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If you would like to improve your ability to sleep at night, it might be time to get a new mattress. You can go to your local mattress store, and you will be able to find, an assortment of mattresses in different styles, sizes and made of materials that could be beneficial for your back. There is often a little bit of confusion when people try to decide on getting memory foam or a gel foam bed. Here is an overview of the difference, and why you should get gel foam pillows so that you can actually get the best possible sleep at night.

What Is Memory Foam?

Mattresses that are made of memory foam are made from a polyurethane material. This material is very sensitive to pressure and also temperature. It is able to conform to the shape of a person’s body, and despite the fact that you will create an indentation in the mattress, your body will be fully supported by the mattress and the memory foam, allowing you to sleep better at night.

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medium firm shredded memory foam pillow for side sleepers

What Is Gel Foam?

First of all, let’s look at what gel foam actually is. The name itself seems to indicate that it is made of some type of gel, but this is actually a misrepresentation. It is simply memory foam to which is added gel beads, or a type of gel liquid. Although there are some companies that produce pure gel materials, the ones that you will typically find our these that are infused with gel on top of a memory foam mattress. There has been quite a bit of talk about the benefits of sleeping on a gel foam mattress, which leads many people to purchasing gel foam pillows, but is there actually a reason to purchase this over regular memory foam products? It should also be asked if these are actually better than latex pillows, ones that are filled with the synthetic material that is similar to that which originates from a rubber tree.

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Is Polyurethane Foam Better Than Latex For Pillows?

Another debate that is often presented is whether or not pillows that are filled with latex, or those that are made of polyurethane foam, are actually better than the other. One of the benefits to latex filling, opposed to a foam bead pillow, and those that conform to the contour of your head such as with memory foam, is that they are simply much more comfortable. Although there is an argument for using a gel bead pillow or gel fiber pillow with holes in regard to making an accurate comparison, it really comes down to whether or not you prefer an old-style pillow that you can manipulate into something firm and comfortable to sleep on, or if you are more comfortable when the pillow conforms to the shape and size of your head. ( Here is page of: Tips Of Choosing Right Softness & Firm Pillows)

For those that sleep hot, they have found out the cooling gel reversible or cool gel memory foam pillow are often better, and very similar to latex pillows in regard to malleability. Both of these pillows are hypoallergenic, dust and mite resistant, and are almost always machine washable. However, you are going to pay significantly more for any pillow that is made of memory foam of any kind. To understand why people would actually pay so much more for this type of pillow, even though some of them are similar to traditional latex pillows, you have to understand what all of this hype is about surrounding this product.

Dual Zone Gel Memory Foam Ergonomic Contour Pillow with holes

Dual Zone Gel Memory Foam Ergonomic Contour Pillow with holes

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Why Gel Foam Pillow Is Best?

The main benefit to adding gel to memory foam is that people that have used both products claim that the gel reduces the amount of heat that is felt when you are sleeping on these mattresses at night. It is true that the memory foam does retain the heat of your body, unlike a typical mattress where it will typically dissipate. This is a common complaint that many people have with memory foam, and in order to compensate for this problem, people decided to add gel foam to the memory mattresses.

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Why Gel Foam Pillows Is Right For You

The reason that people use pillows that have gel foam is for the same reasons that they will use a gel foam memory mattress. As mentioned before, it can reduce the amount of heat that you feel at night, and is therefore much more comfortable by comparison. However, others will state that they detect no difference at all, which means it is probably for people that become extremely warm as they are sleeping. Therefore, it is of great benefit to people that run with a higher body temperature, but may not be of use for those that are normally a little cooler.

Adjust neck gel foam pillow for sleep hot

Adjust neck Unique Shredded Gel Memory Foam Pillow

Where Can You Get These On Sale?

The best place to look for any type of bedroom material is on the Internet. You can find websites that are either independent of a physical store, or you can find large national chain stores that have online only sale prices. Either way, the discount that you are able to receive is going to be substantial, and this will allow you to potentially save hundreds of dollars once you invest into anything in the bedroom. The cost of memory mattresses can be very expensive, usually well over $1000. This is why it pays to spend a little bit of time researching not only where you can get a memory mattress, even those that are infused with gel, and it’s also where you can get gel foam pillows at the lowest possible price.

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Best cheap gel foam pillows for sleeping heat

If you are the type of person that prefers a regular pillow, one that does not specifically conform to your head or face, then you will probably not be interested in looking for ongoing sales for any products related to memory foam. However, if you have tried one before and you were able to get a better night sleep, this might be the best type of product for you. Although you may prefer a regular mattress, especially if you like to sleep on something that is very firm, you may find great benefit in using memory foam pillows, especially those that are combined with gel, so that you can sleep better without all of the excess heat that is typically going to be experienced when using any type of memory foam used today.

Top Rated Reversible Memory Foam Stay Cool Pillow With Gel

Top Rated Reversible Memory Foam Stay Cool Pillow With Gel

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