Best Bath Pillow for Straight Back Tubs

A good, long, and warm tub soak can leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and relaxed. A pleasant experience, however, can be quickly spoilt by a hard, uncomfortable straight-back tub.

It is only when you have a good bath pillow for your straight-back tub that you can have an optimum bathing experience.

If you are not ready to cut the pleasure of bathing in under 10 minutes, then you might want to sample a couple of the best bath pillows in the market today and find the ideal one for your straight-back tab.


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How to Choose A Straight Bath Pillow?

Choosing the right bath pillow for a straight-back tub can be a daunting task given the diverse brands, features, and personal preferences. However, the following three elements will ensure you get it right the first time.

Types of Bath Pillow

Bathtub pillows come with different fillings. Some are filled with foam, others with beads, memory foam, and others with beads or jelly. Some tub pillows are also pumped with cold or warm water, while others are filled with air. Most tub pillows have waterproof covers and are resistant to mold, fungi, and even odors.

If you require air or water fill, these allow inflation to your desired level of stiffness which can also be lowered for transportation or storage. Filling them with cold water causes a refreshing and delightful sensation and is excellent for relieving a sore throat or bathing during a hot summer night. On the other hand, warm water helps lighten your muscles and soothe your upper back and neck.


It is worth knowing that these pillows are made from different materials, and that’s why some are waterproof, and others are better stored above water. Some materials used for tub pillows are softer, while others are not.

Therefore, it pays to understand your bathroom if you are to pick the right pillow. Some materials are just soft fabrics, while some pillows are covered using soft PVC or vinyl.

Check whether the covering material is meant to be removable and washable. The coating material offers high resistance to gliding and glue than vinyl or PVC.


The pillow size is another crucial aspect when selecting the right bath pillow for the straight-back tub. The size of your bathtub determines the size of the bath pillow you choose. For a smaller tub, choose a smaller pad and vice versa. You might also want your pillow to fit nicely in your bath space.

On the other hand, some individuals would prefer one that overlaps the edges since it may provide extra space when needed. Nonetheless, it is critical to understand the size of your bathtub to select a pillow that is of the right size and suits your need.


How do I make my straight tub more comfortable?

You don’t have to walk into an expensive spa to achieve your momentary bliss in the tub. Now, you can make yours at home more comfortable on your terms and without breaking your pockets.

Clean it regularly

Be sure to give the tub a deep cleaning before you even hop in. Your bath won’t be as relaxed and refreshing when there is weird gunk floating in the bathwater.

You can scrub it using some salt and citrus to refreshen it. However, if it’s been a while before you deep cleaned it, then you might need more products such as an oven cleaner for a brand-new look. Also, use a power drill to ease the scrubbing process.

Install nice lighting and play friendly music to set the mood

Create a pleasant atmosphere by changing your bath lighting and playing the right sounds to set the mood. Ensure the lighting is a bit dimmer to set the mood and making it comfortable. You can also decide to change the entire color of the bathroom.

Use the right bath pillow for straight tub

Choosing the right pillow for your tab can be the difference between having a comfortable tub where you can spend long hours or a dull one. When choosing the right pillow for your straight tub, focus on the critical features such as the size, material used to make it, shape, suction cups, and the exact type of pillow that suits your needs. These will ensure your tub is comfier than before.


How do you use a bathtub pillow?

We all like spending a quiet bathing time in a full-body bathtub, especially when we are tired after traveling or after work. Sometimes a warm bath is all your body calls for when you have neck or back pain.

It refreshes, rejuvenates, and relaxes the muscles. To make the bathtub session even more comfortable, you will need to have a bathtub pillow. A bathtub has a two-panel design and provides the same comfort and cushion as a bed pillow.

Tub pillow includes waterproof material. However, the best one can provide more than this. The best ones come with slip suction cups that stick the pad to the bathtub firmly. The generous size of the pillow also ensures a comfortable contour and excellent support. This is why you need to install this tub pillow and use it to take full advantage of your bathtub.


