Choose Best Neck Pillow For Special Needs

Are you afraid of significant discomfort when sleeping? Well, you are not alone. But neck pillows might be the safety nets you need today.

From relieving you from neck pain to providing you unrivaled comfort, you cannot overlook the urgency of using neck pillows. The catch is to ensure that you get the right pad, and the following insights will come in handy for you.

In this article, we’ll go through with:

  • Advantage of neck pillow
  • Tips on choosing the neck pillow
  • Reviews of excellent neck pillow we’ve picked for you

choose your best neck pillow

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Benefits of Using Neck Pillows

Various advantages come with using neck pillows. And unless you are conversant with them, it will be almost impossible to make logical decisions in the long run. Here are some of the merits you cannot miss.

  • Unrivaled comfort

You can hardly overlook the role pillows play in providing comfort. In most cases, these pillows ensure that your upper body remains aligned when you are sleeping.

Thanks to how they ensure the spine is in a neutral position, it will be much easier for you to attain a good posture in the long run. This way, you will be confident about sleeping without too many hassles.

  • Pain and pressure alleviation

There is no denying that pain and pressure on your joints can be draining. Thankfully, these pillows come in handy in addressing the pain and the tension in your neck, shoulders, and joints.

Ideally, it will expose you to a downward slant, ensuring no pressure gets to your hips or knees. While at it, the meck pillow will take the shape of your neck, ensuring that it remains aligned and with less pain.

  • Support

Sometimes, all you need is enough support on the neck when sleeping. Nothing could offer you as much support as a neck pillow.

Thanks to how these pads fit your neck curves and shape, you will be confident of the neck and the body being aligned as you rest. This pillow will ensure that your neck remains in a natural position and without any tilting.


How to Choose the Best Neck Pillow?

Did you know that choosing the right neck pillow can be a relatively daunting process? That does not mean you should give up, as various elements could guide you in this pursuit. In most cases, observing the following aspects will always come in handy for you.

Confirm the design

Nothing matches the value an ergonomically designed neck pillow provides. Getting a product that readily follows your neck curves and shape will assure you of unmatched comfort at all times.

It is during this time that you will have to focus on the support area it can offer. If the surface area is relatively big, you will be good to go. Ensure that it can comfortably support the head and the neck, which will assure you of more comfort.

Size and loft

You can barely overlook the role of the size of the pillow when choosing it. Usually, different types of sleepers will need different sizes. For instance, medium-loft pads will come in handy for side sleepers.

If you are a stomach sleeper, you will need a low to medium size, as this will put less strain on your spine.

Check the materials used

There is no denying that the materials used on a neck pillow will always affect your eventual comfort. Take the time to ensure that the chosen material provides you with the temperature and luxury you deserve.

The best option would be one that is skin-friendly and breathable. The fabric needs to be washable too.


You can never overlook your budget when selecting neck pillows. Usually, it will be right for you to invest in a pad that you can comfortably afford. You will also find it valuable to consider comparing different prices.

This will give you insights into what option will suit you. However, the bottom line should be pillows of good quality and which can provide value for money.


Top Neck Pillow Reviews

MLVOC Travel Pillow

Pure memory foam – Machine washable, Comfortable & Breathable cover, Air Travel Kit

memory foam neck pillow for travel

Best for – Anyone looking to fix their necks, prevent the head from falling and reduces neck pain during travel.

What Makes This Pillow Outstanding?

Perfect comfort and support – Its premium microbeads inside that allow sweat-resistant fabric that provides maximum comfort. It comes with perfect curves that help prevent the head from falling forward and relieve neck pain during travel.

Breathable and washable cover – The memory foam is covered with a super magnetic and breathable therapy cloth. Additionally, the pillowcase is machine washable, and so you will always get a fresh and clean pillow in your journey.

Best travel for choice – Travel can be tedious, and you need a high-quality neck pillow. It provides extra support to protect your neck from pain when seated on a car, plane or bus. The pillow can also be an ideal choice for home when watching TV, reading or taking an office nap.

