Best Airplane Pillow – Pain Relief for Long Haul Flight

Traveling is not easy especially if you have to cover a long destination. Sometimes the journey can be as long as 32 hours. It would become quite difficult to manage.

A ray of hope would be in the form of the best airplane pillow! Yes, it can let you sleep a little better so that you would be a little fresh when you would reach your destination.

There is a huge variety of airplane pillows available on the market so finding the best would be quite a task! But if you know the relevant features and specifications, it would be easy to make the final decision.

choose the best airplane pillow


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What is The Best Airplane Pillow Pillow?

When selecting the airplane pillow for your journey, you might have certain criteria in mind. You might be looking for the best comfort.

Consider the following:

  • When selecting the airplane pillow, make sure it is compact so that taking it along would be easy for you.
  • It should be portable and lightweight. Plus, make sure it doesn’t occupy much of your space.
  • The airplane pillow that you plan on investing should be comfortable. The design should be such that using the pillow should not be a hassle.
  • You can focus on the size of the airplane pillow. You have to see whether a small size is suitable or whether it would slip while you would be sleeping.
  • It should be composed of durable and material of high quality so that it can last longer.


What Types of Airplane Pillows is Right for You?

To know what type of airplane pillow is right for you, it’s important to figure out what kind of a sleeper you are.

You might have a personal preference, for example, you might like the inflatable design or the memory foam or maybe a solid one! In any case, you would have the final say.


If saving space is your topmost priority then you would look for the inflatable airplane pillow. It can be suitable, but it’s also possible that you could puncture the material and thus, it won’t be of much use.


An interesting thing about the solid pillows is that it won’t leak so you need not worry. It would, however, occupy much of your space. It might be comfortable for your use.

Memory foam/Microbead

Some people would prefer the memory foam because of its comfort while the microbead would be appropriate for some because of the breathable material. In any case, you would know what’s the better option for you.


Best Pillow for Airplane Reviews

AirComfy Neck Pillow

Travel Clip – Inflatable, washable cover, Compact Packsack

inflatable neck pillow for airplane

What makes this product outstanding?

Adequate neck support – Unlike ordinary pillows, you can adjust this pillow to suit your preferred inflation or firmness level to provide the required neck support.

Inflates without blowing – Inflating the pillow is simple; press the in-built inflation pump repeatedly for 30-60 seconds. To deflate the pillow, press the air valve.

Germ-free – It comes with a removable and washable micro-velvet pillowcase. That way, you can always travel feeling fresh and clean.

Customers’ Reviews

“After a long search for an upcoming flight, I purchased this one. It looked small at first glance, but I felt comfortable on it. I love the fact that it inflates in less than a minute and is very comfortable.”

“Great pillow! As a traveler who can’t find sleep on the plane, I tried this pillow before a 15 hours flight, and it made a huge difference. I had seven-hour of uninterrupted sleep. I’m glad I bought it”.

“Its fabric is nice; it packs easily into a travel bag. I also love the fact that it inflates and deflates easily. I would recommend it to any traveler.”

What You May Not Like

Limited color – Not all buyers love grey; it would be nice if the manufacturer came up with many colors to choose from.

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Jensens Inventions Pillow

Home & Travel Pillow – Polyester & Polyester blend, Machine washable, Patented Chin Support

chin support pillow for airplane

What Makes This Pillow Outstanding?

 Adequate neck support – This indigenous pillow keeps the head forward and prevents it from falling, making it an appropriate choice for home and travel. They were crafted to stabilize the head and provide support.

Easy to carry – It has a handy snap-loop fastener that attaches to the luggage for ease of travel. Also, it is small and compact enough to carry around with ease. It is more flexible compared to the standard memory travel pillow.

Pillowcase machine washable – You don’t have to worry about dirt since the pillow comes with a machine-washable pillowcase.

Customers’ Reviews

“I am a regular traveler. With this pillow, my head is comfortable, and I sleep throughout the journey. I also love the fact that it is smushy and soft; it feels like carrying around my teddy bear!”

“Just returned from an 8-hour night flight; I must say this pillow was Godsend, I used it to dose against the window, and when I changed position, I used it to rest my forehead when leaning forward. Will order more of this pillow for my wife and kids.”

What You May Not Like

Does not stay in place – The pillow keeps moving, which could interfere with your sleep or rest.

Too soft – A few customers have complained about the pillow being too soft.

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MLVOC Pillow

Memory foam neck pillow – 100% pure memory, comfortable & Breathable pillowcase, Machine washable, Luxury Bug, Airplane Travel Kit

Memory foam pillow for airplane

What Makes This Product Outstanding?

