8 Best Camping Pillow for Side Sleepers – 2021 Reviews And Buyer’s Guide

Are you a side sleeper who have you been searching for the best camping pillow for the job?

For side sleepers, it isn’t easy to find the right pillow to get enough loft, especially in the camping. They may feel neck and shoulder pain if the camping pillow is improper. We are pleased to let you know that you have arrived at just the right place! Here, we shall acquaint you with the necessary pieces of information you need.

We are going to look into the subject matter of the best 8 camping pillows for side sleepers for you here. This shall be accompanied by a review of the best pillows for the job.

Then again, we are also going to explore the background information that can help with making the right choice.

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Top 8 Best Camping Pillow for Side Sleepers On the Market


What Kind of Camping Pillow Should Side Sleepers Use?

best support camping pillow for side sleeper guide

The best pillow for a side sleeper has to possess the following traits:

  • Neck and Head Support

The pillow has to be able to confer exceptional neck and head support.

That is because these two parts of the body are often strained so much when sleeping at the sides. For this support to be granted, the pillow itself has to be firm and wholly immersive.

This is only possible if the pillow of your liking similarly has many rigid parts and components.

  • Easy to Use

Needless to say, the pillow has to be pretty simpler to use. It should be devoid of those complicated parts and components that tend to confuse the users.

Then again, its overall size and stature have to be well within the easy handling and comprehension of any kind of user.

  • Lightweight

Your first consideration should be the weight of the pillow. A good pillow has to be pretty light and consequently simpler to carry around and sleep on.

Do not fall for the temptation of picking one that is too heavy and bulky to swivel your head-on.

It is strongly recommended that a pillow of this kind ought to be pretty light in weight. That is to allow for the subsequent easy use and handling of the item.

A pillow that is lighter in weight is also easier to carry around and deploy to a remote locale if need be.

Best Lightweight – Rugged Camp Ultralight Travel Pillow

  • Compact

Apart from being lighter in weight, the right pillow for the job has to be compact in size as well.

The compact nature of the pillows of these kinds allows them to be easily stored when the need to do so comes. Also, a compact pillow is likely to take up less mounting and storage spaces.

Best Compact – WELLAX Inflatable Camping Pillow

  • Robust and Durable

To be able to give you some added peace of mind, it is imperative that the pillow you pick for the job be robust and durable.

That way, you will spend less to care for and maintain the same. At the same time, you will also maximize some peace of mind as you enjoy

the benefits that the pillows have to bring forth.


Top 8 Camping Pillow for Side Sleepers Reviews

#1. Best Overall – RikkiTikki Blow Up Camping Pillow


  • Easy to inflatable
  • Compressible and compact
  • Ultralight and portable


  • Not suitable for stomach sleeper

best inflatable camping pillow for side sleeper review

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Are you a regular traveler who wants to enjoy maximum convenience and comfort while on the move?

Choose to work with this best inflatable camping pillow. It is easier to transport to a designated location thanks to its collapsible trait.

A heavy-duty valve comes in next. It is durable and easier to inflate. The valve prevents the air from escaping and to maintain the rigidity of the pillow altogether.

Although this pillow is enough large for your comfortable rest, its overall weight even is a paltry 4 ounces. Due to this, it is ultralight and compact enough to allow you to carry it around pretty easily.

Its multi-functional feature comes in next. You can use it as a bedding pillow for sleeping as well as a back pad for office chairs.

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#2. Best Ultralight – Trekology Inflatable Camping Pillow for Neck Support


  • Contours around your neck
  • Compact enough to fit your pockets
  • Ultralight and easy to handle


  • Cannot be washed by machine

best rated camping pillow for side sleeper review

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Do you camp and travel a lot?

Choose to work with this best-rated pillow that is suited for the regular traveler, while at the same time provides adequate support to the lumbar and the neck regions.

Its core comes in the form of the highly durable stretch TPU fabric. This one is strong and agile in equal measure. The fabric hence guarantees the support and flexibility you need to sleep tight and sound.

Some non-slip rubber dots also exist in huge numbers on the pillow. These dots play the role of increasing the friction between the sleeping at and the pillow, all for your added comfort.

Overall, the pillow comes about in an improved ergonomic design. As part of this design is the improved support for the neck and the yielding of ultimate comfort.

