Best Travel Pillow for Backpacking 2021 – Top 8 List for Your Cozy Sleep

Have you ever thought about owning a travel pillow for backpacking?

Undeniably, this would be the best move you could ever consider, as it assures you of enhanced comfort and convenience whenever you are traveling, hiking, or camping.

It will suffice to mention that there are various travel pillows you could consider. Indeed, unless you get the right travel pillow for backpacking, comfort will remain a mirage to you when camping or hiking.

However, it would be best if you kept in mind that various aspects go into selecting the best travel pillow for backpacking.

What is more, you will get them at a relatively affordable rate. Here are a few insights into what these travel pillows are.

best travel pillow for backpacking guide


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Top 8 Best Travel Pillow for Backpacking On the Market


How Should I Look for a Travel Pillow for Backpacking?

Some of the variables that you should keep in mind will often include the following.

  • Sleeping Style

Most people have different sleeping styles, including sleeping on your stomach, side, or the back. Each style requires a particular type of backpacking pillow.

For instance, a side sleeper will need a pad that measures between 3 and 6 inches. This height is neither too tall nor too short for the neck, as it neither tilts forward nor upwards. Besides, this height will not put pressure on your joints or spine. The best pad for side sleepers would be firm memory or latex foam pillows.

On the other hand, back sleepers will need relatively thick pillows, preferably medium memory foam ones. Stomach sleepers will also need thin backpacking pillows, as this will protect their jaws and necks from too much pressure.

Best for Side Sleepers – Trekology Inflatable Ergonomic Travel Pillow

  • Materials

Undoubtedly, the materials used in making the backpacking pillow will often have an impact on both the comfort and durability of your choice. It is for this reason that you will have to focus on noiseless yet more flexible fabric.

Take the time to pick something that conforms to your neck and the back. Usually, memory and latex foam tend to provide more comfort in such situations. Products with these fillings need to top your priorities at all times.

How durable is the fabric? In most cases, opting for brushed polyester tends to be a more suitable move, as this fabric seems to last for a relatively long time.

  • Weight

You can hardly ignore how vital weight tends to be when selecting a backpacking pillow.

As long as you are going on a long trip or hiking, aim at an ultralight pad. For instance, an inflatable backpacking pillow that weighs the same as a small notebook will be easy to fold.

Besides, such a small size is likely to take the least space. Ideally, the ideal weight will be about 2.7 ounces.

  • Shape

Did you know that the shape of the pillow will always matter in your selection?

The most common shapes are U, rectangle, contoured, and oval. For enhanced portability, it will be best for you to choose U and oval shapes. If you need something that takes a relatively larger surface, rectangular pads will be best for you.

  • Portability

Enhanced portability comes from the shape and weight of the backpacking pillow.

In most cases, an inflatable pad will be best, as you will handle it with much ease. You will also need to ensure that it is relatively light, with pillows weighing less than 3 ounces being more portable.

  • Comfort

The comfort offered by your camping pad is dependent on the fillings and shape that it has. It will be upon you to aim at something that provides you with unmatched comfort and support.

Ensure that you choose something that comes with an ergonomic shape, as this is what will give your neck and back the support they need.

While at it, ensure that the fillings used in the backpacking pillow are not rigid. Focus on pads that give you enough support and enhance even pressure distribution. Synthetic material, down, and fiber will be the best fillings for you.

Best Comfortable – MyPillow Soft Pillow for Backpacking

  • Temperature

It will suffice to mention that temperatures significantly affect the quality of your sleep in the long run.

In most cases, cooler temperatures will come in handy for those who want to sleep peacefully and for long. As such, you will need to focus on how breathable the material is. You will also need to be sure of their moisture-wicking capability. Cotton and polyester seem to be the right moisture-wicking materials.

Best Moisture-Wicking Materials РKlymit Travel Pillow With X Design

  • Washability

Undoubtedly, you will want a product that you can wash and maintain with much ease.

Usually, inflatables and stuff sacks are much easier to wash, making them ideal for camping and hiking. As long as you are careful when washing them, you will have no reason to worry.