Can you machine wash a bath pillow?

It is essential that after a particular period, you clean your bath pillow to keep it hygienic. Best bath pillows for straight-back tub are machine washable, which means that cleaning them is easy. However, it’s essential to use some vinegar solution.

To start with, remove the cover of the pillow. Then get a mixture of soda and water and apply to the cover. This mixture is ideal for removing mildew. A mixture of vinegar and baking soda is perfect for getting rid or preventing mold from growing on the cover.

Once you have applied the mixture, leave it for at least 15 minutes, after which you should scrab the pillow to remove mildew. Be sure to wash the pillow using cold water. The same can be done if you use a washing machine and if the removable fabric is machine washable.

Only pour the mixture of baking soda and vinegar into the washing machine. Also, be sure to give it a few moments for the mixture to work on the mold before turning on the machine.


Best Bath Pillow for Straight Back Tub

Gorilla Grip Spa Bath Pillow

2 Panel Design for Shoulder pillow – Powerful technology, soft, large, 14.5×11, White, waterproof

Perfect for – Orthopaedic Neck and Shoulder support, Jacuzzi, Hot Tub

What Makes This Pillow Stand Out?

Numerous suction cups – This 2-panel pillow has up to 7 powerful suction cups, which most pillows don’t have. They help eliminate the irritating pillow slippage, which is common with the standard bath pillows with lesser or no suction cups. They ensure you get a refreshing bathing experience.

Two large panel design -This is an oversized pillow whose dimensions are 15.5 x 11 inches. TH e orthopedic design supports your back, shoulders, neck, and head when you recline in the bathtub.

Easy to clean – Use a clean cloth to wipe it and let it air dry. For a deeper clean, however, remove each suction cup and clean the area thoroughly.

Luxury padded foam – This pillow is constructed using a thick padded foam that offers the utmost comfort. It is also smooth to the touch.

Customer Reviews

“I have been having health problems which have made me shed lots of weight. Doing everyday activities, including taking a bath, has proved excruciating. However, since my husband bought me this bath pillow, it has provided an extra cushion to my back, and I don’t feel pain while lying back on my porcelain tub anymore.”

“I have been using a standard bath pillow which did not seem to work, but when I got this one, I find myself still in the bathtub 1 hour later.”

What You May Not Like

Weak suction cups – A few customers have complained about the suction cups not working after a short time of use.

Too light – Though it is of a perfect size, it floats and slides up the wall of my bathtub constantly.


Everlasting Bathtub Bath Pillow

Spa Hot Tub Pillow – Luxurious design, Back and Headrest Cushion, Bath Stuff Accessories

Best for – Neck and headrest support, homeowners who want to convert their standard tub to an exquisite spar experience.

What Makes This Pillow Stand Out?

Soft support – You don’t have to rest your head on the hard surface anymore because this tub pillow will support your back while its headrest pillow will cradle your weary head.

Ergonomically designed back and neck pillow –This pillow is made using 100% foam and features a body contour design; thus, they conform to your neck curves and back. This relieves pressure in the upper body while providing support.

Strong non-slip suction cup –This pillow has four powerful suction cups that keep the pillow in the place where it’s needed. You, however, can easily remove them for drying or re-adjustments

Deep side storage pockets – This is not just an ordinary pillow as it provides you with a deep pocket for storage on one of its sides. The pockets are intended for keeping bathing essentials closer to you, so you have uninterrupted comfort.

Hook for easy drying – It comes with a quick-drying mesh cover and a built-in hook. Use the hook to hand it for drying when you are done with the sweet bliss of your tub.

Customer Reviews

“This bath pillow is so far the best that I have ever owned. It has strong suction cups that keep it in place and doesn’t slip at all. The hook is also convenient to hang after my bath. It dries quickly, I must say.”

“Unlike most bath towels that I have purchased, this one has a soft material, and the deep side pocket is ideal for storing my bathing essentials. This is a well-thought gift Idea as well.”

