Best Cooling Pillows: Top Pillows for Sweaty Sleepers in 2021

For those people who live in hot and humid climates or suffer from night sweats can be extremely uncomfortable. Lack of sleep can lead to irritability and affect both your personal and private life.

Of course! The tossing and turning which comes standard with a hot and uncomfortable night will also make nights uncomfortable for anyone sharing a bed with those who suffer the ill effects of heat. Cooling pillow is here to help you out!

However, not all cooling pillows are made equal and there are a number of pillows on the market that simply do not deliver on their cooling promise.

So, we decided to organize some of the insights to guide you buy the best cooling pillows.


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Top 10 Best Cooling Pillows on the Market of 2021


Reviews of the 11 Best Cooling Pillows You Can Never Resist

1. Best Value – SleepBetter Memory Foam Cooling Pillow for Side Sleepers

best cooling pillow for night sweats

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The Iso-Cool memory foam pillow comes out as one of the best options for side sleepers. With its medium-loft and thickness, you are sure of enhanced comfort when lying down. While at it, the pillow is barely too firm, making it easier for your head to rest without too much strain.

This pillow comes with cotton fabric, assuring you of hypoallergenic properties. That means you will no longer need to worry about dust mites and allergens on the surface of your pillow. Ideally, this fabric assures you of enhanced protection.

It boasts of PCM beads, which play a significant role in retaining heat in the pillow. This technology ensures that there is enhanced air circulation too.

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2. Best for All Sleepers – Serta Gel Memory Foam Bed Pillow

best gel pillow

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This pillow is all you need if you are after value for money. Its impeccable design will get you smitten, as it takes the shape of your body contours when resting on it.

Ideally, this pillow allows you to personalize your comfort since you will be the one to adjust its height. This design is suitable for different types of sleepers, including side, stomach, and back sleepers.

It features memory foam fillings, assuring you of better temperature retention. Further, you cannot overlook the role of these fillings in enhancing air circulation.

Atop that, there is a polyester cover, which you will comfortably wash with a machine. This cover prides itself on the ConstantCool tech, which gives you an optimal sleep surface.

The robust construction is worth lauding. With a zipper closure included, you are sure of the durability of your pillow. Its seams are also done carefully, keeping the fillings as safe as possible.

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3. Best Plush – Comfort Revolution Standard Hydraluxe Pillow for Neck and Head

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Sometimes, all you might need is a plush pillow. Comfort Revolution could be your solution as it is dense yet plush too. This standard-sized plush pillow is a suitable choice for most side sleepers and even stomach sleepers.

This product highlights memory foam, which has proven to be perfect for cradling your neck and head. The comfort given to the body is incredible, as the pillow can only sink as much as the weight exerted on it.

You will also appreciate its Hydraxule technology. Besides being distinct, it assures you of enough cooling whenever you are sleeping. It also plays a significant role in providing you with the comfort you deserve.

Its removable cover should be the highlight of the pillow. This cover is not only soft but also breathable. That you will be free to wash it with a machine makes it even better.

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4. Best with Breathable Mesh Cover – Dreamfinity Cooling Gel Memory Foam Pillow for Night Sweats

best cooling pillow for side sleepers

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The comfort provided by this cooling pillow remains unmatched. It comes with molded memory foam and poly fiber fill. This fill is enough to retain temperature and boost air circulation, ensuring that the pillow does not end up smelling.

While at it, the cover is a product of polyester and spandex, which means there will be no reason to worry about skin issues.

The Hydraulic technology and gel in this pillow are worth appreciating. This gel makes sure that there is enough cooling whenever you are sleeping. It will also ensure that your body heat does not get trapped, giving you the comfort you deserve.

Dreamfinity comes with an impressive, sleek, ergonomic design that is vital for pain and pressure relief. Whether it is your neck or the head, this pillow will give you enough support to counter any pain.

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5. Best Adjustable – Sleepsia Queen Size Bamboo Cooling Pillow with Shredded Memory Foam Filler

bamboo cooling pillow

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If you are looking for versatility, this will be the ultimate solution for you. This shredded memory foam pillow comes in handy to provide you with comfort and relieve you from pressure and pain.

