Best Backrest Pillow

Contrary to what many think, backrest pillows are not a preserve of the seniors. Today’s backrest pillows are ergonomically designed to meet various needs, including gamers, kids, tins, and adults to those suffering from acid reflux.

When shopping for a backrest pillow, you will find multiple brands that offer features like removable covers, customizable support, cup holders and even memory foam contraction.


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How to choose the best backrest pillow?


Backrest pillows come in various sizes. Each size has different dimensions, so you can choose one to provide cover and support for the whole back area.

One of the biggest undoings of backrest pillows is that they are not designed for larger adults; if you are huge, you will have to search for one that is extensively large enough for you.

Before going to the market, it is important to get the dimension of the space the pillow will sit compared to the height of your pillow.

Most backrest pillows are used on beds, couches, or a standalone piece of furniture; always consider your pillow’s purpose before selecting the size of your pillow.


The most commonly used types of pillows are husband and wedge pillows.

Husband pillows

They have a bolster on top made to offer adequate support for the neck. Husband is also detachable, meaning that you can place them behind at the lower back or under your knees if you like.

Another thing about husband pillows is that the inner pillow contains shredded memory foam and a micro plush cover. It comes with a zipper that allows the user to add or remove the padding to suit their comfort.

wedge pillows

Wedge pillows have sloping orthopaedic features that help the user rest their head, shoulder, and torso at the right angle. They help ease various medical issues like sleep apnea, poor blood circulation and acid reflux.

Wedge pillows can also help to alleviate pressure points around the joints and the neck. They come in a wide range of sizes to accommodate different sleepers of different sizes.


If you are battling with any allergies, you should consider a hypoallergenic bed rest pillow. These pillows are equipped with natural properties that repel dust mites, bacteria and other allergens. Hypoallergenic backrest pillows help people with these conditions to find a restful.

Cover Material

In most cases, pillow covers with thick or layered fabrics add a soft touch to your pillow surface. Always go for a backrest pillow with a cover that is easy to remove as you will have to clean the cover from time to time.

Regular cleaning of the pillowcase cover ensures that the backrest pillow is clean, odourless and sanitized. Also, go for a backrest pillow cover that allows free air movement in and out of the pillow.

Filling Material

The filling material of the pillow, in most cases, defines the character of your pillow. The material used and quantity determines the softness, firmness, supportiveness or low or high loft. No single backrest pillow filling material works for everyone.

Different filling materials have different advantages and disadvantages and appeal to a unique audience; it is best to try out different backrest pillows with different filling materials before selecting one that will suit you best.

The best pillow filling varies depending on context. Each type has its advantages and disadvantages and appeals to a unique audience of sleepy heads.

What might work great for some could very well result in neck pain for others. Ultimately, it’s best to try different pillow filling types for yourself, but that’s a difficult proposition with the plentiful options available today.


Why Do You Need A Backrest Pillow?

Everyone requires back support, especially those in their golden years or those nursing injuries. When you feel a slight backache and hesitates whether to visit a medical practitioner or not, a backrest pillow could be a perfect solution for you. Well, the simple solution is in getting yourself a backrest pillow.

If you consider yourself to travel a lot, a backrest pillow is a basic need for you. Long-distance travelling can be harrowing to the back, especially when the ride is more than 10 hours and is uncomfortable.

Backrest pillows are designed to provide the back with much-needed support and to lessen back pain. Your trip doesn’t have to be uncomfortable; some backrest pillows are specifically designed for travelling.


What’s the Benefit of a Backrest Pillow?

It is no secret that there are numerous benefits to using a backrest pillow. Such pillows can be used by everyone, including office workers who would like to get relief after long working hours. Whether you plan to use the backrest pillow for reading, sleeping, resting, you may be doing your body a favour in the following ways;

Reduce stress – Using a backrest help to reduce stress by lowering blood pressure and heart rate. Studies have found that reading or watching in the most comfortable place eases tension in the body.

Improved sleep – Health experts recommend using a backrest pillow to help the body switch to sleep mode. You will not have to deal with neck or shoulder pain anymore.

Reduced screen time – Using a backrest pillow helps increase the reading time by reducing the amount of time you spend on your mobile phone, TV or laptop.

The backrest pillow has the power to harness the power of reading before bed, especially for students. Also, it is important to maximize the amount of time you spend resting to rejuvenate well and go back to work.


What Can You Use A Backrest Pillow For?


