Best Airplane Neck Pillow for Fatigue Relief – Pick Your Best One in 2021

Being comfortable while taking a long flight is very crucial for a pain-free trip. A great way of getting cozy on a long flight is by buying the best airplane neck pillow.

A right airplane neck pillow ensures you get a better sleep comfortably while offering excellent neck support throughout the trip. This support prevents neck pain and fatigue that follows after a long journey.

Finding the best travel neck pillow is cumbersome due to the availability of many brands. You have to look out for features such as portability, washability, and comfort.

Below are the best airplane neck pillows in the market.

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Best Airplane Neck Pillow – Top 8 on the Market


Are Airplane Neck Pillows Worth It?

Here we will talk about airplane neck pillows, why you should know what they are, and how they can help you in your daily life.

Neck pillows are essential for sleeping on the flight because they can dramatically change the look and feel of your body.

If you suffer from a lot of neck or back pain, this article may interest you since this type of body cushions will allow you to get rid of everything entirely.

best airplane neck pillow review

For starters, an airplane neck pillow is a specific type of pillow designed to fit snugly under your neck when you are sitting or lying down. They are most often used when driving a car, sleeping at night in bed, or even on an airplane.

People suffer from back and neck pain because they do not allow their bodies to rest and relax enough or because they practice poor posture. Usually, any pain is a combination of these two. The airplane neck pillow will allow you to fix both problems quite quickly.

All you have to do is use this airplane neck pillow at night or when you have been sitting for a while. Try this for a week, and you will start to notice a pretty big difference right away.

Wear it for some time, and you will feel like a current person. Your neck muscles will ease when you sleep on the pillow, and you will also be in good shape. That will treat any pain that you have experienced before.

What Is the Best Airplane Neck Pillow?

There are a variety of airplane neck pillows in the market, but not all will be the best for traveling on an airplane.

Different neck pillows have different sizes, shapes, costs, and features.

The best airplane neck pillow is comfortable by offering good neck and head support.

For convenience, a right travel neck pillow should be lightweight and easy to pack and carry—also, the material used to make the pillow should be comfortable and breathable to prevent sweating.

The shape of the pillow should offer comfort that is vital in every traveling.

An ideal airplane neck pillow should also be highly durable and cost-effective.

Best Overall – Trtl Super Soft Neck Support Pillow for Air Travel

best rated airplane neck pillows guide

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Reviews of the Top 8 Best Neck Pillows for Airplane

The following are the review of the top 8 best airplane neck pillows you can consider:

#1. Best Overall – Trtl Super Soft Compact and Lightweight Neck Support Pillow for Adults


  • Machine washable
  • Lightweight and easy to pack flat
  • Soft, comfortable fleece material


  • The internal neck support system is not adjustable

best rated airplane neck pillow review

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One of the best travel pillows you can consider while choosing an airplane neck pillow is the Trtl pillow. It is a great pillow that ergonomically positions the neck and head when you rest. It looks more of a scarf and has internal plastic acting as a support. Trtl has the following unique features

  • Portability

This pillow is lightweight, compact, and easy to travel with it. It only weighs 148 grams and does not occupy a lot of space.

  • Fleece Sleeve

This pillow has a cover with fleece fabric that makes you comfortable while using it. It is soft, cozy, and easily washable by machine.

  • Head and Neck Support

The Trtl pillow provides adequate neck and head support, ensuring pain-free travel. It has a flexible support system that ensures that the head never falls forward and strains the neck.

This neck pillow comes with a waterproof carry bag that you can attach to your luggage to ease carrying it.

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#2. Best Multifunctional – Sunany Inflatable Airplane Neck Pillow with Masks and Earplugs 


  • Lightweight and highly portable
  • Very comfortable
  • Highly versatile


  • When packaging it has an unpleasant smell

best inflatable airplane neck pillow review

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Sunany is a comfortable pillow that is worth buying when traveling on an airplane. It offers versatility and supports the neck and head in the right position preventing neck pain. It has the following unique features:

  • Portability

The Susany inflatable pillow is highly portable. It only weighs 11.2oz, making it easy to pack and travel from place to place.

  • Easy to Inflate and Deflate

This pillow inflates with a few breaths and takes a few seconds to bring it down; you just press one button.