Top 8 Travel Pillows for Backpacking Reviews

Are you looking for the right travel pillow for backpacking? Here are the ultimate eight choices you have.

#1. Best Overall – Trekology Inflating Camping Pillow for Neck Support


  • Impressive and ergonomic design
  • Enhanced durability and comfort
  • Can be used by the side, back, and stomach sleepers


  • Could be a little expensive, as it costs about $16

best rated travel pillow for backpacking review

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This product is not only the best-rated but also among the most comfortable.

Thanks to the contour design, anyone no matter who are side, back, or stomach sleeper can benefit from its neck support.

It is a compact and light camping pillow that can fold up to 5*2 inches. That means you can put it into your backpack and take it anywhere during backpacking, hiking.

This pillow comes with elastic, durable TPU fabric that assures you of enhanced water resistance. With this feature, you will confidently use it regardless of the weather.

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#2. Best Lightweight – Klymit Inflatable Travel Pillow With X Design


  • Relatively lightweight
  • Premium materials, which enhance durability
  • Enhanced firmness


  • Susceptible to water and moisture

best lightweight travel pillow for backpacking reviewbest lightweight travel pillow for backpacking

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This luxurious lightweight camping pillow is what you need whenever you are hiking or camping.

It weighs approximately 1.95 ounces and measures around 15*11*14 when inflated. So, it helps to reduce the burden of backpacking and is quite convenient to take it anywhere.

Besides being ultralight, it comes with a self-centering X design that helps to stabilize your head in the long run. With the help of its special design, you can alleviate your body pain and strain to have a comfortable sleep.

Its rugged construction features polyester, which is less vulnerable to abrasion and punctures.

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#3. Best Versatile – Twist Memory Foam Pillow for Support


  • You can use it anywhere
  • Easy to clean
  • Built to last


  • Might be a little weighty, as it measures one pound

best versatile travel pillow for backpacking review

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If you are looking for enhanced versatility, this will be your ultimate choice.

Usually, it assures you of customized support, as you will effortlessly twist it to any shape of your liking.

That implies that someone can rely on it for personalized support and even pain relief. You can hardly doubt how convertible it is, as you can use it to support the neck, head, and back.

This product boasts of robust construction, and it has soft and safe material that will last long. Its memory foam will significantly improve your support at all times.

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#4. Best Comfortable – MyPillow Small Soft Pillow for Kids & Adults


  • It is machine-washable
  • Provides you with enhanced lumbar support
  • It is adjustable


  • Costs over $28, which might be too costly for some people

best comfortable travel pillow for backpacking review

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Are you looking for improved levels of comfort? Thanks to the patented interlocking fill in this pillow, you will be sure of the ultimate support.

In most cases, you will need to place it atop other pillows, as this guarantees you of the full benefits of this pad. Whether you are in a car, airplane, or on a train, this travel pillow remains reliable.

It will suffice to mention that the pillow takes your shape, giving you customized support at all times. Ideally, it tends to be adjustable to your needs.

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#5. Best Self-Inflating Pillow – TETON Backpacking Pillow for Travel


  • Effortless to clean
  • Enhanced comfort and portability
  • Comes with a storage bag
  • Features a rapid inflation valve


  • Does not expand well

best inflatable travel pillow for backpacking review

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You can hardly ignore this self-inflating pillow, as it provides you with unmatched comfort.

This pillow features self-inflating. It is easy to use and convenient for your travel. Usually, this product comes with approximately 12 ounces, which is relatively light and more portable. You can put it into your backpack, handbag, or pocket since it takes up a little room.

The microfiber this pad features will often feel soft on your face. On top of that, it is relatively non-slip, which ensures that you have an easier time when sleeping. Besides, this pad seems to be much more convenient when cleaning.

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#6. Best Stuffable – TETON Washable Pillow for Backpacking


  • Coordinates perfectly with your TETON sleeping bag
  • Relatively straightforward to clean
  • Non-slip fiber


  • Does not compress easily

best stuffable travel pillow for backpacking review

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This camp pillow is one of the few unparalleled travel pillows that can be stuffed.

