Best Lumbar Support for Office Chair

Nowadays, many workers are suffering from back pain, neck pain, and shoulder pain, especially those who have been working in the office all day long.

Most of their job is operating computer all the time, so their body will lean forward unconsciously. Sitting in such a bad posture for a long time will result in poor blood circulation. Over time, a verity of physical discomfort and disease will come one after another.

To solve this problem, the easiest and most direct way is to buy the best lumbar support for an office chair to adjust your posture. At the same time, not only will you feel less uncomfortable during the day, but your productivity will be greatly improved.


Top 11 Best Lumbar Support for Office Chair On the Market


Top 11 Best Lumbar Support for Office Chair Reviews

1. Best Overall LoveHome Memory Foam Lumbar Support

lumbar support cushion for armchair

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Through personal testing experience, among various brands, the lumbar support of LoveHome is the most comfortable to keep a good posture. They announced that its profile is the best for the body, providing a large area of firm support for the back. Also, with dual metal zippers and substantial buckles, the best lumbar support pillow can be firmly attached to a chair.

The 3D mesh design of the back pillow could absorb moisture and improve air circulation, which can greatly reduce the discomfort of dampness and back pain caused by sitting or driving for a long time. Because it is movable and washable, it can be easily suitable for armchairs, office chairs, lounge chairs, computer chairs, sofas, wheelchairs, car seats, and other scenes.

In addition, this best ergonomic chair lumbar support has a very rich color selection: black, khaki, light blue, dark blue, dark brown, gray, rose red, purple, a total of eight different colors. In this, you can choose a particular color to match a special situation at random. This treat is seldom seen in other brands, so grab your chance.

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2. Best Back Support DMI Lumbar Support Pillow for Improving Posture

best lumbar back support for chair

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DMI Lumbar Support Pillow is a highly cost-effective product. The price of its grey series is far lower than the same pillows in the market, but it has a more powerful function.

The best lumbar support cushion has five major features, some of which are its own characteristics: Its perfect profile prevents collapse to provide perfect line support for your back; The extra removable wooden board could provide you with more support when you need; Molding foam material has high resilience and the rebound speed is faster than memory foam; The elastic binding can secure the pillow firmly on the chair, providing maximum support; Additionally, the removable cover is suitable for machine washing, which leaves you great convenience, safety, and cleanness.

For this one, you will get a high quality lumbar back support for a chair with a very low budget.

You won’t regret it if you make up your mind to pick this one.

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3. Best Shape RS1 Office Chair Support Pillow for Lower Back

ergonomic chair with lumbar support

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The RS1 Back Support Pillow by RelaxSupport has received numerous favorable reviews from confirmable customers for its cute and small shape. The size of the lumbar support cushion fits right at the lower back, providing enough support for the lumbar spine.

The best lumbar support pillow is very soft and has a very wonderful feeling of touch because its filler is made by the world’s best memory foam manufacturing company. It is not too hard or too soft to provide adequate support like some other pillows. Correspondingly, RelaxSupport prepares two options of different firmness for you, which you can choose from as you need.

Because of its small size, it is more suitable for carrying on business or traveling than ordinary lumbar support. Meanwhile, it is also the best choice for pregnant women, wheelchairs, or commuting, let alone for home use or office chair. For this reason, you needn’t buy many pillows in different places.

This is because RS1 Back Support Pillow is the one you might take it with you anywhere.

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4. Best 3D Mesh ComfiLife Support Cushion With Adjustable Strap

lumbar seat cushion for office chair

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The most prominent highlight of ComfiLife Lumbar Support Back Pillow is its after-sales service. The manufacturer states that customer satisfaction is their ultimate pursuit. They promise that as long as a customer is not totally satisfied with their product, there is no reason for a full refund.

Such a high degree of confidence is naturally due to the high quality of the goods. The memory foam they used is different from the normal one because they are made in high density. Based on this, the best lumbar support pillow for an office chair could provide enough support for your vertebral column to relieve pressure on your spine. 3D ergonomic design gives you a full range of support for your lower back, which can effectively relieve your back pain and create the perfect body posture for you.