  • Quality Material

Susany pillow is made up of PVC material that is soft and caresses your face making it very cozy.

This pillow comes with gifts. It comes with earplugs and an eye mask that enables better relaxation while using the cushion.

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#3. Best with Memory Foam – Phixnozar U-Shaped Neck Support Pillow for Airplane Flights


  • Machine washable cove
  • Guaranteed to fit
  • Improved support


  • Gets warm when using it

best with memory foam airplane neck pillow review

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Phixnozar memory foam is a fantastic airplane neck pillow that makes traveling on airplanes easy and comfortable. The pillow fabric is a microfiber that is ultra-soft and sweat resistant. It also has smart lines that mold around the neck, keeping it in place and preventing the head from turning aside. The following are the unique features of this travel pillow:

  • Quality Material

The pillow cover is of premium quality from breathable and sweat-resistant microfiber fabric that maintains your neck dry and fresh. The cover is removable and machine washable.

  • Adjustable Magnetic Rope Lock

Phixnozar airplane neck pillow has inbuilt adjustable rope locks that are easily adjustable to the angle that comfortably fit your neck size. They ensure that the pillow is well suited to offer the right neck and head support.

  • Highly Versatile

This pillow has an ergonomic design that allows you to use it to sleep on any flat surface on the plane.

Phixnozar pillow comes with a bonus of eye mask and travel bag

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#4. Best with Adjustable Rope Lock – MLVOC Sweat-Resistant Air Travel Neck Pillow With Breathable Cover


  • Lightweight and portable
  • Sweat resistance
  • Easily adjustable


  • It may not be a perfect choice for people with tall necks.

best neck support airplane neck pillow review

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MLVOC airplane neck pillow is an ideal choice if you want to travel lightly and save carriage spaces. It is an ergonomically designed inflatable pillow made of soft and comfortable material. This compact and inexpensive pillow has the following unique features:

  • Ergonomic Design

MLVOC travel pillow is ergonomically designed and offers adequate support to your neck. Its design keeps the head in the right position so that it cannot swing from side to side. It also has extra cushioning at the back for additional support and comfort of the head.

  • Soft Material

The pillowcase is from soft velour material that is pleasant to the touch. It is also removable and machine washable.

  • Lightweight and Easy to Pack

This travel neck pillow has a design that allows comfort and portability. It weighs only0.6lbs and deflates down into a small size that easily fits into a travel bag without taking a lot of space.

The pillow comes with a luxury carriage bag, eye mask, and earplugs to facilitate smooth travel.

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#5. Best J Shape – J-Pillow Cheap Grey Airplane Pillow for Neck, Head and Chain


  • Lightweight
  • It has multiple uses
  • Machine washable


  • Must wash the pillow not the cover
  • The shape is not easy to pack

best chin support airplane neck pillow review

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J-pillow is one of the best airplane neck pillows you can consider. It adequately supports the chin, head, and neck. This pillow cradles your head, preventing it from nodding forward. The flat surface between the two arms acts as the resting area for your head. It is best suitable for side sleepers. J-pillow has the following unique features:

  • High-Quality Material

The pillow cover is from polyester that is soft and comfy. The cover is easily wipeable and machine washable. The pillow also uses 100% polyester fiber filling, making the pad strong and durable providing adequate support without breaking.

  • Size and Weight

J-pillow is of lightweight weighing only 6ounces making it an ideal choice. You can easily squeeze this pillow into a ball size and stuff it into a bag.

J-pillow comes with a vinyl travel bag with a drawstring closure that you can nicely compress it thus saving space. Also, it has a button-snap loop that you can attach to your luggage for convenience while traveling.

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#6. Best with Soft Fox Case – TALLGO Ultra Comfortable Memory Foam Neck Pillow


  • Lightweight
  • Soft and quality material
  • Easy to use


  • Limited color options

best head support airplane neck pillow review

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When you want an airplane neck pillow offering the best head support, TALLGO will be your ideal choice. It has an ultra-soft pillowcase giving your skin gentle care. It is also made of high-quality memory foam that is breathable and luxurious, providing perfect head and neck support. It has the following great features:

  • Portability

It is a high-quality memory foam pillow that is easy to compress and carry around. This feature is most important to consider while traveling.

  • Adjustable Rope Design

The cushion has adjustable ropes that are easy to adjust to fit your neck for comfort while on a plane.

