The 8 Best Car Neck Pillow Reviews for 2020

Is a car neck pillow worth it? Car neck pillows are crucial to provide safety and support, especially for long-distance drivers, and passengers.

The car neck pillows provide ergonomic support to the upper body parts by aligning the head and the neck in the right position when driving. Thus, enabling one to focus on the road and prevent injuries.

The car neck pillows are also suitable for passengers since they keep one in the right posture when sleeping.

If you are looking for the best car neck pillows for traveling, this is the right article. We will review the top 8 best designs of car neck pillows, the right fillings, and what to look for when choosing the pillow.


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Top 8 Best Car Neck Pillows On the Market


Benefits of Using Car Neck Pillows

best car neck pillow reviews

  • Support

The car neck pillow provides optimal support mainly if you have a problem maintaining the right posture when driving. The pillow conforms around the neck to provide the right support.

For the drivers, the neck pillow holds the neck in a straight position to keep you in an upright position throughout.

For the passengers, the car neck pillow supports the neck to prevent straining and neck pain when you sleep on the side.

Best Supportive – TALLGO Car Headrest Soft Pillow

best supportive car neck pillow guide

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  • Pain Relief

The car neck pillows, especially the models made with high-density memory foam, provides support and comfort to the neck to relieve the pain.

How? The pillow absorbs the pressure around the neck area to relieve tension and pain.

Best For Pain Relief – FLY OCEAN Memory Foam Car Neck Pillow

best for pain relief car neck pillow guide

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  • Portable and Comfortable

These car neck pillows are crafted in a compact and lightweight style, making it easy to tag them along when traveling.

Some neck pillows for travel are foldable to fit in a backpack or a travel bag.


What Types of Car Neck Pillows Suit You?

1. Inflatable Pillow

The inflatable car neck pillows are suitable for people cautious about their luggage and how much space they have in the vehicle.

These pillows are filled with air, which you can deflate for easy packing in the car and away when not in use.

The majority of the inflatable car neck pillows come with a bag for storage and carrying with.

Best Inflatable – AirComfy Car Pillow for Neck Support

2. Solid Pillow

The solid car neck pillows are suitable for people with neck injuries since they hold the neck firmly to relieve pain and pressure.

These pillows are quite durable, which makes them suit people who may need to share the car pillow when traveling or even to drive.

The car neck pillow filled with memory foam helps to relieve pressure around the neck while providing a comfortable cushion for the head and the neck. Memory foam allows the free flow of air for breathability purposes while on the road.

Best Erogonomic – Newgam Car Seat Neck Pillow


Top 8 Car Neck Pillows Reviews

#1. Best Overall – Feagar Headrest Cushion With Adjustable Straps


  • Ergonomic design
  • Durable
  • Easy to hold and wash


  • Could pose an issue to those with sensitive skin

best rated car neck pillow review

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The Feagar has proven tobe one of the best-rated neck pillows to consider.


It boasts of a 100% foam construction, which ensures that there is better air circulation within it. Its two adjustable straps make it relatively easy to handle or hold.

Ergonomic Design

The ergonomic design featured by this neck pillow is all you need for coccyx support, pain relief, and cervical support. Whether you are camping or on a long drive, this neck pillow ensures that your spine and head remain aligned at all times.


Further, it comes with a fabric that is not only breathable but also washable. The soft cloth used in making this pillow is also skin-friendly.

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#2. Best with Memory Foam – Newgam Car Pillow for Neck Pain Relief


  • Easy to install
  • Breathable fabric
  • Relatively lightweight


  • Might not stay in the same place when driving fast

best with memory foam car neck pillow reivew

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If you are looking for a car neck pillow with enough and firm memory foam, this will be the ultimate option.


It comes with 100% high-density memory foam, which provides enhanced support for the lumbar region. Its breathable and skin-friendly fabric is relatively striking, giving you the comfort and heat dissipation that you so deserve. On top of that, you will be free to remove the top cover and wash it in a machine.

Impressive Design

It is ideal for those with sore shoulders, sour backaches, fatigue, and numb limbs. The enhanced support is thanks to its wave-curve design.

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#3. Best for Neck Pain Relief – FLY OCEAN Car Pillow for Neck Rest


  • Breathable, washable fabric
  • Ergonomic design
  • Unmatched support


  • A little pricey

best ergonomic car neck pillow review

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Your comfort will often be dependent on the ergonomics of your neck pillow, and this option is worth lauding. The ergonomics offered by this car neck pillow will get you smitten.

