6 Best Wedge Pillow for GERD Reviews & Buying Guide in 2021

If you’ve never used wedge pillows, you might not understand why most people call it the “god of GERD”.

According to wedge pillow users, the best wedge pillows for GERD are revolutionary inventions that offer excellent comfort and boast several health-related benefits.

It does provide ultimate solutions to restless nights, particularly from acid reflux and GERD. And as it’s said, controlling nighttime acid reflux symptoms keeps stomach acid where it belongs, and the best bed wedge pillow for GERD will help quite well.

The best wedge pillows for GERD are specifically designed to offer your body the ideal elevation without compromising comfort and quality. However, you haven’t know where to buy a wedge pillow for GERD.

Read on to get 6 top picks, a better understanding of why you buy the best wedge pillows for GERD, and how you can buy one.

best wedge pillow for gerd reviews


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Top 6 Best Wedge Pillows for GERD On the Market


How Do Wedge Pillows Help GERD?

how do wedge pilow help gerd guide

Acid reflux is a collective experience, especially after taking a large meal or spicy foods. However, if it occurs more often, then the situation is dire, and you may have GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease). Prolonged acid reflux caused by GERD may cause inflammation and irritation of the esophagus.

The connection between the GERD wedge pillows and acid reflux is uncomplicated. Acid can easily leak from one’s stomach into the esophagus when one is sleeping on their back or when using a standard pillow. The wedge pillow works to elevate the head, torso, and shoulders, thus preventing it from happening. Due to gravity, it is unlikely for the stomach’s contents to come up if the upper body is elevated.

Acid reflux wedge pillows can be used whenever one is sleeping on their backs or side without causing tension in the neck or head. These pillows are sturdy and have an ergonomic design. Over time, however, you will be required to replace your GERD wedge pillow as they lose shape and firmness.

Top 6 Wedge Pillows for GERD Reviews

Here are 6 top-rated GERD wedge pillows for you.

#1. Best Overall – Silverback Memory Foam for Sleeping


  • Dust-mite resistant
  • Cooling bamboo cover
  • Comfortable memory foam
  • Offers pain relief and supreme comfort


  • Not for lower back pain

best rated wedge pillow for gerd review

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Are you having trouble sleeping because of stomach acid?

Then Silverback Wedge Pillow is the ideal solution for you. It is highly recommended to relieve acid reflux. It is filled with memory foam to offer the ultimate neck and body support.

What’s more, it is removable and guarantees an improved air circulation. This pillow is stitched using hypoallergenic material, so you do not need to worry about allergic reactions.

Stitched from Hypoallergenic Material

This pillow is comfortable, and its bamboo cover offers a cooling effect. Moreover, this pillow is dust-mite resistant so you can gladly sleep without fear of pesky bed bugs. You can count on this GERD bed wedge pillow for better air circulation and better sleep.

Brand New Quality Design

The 2-inch memory foam topper provides supreme comfort as it contours your back and neck shape. It is ideal for all suffering from heartburn, acid reflux, neck, and back pain.

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#2. Best for Side Sleepers – Sleepnitez Wedge Pillow for GERD Acid Reflux


  • Promotes better posture
  • Top grade materials used
  • Soft, cooling bamboo pillow cover
  • Maximum support and great comfort


  • Does not have versatile shapes

best for side sleeper wedge pillow for gerd review

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You deserve a good night’s sleep without any pain. That is why the Sleepnitez have designed the ideal wedge pillow.

Furthermore, this bed wedge pillow effectively relieves GERD symptoms, acid reflux, heartburn, neck, and back pain.

It keeps your body elevated, and properly aligned to promote blood circulation, enhance breathing, provide stomach relief, and reduce pressure points.

Top Grade Materials

This filling is the softest yet resilient to give you a good night’s sleep. It melds to your body and provides the support you deserve so you won’t suffer from sore back, neck, and shoulders. Moreover, this wedge pillow has a Tencel Viscose bamboo cover.

Softest, Yet Resilient Memory Foam

It offers the ultimate comfort thanks to the 3.25-inch of memory foam. The pillow cover is soft, keeps you fresh, and improves air circulation. It is removable and machine-washable. This pillow will not lose shape even after long years of use.