  • Ergonomic Design

TALLGO travel pillow is ergonomically-designed to offer support while on a flight. It has a built design that prevents head side slip and better positioning of the neck, thus preventing neck pain.

  • High-quality Material

This pillow is constructed with quality memory foam that is breathable, ensuring comfort while traveling. Also, its pillowcase is super soft and easy to clean.

TALLGO neck pillow has a warranty. If you are not satisfied with the cushion, it is replaced or gets a refund of your money.

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#7. Best Comfortable – BCOZZY Large Washable Support Pillow for Adults and Kids


  • Lightweight
  • 360-degrees wrap around the neck
  • Machine washable


  • The pillow cover is not removable

best comfortable airplane neck pillow review

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Bcozzy is the most comfortable travel pillow you should consider. It is cozy and provides complete 360-degree neck support. This design captures any form of movement of your head, making it very ideal for airplane flights. It prides with the following features:

  • High-quality Material

Its cover is beautiful and soft to the touch making it very comfortable. While the interior, made from high-quality polyester material that is soft but quite supportive

  • Snap Trap

Bcozzy neck pillow has a snap trap that you can tie into your hand luggage and carry along.

  • Versatile

This travel pillow is highly versatile. It is convenient for use by both kids and adults.

The whole pillow is machine washable.

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#8. Best Budget – SAIREIDER Deformation-Proof Airplane Neck Pillow Kit


  • Machine washable
  • 360-degree support
  • Comes with additional accessories


  • It is available in limited colors

best budget airplane neck pillow review

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Saireider travel neck pillow has enormous popularity in Amazon, making it one of the best airplane neck pillows. It comes with additional accessories including eye mask, storage bag, and earplugs. This travel pillow provides 360-degrees support to your neck for better positioning of your head and neck while traveling. The following are its unique features:

  • Comfort

Saireider travel neck pillow is made of 100% pure foam memory that is comfortable and breathable. It also provides 360-degree support to your neck, allowing extra support and comfort.

  • Ergonomic Design

This pillow has a design that complies with ergonomics and offers 360 degrees neck and head support. Its sides have a contoured shape that allows free space for ears.

  • Portable

This pillow is highly portable. You can easily fold and pack it in a carry bag and carry it anywhere.

The pillow comes with a free carriage case where you put your pillow after folding for easy travel. It also comes with free earplugs and eye masks that enhance your comfort in the airplane.

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How Do I Choose the Best Airplane Neck Pillow?

how to choose the best airplane neck pillow guide

Airplane neck pillows have become a must-have travel accessory as they provide an increased level of comfort. There are so many things to consider when choosing the ideal airplane neck pillow, including:

  • Seating Position

When choosing the perfect neck pillow for your airplane journey, consider the one that is ergonomic to suit different seating positions.

There are functional pillows with multiple heights that position back to side and side to side to suit various seating positions. Consider a neck pillow with soft angled transitions that you can easily change sleeping positions.

  • Support

One of the most important considerations you should make while choosing a neck pillow while traveling is supporting.

A right pillow should perfectly support your head and neck, preventing pain caused by straining due to poor positioning.

1. Neck Support

When selecting your airplane neck support pillow, you should ensure that it has flexible options to allow you to find a comfortable and perfect sleeping position.

A pad that will align the middle of your chin with your nose will prevent straining your soft tissues and joints, making your journey pain-free.

Best for Neck Support – MLVOC Travel Pillow With Breathable Cover

2. Head Support

A right airplane neck pillow should hold the head solidly in a position that will not cause any pain after the destination.

Best For Head Support – TALLGO U Shape Pillow for Cars and Air Travel

  • Shape

The shape of the neck pillow is an essential factor to consider while choosing a perfect traveling pillow. Choose the one that you think will be comfortable by offering adequate neck and head support. Airplane neck pillows are available in many shapes, but the most common are J- shaped and U-shaped.

1. U-shape

This is the most common shape available for travel pillows. It offers simple but adequate support to your neck and head.

2. J-shape

This type of pillow allows more versatility and chin support than U shape. It also maintains the head propped and comfortable. However, this pillow shape is less portable compared to other travel pillows.