These pillows boast of impressive air circulation abilities, ensuring that your pillow does not end up smelling. It will also play a significant role in improving the breathability of the pillow. The gel used in it will guarantee you peaceful nights that do not expose you to excessive sweating.

This product is hypoallergenic, cushioning you against allergens and dust mites. There will be no reason for you to worry about skin conditions in the long run with this element.

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6. Best Supportive – Columbia Cooling Pillow with Medium Loft for Hot Sleepers

best cooling memory foam pillow

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The dual-side cooling technology highlighted by this cooling pillow is worth every mention. This feature implies that you will not have to keep turning your pillow from time to time, as each side will assure you of the cooling gel.

This product comes with Omni-freeze technology too. This way, the bottom of the pad maintains enhanced breathability throughout the night.

The memory foam in the pillow assures you of better heat retention. It also tends to bounce back much faster, providing you with the comfort and support you need. This support is enough to relieve you from neck and shoulder pain. The element means that stomach and back sleepers will benefit a lot from this pillow.

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7. Best with Dual Cooling Layers – Tempur-Pedic Washable Pillow for Sweaty Head

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If you are looking for a medium-loft cooling pillow, look no further than this. Usually, it features cooling gel on both sides, which keeps the pad comfortable and relatively cool. Whether you are a side, back, or stomach sleeper, this will be your ultimate choice.

The ergonomic design highlighted by this pillow will effortlessly get you smitten. Usually, it will take the shape of your body, giving you personalized support. That it will bounce back relatively quickly is no secret, helping to counter neck, shoulder, and head pains.

Remember, this pillow boasts of excellent orthopedic properties. Its gel memory foam fillings can only make things better.

Its cover is made from quilted cotton, which proves that it is a hypoallergenic pillow. This cotton surface is soft and relatively friendly to the skin. Beyond this, you will appreciate how durable it can be.

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8. Best Comfortable – Classic Brands Soft Orthopedic Stay Cool Pillow

best stay cool pillow

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You will instantly fall in love with how lightweight this product tends to be. Despite this, this pillow assures you of a medium-plush nature, making it ideal for both side and stomach sleepers.

This pillow comes with reversible cooling gel and memory foam surfaces. That means you will be free to turn to the right surface, depending on how warm or cold the night is.

You will also appreciate its mesh knit cover that is also hypoallergenic. This feature means you will not have to worry about rashes on your skin. It also cushions you against bed bugs and dust mites.

On the other hand, gel memory enhances even the distribution of temperature within the pillow. It will also improve the circulation of air in the pad, keeping you peaceful all night.

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9. Best Selling – Beckham Hotel Collection Air-Cooled King Pillow with Anti-Allergic Construction

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You can hardly overlook what this luxury linen can provide. From its robust to no-shift construction, this is a gem worth beholding. This construction implies that the gel fiber pillow will remain steadfast, maintaining the loftiness and shape of your pad. What is more, it assures you of unmatched durability in the long run.

Beckham Hotel Collection pillow features 100% gel fibers, giving you personalized comfort. Further, its hypoallergenic properties will assure you of peaceful nights.

This element is vital for those with respiratory and even skin conditions. Ideally, this product guarantees you both safety and health enhancement.

This pillow features cotton material, which has proven to be relatively skin-friendly and durable. Moving inside the pad, you will be sure of down filling. Down alternative boasts of incredible support and air circulation. Further, the linen is both fade and stain-resistant.

It is almost impossible to overstate how versatile this pillow is. Thanks to its soft and luxurious touch, you will be confident of enough comfort regardless of your sleeping position.

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10. Best for Stomach Sleepers – Tempur-Pedic Contour Neck Pillow for Hot Flashes

air cooled pillow

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Tempur-Pedic neck pillow has gained popularity in the recent past, thanks to its effectiveness and comfort. The medium-loft can only make things better, as this is what many side sleepers tend to desire. Such softness comes in handy for back sleepers as well.