Friendly Design

The popularity of the Fly Ocean car neck pillow results from its impressive, ergonomic design. This design assures you of enhanced support for your shoulders and neck. Besides, you will enjoy enhanced comfort and pain relief when driving.

Robust Construction

Its high-density memory foam is worth appreciating. These fabric fillings ensure that there is sufficient air circulation within the pillow. This way, you are confident of less smell at all times.


This car neck pillow comes with relatively soft surface material. That the fabric is skin-friendly is no secret. What is more, you will wash it without too much hassle.

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#4. Best Soft – TALLGO Travel Pillow for Neck and Head Support


  • Hardly creases
  • Unmatched comfort and support
  • Ergonomic design
  • Suitable for different uses and different ages


  • The drawstrings might not tighten enough

best for neck rest car neck pillow review

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Are you having issues with your neck? This Tallgo neck pillow is all that you might ever need.


The multi-angle protection provided by this travel pillow makes it one of the most outstanding products. Its ergonomic design ensures that you get enough cervical spine, neck, and head support. There will be a significant reduction in bone pressure when using this product.


It comes with soft, plush, and skin-friendly material. This way, it becomes a perfect fit for both adults and children. Its cover is made from washable velour, guaranteeing you an easier time in the long run.


Whether you are at home or on a plane, train, or car, this pillow comes in handy.

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#5. Best Cervical Support – ZATOOTO Seat Headrest Pillow With Adjustbale Height


  • Enhanced durability
  • Optimal firmness
  • Ergonomic design


  • Could be hard to wash

best for head rest car neck pillow review

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Undoubtedly, this is a product that you will effortlessly fall in love with. That it is reversible makes it one of the most outstanding among many.

Memory Foam Fillings

It comes with memory foam, which assures you of a slow rebound and no distortion.

Ergonomic Construction

You will comfortably use this neck pillow for the neck and the back area. Further, you can adjust the height of the headrest. Nothing could offer you more convenience than this.


It features a soft and breathable fabric, which improves your comfort even further. Ideally, you will no longer need to worry about skin issues.

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#6. Best for Kids – BCOZZY Car Seat Neck Pillow for Trip


  • Skin-friendly, soft fabric
  • Comes with built-in snap strap
  • Unrivaled versatility


  • A little pricey

best for kids car neck pillow review

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If you are looking for a travel pillow for your kids, look no further than this option. It is ideal for both car and home use.

Improved Support

From its ergonomic design and chin support, this car neck pillow will be a product worth embracing. This pillow will simultaneously support the head, chin, and neck of your child, regardless of how long the ride takes.

Weight and Fabric

Besides being lightweight and portable, this pillow comes with skin-friendly fabric. What is more, you will appreciate the overlapping, adjustable, soft arms on the travel neck pillow, as they ensure the bay is comfortable.

Bright Colors

This product boasts of various bright colors, including pink. These bright colors tend to be friendlier to children.

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#7. Best Inflatable – AirComfy Compact Neck Pillows for Car


  • Features a removable, washable micro-velvet pillowcase
  • Ergonomic design
  • Can save space


  • Pillow might not be as cushy

best inflatable car neck pillow review

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Sometimes all you ever need is an inflatable pillow, and this neck pillow will be the ideal choice for you when traveling in a car.


Ideally, you will readily inflate this product without necessarily blowing it. It comes with a built-in inflation button, which you will repeatedly press for between 30 and 60 seconds.

Impressive Design

Its impressive ergonomic design assures you of unrivaled neck support. Remember, this car neck pillow comes with no memory foam, which means you will freely adjust the size until you attain the preferred comfort level.


This product is relatively lightweight, as it comes with no more than 2.4 ounces. With this, you will comfortably save space in the long run.

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#8. Best Budget – TravelMate Small Neck Rest Pillow


  • Recommended by chiropractors
  • Easy to wash and maintain
  • Ideal for both home use and travel


  • Could be too small for some people

best budget car neck pillow review

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This neck pillow has proven to be one of the most suitable ones for budget-seekers. Its affordability remains unrivaled.


Are you on a budget? This car neck pillow will be the ultimate choice, as it will cost you less than $15.

Impressive Design

Despite being this affordable, it will assure you of unparalleled comfort for both the neck and the head. Its design will also help in alleviating muscle tension in the long run.

