The 7 Best Lightweight Backpacking Pillow Reviews for 2021

One of the things that affect your coziness during camping or hiking will always be a lightweight backpacking pillow, as they provide you with unparalleled convenience and comfort.

From their portability and even size to how compressible and inflatable they are, you will observe various variables when choosing your best lightweight backpacking pillow. Unless you get it right, comfort will remain a mirage to you.

It is in this light that we take a look at some of the most critical aspects that you should keep in mind. They will include the following.


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Top 7 Best Lightweight Backpacking Pillow On the Market


What to Consider When Choosing A lightweight Backpacking Pillow

how to pick best lightweigth backpacking pillow guide

Various aspects go into the selection of the right backpacking pillow. As long as you understand what to observe, you will be sure of the ultimate experience in the long run. These variables will often include the following.

> Sleeping Style

Indeed, people will always have different sleeping styles, and these styles define which backpacking pillow you should consider.

For instance, stomach sleepers will find thinner camp pillows to be the most comfortable for them.

On the other hand, the side sleepers will effortlessly opt for thicker pads. An in-between pillow will suffice for those that sleep on their backs.

Best for Side Sleepers – Trekology Ultralight Backpacking Pillow


> Durability

Durability is a core consideration whenever selecting pillows, as it highlights the value for money you get. Ensure that you pay attention to the materials used in making the product. In most cases, products made from nylon or even brushed polyester seem to be best.

Further, check whether the fabric is water-resistant. If you need water-resistant products, then taffeta and cotton materials will come in handy. That these two fabrics last long is no secret. Ideally, the chosen fabric needs to be tightly woven.


> Comfort

The comfort provided by backpacking pillows is significantly dependent on the material used too.

For instance, polyester seems ideal for both damp and sweaty conditions. However, it will not be comfortable if one is taking a long trip, as it could end up smelly.

While at it, check how inflated the backpacking pillow is. Usually, enough inflation assures your head of enhanced stability.

Best Comfortable – MyPillow Camping Pillow With Patented Interlocking Fill


> Face Fabrics

You can hardly ignore the role of fabrics when it comes to choosing your backpacking pillow. Brushed polyester and nylon have proven to be among the most materials. Take the time to feel which fabric is on the outside of this pillow, and consider it if it is comfortable.

While at it, you could consider the fillings in the pillow too. Remember, some materials will assure you of more warmth compared to the others. Synthetic, fiber, and foam tend to be among the best, as they seem to provide more warmth at all times.

> Size

How big is your pillow? Is it too bulky? Usually, smaller pads tend to be not only lightweight but also more comfortable.

In contrast, opting for bigger and heavier pillows exposes you to more contouring in the long run. It will, however, be vital to indicate that we have more giant backpacking pillows that still provide you with enough comfort at all times.

> Price

Undoubtedly, the price of a backpacking pillow will affect one’s budget at the end of the day.

Take the time to compare how much each option will cost and select one that assures you of maximum returns yet affordable. For instance, a pillow costing between $12 and $20 will suit you fine.

Best Budget – Redcamp Travel Pillow With Removable Pillow Cover


Top 7 Lightweight Backpacking Pillow Reviews

To help you find the best lightweight backing pillow that meets your needs, read on the following reviews.

#1. Best Overall – Klymit Ultralight Pillow With X Design


•    Extremely lightweight
•    Adjustable height and pressure
•    Comfortable for stomach sleepers


•    Does not support seating position

best rated lightweight backpacking pillow review

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Klymit is the best-rated Pillow for people with neck related problems as it is designed to put your head in the best position. This great minimalistic Pillow is packable, and you can use it in multiple ways, both in bed and in outdoor activities.

The ultralight Pillow is a perfect choice, especially if you have some health issue affecting how you lay your head because of neck issues. The self-centering X design is a feature that helps keeps your head perfectly aligned on the pillow to give you sound sleep while camping.

It has a significant featherweight, making it a perfect inflatable pillow you can use while traveling, hunting, backpacking, and camping.

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#2. Best Inflatable – Trekology Air-Core Ergonomic Pillow for Backpacking


•    Provide ultimate comfort in mind
•    Easy to inflate and deflate
•    Newly improved ergonomic design


•    Smaller in size

best inflatable lightweight backpacking pillow review

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Trekology is a super Ultralight Inflating travel pillow that provides superior neck and back support for maximum comfort.

The air core-backpacking pillow is Dreamer Comfort Air Pillow that you will least expect to disappoint. If you’re looking for the best inflatable camping pillow in the market, look no more because this lightweight backpacking pillow guarantees you comfort.

You can inflate this Pillow to your desired size that provides comfortable support for your head or lumbar and deflate it back in no second.