This pillow features a cutting-edge cooling gel property that assures you of unrivaled comfort when sleeping. Also, it will guarantee you better air circulation and flow within the pad. This way, you will enjoy the level of breathability you desire.

The Tempur technology used in this product assures you of effortless alignment with your head, neck, or shoulder. This way, you get the personalized comfort you so desire. Its cover is breathable, giving you an easier time when sleeping.

You will also get smitten by the robust engineering of this cooling pillow. Thanks to the rigorous tests it undergoes, this cooling pillow is likely to last for much longer.

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11. Best with Water Base – Mediflow Memory Foam Cooling Pillow for Neck Pain

best firm cooling pillow

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One of the striking things about this pillow is its Waterbase technology. Besides being clinically proven, this technology plays a critical role in improving the quality of sleep. Its involvement in alleviating neck and shoulder pain and pressure is almost impossible to overstate.

Customized comfort has become a thing among most people. Thankfully, this product allows you to adjust their firmness, whether soft, medium, or firm. It all depends on how much water you decide to add. With this, different sleeping positions will enjoy similar comfort levels and treatment.

The material on this product is fully-insulated, with memory foam going around it. You will also appreciate that the fabric is hypoallergenic, making it suitable for your respiratory and skin health.

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How to Choose the Best Cooling Pillow for Sweaty Sleepers?

sleeping sweat problem

From unmatched comfort to incredible support, you can barely overlook the urgency of cooling pillows. The reliance on these pillows has grown in the recent past, as most people aiming at comfortable nights.

However, choosing the right cooling pillow has proven to be a daunting challenge for various people. In this light, we take a look at some of the most vital elements you should always consider in this pursuit.

– Understand the Cooling Technology and Properties

There is no denying that different brands rely on distinct cooling properties. That means there will be significant differences in heat dissipation and temperature regulation within the pillow.

For instance, passive cooling tends to draw heat away from your body and then dissipate it. This passive cooling is the most preferred and popular option for cooling pillows. All in all, gel cooling properties will always stand out.

– Confirm How Much You Will Spend

It is no secret that budget-consciousness is ingrained in most consumers. It is no different when buying a cooling pillow. Take the time to understand how much you are willing to spend both in the short and long term.

Besides a lower acquisition cost, ensure that maintaining your chosen cooling pillow does not take a toll on you. The acquisition price is usually between $60 and over $200. Choose what you can afford without too much hassle.

– Check the Fabric

Natural fabrics should always be your priority when buying cooling pillows. Whether you settle on cotton or bamboo, you will be confident of getting the best results in the long run.

These natural materials are hypoallergenic, making them suitable for everyone, including those with respiratory and skin conditions. Atop that, they assure you of unmatched breathability and skin-friendliness. You will also fall in love with how soft they tend to be.

– Confirm the Fiberfill

The stuffing in your chosen cooling pillow will always determine how stable or sturdy the pad will be. Ideally, this is what defines the loft of your cushion.

Ensure that you choose something relatively bouncy and soft. While at it, let it be quite natural and breathable. This assures you of better air circulation within the pillow. In most cases, memory foam and down alternative will be the right option for you to consider.

– Consider Your Sleeping Position

It is no secret that not all cooling pillows will suit your sleeping position. Usually, the sleeping position determines the firmness and loft of your ideal choice. Unless you get it right, you will hardly enjoy the comfort you envision.

For instance, side sleepers need a medium to high lofts, reducing pressure on the spine.

Back sleepers prefer maintaining their posture throughout the night, and a firm pad will suffice. Ideally, ensure that the loft guarantees you the perfect sleeping angle.

– Does It Provide Pressure Relief?

Various objectives go into the purchase of cooling pillows. But you cannot escape the need to alleviate pain and pressure on the joints.

Ensure that you focus on a pillow that can comfortably conform to your body. An ergonomic design means that you will have no reason to worry about adjusting your body or the pad.


What Material Should I Get for a Cooling Pillow?

Best stay cool pillow with high reviews cheap ice pillow

Did you know that the materials chosen for your cooling pillow determine the comfort you get? As if that is not enough, these materials play a critical role in defining the longevity and the performance of your cooling pillow in the long run.