Compact Design

It comes with robust construction, and it is filled with memory foam. This compact design assures you of enough support. Its adjustable straps come in handy in ensuring that you have an easier time installing it.

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How to Choose the Best Car Neck Pillows?

Here are buying guides you need to know before choosing a neck pillow for your car.

how to choose car neck pillow guide

  • Ease of Installation and Removal

A good car neck pillow should be able to insert around the car seat and remove.

The majority of pillows come with adjustable velcro for fitting in various parts of the car seat, depending on the user’s height.

  • Vehicle Model Compatibility

The car neck pillows are designed in different sizes and shapes compatible with varying car seats.

So, check out if the pillow you need can fit in your car seat or car models. This is usually indicated on the product seal.

  • Support Required

Do you need the car neck pillow to relieve pain or offer support when sleeping?

The pillow you choose should provide all the support you need, whether driving or sitting in the car.

Check out the uses of the pillow before buying it. Some models offer multiple support services, while others are designed for specific use like maybe relieving neck straining.

Best Supportive – TALLGO Memory Foam Neck Support Pillow 

  • Shape

There are several shapes of car neck pillows in the market. The common shapes contain u-shape, boxy, roll, wrap, dog-bone.

Car neck pillows with u-shape are quite common and offer support all around the neck. They safeguard the head and neck muscles from straining even when you sleep on the sides or back. The pillows have an opening in the front for easy slipping on and off the pillow.

Wrap car neck pillows contour around the neck and conform to one’s neck to offer the right support while driving or sleeping in the car.

It is common that using regular boxy shape pillows at home. These neck pillows for a car have raised back section that provides a surface so you can comfortably sleep on the back position while still supporting the sides of the neck.

Roll car neck pillows only fit at the back of the neck area. These pillows are placed at the back of the neck to prevent it from tilting backward when you sleep.

The recessed middle section of this dog-bone design pillow provides ample support to the neck, while the pillows’ dual sides provide support while conforming the neck in the right position. This pillow is multifunctional since you can also use it in the office.

Best with U-shape – AirComfy Inflatable Neck Travel Pillow 

  • Size

Your body size and age determine the size of the pillow.

Choose a pillow that is large enough to fit in your car seat and, at the same time, offer you the right support.

  • Price

The car neck pillows are sold at different prices depending on the type of fillings, the brand, and the design.

But you can get a good and reliable neck pillow at a budget of fewer than 30 dollars.

Best Budget – TravelMate Neck Rest Pillow

  • See Attachment Type

The car neck pillows are designed with two types of attachments, which are velcro attachment and the head back style.

If you need a pillow that you can easily adjust the fitting on the car seat, velcro attachment is the best choice. But the head back attachments offer the perfect head fitting.

  • Easy to Clean

The car neck pillows are bound to get dirt from sweat and even dirt they collect while on the road.

So, choose a model that is easy to clean after use. Some brands come with removable pillows covers that you can clean with hands or a machine.

Some brands, especially the models made with foam material, can be cleaned as they don’t take long to dry up.

FAQs About A Car Neck Pillow

1. Is It Good for Kids to Sleep with Car Neck Pillows?

There are car neck pillows designed for kids from a given age limit.

Using the adult or thick models of car neck pillows may injure the kid’s neck since they are too stiff for their necks.

The kids’ car neck pillows are designed to fit on the seat belt, whereby they provide them with soft padding to support the head and the neck in case they sleep on sides.

Best for Kids – BCOZZY Travel Neck Pillow


2. Should I Use Neck Pillows While Driving a Car?

Although some drivers may find it uncomfortable to drive with a neck pillow on the seat, they are highly recommendable mainly for people involved in long-distance driving.

The car neck pillows give the head and the neck of the driver a good balance by employing excellent support.

The pillow also helps the driver maintain the right posture when driving to prevent injuries while helping them focus on the road.

Just make sure you choose the right pillow to provide good support, and that does not strain your neck.

The car neck pillows made of memory foam are the right choice for drivers.



Car neck pillows are great and safe travel gear for passengers and drivers.

These pillows offer ample support to the neck to prevent injuries and neck pain as well. They come in different shapes and sizes to accommodate various car seat models and different sizes of users.

Check out if the pillow is compatible with your car, and if it is comfortable as well.


Recommend 3 Best Car Neck Pillows For You