5 Best Wedge Pillows for Snoring Reviews for 2021

Are you suffering from snoring or other sleep-related problems that are preventing you from having a wonderful rest? Then you need to choose wedge pillows which are the right option for people who snore.

Although snoring isn’t always a serious problem, it will hurt your own sleep quality as well as disrupt your sleep partner. A long term snoring may cause health problems like sleep apnea.

A wedge pillow is capable of elevating both the neck and head, which keeps the tongue from falling back, a common cause of snoring.

However, finding the right one can be a bit confusing because there are different options to choose from based on sizes and shapes.

We have reviewed the top 5 best wedge pillows for snoring which we hope will simplify your buying process.

best wedge pillow for snoring review


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Top 5 Best Wedge Pillows for Snoring On the Market


How Do Wedge Pillows Help with Snoring?

One of the causes of snoring is obstruction of the nasal airways. While nasal blockages do not arise from the body’s alignment, the symptoms can be affected by the way you sleep.

A wedge pillow raises your head at an angle as you sleep. This allows gravity to do the work for you as it keeps your airways open.

how wedge pillow help with snoring guide

Also, when you sleep with a wedge-shaped pillow it offers an elevation of your upper body which creates a reduction of pressure around the sinuses.

The benefit of the inclined sleeping positions is that your body relaxes the soft tissues around airways which leads to increased airflow.

They work by aligning your head and your shoulders to keep the airway as open as possible thus cutting on snoring.

The wedge shape of this pillow helps prevent the lower jaw and tongue from falling back into the airway while sleeping on the back.

Besides, wedge pillows elevate both your head and neck, making you comfortable and improving your sleep posture.

Top 5 Wedge Pillows for Snoring Reviews

The following are 5  top-rated wedge-shaped pillows stop snoring listed for you.

#1. Best Rated – Ebung Versatile Pillow for Comfortable Sleeping


  • Comfortable and ergonomic design
  • Durable and stronger firmness
  • Suitable for both side and back sleepers


  • Might not provide much comfort to obese people

best rated versatile pillow review

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Ebung wedge pillow for snoring is an ideal, comfortable, and classy pillow which prevents snoring and gives you a peaceful night’s sleep.

It has memory foam which provides greater alignment while sleeping and reduces excess overheating at night.

This pad improves your health by helping you sleep at an inclined angle with the mattress wedge reducing back pain, breathing issues, and release pressure on the upper muscle.

Measuring 25” x 24” x 12”, the back wedge pillow is made of premium quality high-density foam. It serves as an elevated pillow that you can use for sleeping, but it can also serve as reclining support while reading, watching TV, or raising your legs.

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#2. Best with Foam – Healthex Support Wedge Pillow for Snoring


  • Super comfortable to sleep on
  • Helps with post-surgery healing
  • Made from top quality material and is long-lasting


  • May not be best for side sleepers

best with foam wedge pillow for snoring review

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Healthex support pillow is one of the best wedge pillows with the premium foam.

This pillow provides a super cooling effect at night especially if you are overheating at night. Also, it alleviates muscle pain, back pain, and is suitable for post-surgery healing.

It features gel foam which allows the pillow to spring to the normal shape after every use.

This bed wedge pad is thoughtfully designed with a 30-degree desirable inclination which improves your sleep posture.

In addition to helping you sleep well at night, this pillow can be used while reading a book or working on your laptop.

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#3. Best Orthopedic – Linix Anti Snoring Wedge Pillow for Pain Relief


  • Medically designed for leg, arm, and shoulder
  • Strong and durable offering long-lasting performance
  • Great value if you are looking for muscle pain relief
  • Ergonomic and comfortable to sleep on


  • A little firm

best orthopedic wedge pillow for snoring review

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Lunix Anti Snoring Wedge pillow relieves snoring by ensuring that the head and body are well aligned. It also helps to alleviate the pain after you undergo surgery and need time to heal from home.

This sleeping pillow is made of premium 45D memory foam which adapts to your body height and shape.

The unique Velcro Strap available on the head pillow helps prevent the pillow from sliding, thus offering hours of comfort.

This wedge-shaped Pillow has an adjustable design which makes it suitable for men and women of any height.

It is machine washable and comes with a lifetime warranty.

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#4. Best for Side Sleepers – Sleepnitez Luxurious Memory Foam Pillow


  • Serves as a pillow as well as a backrest against the headboard
  • Versatile and made of top quality materials
  • It is comfortable and promotes better posture


  • Not ideal for stomach sleepers

best for side sleeper luxurious memory foam pillow review

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Sleepnitez bed wedge pillow stop snoring has been strategically made with ridges which ensure that side sleepers do not fall.

It is soft with the highest memory foam of 3.25 inches, making it ideal for side sleepers.

It features high-density visco-elastic foam which helps relieve acid reflux, neck and shoulder pain, and nasal congestion.

This pillow is worth your money, especially if you are a side sleeper you won’t fall back and snore again.

It is soft and firm and gives you all the comfort throughout the night.

The interesting thing is that it can be used with your ordinary pillow to add pillow height while sleeping on your side.

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#5. Best Budget – Ebung Comfortable Wedge Pillow Stop Snoring


  • A versatile incline pillow
  • Easy to maintain material
  • Comfortable, durable and convenient


  • A little firm

best budget wedge pillow for snoring review

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Finally on this list of best pillows for snoring is Ebung Anti-snoring Wedge Pillow.