Understanding what each choice brings to the table is essential. Here are a few selections you could make.

1. Fill Materials

The most common fill materials are memory foam and gel. Here are some insights into each of them.

– Gel

You can hardly overlook the popularity of gel and gel foam. Its ability to draw heat away from your body when sleeping is remarkable and impossible to overstate. Further, you will fall in love with how it dissipates heat and distributes temperature within the pillow.

– Memory foam

Memory foams tend to boast of improved temperature control. They can only assure you of better results if blended with gel. In most cases, this memory foam will make sure that you enjoy better support, lesser pain, and much cooler temperatures.

2. Cover Materials

The cover materials directly interact with the skin, meaning they have to be the best for you. Usually, you will have to choose between cotton and bamboo.

– Bamboo

You can hardly overlook how bamboo has proven to be skin-friendly. Thanks to its natural, high-absorbent nature, you will be confident of remaining much more relaxed at night.

What is more, this material is relatively friendly to the skin, giving you the peace of mind you deserve. Did you know that it is hypoallergenic? As such, you have no reason to worry about allergens and pathogens.

– Cotton

Cotton is one of the most popular choices one could ever consider. Its breathability, absorbance power, and hypoallergenic properties will wow you. Ideally, it cushions you against the skin and respiratory conditions.

The cooling effects provide by this material is all you could ever desire. You will also appreciate that it is often removable and machine washable.


What Are the Types of Cooling Pillows?

Usually, cooling pillows come in four distinct types, each providing you with different properties. These different types of cooling pillows also serve specific roles. You will choose from cool body, cool neck, head cooling, and cool bed pillows. Here are a few things to know about each type.

1. Cooling Body Pillow

A cooling body pillow is a cooling pillow designed for side sleepers. It aims at dissipating enough heat and guaranteeing even distribution of temperature throughout the body.

Usually, a cooling body pillow provides the necessary comfort and support to the whole body. Whether you need this support between the legs or the head, you will be sure of the same results.

Best Full Size – Suggle-Pedic Bamboo Bofy Pillow with High Breathability

2. Cool Bed Pillow

This pillow is for use on the bed, and it provides you with a relatively temperature-neutral sleep surface. Ideally, it will be the one to draw heat away from your body when sleeping, ensuring that you enjoy the ultimate comfort.

It is no secret that this option tends to be soft and breathable, thanks to the enhanced air circulation.

3. Head Cooling Pillow

This is a cooling pillow whose design aims at keeping the head cool and comfortable. Ideally, you will place it on the head when going to bed.

The pad tends to be relatively soft and bouncy, ensuring that the neck does not get stiff during the process. With this, you will be confident of the alleviation of head pain.

4. Neck Cooling Pillow

This pillow comes in handy for those aiming at addressing neck pain. Usually, you will place it around the neck when sleeping, ensuring that your neck does not keep tilting at night.

It is generally quite soft and with a much lower loft. This way, you will have no reason to worry about straining both the neck and the spine.


Soft Cooling vs. Firm Cooling Pillows

The choice between soft and firm cooling pillows is almost inevitable. Various aspects go into this selection, including your objectives and needs. Your sleeping position will also have an impact on what you choose in the long run. Here is what differentiates between the two.

– Soft Cooling Pillow

Usually, soft and plushy pillows are best suited for people who need very little support when sleeping. In most cases, stomach sleepers will be the ones to benefit the most from this type of pillow.

Thanks to the little resistance they provide, it will be much more comfortable for them to conform to your body contours. However, these soft pillows could expose you to pain at some point. That is because they can barely provide enough support for your body, especially the neck.

– Firm Cooling Pillow

On the other hand, firm cooling pillows barely conform to your neck or body. That they will be suitable for back and some side sleepers is no secret. If you have a bigger body, this will be your ultimate choice, as it will assure you of unmatched cover.

However, stomach sleepers will benefit more if they can avoid firm pillows. Also, you will witness that these firm pillows feature buckwheat fills.


Who Should Buy a Cooling Pillow?