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#3. Best Compressible – Therm-Rest Camping Pillow for Side Sleeper


  • Very light and quite convenient to handle
  • Agile enough for all manner of transportation needs
  • Expands and contracts at will


  • Takes up some effort to handle

best compressible camping pillow for side sleeper review

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Are you a regular traveler? You have your best bet on the best compressible pillow of this kind.

Its dimensions may be altered to fit just about any other storage and mounting space. By its sheer stature and structural makeup, the pillow is a true travel essential indeed.

All its key features and overall makeup line up to allow for easier handling and transportation.

Next, it compresses easily and firmly. This lets it take up limited spaces to transport and handle around as the need may so determine. On the strength of this trait, the system also takes up limited effort from you.

A brushed Polyester cover rounds up the list of the many key features and benefits of this pillow. It basically provides an effective cover to the interior contents while at the same time accords superior comfort to you.

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#4. Best Compact – WELLAX Ergonomic Camping Pillow


  • Made of highly durable materials
  • Good enough for the relaxation of the muscles
  • Guarantees a restful sleep


  • Too small for whole family use

best compact camping pillow for side sleeper review

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Do you have some limited space at your disposal? Choose to work with this best compact pillow.

As its designation implies, the pillow is smaller and hence able to fit the least available storage spaces for you.

Throughout its stature, the pillow comes in an improved and ergonomic design. Thanks to this outstanding design, it is overall durable, efficient, and comfortable in equal stature.

To add to the awesome design we have showcased above, the pillow is also adjustable and multi-functional. All its vital features give you the leeway to alter their parameters to one that suits you.

All materials that have been used for the job are resistant to the menace of slipping. Because of this, they are unlikely to cause you to lose your balance and stature as you sleep.

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#5. Best for Backpacking – Rugged Lightweight Travel Pillow


  • Has a distinctively tough and rugged makeup
  • Very light and convenient to carry around
  • Resists punctures from debris and sharp objects


  • Too light for a heavier person

best lightweight camping pillow for side sleeper review

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Are you short on muscle power and would hence wish to enjoy your time out in the open?

Your best bet is this best lightweight pillow. It is light because it is manufactured using the lightest materials available at the moment.

It does come along in an enhanced comfort design that sees it imbue some comfort, strength, and vitality to you. The mix of these traits sees to it that your welfare is well taken good care of all the while.

The pillow compresses to allow you to vary the size and the stature accordingly. Thanks to this trait, the pillow gives you the leeway to determine the size that is convenient for you.

All the materials that have been used to make the pillow up are resistant to punctures. They are similarly stronger and less include to deflate when you lay your head on the inflated pillow.

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#6. Best Stuff Sack – Coop Home Goods Adjustable Camping Pillow for Side Sleepers


  • All its components adjust for your ultimate comfort
  • Great for on-the-go applications
  • Made of highest quality materials


  • Requires some stuffing right before use

best stuff suck camping pillow for side sleeper review

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Some of you may dislike common inflatable camping pillows. The best stuff sack pillow makes it ideal for you.

Its overall character is that of adjustability and travel friendliness. It is these two that fit it for the purposes of camping and remote outdoor use with absolute precision.

All the constituent parts and components of the pillow are fully adjustable. They hence give you the leeway to choose which dimension is beneficial or conducive for your use and enjoyment.

We started out by stating that this pillow is hypoallergenic. It lays claim to this stake principally by being resistant to mites and dust. Count it useful hence for your safety and respiratory well-being.

A pillow of that kind is the surest bet that you will not suffer those respiratory tract infections that are common.

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#7. Best Full Size – Featherlight Body Camping Pillow for Backpacking


  • Big enough to support you
  • Good enough for backpackers and campers
  • Facilitates regular travels with ease


  • Requires an external inflator to work

best full size camping body pillow for side sleeper review

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Is it difficult for you to find a great camping pillow for side sleeping?

You have never found a proper pillow for your camping time since you need a specific pillow for side sleepers. This body pillow features full body size which is proved to be the ideal choice for side sleeping.

Thanks to the full-size design, it is large enough to support your arms, back, or legs. So you will gain a comfortable rest even during camping. It also helps to relieve your neck and back pain caused by a wrong sleep posture.

Although it is full size, the inflatable design makes it easy to fold and lightweight to take.