This Pillow can folds down to small size to allow you to carry in your pocket or backpack with convenient access when need be.

Anyone, including toddlers, can handle this Pillow because of its ease of use. With just a simple click of a button, you can use about 4-6 breaths of your mouth to inflate the Pillow to the desired size. It’s also designed with a unique feature to adjust its firmness depending on your sleep preference.

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#3. Best Compressible – Therm-A-Rest Lightweight Pillow for Backpacking Trip


•    Easily compressible for packing
•    Lightweight package for camping
•    Great Pillow for hammock camping


•    Slightly expensive

best compressible lightweight backpacking pillow review

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If you are looking for a real trip essential for backpacking, camping, trekking, plane travel, and road trips, you need to use Therm-a-Rest Compressible Pillow.

The magnificent Pillow offers requisite support for your head, neck, and back so, you will not worry about back pains caused by low-quality pillows.

Since it is a lightweight package and compressible Pillow, you can conveniently pack into backpacking, suitcase, duffel, or tote.

Therm-a-Rest is designed with a soft-brushed polyester cover to protect your skin and give you a cozy comfort when sleeping or relaxing in a place where keeping a closed eye is a challenge.

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#4. Best Stuff Sack – TETON Sports Washable Camping Pillow


•    Soft, comfortable fabric
•    Comes with removable and washable cover
•    Comes in a handy storage bag


•    Not best for side sleepers

best stuff sack lightweigth backpacking pillow review

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TETON Sports is a perfect stuff sack when it is time to have a rest. It is designed with an innovative soft fiber that helps you get the warmth and comfort you need from these sleeping bags.

The ease to pack makes this camp pillow one of the travelers’ favorite items for exploring their various travel destinations.

It also has a brushed poly-flannel pillowcase made with a soft material that is best for your skin.

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#5. Best for Side Sleeper – Trekology Inflatable Pillow for Neck Support


•    Super easy to inflate and deflate
•    Ultra-light air pillow for traveling
•    Provide ergonomic support


•    Not washable

best for side sleeper lightweight backpacking pillow review

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This Pillow is an ultralight inflating camping pillow best for side sleepers.

The ergonomic design provides comprehensive support that helps you have a comfortable sleep when traveling or at a camping site.

The significant lightweight of about 2.8 ounces makes this travel pillow ideal for hiking, camping, and backpacking. You can pack ALUFT pillow into any bag size, even if it’s a tiny bag that fits your hands’ palm.

If you are getting ready for your next camping adventure, or just preparing for a weekend getaway, this supportive, well-designed Pillow should be among a mush-have item in your list. It will guarantee you sweet sleep and relaxation time.

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#6. Best Small – MyPillow Lightweight Backpacking Pillow for Taking Everywhere


•    Easy to use
•    Easy to clean
•    Easy to carry because of its lightweight


•    Smaller size to accommodate more than one person

best comfortable lightweight backpacking pillow review

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It is professionally designed real life-size pillows to meet your side sleeping needs.

One can use MyPillow while at home or traveling by plane, automobile, or train. Packing convenience is quite easy as it rolls into its travel case.

A soft body supporter is suitable for your body’s contour since it renders sufficient support and comforts your body requires.

So if you want to ease yourself from such unnecessary circumstances, you will need to consider buying “GoAnywhere” pillows for patented comfort and refreshing night sleep both at home and in adventure tours.

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#7. Best Budget – Redcamp Outdoor Ultralight Pillow


•    Easy to inflate
•    Soft fabric for skin protection
•    Significant lightweight for easy backpacking


•    The outer shell can easily delaminate from the core

best budget lightweight backpacking pillow review

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REDCAMP is one of the best pillows you can get with a tight budget, and still appreciate the quality of its make.

While weighing about 0.7lbs, this ultralight Pillow is convenient if you have to bring along other items when going on a road trip.

You only need to roll down into its case and put in your backpack with a storage bag and trek any distance without feeling overwhelmed by the weight on your back. It also has a comfortable fabric that gives you a restful sleep.

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Which Lightweight Backpacking Pillow Type is Right for You?

best lightweight backpacking pillow guide

Various types of backpacking pillows are at your disposal, and understanding which one is suitable for you matters a lot. We take a look at the three types of pillows you could choose and whether they suit you.

> Compressible Pillow

This type of backpacking comes filled with different kinds of mixtures, including fibers, synthetic, and foam mixtures. It is not only soft but also the most comfortable choice you have. However, it will suffice to mention that this option is relatively bulky and might not be best for you to carry around.

Usually, this type of backpacking pillow will be ideal for car camping. If you intend to go out for camping or hiking, this will hardly be the best for you. Remember, this product is scarcely easy to clean.