This bed pillow is designed for ultimate recreation and relaxation. You can use it to recline or elevate your head for instant relief.

It features high-density memory foam for improved sleep at night. The pad also can help to improve your health such as reduce snoring, relieve neck and back pain, breathing issues, and allergies.

This one not only functions as an elevated pillow but also you can use it to watch TV or read a magazine.

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Tips for Choosing A Wedge Pillows for Snoringhow to buy wedge pillow for snoring guide

Choosing the great wedge pillow is not a walk in the park. That is why we have come up with this buying guide which helps you know the factors to consider before purchasing the best one.

  • Material Used

When looking for the good wedge-shaped pillow to buy, the first factor to consider is the material.

You want to choose a pillow which is both yielding and firm. You can choose between polyurethane and memory foam.

Polyurethane is firm and is ideal for people who are back sleepers. It is cheaper and less durable, making it suitable for short term use. On the other hand, the memory foam pillow adjusts to the shape of your body and is suitable for side sleepers. The material you choose should be light and breathable.

Another thing for you considers is the wedge pillow should be removable when washing it and should be durable.

Best with Foam – Healthex Cooling Gel Support Pillow

best with foam wedge pillow for snoring review

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  • Angle of Incline

Wedge pillows come with different angle of incline which serves different purposes.

If you are dealing with snoring as well as acid reflux, you can choose one that has a low incline.

However, if you are suffering from back pain or surgery, you need a snoring pillow which comes with a higher incline angle.

For leg pain and soreness, make sure that you choose a flat top pillow.

You can choose an adjustable wedge-shaped pillow in case you need different elevations for a variety of purposes.

  • Versatility

A wedge pillow should work for different body parts.

That is why you need to choose pillows of different shapes that match your sleeping needs.

You can choose pillows that are available in three or more pieces. These pillows are great for sleeping on your side or elevating your body slightly if you want to eat.

Best Versatile – Linix Orthopedic Pain Relief Pillow

best versatile orthopedic pillow guide

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  • Sleeping Position

Another factor to consider when purchasing the good wedge pillow stop snoring is the sleeping position.

If you are a back sleeper you need a thin loft that helps the head levels up between the shoulder blades, and does not let it fall back.

Sleeping on your stomach, you need a level surface and a thin soft pillow that is more supportive of the entire upper body to help minimize the stress on the cervical spine.

For a side sleeper, you need a wedge pillow that is firmer and thicker to hold on the head level and accommodate shoulder width and neck support.

Best for Side Sleeper – Sleepnitez Luxurious Pillow

best for side sleeper luxurious memory foam pillow review

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  • Pillow Height

When purchasing a wedge pillow you should consider the pillow height.

Between 6 to 8 inches, a Low height pillow is ideal for you if you have acid flux or sleep apnea.

A middle height pillow that is 10 to 12 inches is ideal if you have muscle pains.

A tall wedge-shaped pillow of 15 inches is ideal if you are reading or watching TV.

  • Price

The final factor to consider while looking for the best wedge pillow for snoring is the price.

Make sure that you choose one that is affordable and fits within your budget. Many wedge-shaped pillows are available for under $50.

Keep note of the price you are willing to spend and look for the best one for snoring.

Best Budget – Ebung Comfortable Sleeping Pillow

best budget wedge pillow for snoring review

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How Do You Sleep Using a Wedge Pillow to Avoid Snoring?

how do you sleep with a wedge pillow guide

Sleeping on your back makes the soft palate and tongue collapse to the back of your throat, leading to vibrating sound while you sleep.

Sleeping using a wedge pillow is one of the best ways of solving the problem of snoring. They help you avoid snoring by keeping your airways open as well as improving your sleep posture.

If you find yourself snoring while sleeping on your back, sleeping on your side may help prevent this problem. When you sleep on your side on a wedge sleeping pillow, it helps reduce the compression of your airways and ensures that your spine is elongated while reducing back and neck pain.

You can also sleep in the log position if you want to reduce snoring at night. This involves slumbers lying straight and on one side. Also, ensure that your head is elevated while you are sleeping.

A wedge-shaped pillow helps alleviate your head to greater height thus preventing air passage while sleeping. Making this change can have a huge difference in helping to alleviate your snoring.

FAQ about A Wedge Pillow for Anti Snoring

1. Do Wedge Pillows Work for Snoring?

Yes, they work for snorers. They come with added elevation which prevents the muscles in your throat as well as upper airways from collapsing when sleeping. This leaves your nose, mouth, and throat wide open so that you can breathe while snoozing.


2. What is the Best Height for a Wedge Pillow

The best height for a wedge sleeping pillow depends on the use for example if you want the pillow for watching TV or reading then a tall wedge pillow is recommended.

Ideally, you should choose a wedge-shaped pillow with a height of 7 to 8 inches.


3. Can You Use a Wedge Pillow with a Regular Pillow?

The incline of one pillow allows you to sleep on your back or side.

However, depending on your needs you can choose to use a wedge sleeping pillow with or without a pillow for sleeping.


Final Verdict

Wedge pillows for snoring are affordable and durable therefore you can use it for longer without the need to replace.

The memory foam in the wedge sleeping pillows makes you sleep in any position you desire without any problem.

Hopefully, the above list of best wedge pillows will help you choose the right pillow that helps you enjoy a peaceful sleep.


Recommended 3 Wedge Pillows for Snoring for You