Various reasons go into buying a cooling pillow. However, what stands out is that these pillows are suited for specific people in society.

1. Hot sleepers are some of the biggest beneficiaries of these cooling pillows. That is because they will always want to avoid overheating when sleeping.

For that reason, enhanced cooling comes in handy in providing them with the comfort they need. Usually, the pillow will be the one to draw away heat from the body and consequently providing a cooling surface.

2. Cooling pillows will also be ideal for side and back sleepers. Since adjustable cooling pads allow you to raise the loft comfortably, it will be convenient for anyone sleeping on the side or back.

These cooling pillows tend to be much firmer, making them suitable for people who need extra support.


Other Tips to Help You Sleep Cool

There are times that you will need more than a cooling pillow when going to bed. In such instances, the following tips will come in handy for you.

  • Ensure that you sleep in cotton. Cotton usually ensures that body temperatures do not rise way above the standard rate. This way, you will have no reason to worry about sweating at night
  • Keep away from tight clothing. With tight dresses, there is a higher chance that your body will retain way too much heat. The result will be extensive sweating at night
  • You can consider using fans. Besides circulating fresh air in the room, fans will always guarantee you a much cooler house in the long run. How about you hack it with some ice too? You will be sure of much better results
  • Ensure that your room remains unplugged at night. There will be no electronics to emit any heat during such times.



1. Do Cooling Pillows Work?

The simple answer to this is yes. A cooling pillow plays a critical role in lowering the temperature around your head, shoulders, and neck.

Usually, this temperature change will happen almost instantly, guaranteeing you the convenience you need. You will rely on these pillows to wick away moisture, dissipate heat, and assure you of a cooling surface.

2.What Pillow Stays Cool?

Various cooling pillows will assure you of much lower temperatures and cooler surfaces. In most cases, gel and gel foam cooling pillows will remain at room temperature.

That way, it will not take long to get the low temperatures that you desire when getting to bed. Feel free to explore different cooling pillows and select whichever suits you best.

3. Is an Extra Firm Cooling Pillow Suitable for Me?

What is your ideal sleeping position? If you are a back or a side sleeper, a firm pillow will suffice for you. Usually, extra-firm cooling pads provide enhanced support to the body.

Whether it is the head, the neck, or the whole body, the effects are likely to remain the same. For that reason, go for extra-firm pillows only if you are in either of the two sleeping positions.

4. How Long Do Cooling Gel Pillows Last?

We can look at it in two ways.

  • First, cooling gel pillows will last about five to ten minutes. That is if you are looking at how long they can retain the low temperature.
  • Second, if you are looking at their longevity, these pillows can last for several years. It all depends on how you maintain them.

5. Do Cooling Pillows Lose their Cooling Effect?

There is no denying that things can only last as much. It is no different when talking about cooling effects. Yes, they will lose their cool at some point. However, this will happen after providing you with several years of use.

6. Are Cooling Pillows Toxic?

No, cooling pillows are not toxic.

Instead, most of them assure you of superb hypoallergenic properties. That means you will barely be susceptible to allergens or even pathogens on the surface of the pillow.

Remember, the materials used in making these pillows, including cotton and bamboo, are natural. They will hardly have any issue with your skin and even respiratory health.

7. Should I Use My Pillowcase on My Cooling Pillow?

Yes, you are free to use pillowcases on your cooling pillow. Usually, this move will keep your pads clean and free from unpleasant scents. As long as you wash the pillowcase from time to time, you will be good to go.



Cooling pillows are a great solution for a good night’s sleep for those people who suffer from excess heat during the sleeping hours. With a variety of price points and various types of technology there’s bound to be one that is right for you.

From ensuring you have a restful night to protecting you against allergens, these pillows are like messiahs. The only catch is to find a durable and reliable option, as it is the only way to attain value for your money. How about you buy yourself one today?