Some people enjoy taking a few minutes to read something new before going to bed. A backrest pillow helps you to stay upright and comfortable as you study. Also, if you spend long hours in the office, there is no better pillow than a backrest pillow that can keep your neck comfortable and sturdy.

Watching TV

It’s no secret that the current generation is too much into watching TV and so many other streaming services. There is no better way to ease your backrest pillow and get lost in your favourite movie or drama than using a backrest pillow.


While nursing presents a perfect chance for a parent and a child to bond, it can be stressful to the body.  With a backrest pillow, you can nurse, snuggle or feed your baby without aching back and sore arm. Additionally, a backrest pillow gives you a chance to get down the ground with your child and watch her rest throughout the day.


Many people love to sit back, relax and play their favourite games at the end of the day. Any experienced gamer knows that the body starts to ache after a long playing hour and gets stiff from sitting in one position.

Whatever game you are playing, a quality backrest gives you a chance to enjoy your games in sitting positions you wouldn’t have enjoyed. Gaming is addictive, and you can easily hurt your back if you do not get the right backrest pillow.

Working from home

This Covid-19 period has forced most people to work from home. Since you may not have a workspace equal to your office at home, a backrest pillow will work well to improve your comfort. Set a backrest as you work on those spreadsheets or other office work.


Are Husband Pillows Good for Your Back?

Contrary to what the name suggests, husband pillows are designed to help pregnant mothers or nursing women to sit up in bed comfortably, especially during nighttime feeds.

However, anyone looking to improve their comfort while in bed can use this type of pillow.  A husband pillow is a comfortable way to make your bed more multifunctional.

Apart from the ordinary uses during pregnancy and nursing, this type of pillow is ideal for providing support. At the same time, when seated on a bed, reading a book or watching television while seated in bed. Essentially, husband pillows do the job of supporting the back like the chair from the comfort of your bed.


Review of Best Backrest Pillow

Nestl Reading Pillow

Small back support pillow – Reading, Backrest, Shredded pillows, Off white, memory foam

Best for – Kids and teens who love to play video games, read before bed or watch TV

What Makes This Backrest Pillow Outstanding?

Provides ultimate relaxation – It is designed to envelop your teens with cosy and comfortable warmth while they enjoy their favourite video games in bed. The Nestl reading pillow is also covered with a plush softcover filled with shredded memory foam that contours the body with the perfect support.

Comes with pockets – The backrest pillow has three convenient pockets designed to help users create a nest, so they don’t have to wake up once they find a comfortable position. You can make use of the two side pockets to keep the remote, phone or any other small gadget, while the larger pocket can be used to store magazines or books.

Adjustable and easy to carry – It comes with a convenient handle and so it is easy to carry the pillow from one room to another. Additionally, a zipper at the inner shell of the backrest pillow allows you to remove and shift the foam clusters for individualized comfort.

Customer’s Reviews

“I love the comfort and support given by this pillow. Unlike the ones I bought in the past, this one can hold its shape. When it gets a bit flat, all I need to do is fluff it!”

“I got value for my money. The support and comfort provided by this pillow are outstanding. I went for the largest one since I wanted a pillow that would stretch to the neck.”

What You May Not Like

Too firm and lumpy – This makes the pillow uncomfortable to sit against.

Expensive – Compared to other backrest pillows in the market, this type is relatively expensive.


Vekkia Reading & Bed Rest Pillow

Back support cushion – Support arms, memory foam, Extra Foams Incl., Customize Softness-18

Perfect for – Back support cushion for adult reading, watching and even sitting up in bed.

What Makes This Backrest Pillow Outstanding?

Class reading experience – The pillow is designed to provide maximum comfort and support to your back and shoulders while seated in bed, curling on the sofa, playing games or working. It is also made to maintain comfortable firmness throughout the hours of use. The wedge can help to elevate the upper part of your body to ensure you are reading or working in an upright position.

Outer cover made of luxurious velvet – The outer cover is soft and smooth to the touch without being slippery. The materials used will show different colours with different lightings. The concealed zipper enables you to add and remove foam to suit your comfort.

Arm pocket -The bonus arm pocket is perfect for keeping little things like a TV remote, phones; that way, you don’t have to wake up when you finally find a good sleeping position. What’s more, the backrest pillow has a hurdle you can use to carry it from one room to another.

Customer Reviews

“I love this backrest pillow. It is huge and soft; it is so supportive to my neck and lower back. I ordered one since I’ll be having surgery to rectify my back soon. No complaints, I love it!”

“I love the fact that this pillow expanded quite fast and is comfortable and supportive to my liking. One of the most outstanding things about this pillow is the additional tube support at the bottom.”