Best Compressible – Therm-A-Rest Travel Pillow

> Inflatable Pillow

Are you looking forward to having a compact, packable, ultralight backpacking pillow? The inflatable pillow has become relatively popular in the recent past, thanks to the comfort it tends to provide. Usually, you will be free to adjust the level of support you want to enjoy by relying on the valve present on the pillow.

Besides taking less space, you will appreciate how these pillows are portable and easy to clean. You will find them suitable for camping and hiking too. However, keep in mind that they could be a little noisy.

Best Inflatable – Trekology Camping Pillow

> Hybrid Pillow

Ideally, this type of backpacking pillow highlights a blend of inflatable and compressible materials. While this would be the ultimate choice for any hiker, backpacker, or camper, it will be vital to be relatively careful right from the onset.

There is no denying that this type of pillows come with various features and designs. Most importantly, they boast of enhanced comfort as well as portability. If you are after enhanced comfort at affordable rates, this will be all that you can ever need.

> Stuff Sack Pillow

These pillows are mostly drawstring bags that you use to store your camping items. However, you will be free to rely on them as your pillows whenever necessary.

Their comfort will often be dependent on the things that you insert in them. Remember, you will be stuffing these items into the sack and not necessarily rolling or folding them. This option is suitable for those that are on a tight budget. It will also fit those who are camping or hiking.

Best Stuffable – TETON Backpacking Pillow

Best Brand of Lightweight Backpacking Pillows

The biggest concern will often be where and from whom to buy your pillow. Unless you understand this, you might end up disappointed at the end of the day. Fortunately, three brands have emerged as the best options for anyone looking for these pillows.

> Therm-A-Rest

This brand assures you of multiple options, ranging from small to large.

It is home to various designs and shapes too. Besides, most of their products tend to be machine-washable, and you will appreciate how affordable their rates are. Remember, their products cost under $50.

This brand will be ideal for you if you are looking for a compressible backpacking pillow.

Recommended Therm A Reset Lightweight Compressible Travel Pillow

> Sea to Summit

That this brand is one of the most popular ones around is no longer a secret. It boasts of the best inflatable backpacking pillows.

These pillows come with a scalloped bottom and a contour shape that ensures you enjoy the comfort you so deserve. You will pay under $100 for their pillows. While at it, their durability remains unmatched.

Recommended Sea to Summit Premium Pillow for Backpacking

> Trekology

If you are looking for a lightweight product, this would be the ultimate brand for you.

From how comfortable the backpacking pillows are to the durability they assure you, you will fall in love with this brand instantly. For instance, a pad from Trekology costing under $80 will not only last long but also assure you of enough comfort.

Recommended Trekology Ultralight Inflatable Backpacking Pillow


Why do You Need A Lightweight Pillow for Backpacking?

Undoubtedly, ultralight backpacking pillows form an integral part of your hiking or camping experience. But why do you need them? Here are a few reasons.

The most important reason is that lightweight pillows are portable.

Usually, you will be free to rely on featherlight backpacking pillows for more than one use. For instance, these pillows could double up as your seat while in your tent.

These pillows will always provide you with the comfort that you so desire at all times. Whether you are on a long road trip or in the tent, these pillows will provide you with the service you so need.

Besides enhanced comfort, you will be confident of getting support when seated. This way, your spine remains properly aligned at all times.



Other Essentials You’ll Need for Your Backpacking

You’ll have other necessities on your backpacking trip. Among them, the mattress would be one of the essentials.

  • Benefits of Sleeping Mattress for Backpacking

Various aspects go into defining the ultimate sleeping pad. In most cases, the following features will suffice.

Can you move around with your pad? Usually, it will be best to invest in something that you will carry around with much ease, especially when camping.

Nothing could be as imperative in your pursuit as the size of the pad. The sleeping pad needs to be neither too narrow nor too big for you, as these aspects will compromise comfort.

Check the accessories that the product comes with, as they should be both advanced and multiple. It is through this that you will have an easier time. The pad needs air chambers, built-in pillows, and eco-friendly materials.

Carrying your bag is likely to protect you against health issues, as you never know where the sleeping bag you get there has been cleaned or not.

Invest in a suitable sleeping bag since it will have a significant impact on your comfort at the end of the day. Besides, did you know that carrying your sleeping bag could keep your expenses in check?


  • Recommended Sleeping Mattresses for Backpacking

Best Air Mattress – Sleepingo Lightest Sleeping Pad for Backpacking

Best for 2 Person – Sleepingo Lightweight Double Sleeping Bag


Lightweight backpacking pillows have an inevitably beautiful role to play when camping, driving for long hours, or when hiking.

The comfort and convenience they tend to provide you with remain matchless. However, the only catch is to ensure that you get the right one.

With the all-inclusive guide provided above, this will, however, be no issue for you.