How To Make A Bath Pillow

Have you ever noticed how a bubbly bath can relax and freshen you easing all the negative thoughts in your mind?

Did you know that you can style your bath more comfortably, luxurious, and relaxing? Well, you only need a bath pillow for these results.

Understandably, not everyone can afford a bath pillow, and maybe you are traveling and cannot buy one, or you don’t have time to shop for one yet.

Whatever reason you have for not owning one, don’t hassle over it anymore.

Below, you will find some steps to guide you to make your bath pillow.

  • What is a bath pillow?
  • Why do you need a bath pillow?
  • Guide on how to make a DIY bath pillow


Table of Contents

What is a bath pillow?

It’s not easy to feel relaxed and relaxed in a slimy bathtub; however, a bath pillow is a support item you use to feel calm while taking your bath.

When it comes to bath time, you want to make sure that you get the most out of it. After all, easing is what baths are all about.

Don’t worry about suffering strains in your neckline due to slippery bathtubs, or get out of your tub very fast due to comfortability.

You deserve to feel relaxed in your tub, and a bath pillow got you covered. It is positioned beneath your neck while you rest your head against the edge of your tub.

This newfound comfortability allows you to relax, and you can take as much time as you want in your bath.


Why do you need a bath pillow?

There are several reasons why you need a bath pillow; first, for comfort. Most bathtubs force you in rigid positions, making the bathing time unpleasant and uncomfortable.

It can also cause head, neck, and back issues.

Bath time should relax and soothe you, not bring harm or discomfort to your body. But with a bath pillow, you don’t need to hustle over it. Instead, it will give you the comfort and relaxation you need.

Slippery tubs cause bath time problems and accidents. Sometimes, when you relax and unwind in your bathtub, you suddenly slip down, hitting your head.

A bath pillow is perfectly built to keep your neck and head safe during muscle soak or any accident caused by slipperiness.

Baths are therapeutic, especially after a long, draining day at work, and all you want is to get in your house, undress, and get into a bathtub and wash away your troubles, considering how nice and relaxing a bath can be.

With a bath pillow, you can increase this fantastic experience. Of course, a bathtub alone will not allow you to feel that peace and comfort you seek. But with your pillow in hand, you are set for a luxurious and refreshing bath.


A step-by-step guide of making a bath pillow

Anyone can make their own bathtub pillows in few simple ways considering it’s only a few easy steps away because it’s not a complex process.

People who love DIY projects at home will enjoy the whole process of fashioning a bathtub towel and getting a pillow from this fantastic experience.

There are two easy practical ways to make a bath pillow: using noodle floaties and a technique whereby you use a towel.

Making bath pillow by use of Noodle Floatie

Noodle floatie is soft, cheap, and readily available. Kids in the pool mostly use them. If you cut it perfectly to a specific length, it will offer neck support.

They are also easy to reshape; thus, you can make a pillow according to the shape that you like.

Materials you need:

  • Noodle floatie
  • Serrated edge knife

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Take your floaties measurement; Measure it against your bathtub. Keep in mind that the bath pillow should only cover your neckline area. Unlike the regular one, it will be floating under your neck.

  2. Floatie color selection; Select the color according to your liking. Try choosing a color that matches best with the bathtub tray and one that also lightens up your bathtub giving it that lasting sparkle even after some months.

  3. Cut the floaties; Using the serrated edge knife, cut your floaties for ease of use. If you are unsure of the length to cut, add an extra inch on both sides for certainty that it will be enough.

  4. Try out your Floatie; To know if your floaties are working flawlessly, you need to try them out. But, first, find a suitable position for your bath pillow.

  5. Put it under your neck and relax so you can float on your tub freely with ease. Try it severally to get comfortable with it, but If it’s still uncomfortable for you, worry not.

It doesn’t suit everyone; we all have different tastes and preferences. So you can as well try a towel pillow.

Making a bath pillow using a towel

Now that we are here, maybe the noodle floatie was a snap for you or not. So next, let’s make a towel pillow. The cotton fiber material makes hand and bath towels.

Due to their materials, these towels are perfect for making the bath pillow because they are lightweight and comfortable.

What you need

• Hand or bath towel

• Scissors

• Tape measure

• Sewing machine

• Needle and thread

• Sponges or Styrofoam


  1. Measure your tab; with the tape measure, take bath tab measurements while adjusting the bath pillow. Once you achieve the right size, sew it properly for it to act as a pillowcase.

  2. If you have good embroidery skills, you can use a thread and needle to sew your bath pillow. However, you can as well use a professional sewing machine. It doesn’t have to be very pretty; the bottom line is that it gives you comfortability.

  3. One end of the pillow should be left open. Stuff it with sponges or any other fillings you may want to use as long as they float on water. Styrofoam bits give you give your bath pillow more shape, so it is also advisable to use it.

  4. Adjust the sponge or your fillings till they distribute evenly. You should make sure that it gives you the comfortability you need. If you are satisfied with it, you can now sew the other end to close to avoid putting in buttons or zippers

  5. Try out your bath pillow. First, you need to know if your bath pillow is comfortable, and for this, you have to try it out. Place your pillow under your neck and relax your body to float freely and feel comfortable. Your head and neck should feel more relaxed.

Once you are satisfied with the results, dry your newly made bath towel pillow.

For complete body comfort, place your bath pillow in the right place in your bathtub. Make loops for your pillow’s tops and add a suction cup to easily stick it on one end of the bathtub.


Tips on how to clean your bathtub pillow

Now that you have made your bathtub pillow, it needs to be cleaned from time to time to work effectively in the bathroom.

For the self-care routine, you need some of the most effective and efficient products to clean the pillow. Here are cost-effective materials that you can use

Bleach, you can use this to clean your bath pillow in case it has a concerted stain. However, bleach contains strong chemicals that can also negatively impact the fiber.

Detergents also clean bath pillows and advisedly the best to use since they are inexpensive and don’t have any nasty effects on the body nor the fiber.

Vinegar and baking soda are natural ingredients that remove rust and mildew in the pillow and don’t harm our bodies.


Sum up

Everyone deserves a comfortable and relaxing bath with no worries about the slippery bathtubs which cause neck and back pains.

Making a bath pillow is more straightforward, and the materials are cheap and available.

So, with this knowledge, nothing should stop you from enjoying your bath and taking as much time as you may wish to.