Space-saving -The pillow size is 11×9.2×4.6 inches, and the weight is 0.6 lbs. It has been designed for portability and comfort. It comes with a snap strap that can be attached to your luggage without taking much space.

Customers reviews

“I love the pillow! It is a huge upgrade to those flat half-moon pillows in the market. It is soft enough to provide enough cushion and firm enough to maintain its shape. I love the earplugs and basic eye masks which come with it.”

“The unique curves around it gives it great support, especially that I’m a side sleeper. It is portable, and so I can travel with it anywhere I go. When packed into the bag, it returns to its shape quickly.”

What You Not Like

Too small – Some people have complained about the pillow being too short and wide for the neck.

Weird smell – Although the pillow provides adequate comfort and support, it has some smell, especially when the pillowcase is removed.

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BCOZZY Chin Support Pillow

chin support neck pillow

Travel pillow – Machine washable, Unique patented design, Classic Navy, Semi-Circle

Best for – Anyone looking for a pillow that can prevent the head from falling forward. It is also suitable for relaxing and relieve neck or shoulder pain.

What Makes This Pillow Outstanding?

Maximum comfort – It has a double adjustable loop that provides maximum comfort while seated. Adjust the pillow to suit your designed position while trying to rest or sleep throughout your plane or road trip.

Keeps your neck incorrect posture – The soft pillow has been designed to keep your neck in its correct posture without getting a sore. It also brings neck relief and support in a recliner, in bed or even in front of the computer.

Machine washable – BCOZZY pillow is machine washable hence you can be assured of maxium hygienic, unlike numerous neck pillows in the market.

Portable – The pillow has a snap strap attached to clip it to the luggage whenever you are travelling. The memory foam pillow is lightweight, compact and easy to store.

Customers Reviews

“My husband struggles with Parkinson’s and struggles to hold her neck up. Before this, we tried several other pillows without success, but this one gave her the support she needed.”

“Well designed, my brother has dementia and spends most of his time in the wheelchair. This pillow helps to keep her head up, and he can have a good view of all the happenings around him.”

What You May Not Like

Material is used too soft – Some users have complained about the material used to make this pillow being too soft to hold the head.

Quite expensive – compared to other pillows, you will have to dig a dipper into your pocket to buy this type of pillow.

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Elviros Cervical Pillow

Contour Pillows – Ergonomic Orthopedic, Memory Foam, White, Butterfly

cervical neck pillow for sleeping

Best for – Suitable for side, back and stomach sleepers.

What Makes This Pillow Outstanding?

Relieve Neck & Back Pain – It is made with a contour design to support and align the head, neck and back from rolling out of position. It helps to improve sleep and relieve neck, shoulder pain and discomfort.

Ergonomic design – The pillow is well-designed to support the body by following the natural curve for optimal snoring and restful sleep. It has cutouts on the side that give your right arm enough rest and keep it at the required angle.

Works for back and side sleepers – The pillow is designed for both back and side sleepers. Back sleepers can sleep on a higher side to get better support for the head and keep your neck properly aligned. The back sleepers, on the other hand, can sleep on the lower side.

Customer’s Review

“I must admit this pillow is different from what I’m used to. It took a few days to get used to the pillow, but I feel no pain in my neck and shoulder since I got used to it. I recommend it 100%!”

“I love it! I’m 65 years old, and my neck is starting to give me problems. Since I bought this pillow, I feel much better and sleep like a baby. It is firm enough to provide support. “

What You May Not Like

Too stiff – When new, the pillow is too firm, and you are likely to wake up feeling some pain in the morning.

Hard to the ear – A few side sleepers have complained that its memory foam is too hard for the ear.

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Twist Travel Pillow

Memory Foam – Adjustable, Bendable, Leg support, Lumbar, Chin, Neck Support.

versatile neck pillow for travel

Best for – Travelling on bus, aeroplane, train and home use. Suitable for side, back and stomach sleepers.

What Makes the Memory Pillow Outstanding?

Maximum custom support – Unlike many traditional travel pillows, this twistable pillow conforms to almost any shape, position and is designed to provide personalized support and pain relief. Its luxurious memory foam cushion and relieves painful pressure points for ultimate relaxation.