Perfect neck support – The memory foam pillow is a curve shape to prevent your neck from falling forward during travel. It has an adjustable rope lock; you can adjust the angle and size of the pillow randomly to suit different neck positions.

Washable sweat-resistant cover – Its pillow is covered with breathable, soft magnetic cover filled with millions of tiny premium microbeads that provide maximum comfort throughout your trip. The pillowcase is machine-washable, and so you will always travel feeling fresh throughout the journey.

Super quality memory foam -The travel pillow uses the 5 seconds return technology. It cushions the body and relieves painful pressure points in your body for ultimate relaxation.

An appropriate choice for travel – This pillow provides excellent support when seated on a plane, train, car or bus, and home use. Whether you are watching TV, reading before bed or even office rest, this pillow is a good choice.

Customers Reviews

“I got what I was looking for! Its curves give the pillow great support to the neck. It is portable and can easily fit a bag half its size. When you open it up after squeezing, it retains its original shape quickly, worth the price”.

“I love this pillow! I feel it is a huge upgrade from the half-moon pillows. It is soft enough to provide a good cushion and firm enough to hold its shape. Carrying it around is easy; it compresses easily to a small bag. I would like it for anyone looking for a travel bag”.

What You May Not Like

Unpleasant smell – When the cover is removed, the pillow has some weird smell.

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Sunany Neck Pillow

Inflatable Cotton – Grey, Small, 5.9 x 4.7 x 2.3 inches

supportive pillow for flight

What Makes This Product Outstanding?

Multi-use accessories – With this pillow, tour head, waist, neck and shoulders will no longer feel uncomfortable. You can also make use of it while watching movies, playing video games or napping in the office.

Free gifts – The pillow comes with a free eye mask and earplugs to help you enjoy your sleep throughout your journey or at home.

Inflate and deflate easily – With a few breathes, you can inflate the pillow. Equally, you need to press the air by pressing the release button, making it easy to carry around.

Super compact – The inflatable pillow weighs 11.2 oz. and does not take much space in your travel bag. It is ideal for long-distance travelers.

Customers reviews

“I have bought multiple travel pillows in the past without satisfaction. A friend of mine recommended this pillow which I immediately ordered. It is what I have been looking for! I enjoy my travels now more than ever.”

“The pillow looks funny, and flight attendants keep asking me what it is. However, I don’t care what people see or say; I find it easy to fall asleep the minute I wear it. I have ordered the same for a few of my travel mates.”

What You May Not Like About This Pillow

Slight odor – Upon opening it, the pillow has some weird smell which disappears when washed with soap and rinsed in a ceiling fan.

Takes too much space in small seats – If you use the economy seat on an Aeroplan or train, this pillow might take too much space leaving you with no space for rest.

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TRTL Neck Wrapped Pillow

Super Soft Neck Travel Pill – Grey/Red/Coral/ Black, Machine Washable, Polyester

Neck wrapped pillow for flight

Best for – The travel pillow is suitable for travelers looking to keep their heads upright during travel

What makes this pillow outstanding?

Super soft – It is made of fleece and extra cozy cushioning that creates a comfortable rest for your head and neck.

Unique design – Wherever you are or whatever you do, the TRTL pillow assures you of excellent sleep. It is designed to look like a scarf that can easily be adjusted to suit your comfort.

Easy to hurdle – The pillow only weighs 148 grams and is easy to attach to the handle. Say goodbye to neck pillows that take too much space in your bag.

Machine washable – TRTL pillow is Machine washable; hence you can be sure to feel free and clean throughout your journey.

Customer’s Review

“I have bought three of these pillows this year, and I love them! I would recommend his pillow to anyone looking for a travel pillow.”

“Amazing pillow. I wish I bought this type of pillow years ago. At first, I was skeptical about how the internal plastic support structure would feel; it is very comfortable. I already purchased one and planning to order more as gifts for my loved ones. I carry it everywhere I go.”

What You May Not Like

Quite cumbersome – Despite the comfort that this pillow is comfortable, some people find it hard to wear, and you cannot wear it as a scarf.

Expensive – Compared to other pillows that offer the same service, this type of pillow is quite costly.

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BCOZZY Kids Chin Pillow

Travel support 3-7 Y/O – Cherry Pink, Novelty, Machine Washable

best airplane pillow for kids

What Makes This Pillow Outstanding?

Comfortable head support – With this breathable soft pillow and adjustable pillow arms, your kids will have the best road sleep. It is made with an original patented curved design that conforms to the child’s neck and works perfectly to keep the head in a comfortable position.