However, due to the size of this pillow, it may not advisable for some curved chairs, car seats, or bigger office chairs. If your office chair is the usual size and shape, it is still a not bad choice in price and quality.

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5. Best Budget Easy Posture Ergonomic Support Mesh

lumbar cushion for chair

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At first sight of the picture, I believe that you have already imagined the cool feeling of leaning on it in summer. The mesh material is designed to allow air to circulate without hindrance, providing adequate support for your back while protecting you from the heat and humidity. To tell the truth, for the summer, this is really a work of conscience.

Easy Posture Lumbar Back Support Mesh is very lightweight. Whether it is used in the office or the car, there is not any burden to you. Although it seems simple in shape, it has an excellent effect on shaping your posture and reducing back discomfort. Even if you’re sitting in the office for hours every day, the best back support for office chair will help you get out of your lethargy and into a comfortable sitting position.

In this hot summer, be good to yourself. You deserve to have such a backrest. Buy now and you will get a free book named “Back Pain No More”.

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6. Best Portable Sweet Relief Lumbar Support With Orthopedic Design

best lumbar support pillow

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This pair of best lumbar back support is totally worth its price. Spending the same money, you can not only get a memory foam back pillow but also receive a ventilated mesh lumbar support.

Sweet Relief 100% Pure Memory Foam Back Cushion is made of high-quality memory sponge, which is aimed to help reduce stress and tension in the lower back. The lumbar support for office chair is recommended by the doctor to relieve back pain and neck pain. Also, it is the simplest way to form a better body posture in the office, at home, or while driving on the road.

Due to the different materials of these two backrests, you could use one in summer, another in other seasons; Or maybe you are willing to share one with your family or your friend; Another method is using one in your office or at home, one in your private car. Whatever you choose, you won’t regret this best back support cushion for the office chair.

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7. Best Memory Foam ZIRAKI Lumbar Support for Office Chair & Car

lumbar back support for office chair

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What you may not know is that all kinds of physical discomfort caused sitting for a long time can make you feel bad about your time, and affect your work productivity seriously.

The main feature of ZIRAKI lumbar support is that it can quickly soothe your discomfort. Whether your back pain or sciatica is caused by sedentariness, obesity, poor posture, or pregnancy, using this ergonomic chair lumbar support for a while will alleviate these symptoms.

Pick this memory sponge back support, and you will receive a convenient and elaborate storage bag for free. Thus, you could take the lumbar support with you when you travel or on business, giving your lumbar the most comfortable care at any time and anywhere. What’s more, an extra-long adjustable extension strap is also a bonus, so it can be used for office chairs of various sizes.

The ZIRAKI back support for work chair is available for men and women. Its strong support perfectly fits your body curve, relieves your back pain, and gives you the perfect posture.

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8. Best Versatile SOFTaCARE Seat Cushion & Lumbar Support Pillow

lumbar support pillow

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The set of software lumbar support and seat cushion are very versatile, making your work and life more convenient. An extra pocket on the side of the back support for the office chair is used to hold the phone, for fear that you find your phone nowhere.

With two adjustable straps, the lumbar support pillow could be fixed more firmly without deviation. The center of the pillow is made of comfortable ventilate mesh fabric to prevent your back overheating.

As for the cushion, its underneath is designed to be non-slip rubber in case the cushion slid. The handle on the mat makes it easier to carry. The main fabric of the back support and cushion for the office chair is velvet, making the touching feeling more enjoyable.

The filling of memory sponge material allows the back support and cushion to fit your body to outline better. Based on that, you won’t be very tired like before even you sit in the same place for a long time. The cushion could soothe the lumbar disc protrusion, sciatica, and other pain; and the back support can also reduce back pain. In a word, it is the best choice for office workers.

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9. Best Cooling – Office Chair Lumbar Support With Cool Gel Seat Cushion

best lumbar support pillow for office chair

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Have you already found a suitable one after reading so much? If your answer is no, please do not miss this set of best lower back support cushion for office chair. You must have had this experience: sitting in the office after a day’s work, backache, exhaustion, and bad feeling come to you together. Do you want to change this state into a comfortable sitting feeling? Then this pair fits you perfectly.