Easy to clean – The memory foam comes with a breathable machine washable cotton cover that can be easily cleaned and so you can be assured of a fresh and clean travel adventure.

Easily portable – With just a snap, the cushion can be attached to your luggage or backpack with ease. The pillow also allows you to secure it around the neck or car headrest.

Customer’s Review

“Great pillow to carry along during your trip. I love the fact that it comes with a washable cover.”

“My family and I go on road trips a lot. We alternate the driving seat with my husband, and when it’s my turn to rest, this pillow gives me an ultimate mom’s rest.”

What You May Not Like

Too small – In the reviews, some customers wish this pillow was a bit longer for better support.

Not flexible enough – The does pillow does not contort as it mostly holds to one position.

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Where Can I Use a Neck Pillow?

Various uses of neck pillows will always suffice, depending on your objectives. Whether you are traveling, at home, or in the office, these neck pads will provide you with the comfort, convenience, and support you need. Here are a few insights into where you can use your neck pillow.

i. Car

Traveling in your car for a long time will often be hectic. Usually, these neck pads guarantee you balanced support and unrivaled comfort when driving. That is because it will alleviate and absorb pressure and pain in the neck when driving.

The idea is to address muscle tension when you get tired. You will have to put it behind the neck in most cases, allowing you to focus on the road or sleep.

ii. Airplane

Most often, sleeping during a flight is an inescapable reality, and neck pads will always come in handy. From providing you with support to ensuring that you remain comfortable during the flight, you cannot ignore the urgency of having neck pillows.

Take the time to place it at the back of your neck, and ensure it takes its shape. This way, you will have no reason to worry about straining your neck at the end of the day.

iii. Bedroom

It is almost impossible to overstate the significance of neck pillows in the bedroom. These pillows boast of ensuring you sleep soundly, thanks to keeping your body aligned.

With these pillows on your bed, it will be a lot easier to realize an aligned body at the end of the day. Did you know that it could be a recourse for sleep apnea? Yes, as long as you get one that fits your sleeping style, you will be good to go.

iv. Office

People will always use neck pillows in the office, and you cannot be an exception. There is no denying that sitting behind the desk for long hours can put so much pressure on your spine and neck.

The best way to alleviate this pain and stress would be by using a neck pillow, as it will come in handy in providing you the support you need.

where can you use a neck pillow


What is the Best Material for Neck Pillows?

Different materials are at your disposal when selecting your neck pillow. Each fabric assures you of a different kind of experience. Here are the best options you can have at hand.

  • Down

Down has become a relatively popular choice among many people, thanks to its fluffy nature. This material is not only light but also able to regulate temperature accordingly.

With down fillings, conserving body heat during different weather conditions will be inescapable. Additionally, this material will hold down its shape for a long time, assuring you of longevity.

  • Feather

Here is yet another option that most people liken to down. While they provide an almost similar experience to down, feather pillows tend to be relatively more affordable.

You will also appreciate how malleable they are, guaranteeing you unmatched comfort and support. It will be much easier for you to wash and even dry this filling if that is not enough.

  • Memory foam

You can barely overlook the popularity that memory foam has gained in the recent past. It boasts of excellent viscosity and density, assuring you of cushion safety.

Usually, it will mold itself to the curves of your neck, providing enough support and accentuating alignment. It will also bounce back to its shape within a relatively short time. It is not only durable and smooth but also breathable.

  • Gel

In most cases, the gel material is added onto memory foam for extra support. With this material, the pillow tends to be sturdier and much cooler.

This way, controlling your body temperature becomes an effortless pursuit in the long run. However, it will be fair to mention that the infusion of gel could compromise the durability of your neck pillow.

  • Buckwheat

These pillows come with natural buckwheat hulls, and they enhance the firmness of your cushion. They are supportive and take the shape of your neck. You will also get smitten by how breathable they are, which keeps the pillows fresh and free from unpleasant smell.

  • Latex

Usually, you will have a choice of either natural or synthetic latex. These pillows are the perfect alternative for memory foam pads, thanks to their bouncy nature. Ideally, they assure you of longevity, breathability, and enhanced firmness.