It is an ideal option for someone who dislikes the inflatable pad. Its innovative fills will assure you of improved warmth and comfort. The interesting thing is it allows you to stuff fillings. You can make this pillow softer or firmer as you like.

Ideally, the material used is brushed poly-flannel, which is friendly to the skin. Besides being lightweight and portable, you will fall in love with its compact size.

Did you know that this product comes with a storage bag and a removable pillowcase? What is more, both the bag and the pillowcase are machine-washable.

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#7. Best for Side Sleepers – Trekology Ultralight Compressible Pillow


  • Weighs no more than 80 grams
  • Straightforward inflation and deflation
  • Can curve around your spine and head


  • Not washable

best for side sleeper travel pillow for backpacking review

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If you are a side sleeper, look no further than this impressively designed travel pillow.

Its ergonomic design will easily get you aligned, so you can keep a neutral alignment to relieve neck or shoulder pain. While its durable elastic TPU fabric will give you enhanced comfort.

It will suffice to mention that this fiber is water-resistant, allowing you to use the pillow wherever you are. It can keep you dry and fresh all night whether on hot days or in the wet wild.

Further, you will have no issue inflating or deflating this travel pillow. It is easy and convenient to operate.

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#8. Best Budget – Redcamp Outdoor Pillow With Removable Cover


  • Relatively affordable
  • Soft fabric, to give you more comfort
  • Ultralight
  • Machine washable


  • Might not be as thick as you so wish

best budget travel pillow for backpacking review

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This product has proven to be one of the best budget options you have. It comes with cheap price as well as good quality.

It is affordable for anyone who wants a great pad for travel. Otherwise, it boasts of a flannel plus nonwoven fabric and 250g hollow fiber, which assure you of enhanced comfort while sleeping. It also allows you to customize the firmness by filling different materials.

Its compact design means that you will have an easy time carrying it around.

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FAQs About the Best Travel Pillow for Backpacking

1. How do I keep my travel pillow for backpacking from sliding?

how to keep travel pillow from sliding guide

Imagine how frustrating it would be for your pad to keep sliding from time to time. Usually, you will be free to consider either of the following options whenever you are in this situation.

You could consider fitting a headboard, as this allows you to fill any gaps that could be causing the sliding.

Some people might also sew the pillow on the mattress. However, this option comes in handy only if you are comfortable with not changing the color of the pillow soon.

You could also thread a rope or string and fasten it on the bed.

Whichever option you consider, ensure that it suits your needs.

2. What is a suitable backpack for placing my travel pillow?

You may wonder whether a backpack is necessary for travel? Well, the answer is yes. We could attribute this to various reasons, including the following.

  • Importance of Backpack for Travel Use

> Enhanced comfort

With these travel backpacks, you will no longer need to worry about any weight pulling on one side of your body. Their design allows for even distribution of the load across the whole back.

> Easier storage

Usually, you will have no problem stowing away or storing these backpacks. That is because they take up relatively less space. Besides, moving around with these backpacks seems to be much easier too.

> Protects your items

Most of these backpacks tend to be weatherproof, which ensures that your stuff gets the protection they need regardless of the weather.


  • Recommended Backpack for Travel Need

Best Loowoko Travel Backpack


What Is The Best Travel Pillow for Backpacking?

Choosing a travel pillow for backpacking that suits everyone is relatively hard, thanks to the distinct preferences that people have. Regardless, the Ultimate Travel  Pillow seems to tick all the boxes.

This product prides itself on enhanced neck support and comfort. That it is a durable travel pillow is in no doubt, thanks to the premium materials used to make it. Its foam cushioning takes up to 5 inches, ensuring that you get the ultimate comfort when resting. Despite being U-shaped, this pillow will sit perfectly on any seating surface. It is not only an angle but also has a non-slip back.

Best Rated – Trekology Travel Pillow for Backpacking



To sum up, having a reliable travel pillow for backpacking should be a goal for everyone.

When choosing one, let your comfort and convenience be a priority. Further, you can rely on the insights provided here to help in guiding you accordingly.