You might have thought that you have to spend hundreds of dollars on a new office chair to sit more relaxed. However, this set of back support could switch your uncomfortable office chair into a pleasant one as sitting in a cloud. The material of memory foam could hold your weight well and fit your body properly.

After using this pair of lumbar support, you will find that your back pain, butt pain, lumbar pain, spinal discomfort, and other problems caused by bad sitting posture gradually disappear. In contrast, you will develop a good sitting habit and a beautiful body curve will come back.

In addition, the set of lumbar pillow includes three items: back support, cushion, and a waterproof coat. The top layer of the cushion contains heat release gel to make your butt feel more comfortable and cooler. The waterproof cover is seldom seen in other goods, but it helps make your outdoor activities more comfortable. For example, it is very suitable for a sports meeting. In my opinion, this set of back support cushion is the most valuable of all.

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10. Best Luxury Fortem Orthopedic Memory Foam Pillow With Non-Slip Bottom

lumbar back support cushion

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Most of us spend a lot of time sitting, in the office, driving, or watching TV. Cultivating a good sitting posture is often the final thing we can think of. However, a proper sitting position is the most important factor that keeps back pain, buttock pain, and spine pain away from us.

To keep a good posture, a best back support pillow for an office chair is essential. This set of lumbar support recommended for you is not that expensive, but luxurious. FORTEM only makes the best back support pillow and use the best materials.

The filling of high-quality memory foam, the seat cushion fabric with a luxury feel, and the mesh fabric of back support with super air permeability are all design to bring you a perfect sitting experience.

Double bandage design makes the back better fit the office chair, providing better support for your body. Perdurable metal zippers, high-class buckles, and other details all show its noble quality.

This design can better help reduce stress, relieve pain, and shape a perfect body. If you want to get rid of the painful experience of sitting before, this set of best lower back support cushion for office chair is worth a try.

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11. Best Seat Cushion Everlasting Comfort 100% Pure Memory Foam Back Cushion

adjustable lumbar support

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The best lumbar support is made of top-class unmixed memory foam. The ergonomic design is intended to relieve back pain, neck pain, and improve your sitting posture. Meanwhile, it is multi-functional.

Not only can it be used for the waist, but also it may put under the neck or upper back. What’s more, it has the characteristics of good air permeability and hypoallergenic, allowing you to stay away from sweat and wet chair. All of this will give you a safe, healthy, and practical experience.

In a word, it is an ideal choice, definitely super overvalue.

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The Importance of Having a Lumbar Support on Office Chair

According to statistics, the number of lumbar spine patients is growing faster and faster. 59.1% of people aged 30~40 have cervical and lumbar spine diseases. Furthermore, the trend is spreading onto younger guys. Many people in their twenties, sitting in the office all day long, have already begun to get caught by cervical vertebra or lumbar vertebra problems. The cost of the damage to the lumbar is too expensive.

In response to this question, the American Chiropractic Association has drawn a conclusion that the lumbar disease, back pain, and neck pain are caused by long-term poor posture. There are several causes that may cause unhealthy postures, such as pressure, overweight, muscle in a weak state, or no enough effective support.

Additionally, reduced flexibility, poor working conditions, improper working gesture, unsanitary seated position, and standing posture may also result in bad physique positioning.

However, chances are you have to stay in the office for half of a day. As a normal employee, you may not have the freedom or financial capacity to improve your working environment. Therefore, what you need to do is change your poor posture into a healthy posture. In this case, a lumbar support pillow can help you in this way.


Final words

Choosing a suitable lumbar support pillow for an office chair to change your sitting habits is an urgent and important thing. Your body will unconsciously tilt forward when you are sitting in the office, which runs counter to the natural development of the human spine. More trouble will arise over time.

A good office chair support could help you form a healthy sitting habit and a better posture and bring you many benefits you can’t imagine. Even if you don’t feel any problems coming up yet, you need them as well because the illness never greets you in advance before they come. Please cherish what you have and strive to improve it. I really hope this post could give you some hints.

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