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#3. Best with Curved Design – AERIS Wedge Pillow With Bamboo Cover


  • Easy to clean
  • Unique angled design
  • Perfect for recovery after surgery
  • Offers pain relief and ideal for GERD


  • You can easily slide down.

best with memory foam wedge pillow for gerd review

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AERIS wedge pillow will satisfy all your sleeping needs without sacrificing quality and comfort.

This feature makes it ideal and effectively helps in GERD, acid reflux, heartburn, breathing problems, snoring, and other sleep conditions. It also makes a perfect gift to a loved one recovering from surgery.

This pillow offers support for a wide range of applications such as sitting up in bed and reading, watching TV, typing, and so on.

Unique Angled Design

This pillow has a unique angled design that elevates your body for maximum back and neck support. The pad boasts of versatile shapes- it can easily transition to many sleeping positions. It is an excellent choice for those who need an elevated, inclined sleep position.

High-Quality Memory Foam

This wedge pillow in bed is well-made with memory foam for supreme comfort. It allows it to maintain shape and keep you cozy all night. The memory foam used here makes it an excellent investment that you will use for years to come.

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#4. Best for Pregnancy – Sleep Jockey Bed Wedge Pillow for GERD 


  • Ideal inclination
  • Anti-snoring pillow
  • Top-grade materials used
  • Offers pain relief good for pregnancy & surgery recovery


  • Cannot easily transition to multiple positions

best for pregnancy wedge pillow for gerd review

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Sleep Jockey wedge pillow is the perfect pillow for a better night’s sleep. It provides an ideal elevation for a safer and deeper sleep.

The elevation helps to soothe acid reflux, eliminate snoring, reduce neck and back pain, great for pregnant women, and recovery patients.

What’s more, this bed wedge pillow is soft yet firm with a caressing, soothing, and molding feel. It effectively eliminates snoring as the elevation opens up nasal passages.

Supportively Dense Foam Base

The dense foam layers offer adds comfort you might never get from your standard favorite pillow. It is ultra-soft and breathable for the best experience.

Top-grade Materials Used

This pillow has a smart angle design and an extra-wide base for the perfect inclination. The pillow cover offers the ultimate comfort with the 300-thread Egyptian cotton count. Moreover, you can keep it clean since it is removable.

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#5. Best with 30 Degree – KUNPENG Bed Memory Foam Pillow


  • Versatile uses
  • Supreme comfort
  • Advanced cooling gel memory foam technology
  • Ergonomic design with 30-degree desirable inclination


  • Does not have versatile shapes

best with 30 degree wedge pillow for gerd review

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Are you looking for a wedge pillow for sleeping? KUNPENG Wedge pillow has to be the best.

It offers a perfect night’s sleep, given its supreme comfort. It is also ideal for watching TV or reading on the bed. Besides that, the cover is ultra-soft and comfortable to clean.

It is an excellent choice for those recovering from surgeries as well. This pillow has a smart design, featuring a super soft zipper and stretch knit bamboo cover.

Smart Versatile Design

This GERD bed wedge pillow offers a 30-degree inclination that is desirable to enhance sleep posture. You can count on it to alleviate back and neck pain, sciatica pain, acid reflux, etc.

Supreme Comfort

This pillow provides pain relief as well and is perfect for those with GERD and heartburn. It employs an advanced cooling gel memory foam technology to assure maximum support and comfort.

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#6. Best Body Wedge Pillow – MedCline Medium Medical Grade Pillow for GERD


  • Offers pain relief
  • Comfortable memory foam
  • Removable covers for easy cleaning
  • Patented tri-component system for ideal sleep position


  • Medium-sized for a limited number of people

best body wedge pillow for gerd review

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MedCline wedge body pillow offers a safer and more supportive sleep to make your days more productive.

It is clinically proven to effectively relieve heartburn, choking, coughing, nausea, acid reflux, GERD, and regurgitation.

The covers are removable for easy cleaning. This bed wedge pillow ensures a comfortable and restful night’s sleep.

Patented Tri-component System

This pillow has a patented tri-component system that includes an arm pocket to relieve pressure and prevents sliding down. The system consists of an advanced positioning bed wedge for the ideal sleep position.

Comfort and Convenience

It elevates your body as you sleep to keep the harmful acid from your esophagus. This wedge pillow is filled with memory foam that offers supreme comfort. It comes available in three sizes so you can find one that perfectly suits your needs.