Best Reviewed Cool Pillow in The Market

Here we take a look at Top 7 Cool Pillow that consumers have rated as effective in providing a great night’s sleep. There must be one waiting for you! ♥♥♥

1# Iso-Cool Pillow From Sleep Better U.S. Company

Sleep Better manufactures the ‘Iso-Cool’ foam pillow which the U.S. company claims will not only keep you cool when it’s to warm but will also adapt to your body’s temperature by keeping you warm when you’re cold. this functionality is delivered by what the company calls ‘Microscopic Phase-Change Material beads’.

There are two choices when it comes to support. One model of pillow has a fill of ‘visco-elastic‘ while the other option is a spun polyester. The cover is 100% cotton with a ‘zippered’ texture. Check this hot sale pillow to see reviews:

Best Selling Cool Pillow To Keep Head Cool

Sleep Better Iso-Cool Memory Foam Pillow

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2#  ‘Cool Contour Pillow’ From PharMeDoc

This ergonomically designed contour pillow features cooling memory foam with a dual layer design. This is a multi function pillow with the top layer ensuring optimum temperature and the lower layer ensuring that the pillow retains its shape throughout the night.

This pillow has been designed for sleepers who tend to sleep either on their back or sides with the ergonomically designed contours helping to maintain spinal alignment.

Contour Memory Foam Pillow with Cooling Gel, 14 by 23 by 4.3 Inch

Contour Memory Foam Pillow with Cooling Gel

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3# ‘Beans-72 Organic Buckwheat’ Pillow

For those in search of an organic alternative and a comfortable might’s sleep this buckwheat filled pillow delivers exceptional quality.

Designed to accommodate the individual needs of a variety of sleepers the design incorporates a zipper which allows the user to remove buckwheat husks to change the amount of filling to suit their own style and needs while they are sleeping.

The buckwheat filling allows for air circulation keeping the neck, head and shoulders cool during the night. The manufacturer claims that this pillow will relieve common complaints which are the result of sub par sleeping habits.

These include neck pain and tension headaches. The pillow is ideal for those who suffer from allergies brought on by down and synthetic materials.

Check different size of buckwheat cooling pillows below:

Best Healthy Organic Buckwheat Filled Cooling Pillow

Best Organic Buckwheat Pillow to keep cool

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4# The Best Kool-Flow Cover Body Pillow by Snuggle-Pedic

This pillow which has been described as a revolutionary approach to the issue off over heating during sleeping hours features luxury gel inserts which are sandwiched between layers of memory foam for what the manufacturer claims is the best synthesis of comfort and coolness.

It is suitable for people who sleep in any position, including the side and back. The cover is Spandex which has been designed to ensure that the pillow ‘breathes’ during the night delivering a cool and pleasant sleep experience. The cover is fully machine washable.

Bamboo Shredded Memory Foam Combination With Kool-Flow Cover

Best Kool-Flow Cover Body Pillow by Snuggle-Pedic

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5# Human Creations ‘Cooling Pillow Mat’

Designed to be used with your favorite pillow this cooling mat is refrigerated to the temperature desired and then used throughout the night to deliver a comfortable sleeping experience.

It is easily portable due to the fact that it can be rolled up this is the ideal solution for the busy professional who spends a lot of their time traveling.

For those who want a cooling experience throughout the night it might be preferable to purchase to of these mats as they are thin and will not keep cool for extended period of time.

Penguin Cooling Pillow Mat

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6# The Best ‘Reversible Cooling Gel Pillow’ by Sleep Innovations

Among the more affordable of the gel type cooling pillows this large pillow has a memory foam body with a cooling gel top. The Cool Gel disperses body heat and creates a cooler sleeping surface while working with the core of pressure-relieving memory foam.

Only the top features the cooling gel component – which makes it easy to flip over for a normal night’s sleep should that be required. The memory foam gives exceptional support for a great night’s sleep.

Reversible Memory Foam Stay Cool Pillow With Cool Gel

Reversible Memory Foam Stay Cool Pillow With Gel

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7# U-shaped Neck Pillow – Ergonomic Design – Cooling Gel Technology

For people who like traveling in summer, this cooling gel neck pillow will be a smart choice for you! The highly rated neck pillow, you can check more reviews here:

U-shaped Neck Pillow - Ergonomic Design - Cooling Gel Technology

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