Best J-shape – J-Pillow Pillow for Neck and Chin Support

  • Portability

The size and weight of the neck pillow for travel influence its portability. It is essential to choose a pillow that will suit your travel style.

If you prefer to travel light, go for small and lightweight pads. Inflatable and memory foam pillows are light in weight and can be sized-down. However micro bead pillows are bulky and occupy a larger space.

  • Comfort

Travel pillows ought to be comfortable and prevent your body from straining. The comfort of an airplane neck pillow is a crucial factor to consider when buying one.

A right pillow should properly position your neck and head. Also, it should offer adequate support to prevent neck pain. Choose the type that will best serve its purpose.

Best Comfortable – BCOZZY Large Size Travel Pillow for Support

  • Materials

The material that makes the neck pillow is an important consideration you should look for when choosing an airplane neck pillow.

The inner and outer material of the cushion you select should be of exceptional quality and comfortable.

The outer material should be soft and breathable. Also, it should be allergen-free, especially if you are allergic to any type of fabric. Pillow’s inner materials are microbead, memory foam, or inflatable. The memory foam with ergonomics is the most comfortable.

Best with Air – Sunany Multifunctional Inflatable Pillow for Airplane Travel

  • Durability

It is vital to find a durable airplane neck pillow, especially if you travel frequently. A durable cushion saves you money because you do not need to buy a new one each time you have a flight.

A neck pillow with a washable cover, which is of quality material, will be a great choice. It may be expensive but a better investment worth the price. Always check for online reviews on several pillows before opting for one.

  • Price

The price of an airplane neck pillow is an essential consideration while choosing one.

Your budget on travel pillow will depend on the degree of comfort you want and how much you are ready to spend. Travel pillows are available in different price ranges depending on the brand and extra features.

Go for the one with a considerable price within your budget but still has excellent features that will offer comfort.

Best Affordable – SAIREIDER Memory Foam Neck Pillow

How Should I Sleep on an Airplane to Avoid Neck Pain?

Improper support of your neck while sleeping on an airplane will cause neck pain or stiffness.

Sleeping on either the side or back are the two sleeping positions that are advisable. Ensure you use a neck pillow for travel that will support your neck curvature, and that will prevent your head from dropping on the sides as you sleep.

A flatter pillow that will cushion your head will also be of great help. The travel pillow should not be stiff or too high as it will keep your neck flexed, which results in neck pain.

In case you sleep on the side, it is recommendable to use a neck pillow that is elevated below the neck than the head to align your spine straight.


1. Are airplane neck pillows expensive?

They may not cost a lot to buy one of these airplane neck pillows, so I encourage you to buy one right away and give it a try.

2. Are Neck Pillows Good for Airplane Flights?

When traveling on a plane, your neck’s improper support may result in neck pain, head pain, and breathing problems.

Neck pillows are must-have travel accessories for support and alignment in any flight. They ensure that your traveling experience is as comfortable as possible.

Most of the neck pillows adjust to mimic the shape of your neck, eliminating the chances of neck stiffness and fatigue after the journey.

They ensure upright positioning of your neck and head while seating on airplane seats, preventing sleep apnea and snoring.

Neck pillows are small in size, hence something you can conveniently carry in a luggage bag without occupying a lot of space.

3. Why You Need an Inflatable Neck Pillow for Air Travel?

A long flight can be stressful and very uncomfortable. Sleeping can become difficult, and the seat may end up giving you neck and back pain.

Inflatable neck pillows will help correct your sitting or sleeping positions. It ensures proper alignment of your spine, and if you decide to sleep, it helps give sufficient cushioning for your head.

FAQS about Inflatable Neck Pillows 

  • What should I consider when buying an inflatable neck pillow?

Look for a pillow that gives you sufficient neck support. You will need it during the long flights.

  • Are they convenient to carry around?

Yes, they are lightweight and will easily fit into your hand luggage. You can also use inflatable neck pillows where you do not have too much space, making them ideal for travel.

  • What types of inflatable pillows are there?

You have many options depending on what you want. Such include the u-shape, behind the neck wrap-around or forward-laying pillows


There is a variety of airplane neck pillows today designed to suit the needs of different travelers.

Choosing the best may be tricky, but when you identify features that are important to you, narrowing down, your choice becomes easy. A comfortable, washable, and portable neck pillow will be an ideal choice.