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How to Choose the Best Wedge Pillow for GERD?

how to choose best wedge pillows for gerd guide

Wedge pillows effectively relieve GERD symptoms, but finding the ideal wedge pillow may not be an easy task, especially if you are a first-time buyer. Below are several factors that you may use to narrow down your choices.

  • Sleeping Position

Sleeping positions significantly affect how often you experience GERD symptoms.

There are wedge pillows designed for a wide range of sleeping positions. If you are a side sleeper, back sleeper, stomach sleeper, or a combination sleeper – then you are well sorted.

Best for Side Sleepers – Sleepnitez Anti Snoring Memory Foam Pillow 

best for side sleeper wedge pillow for gerd review

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  • Material

Almost all of the available bed wedge pillows are made of memory foam.

Furthermore, the pillow covers, however, have varying material compositions. Cooling fabrics such as bamboo are highly recommended.

Best with Memory Foam – AERIS Curved Pillow

best with memory foam wedge pillow for gerd review

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  • Shape

Most of the wedge pillows have a triangular shape, given the unique incline design.

A few pads feature a contoured design for your head and shoulders to provide better support.

  • Size

Wedge pillows come in a wide variety of heights, lengths, and widths.

For an effective Reflux Relief System, you must fit your torso correctly. The size of the pillow is, therefore, an important consideration. Your height will determine the appropriate size. Generally, a full-body size pillow with premium comfort suits anyone.

If you happen to be in between the sizes offered, recommend that you pick the smaller sizes. Wedge pillows should be sufficiently large to cushion your head, shoulders, neck, and upper back.

Best for Body – MedCline Medical Grade Wedge Pillow for GERD

best body wedge pillow for gerd review

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  • Inclination

Generally, the best wedge pillows have the thickest parts being 7 inches.

Some can be thicker, making them suitable as a headrest or a backrest when you need to read, watch TV, or work in bed. But you need to know; you can pick any inclined wedge pillow for GERD.

You need a wedge pillow with the right inclination angle for the best restful night.

If the pillow inclination is too high, you may wake up with back pains; if it is too low, it might be a standard pillow. The best wedge pillow for GERD should incline to 30 to 45 degrees.

Best with 30 Degree – KUNPENG Memory Foam Pillow

best with 30 degree wedge pillow for gerd review

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  • Firmness

Most of the bed wedge pillows available have medium firmness or a firm feel.

Choosing a firm pillow depends on personal preference. You can refer to the customer reviews for more detailed information on the products.

FAQs About A Wedge Pillow for GERD

1. Does Sleeping on an Incline Help GERD?

sleep on a wedge pillow for gerd guide

During the nighttime, acid reflux symptoms are likely to be felt more significantly. How you sleep directly affects how often the symptoms are felt. Proper sleep positioning will give you a good night’s sleep.

According to recent studies, sleeping at an inclined position decreases the symptoms of acid reflux and allows the acid back to the stomach quicker. Since your torso is elevated, the tipped sleeping position gives gravity a boost, and so the acid remains in the stomach.

As long as the esophagus is positioned above the stomach, it is unlikely for the contents to come up. An inclined position will help you achieve this. Even when the stomach is full, the incline gives gravity a chance to return the contents quickly back to the stomach.


2. What is the Best Wedge Pillow for GERD?

Wedge pillows are clinically proven to reduce symptoms of GERD effectively.

The Silverback Wedge Pillow has the best ratings. It is ultra-soft as it is made of comfortable polyurethane foam. The cover is also soft and made from a perfect blend of polyester fleece and velour. It is a right sleeping pillow and can also be used as a headrest or backrest when reading, watching TV, and supporting your back.

This product comes in a wide range of colors to fit your style. Besides GERD, this pillow relieves neck pain, back pain, bad posture, and acid reflux. It also offers a good night’s sleep to those that have respiratory problems. The cover is removable and washable for easy maintenance.

Best Overall – Silverback Memory Foam Wedge Pillow for GERD



Wedge pillows are practical bedtime additions. They have not only health-related benefits, but also offer supreme comfort for the perfect night’s sleep.

These versatile pillows can be used when you want to sit up in bed, reading, watching TV, and many other applications. They are a must-have for those with GERD, acid reflux, neck and back pains, surgery recovery, among other conditions.

Wedge pillows are clinically proven and highly recommended as they deliver excellent results.


Recommended 3 Wedge Pillows for GERD