepy Head Pillow with High Rating

highest rated pillow for kids

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7. How Much Does a Latex Pillow Cost?

Latex pillows come at a relatively premium cost, making them more expensive than the traditional and memory foam pillows. Usually, the average cost of these pillows lies between $50 and $160, depending on the brand and the quality you choose.

However, if you are looking for the best option, it would be best for you to spend northwards of $90.

8. What Size of Latex Pillow Should I Get?

There is barely a one-dimensional answer to this. That is because the choice will always vary with your sleeping position and your needs. It will also depend on what design suits you best. For instance, back sleepers will be more comfortable in thick and high-loft pillows.

Conversely, stomach and side sleepers will prefer much thinner, low to medium-loft latex pillows. As such, it would be best for you to consider something that befits your condition or preference.


Final Words

The premise behind using pillows is to enable people to have the most comfortable sleeping position possible. The human neck does curve slightly as it joins the body and head.

This curvature of the neck just frames the shape of the spine, meaning that the spine also curves in a similar manner. In this regard, the best sleeping position is a position that does not strain the neck but rather allows it to retain its natural position.

All the reviewed latex pillows are elaborately selected to help you retain the comfortable sleeping position at night, so rest assured to buy any of them!