Top 9 Best Firm Pillow Reviews for 2020

A pillow is one of those purchases that you have to decide on early. You don’t want to sleep on pillows that are inadequate for the neck and head. You want something that is adjustable and suitable for the head. So, where do firm pillows come in for those who are wondering about them?

These pillows are regarded as being one of those options that are beautiful and consistent when you lie down with them. There are various types, and you will learn about them here in this read. Understand what the variations are and then pick what you want.


Top 9 Best Firm Pillows On the Market


Benefits of Firm Pillows

What is the reason for people going with these firm pillows in the first place? The firmness is going to be attractive because there is not a lot of giving. It can start to get stuffy when your head sinks into the pillow, and that is not nice for a lot of people.

You want a little sturdiness under you, and this can help because the pillow is made to stick to where it is. You won’t like the idea of having the head wobble around on the pillow when you are sleeping, and the firm pillow will ensure that is avoided.


Tips For Choosing Firm Pillows

Why People Love Firm Pillows

  1. Think about the materials that are inside the pillow when you are purchasing a secure option. The materials will still matter, and you have to wonder about what they have to offer.
  2. Each one has its pros and cons that you will have to look at.
  3. The next factor would be the cover as you are going to need to see this. Your skin will not be thinking about the firmness if it is itchy from the cover.


Types Of Firm Pillows

What are the different types of pillows being sold right now? You want to have a good understanding of what the options are with regard to firm pillows. There are some who will just go with the “firm” tag and hope it is going to suffice. There are variations in the world of firm pillows, and you have to be aware of this. Let’s see what the variations are first before you make a selection.

1. Thin Firm Flat Pillow

A thin firm flat pillow is a pillow that is not going to have much a peak, which is good for those who want to stay as close to the mattress as possible. The thin pillow does not sink the head in, and instead, you are going to have minimal elevation, and it will remain firm under your head.

Best Thin – Best Flat Firm Pillow for Stomach Sleepers

Ultra Slim Sleeper Memory Foam Pillow Firm Flat Pillow
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This is ideal for those who want something under their head, but nothing extravagant where their body is being put in an odd position while laying down. This can be a good choice in that regard.


2. Thick Firm Pillow

The next option would be the thick firm pillow. This is chunkier and is going to be prominent when you lay down on it. For some, this is good because you are still getting a sound choice, but it is going to be elevated, and you will notice it under you.

Below is the Top Picks medium firm queen size pillow:

Best Thick – Coop Home Goods Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

Best feel pillow for neck pain

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3. Firm Latex Pillow

The third type of pillow you are going to have in the firm category would be the firm latex pillow. This is perfect for those who want something firm, but comfortable against the skin. The latex pillow is also known for doing well with neck pain, and that is a good bonus to have added on top.

Best Latex – MALOUF 100% Natural Talalay Firm Pillow

Z by Malouf 100% Natural Talalay Latex Firm Pillow

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4. Firm Down Pillow

The final type would be the firm down pillow, and this is excellent for those who want more of a curve to what they are getting, but still require firmness from the pillow. In that regard, this pillow should be able to handle well, and you will feel good with it under you.

For the down pillows, that firmness goes with the filled percent. From 600 to 800 filled. There is a soft down pillow under 600 filled, but if you like big and extra firm down pillow for the great curve, the pillow about 800 filled will be the right one to choose! 

Best Down Pillow – Royal Hotel’s Goose King Size 750 Filled for 2 packs

750 filled Goose Down Pillow
750 filled, king size Goose down pillow, under $200

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Look into this when you are hoping to choose a good, firm pillow for your body. There are more pillows for you reference: