Best Down Feather Pillows with Great Support – Review & Guide

If you have the intention of upgrading your sleep, buying the best down feather pillows is the right thing to do. These pillows are very common among sleepers since they sleep cool and also feel exceptionally soft.

Despite their name, pillows that fall under this category are filled using two types of materials: The outer plumage that is made of geese or duck, known as feathers, and the soft inner plumage, known as down.

Down feather pillows are great for individuals who find other kinds of pillows hot and excessively firm.

If you are in the search for the best down feather pillows, this is the best place to be. This article has discussed some of the best down feather pillows and given you a buying guide for the same.


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Top 8 Best Down Feather Pillows on the Market of 2021


Why Do You Need to Buy a Down Feather Pillow?

best down feather pillow reviews

Down feather pillows come with numerous benefits and hence the need to buy one for yourself or your loved one. Below are some of the benefits of down feather pillows:

– Naturally hypoallergenic

Down feather pillows are made of materials that are completely natural and designed to be comfortable and healthy for your skin. Generally, birds produce down for protection and not to cause allergic reactions for themselves.

Therefore, down feather materials are anti-allergic, meaning they do not attract fungi, bacteria, and other microbes. This makes down feather pillows a healthier option compared to other types of pillows.

– Natural breathability throughout the year

If you find out that your pillow is either too warm or cold depending on the weather, it is high time that you try down feather pillows.

These pillows are best for your temperature control. The natural insulating down ensures that you do not experience cold spots on your pillow during the cold months.

On top of that, the down feather pillow is breathable meaning moisture and heat can escape from the pillow. This is great during the warm summer when the chances of overheating and becoming restless in your bed are high.

– Better sleep quality

Through temperature control and adaptation to your body shape, down feather pillows enhance your sleep quality. If you struggle with sleeping or constantly wake up during the night, this pillow is the best option for you.

– The pillows adapt to your body

The pillows boast natural softness hence can contour around your neck and head, meaning adapting to your specific shape. This is very important if you suffer from neck pain.

The pillow is also a great deal if you are uncomfortable when sleeping, it allows you to sink into it for complete relaxation.

– The pillow equals long term value

Although these pillows come with a higher price tag compared to the synthetic pillows, they are of superior quality and you will not invest in them again any time soon.

If you take good care of your down feather pillow, it will serve you for a longer time, thus a long term investment.


Reviews of the 6 Best Down Feather Pillows

1. Best Sale – Puredown Natural King Size Down Feather Pillow with Medium Support


  • Double layered fabric design for maximum comfort.
  • High-quality pillows.
  • Recyclable and environmentally-friendly materials.


  • Some customers may not like its medium firm.

downluxe goose feather down pillow

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Puredown pillows are of high quality with 95 % grey goose feathers and 5% grey goose down making them perfect for all individuals searching for premium level medium support for shoulders and neck. The materials are recyclable and also environmentally friendly.

Additionally, this is a hypoallergenic pillow featuring stylish double diamond lattice quilting as well as a double-layered design to prevent any discomfort coming from the feathers.

The pillow is thick but comfortable thus giving you a comfortable and restful night throughout. The pillow has measurements of 18 inches by 34 inches by 2 inches and packed in a PE bag for efficiency.

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2. Best for Sleeping – Puredown King Size Real Soft Down Bed Pillow Insert


  • Stylish design.
  • A lightweight pillow.
  • Comes with 2 pack.
  • Machine washable cover.


  • 20″ x 36″ size.

king size down feather pillows

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The Puredown king size pillows are made of 95% duck feather and 5 % duck down for maximum comfort at any sleeping position.

Moreover, it is made of 100% cotton fabric that is very soft and fluffy giving you sweet nights.

The pillows boast a stylish design for individual sleepers to custom your style of sleep thus getting faster sleep.

The pillows give adequate support to your shoulders, neck, and head and relieve your night sleep pains. Furthermore, it has measurements of 17.75 by13.5 by 7.25 inches and weighs 7.13 pounds.

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3. Best Budget – Three Geese White Queen Size Goose Down Feather Pillow for Back and Side Sleeper


  • Hypoallergenic cotton cover.
  • Queen-size pillow.
  • High thread count.
  • Cheap.


  • Lacks a pillowcase

soft down feather bed pillows

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This is a 3-chambered goose feather pillow that has been designed to give optimum neck support without altering its comfort. The pillow features luxurious soft lofting properties associated with down-like fiber with the support of goose feathers filled in a soft cotton fabric.

To make it better, the pillow has been made with 100% natural cotton fabrics that are woven together with fine natural cotton yarns.

The pillow is breathable as well as moisture absorbing. Furthermore, it has a high thread count of the weaving density and also a professional finishing process that ensures a perfect down-proof function tensile strength. At the same time, the pillow maintains a soft feel.

The pillow is best for individuals who do not want to be positioned up too high and gives an even sleeping surface that keeps your body in a horizontal line.

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4. Best with Cotton Cover – JA COMFORTS Duck Down and Feather Pillows for Shoulder


  • Easy to clean.
  • 100% natural fabric.
  • Duck down and feather filling.


  • Some may not like its white exterior.

95 down 5 feather pillow

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The pillows are made using a high-quality process. They feature a double-line technology that prevents feather run out from your fabric for ultimate comfort.

Moreover, it is filled with high quality natural 95% grey duck feather and the remainder is grey duck down. The filler is naturally captured.

JA COMFORTS feather pillows are breathable, fluffy, and absorb moisture. They also protect your cervical vertebrae and improve your sleep throughout the year.

The down feather pillows boast 4 layers of fabric technology. Two-layer surfaces are made of 100% cotton fabric that is close to the skin and a strong down-proof.

The pillows are easy to clean and you can clap them with your hands to return to their original shape.

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5. Best Large – Pillowtex Down Feather Body Pillow for Pregnant Mother and Side Sleepers


  • 3-year warranty.
  • Professional customer service.
  • 100% natural cotton.
  • Comfortable sleep.
  • Quality materials.


  • Not suitable for narrow bed.

down feather body pillow

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The White goose-down feather pillow is made with a fill power of 550 combined with reinforcement of white goose feathers for amazing sleep.

Additionally, the pillow has a double layer of 100% cotton thus preventing you from the painful pokes that you experience while using cheaper pillows.

The pillow is a medium loft with sterilized feather blend fill that offers medium support with the medium loft.

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6. Best Firm – WENERSI Goose Down and Blended Feather Pillows with Elegant Silver Edge


  • Gentle support.
  • 100% natural cotton.
  • Quality materials.
  • Lightweight.


  • None.

85 goose feather and 15 down pillow

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WENERSI down pillows provide different levels of fill weight to suit your perfect sleeping experience. The different levels of amazing softness together with comfort give you the sweetest sleep all night.

The pillow is made with 85% goose feathers and 15% goose down, there are no crunchy feathers. It has gentle support that guarantees a perfect sleeping experience for all your sleeping positions including side sleepers, stomach sleepers, and back sleepers.

Moreover, the pillow is made with 100% natural cotton medium density shell including a distinctive silver piped edge.

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How to Choose the Best Down Feather Pillow?

best price down feather pillows

The best quality down feather pillow ought to cushion your neck and head with gentle support and at the same time be adaptable to your body shape and weight of your shoulders, neck, and head.

Below are the factors to consider when buying your best down feather pillows.

– Feather types

The best pillows are filled with down or feathers, or a mixture of both. Down is the insulation beneath the birds’ feathers that keeps them cozy and warm. Down feathers are fluffy and soft, while the outer feathers of birds have sharp quills and are warm.

The best feathers contain a majority of down or all down feathers. Generally, pure down feather pillows are of the highest quality compared to other feathers. They also last longer and are resilient over time.

– Thread count

The thread count indicates the tightness of the pillow fabric. When the thread count is higher, the fabric is more tightly knit compared to a fabric with a lower thread count.

A fabric that is tightly woven does not allow the down or feathers inside the pillow to escape via the small spaces in the material. This is crucial for pillows that are filled with down or feathers with quills that can poke through a material with a lower thread count.

These quills are very sharp and can easily scratch your skin if they find their way through the fabric. It is very irritating when you are determined to have a restful night and this happens.

A pillow with a higher thread count will prevent this and at the same time, you will feel soft with a smooth touch.

– Fluff factor

How fluffy your pillow gets is determined by the fill power of your pillow. The fill power shows the amount of space that one ounce of a down will fill and in cubic inches. This is according to the Feather and Down company.

A higher fill power shows that your pillow is made with down from a mature bird. The down is larger compared to that from a younger bird.

When the down feathers are large, it means more height and loft to your pillow. Generally, pillows with higher fill power get fluffier and last longer than those with a lower fill power.

– Firmness

The level of firmness determines what pillow is best for you. This is determined by the amount of down or feathers that are stuffed in your pillow.

The more ounces of down or feathers that your pillow has, the firmer it is. If you are a side sleeper, you need a firmer pillow, but for a back sleeper, a softer pillow is the best.


What Is the Best Down Feather Pillow to Buy Online?

The first one stand is PureDown Natural Goose Down Feather Pillows, with rave reviews and cheaper than $50 price, no one will doubt its preponderance.

Best Value – PureDown Standard-Sized Goose Down Feather Pillows with Downproof Cover

Best Quality Down Feather Pillows Reviews

1. Choose the best quality 0.8”-1.2” length goose feather, make this pillow have enough fitness for a great support. And a highly 10% down-filled rate, makes this pillow puffy to look and soft to touch.

2. With fine made, the box-stitching will keep the fillings in right place, never shifting around. Of course, the box-stitching is also looking nice.

3. The pillow cover is 100% cotton, it’s very soft to touch, healthy for your face, and no static electricity with your hair.

All the quality materials, excellent workmanship makes this pillow is so comfortable to sleep on, what people say is: cloud-sleeping feelings.

You will never regret to buy this PureDown® Natural Goose Down Feather Pillow,  just click the button right down and buy the Hot Picks Pillow home!

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What Is the Difference Between Down and Feather Pillow?

Pillows are a very personal choice and it is very important to understand the difference related to a down pillow and a feather pillow. Below is information on how the fill of a pillow can have a direct impact on the cost, performance, and longevity of a pillow.

Down feather difference

1. Feather Pillows

The feather pillows do not have a long life span compared to down pillows, sleep flatter and can contain quills that can poke you, they cost less. These pillows are very popular and most people like them.

2. Down Pillows

They are resilient, last longer, cost more and do not have quills that can poke you. This is dependent on the type of down used in the pillow. Most people like using down feather filled throw pillows, for their long term shape keeping and firm touch, below is hot sale one for you:

Best Quality – Newpoint Microsuede 16″ Red Down Feather Throw Pillows

Top review down feather throw pillows

If you are tired of a common white color pillow, these colorful Newpoint pillows are what you need. It has 6 fashion colors in red, peridot, purple, taupe, black and brown.

This square pillow is 16 inches width, with a super soft microsuede 100% cotton cover. 95% feather and 5% down, nice looking and soft touching. You must love it to light your room up!

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3. Down and Feather Blends

1. Down Clusters (goose down feathers)The down clusters have a spherical and round shape and appear as like a dandelion head. Dependent on the down quality, these shapes are around the same size as a dandelion head.

Hungarian down-clusters are an 800 fill that is the same size as the U.S quarter. The spherical natural shapes give a down pillow its loft. This loft occurs due to the down clusters always wanting to return to their round shape.

The more down-clusters used to fill a pillow that is typically represented in the form of ounces, the more firm the pillow will be.

2. Feathers (goose down feathers)Nearly everybody will know what a feather will look like, but goose down feathers is smaller than U.S quarters. These feathers are extremely soft and feature a spine in the center known as the quill.

Hair-like strands radiate from the spine like a filament or sail. These feathers dependent on the type of bird assist the bird in staying dry, keeping warm and flying.

Best Insert – Sweet Jojo Designs Firm White Goose Down Feather Pillow Set of 2

Firm White Goose Feather and Goose Down Pillows Sets

This pillow is filled with 95% Goose Feather 5% Goose Down, without any bad smells. The 20″x30″ standard-size, and 20″x36″ king-size are exactly right as they said, can fit your standard pillow cover perfectly.

Only about $30 price makes it a bargain for people who want to get a real natural down feather pillow.

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Goose Down Feather Pillow vs Duck Down Feather Pillow

If you are buying the best down feather pillow, you will have two major choices: goose down or duck down feather pillow. What is the difference and which one is the best? This article will answer that.

– Quality

Goose down has higher fill power than a duck. The fill power – which measures from 350 to 750 plus is the combined measure of an individual down cluster size, its fluffiness as well as the ability to insulate heat.

Geese are larger than ducks and hence they give larger down clusters. For luxury pillows, geese down produce fluffier pillows and they stay in this state for long. If you want a pillow that is thinner and denser, duck down is the best.

– Availability

Down is a by-product in the meat industry that is harvested from birds. Most come from China since goose and duck are consumed here in large numbers.

Goose down is expensive compared to duck due to less availability of goose down. Fewer people eat goose and the demand for goose meat has gone down. Due to this, duck down is easier to obtain.

– Odor and stains

Another observable difference between goose and duck is that ducks are closer to the ground. Due to this reason, they pick up dust and odors on the poultry farms. Ducks also have a varied diet while geese are pure grazers.

If you are sensitive to smell, you will note a difference in odor between duck and goose pillows. Luxury goose is odorless and gives few problems to individuals sensitive to smells.


Firm Down Feather Pillow vs Soft Down Feather Pillow

A down feather pillow softness or firmness is not only for comfort but also for the right amount of support to avoid neck head or back pain. By understanding your pillow type, it will be easy to make a purchase.

Firm down feather pillows are measured in terms of medium-firm and firm.

  • The medium firm pillows to a significant level. They give you a better deal of support for your neck and head while ensuring conformity and extra cushioning.
  • The firm pillows are quite heavy with no give. They are not recommended for stomach sleepers since they do not conform well to the comfortable neck and head support.

For larger-bodied sleepers, the firm pillows are great since they give adequate support to your back, neck, and head.

Soft down feather pillows are measured in terms of soft and medium soft.

  • The soft down feather pillows are best for individuals requiring minimal support such as stomach sleepers. They give little resistance and conform to your neck and head.
  • The medium-soft pillows provide little more support than the soft pillows. They are not recommended for large-bodied sleepers.

Best Extra Soft – Downlite Standard Duck Down Pillow for Stomach Sleepers

Extra Soft Duck Down Pillow for Stomach Sleepers

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Caused on Yellow/Flat Down Feather Pillow

Many people ask why their pillows turn yellow and go flat. Below are the main reasons that can destroy the quality of down and feathers contained in a pillow.


This particular aspect is typically difficult to deal with as using the pillow compresses the feathers and down in a pillow automatically. Constant compression overtime will begin to crush the natural fibers which make up these extremely fine filaments that come off the quill of the down-cluster.

It is advisable to shake the pillow upon waking to move them down or feathers around, in this way, you can get the right softness of your bed sleeping pillows.


The number one enemy of a down pillow would have to be moisture.

This moisture can come from a number of factors which can include the down or feathers that are not dried in the correct manner during the manufacturing process, to humidity that can be absorbed when stored in a warehouse before it becomes available for purchase, or moisture that gets inside the pillow from the incorrect cleaning procedures.


Overtime oils that are found in certain hair products, facial creams and moisturizers and even the oil found on the skin will make their way into the pillow-shell.

This oil is then absorbed into the feathers or down-fill. One way to slow down or reduce this issue would be to use night creams well before going to bed and using a pillow protector.

Oils found in the skin are the contributing factor as to why a pillow shell, pillow protector or pillowcase will turn a yellow color.



1. How Long Do Down Feather Pillows Last?

Since down feather pillows can be cleaned regularly after every six months and the pillow fill is durable, they can serve you for a maximum of 10 years.

However, this is also dependent on how often you use your pillow and the care it is given. For synthetic pillows, it will only last you about two years depending on the material quality.

2. Are Goose Feather and Down Pillows Good?

Yes. These are luxurious pillows that give you the maximum comfort and tend to be squashy. The feathers from goose are softer and fluffier giving you the required luxury.

Goose feather and down pillows are also odorless for those individuals who are sensitive to smells. Therefore, with pillows from these feathers, you are guaranteed a comfortable and restful night throughout.

3. Who Should Buy a Body Down Feather Pillow?

The best thing about down feather pillows is that they are suited for individuals of all ages. As long as you want a comfortable night that is free from shoulder, neck, and backaches, you should buy yourself a body down feather pillow.

The pillows are available for side sleepers, back sleepers, and stomach sleepers. They are also available for large-bodied sleepers for maximum head and neck support.

Typically these pillows should be bought by all individuals for restful and comfortable night sleeps.



In conclusion, you need the best down feather pillows for adequate support and ultimate comfort throughout the night. The pillows are also effective at reducing neck and back pain for a restful night.

This article has reviewed the best down feather pillows and provided you with a buying guide for the same.


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What Is The Best Feather Pillow?

Best Goose Feather Pillow Reviews

First, let’s see what is “Cylinders”, it is an important feature for feather pillows.

Cylinders Of Down

The typical rule is the lighter the fill power, the better the quality is. This means that an 800 fill is considered to be the most consistent and finest down fill that is available worldwide.

But it is important where this down fill is derived from. Is the down from a specific bird or region such as Chinese goose, European, Canadian or Hungarian?

If the manufacturer does not say Hungarian then it is not the real deal and not every company uses Hungarian goose down as it is highly expensive.

The other important aspect involves how the down is cleaned and the percentage of the down. These elements will all have an impact on the actual quality offered by the fill of the given region and bird.

It is important to keep in mind that the higher the fill the more down clusters are in the pillow and the more down clusters contribute to increased quality. This also contributes to a longer-lasting pillow and loft. The pillow will trap in more air contributing to a more comfortable and warmer sleep.