What You May Not Like

Soak water – Water soaks right into the netting and foam, making it hard to clean.

Odor -The pillow has a mildew smell


Bathtub/Spa with Sanction Cups

Hankey Support Pillow – Fabric, Hankey, 0.16 Kilograms, 11 x 7 x 2 inches, White, odour resistant

Best for – People with neck aches, stiff vertebra, insomnia, and stiff hemp

What Makes This Pillow Stand Out?

Multiple suction cups – This bath pillow has strong suction cups on the backside that helps to secure it in place. These strong suction cups also ensure you position it to where you intend it to be.

Perfect size – The bath pillow is just of the right size, measuring 11.5″ x 7.5″ x 2.25″. It is a comfortable headrest in the tub

Quality material – This pillow is made using premium quality soft mesh and waterproof material that is waterproof. The material makes it more comfortable and long-lasting.

Satisfaction guarantee –The company offers a satisfaction guarantee; thus, you can order with confidence. There are no questions asked, and there is also a full refund if you are not happy with it.

Customer Reviews

“This is an excellent shower pillow. It is very soft and comfortable. It lasts longer than most bath pillows I have owned in the past.”

“As a fitness instructor, my body is often tired after workouts and calls for a hot bubble bath. I usually use this pillow because it is super comfy, it is easy to keep and clean, and also it perfectly sticks to the tub.”

What You May Not Like

Too small – A few customers have complained that the product is too small.

Too thin – It is a too narrow and poor imitation


Full Body Bath Pillow

Spa Bathtub Pillow – Mesh Washing bag, 21 non-slip suction, 5D Air Mesh & Quick Drying, Neck, Shoulder and Back Support.

Best for – Individuals experiencing pressure on their backs, tailbone, and shoulders.

What Makes This Pillow Stand Out?

Maximum comfort and support – This pillow for bathing provide an extra-thick headrest for your tired neck and head. It makes it even easy for you to read in the tub

Easy to clean – You can either use a hand or machine to clean it. There is a provided mesh laundry back to prevent the suction cups from sticking to the washing machine’s walls when using a machine.

It has a built-in hanging hook for easy drying and storage. Only you should hang it in a place that is well ventilated and exposed to the sun to prevent the odour of mildew

Risk-free purchase – Your purchase is backed by a risk-free 30 days and two years of friendly customer support. There is also a full refund or replacement in case you are not pleased with your purchase.

Customers Reviews

“It offered me the best bathing experienced ever. It is comfortable and doesn’t need squeezing. I would recommend it.”

“It’s comfortable, and its strong suction cups ensure it stays in place.”

What You May Not Like

Hard to clean – It was bulky and didn’t move much in the washing machine.

Insufficient packaging – It is packed unprofessionally without even a protective bag, leave alone the cellophane on it.


BINO Non-Slip Cushioned Bath Pillow

Best For – Neck and back support 

Spa Pillow with Suction Cups – Tub Accessories, Rectangular, Polyvinyl Chloride

What Makes This Pillow Stand Out?

Numerous suction cups – Despite its size, this bathing pillow has up to 8 suction cups that hold the pillow in place in any bathtub. They work better than most pillows in the market today

Super-soft – It is soft, light, and supportive. The pillow is contoured, so it cradles your back, neck, and head

Drains quickly – Made in a design that prevents water from pooling. Unlike the plastic pillow covers that tear, creating mildew and mold buildup, this doesn’t, all thanks to its new mesh construction that allows for quick drying.

Easy to clean – Rinse it and leave it flat to dry

Customers Reviews

“My bathtub is rugged and can be uncomfortable at times. I have tried many pillows to my disappointment, but this one has powerful suction cups that keep the pillow in place.”

“The material which it is made of is so comfortable in the tub. I love it and would recommend it to everyone. It is very affordable.”

What You May Not Like

Poor quality suction cups – It is comfortable; however, the suction cup edges were so convex that they wanted to fold over.

Too hard pillow – The suction cups did not work, and also, the pillow itself was so hard and uncomfortable.