Durable and Machine washable – The neck pillow is easy to clean, so you can be sure that your child will always feel fresh throughout the trip. It is also made of novelty which makes it durable.

Comes with a snap strap – It is easy to hang this travel pillow anywhere you go, so it is hard to lose it. This feature also makes it easy to secure it on your backpack or trolley.

Customer’s Review

“My toddler freaks out when I try to put it on before sleep, and so I always have to wait for him to fall asleep to sneak it to his neck. It works well!”

“I decided to order two of these pillows for my kids before a road trip last year. I knew my kids would fall asleep for the better part of the journey, and so I wanted to support and comfort their necks. I love it!”

What You May Not Like

Too soft and floppy – A few customers have complained about this pillow is too weak to support their kid’s neck and head.

Too small for some kids – At times, kids outgrow their age, and this pillow can be too small for them.


What Should I Look for in an Airplane Pillow?

Traveling can become less tiring if you are using the right airplane pillow since you would be able to enjoy a good night’s sleep.

There are many things that you can think about so that it would be easy for you to decide what kind of airplane pillow would be a viable addition to your house.

Thus, when selecting the airplane pillow, you can look for the following:

Preferred Seating Position

It would be a good idea to keep your preferred seating position in mind when selecting the airplane pillow. You might be sitting next to the window, aisle, or maybe in the exit row.

If the seating position is such that many people would pass along then someone might bump and your airplane pillow would fall. So, based on your seating position you have to find what’s the best option.


Excellent support for your neck is important during the traveling time and when you are sleeping finding the perfect position could be tough. You can use this machine washable trtl Pillow available at Amazon to get the support you need.

The purpose of using the airplane pillow is to enjoy the support it provides. When you are tired and sleepy an airplane pillow that provides great support can be a viable addition to your journey.

You can simply wrap it around your neck and can play an active role to keep your spine aligned.

guides to choose the best airplane pillow

Head/neck/lean forward

You have to see the relevant design of the airplane pillow you are interested in buying. It should be as per your preferences. You can test it in advance to get more information.


Another feature to consider when selecting an airplane pillow is its texture. The texture used in the making of a product is important. It tells you about the durability.


The main reason for using an airplane pillow is to enjoy the comfort level. You have to see whether it would be comfortable for your head and neck or not.

When you are sleeping it should provide you the required support to enjoy your sleep and journey. To get an idea about the performance, comfort level, and durability you can see the customer reviews.

Such reviews are left by the customers and thus, it would allow you to decide accordingly.

Portable Design

If you want to travel light, the airplane pillow should be easy to carry. If there is a hook or a clip that helps it attach to your luggage then you would not need to carry it.

When the design is portable, it becomes a lot easier to manage otherwise it is quite tough to keep a pillow in hand along with your belongings.

While traveling, you should focus on your important documents rather than on such items. You don’t want to lost important stuff at the airport just because you were busy carrying the airplane pillow in your hand.


Selecting the right size of the airplane pillow is important. You don’t want a pillow that occupies a lot of space and is tough to carry. There are different styles and sizes of the airplane pillow available. You should know what size is in and based on that people make decisions.


If the pillow is small carrying it would be easy for you, but it might slip if it’s too small. So you have to take various factors into consideration when selecting the airplane pillow. You can even carry the small pillow in your bag and it won’t bother you if need to carry it in your hand.


If there is a washable cover or if the airplane pillow itself is washable then it would be a viable option since it would be possible for you to maintain cleanliness. You don’t want the hassle of washing it by hand so if it’s machine washable then you might prefer it.

It’s important that the airplane pillow you are using is neat and clean. When you are sitting in an airplane, it’s used by many people so you don’t know how many people had actually sat in the seat you are using, and thus, washing the pillow would be important.


Do Pillow and Blanket Help You Sleep on a Plane?

Sleeping on the plane can be quite tough for some people while easy for you. Well, if you are among the lucky ones who can easily sleep on the airplane without much worry then you need not worry! However, if it’s quite a task for you then you would be looking for various tips and tricks.

It’s possible that a pillow and a blanket would help you sleep on the airplane. Inside the plane, the overall temperature and ambiance would be different and thus, it might be tough for you to fall asleep.

You can try using such items, but it would depend on the kind of person you are. If you felt comfortable with the pillow and the blanket then you sleep otherwise, you have to look for other tips.



Finding the best airplane pillow would be possible if you know what features are important to consider. Knowing what you actually want and are looking for is always a better option.

You can find out the type of pillows available on the market, but it’s a kind of investment that comes in handy when you are going somewhere.