What Kind of Neck Pillows Can I Get?

Here are the different types of neck pillows you can choose.

Body Pillow

A body pillow is a relatively long pad that you will have to hug when sleeping. Its narrow nature comes in handy in improving spinal alignment and even alleviating pressure and pain.

In most cases, you will have to cradle it between your legs to provide you unrivaled comfort.

Bed Pillow

This pillow comes in handy in providing your entire body, including the neck, with the support it deserves. People will always rely on them for better sleep, as they enhance comfort and support for anyone lying down.

Contour neck pillow

This pillow comes with a design that conforms to the shape of your neck, head, and shoulders. They boast one of the most ergonomic designs, ensuring that you do not suffer pain or pressure. Also, they relieve users of stress, especially when lying down or driving.

Cooling Pillow

With a cooling pillow, you will be sure of enhanced body temperature control. These pillows will mostly come with infused gel. They will ensure that your body does not retain too much heat in the long run.

Neck Roll Pillow

This pillow is often log-shaped, and its design seeks to support the arch of your neck. In most cases, they will come in handy in the bedroom or the office. You will appreciate their role in providing support to a tired neck.

Inflatable pillow

These pillows are those that require inflatable air to provide you with the support you need. They come with a valve through which you will inflate or deflate your pad. With this, you will be sure of personalized comfort.

Water pillow

Water pillows are pads that come part-filled with water. Its top part features polyester, while the bottom part contains a little water. You will appreciate how cold these pillows tend to stay.

Wedge pillow

Ideally, this is a pillow with the shape of a wedge or a triangle. It improves blood circulation and elevates the body part where it has been placed. Usually, they tend to stay in one place better, guaranteeing you enough convenience.

Wrap Around the Neck Pillow

It is a relatively new type of pillow, which look like scarfs. They provide comfort and support around the entire neck. These pillows will ensure that the neck does not move or strain.

It is for this reason that they have become quite popular among people that need pain alleviation.

types of neck pillow

What is the Best Pillow for Neck Pain: U-Shaped vs. V-Shaped

There is no denying that the shape of your pillow will always have a significant impact on your comfort. Unless you choose the right shape, you will barely overcome the pressure and pain in your neck. Fortunately, the battle has always been between U and V-shaped pillows.

While V-shaped pillows cover a significant part of the neck, U-shaped (horseshoe) will always stand out. The latter will always ensure that the neck does not fall on either side, which is vital for enhanced comfort.

U-shaped pillows come in handy in cushioning your neck from any further strain, as they ensure it remains straight. This way, you will have no reason to worry about pain.



Do Neck Pillows Work?

There is no denying that neck pillows work. Whether you are looking for enhanced support or comfort, you will find neck pillows to be a reliable escape.

You will also fall in love with how they will elevate certain body parts and keep the spine aligned. Nothing could cushion you against undue pressure and pain more than this!

As if that is not enough, you will be free to place them wherever you need extra support. You can also choose a firmness depending on your sleeping style, ensuring that you get personalized comfort.

Is Bamboo Pillow Good for the Neck?

First, bamboo pillows are hypoallergenic. That means they will always be suitable for people with allergies and those that need breathability. But beyond this, its fillings will readily conform with your neck curves.

Thanks to this ergonomic design, combating neck pain will be no hassle. As if that is not enough, the fabric is soft and skin-friendly, ensuring that the neck does not end up with rashes.

Is My Neck Pillow Washable?

There is barely any one-dimensional answer for this. Usually, washability will depend on the material of the cover. For instance, cotton, feather, down, and polyester tend to be washable, including using a machine.

On the other hand, memory foam might not be washable. For this reason, take the time to understand whether your choice is washable or not.


Final Thoughts

In conclusion, it is hard to overlook the significance of neck pillows. Whether you are traveling or at home, these pillows will provide you with the support and the comfort you deserve.

The only catch would be how to choose the right one. Fortunately, the details provided above will be all you need to get the best choice in the long run. Get yourself one today, and you will never regret it!