What You May Not Like

Too firm – A few customers complain of the backrest pillow being too hard.

No extra form – The manufacturer does not add extra foam to help users adjust firmness and shape.


Husband Pillow

Reading Bedrest Pillow – Dark Grey, Plush Memory Foam, Arms, Adjustable Loft, Zipper on Shell

Best for – Adult reading, watching or sitting up in bed for long hours.

What Makes This Backrest Pillow Outstanding?

Maximum comfort – The husband pillow is not just an ordinary backrest pillow; it serves as a sturdy full-formed support for the entire body. It is filled with premium shredded high-quality memory foam features that create perfect resting, support, lounging and bed rest.

Versatile and portable – The detachable neck pillow has a built-in side pocket that can hold your remote, phone and other small equipment. The zipper found on the inner shell gives you room to add or remove foam for individualized comfort.

Money-back guarantee – The manufacturer of this pillow is made of superior quality and is backed by a 100% money-back guarantee and a 3-year warranty.

Customer Reviews

“I must admit I wasn’t sure what to expect when I ordered the husband pillow. My daughter had a transplant, and after spending three months in a hospital, she was used to sitting comfortably on a hospital bed. She loves this backrest pillow!”

“Before I got this pillow, I used to struggle with watching TV while in bed. I gave this pillow a chance, and it works! I would recommend it to anyone looking for a backrest pillow.”

What You May Not Like

Too stiff/wide – Some customers have complained about the pillow being too stiff even after taking out some filler.

No zip – The only way to reduce fillers is by tearing the top part of the cover.


DMI Wedge Pillow

Neck Head and Back for Acid Reflux – Removable Cover, Elevate Head, Improve Circulation, Reduce Back Pain

Best for – Anyone recovering after knee, leg or foot surgery.

What Makes This Pillow Outstanding?

Orthoperiodic – The pillow helps elevate the head, relieve acid reflux, minimize snoring, ease respiratory problems, and reduce shoulder pains.

Maximum support – It is designed to relieve you from unnecessary discomfort and take out pressure off sensitive areas. You don’t have to worry about stains since the pillow has a machine washable cover.

High-density foam – It is made with high-density foam that is firm enough and soft enough to the contours of your body. Additionally, it does not flatten or wear out even after many years of relief and comfort.

Customer’s Reviews

“I recently had surgery, and the doctor advised that I sleep in a recliner. After going through reviews, I made my mind to purchase this product. This product is great! I love that the cover is washable.”

“I recently got married, and my wife had an issue with my snoring. She constantly taps my shoulder, and the result neither of us end sleeping. Since I got this pillow, both of us are sleeping well.”

What You May Not Like

Odour – Some users have complained about the product having some chemical odour, which luckily disappears with time.

Too firm for sleep – While it is perfect for individuals who need their legs and feet support, it does not offer good support for sleep.


Novelty eReader Rest Sofa Pillow

Cuddly Reader Book iPad Tablet Holder – Owliver, Plush

Best for – Writers and Readers for iPad and Tablets

What Makes This Product Outstanding?

Multi-purpose – It has a soft furry tooth that helps secure, lightweight designed pages and tablets. It can be used for home, bed, travel or even in the nursery. It has a handy pocket you can use to keep your headphones, stylus or even charger.

Safe and easy to use and clean – The pillow is machine washable, and so you don’t have to worry about dirt. It is made from high-quality Faux Suede that is 100% safe for kids.

100% money-back guarantee -To remove all the doubts about the quality of this product, the manufacturer offers a 100% 90 days money-back guarantee.

Customer’s Review

“I bought it as a birthday gift for my brother who has rheumatoid arthritis. His fingers are sore and stiff; this pillow is perfect for her when using a tablet or reading a book. I love the kitty design because it’s lightweight and soft.”

“It is perfect for kids that love tablets. Since day one, my kid plays games and watch documentaries without complaints.”

What You May Not Like

Cover too thick – The tablet cover is too thick, and the slight edge is not big enough to hold the tablet.

Rolls off position easily – Even with the support that comes with this product, some users have complained that it rolls off the legs with the iPad in it.



A good backrest pillow not only makes you feel ready for work in the morning but can also improve your ability to enjoy reading or watching TV, or gaming.

Always go for a well-designed backrest pillow that meets the needs of your body by providing adequate support for your back, neck, shoulders and even wrist. The best part about backrest pillows is that they are affordable and so you have no reason not to check out what is available in the market.