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#8. Best Comfortable – TETON Self-inflating Side Sleeping Pillow for Travel


  • Compact enough to carry easily
  • Facilitate your regular travels and remote use
  • Requires no pump to inflate or deflate


  • Unsuitable for the weighty person

best comfortable camping pillow for side sleeper review

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Could it be that all you may be looking for is maximum comfort?

You have this pillow that is optimized for best comfortable to set your eyes on. It is particularly awesome for the support of the neck and back regions.

This is a self-inflating travel pillow in the sense that it inflates but does not require a pump to do so. Thus, it is quite comfortable and handy to make good use of in the remote locales.

It is overall durable yet soft at the same time. The combination of these two traits makes it a truly long-term reliable partner to set your eyes on.

As hinted above, the pillow does not require any pump to inflate or deflate. This not only cuts down the hassles you would ordinarily have to engage in but also guarantees the convenience you need to enjoy the benefits that come along.

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How to Choose a Camping Pillow for Side Sleepers

how to pick best camping pillow for side sleeper guide

To be able to arrive at the most suitable backpacking pillow for the side sleepers, there are things you have to care for.

  • Types of Pillows

Pillows come in four main kinds. We take a look at them in finer detail here below:

  • Compressible Pillow

As its name implies, the compressible pillow is one whose size and shape may be altered at will.

This kind of pillow is great in the sense that it is great for those environments that are smaller and cramped up.

You won’t have to suffer the problem of having to set aside too much storage space.

Best Compressible – Therm-Rest Backpacking Travel Pillow

  • Inflatable

This is the kind of a pillow that you can inflate or deflate.

It is a great one to use for your camping and other outdoor undertakings that demand that you carry it to the designated place of use.

Its beauty also rests in the fact that it takes up limited storage and transportation spaces.

Best Inflatable – RikkiTikki Lightweight Camping Pillow

  • Hybrid

A hybrid pillow blends the two worlds.

That is it is inflatable while at the same time contains an insert for the sake of giving you some added comfort and support.

Thanks to this wonderful combination, the pillow is good enough for all-rounded support to your head and back.

  • Stuff Sack

This is a kind of pillow that is hollow inside and gives you the freedom to stuff it with clothing and other supportive elements.

On the basis of this trait, it is overall quite convenient to handle and engage. Also, its transportation and subsequent deployment to remote locales are easier.

Best Stuff Sack – Coop Home Goods Adjustable Camp Pillow

  • Size and Shape

While picking the right pillow, it is important that you factor the sizes and the shapes of the pillow.

These two metrics determine to a large extent the kind of comfort and utility you are bound to enjoy when engaging the pillows for the job.

Generally, the small size pillow makes it popular for travelers since it is easy for folding and portable. Some side sleepers benefit for a full body pillow to support back or legs.

  • Material

A good pillow has to be manufactured using the strongest materials available.

These materials also ought to be warmer and less scarring to your skins. Cotton, wool, Polyester, and Nylon are the top kinds of materials to consider for the job. They have consistently proved awesome and comfortable.

  • Comfort

When all is said and done, the pillow of choice has to be truly comfortable. It should be able to offer adequate support to your head, back, and vital parts.

The primary reason why we use pillows is so that you may leverage and enjoy some comfort. For this to happen, you have to see to it that the pillow you lay your hands on is packed with loads of comfort features. Chief among these are the breathable sponge and textiles that are truly comfortable.

This is especially true and mandatory if you plan to sleep on the pillow for too long a duration of time.

Best Comfortable – TETON Self-inflating Camp Pillow


How to Make Your Tent Camping More Comfortable

So you have taken your camping pillow to the campsite and now want to add some comfort to it. But what are the ways and means to make yours comfortable? We seek to explain them here below for your own consideration and eventual applications:

You may first and foremost wish to make do with a sleeping pad with a pillow. The purpose of the sleeping pad is to provide the strength and stability that the back and the spine need. A pillow on the other hand is to rest the head on and to support it thereafter.

Best AirExpect Sleeping Pad for Camping

If you lack a tent and have a limited sleep area, you have to pick and make do with a sleeping bag. This is a special kind of bag that doubles up as a sleep surface as well. The pillow rests the head while the bag itself provides the support and coverage you need to sleep soundly.

Best Desert-Fox Sleeping Bag for Camping


Just to recap an earlier point, finding the best camping pillow for side sleepers is very important to be handled recklessly.

We urge you hence to be extra careful with the way in which you go about this issue. Reading our explanations above with a keener eye of attention is a great way to start it out well.


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