How To Choose Best Rated Pillows for Sleeping

Getting the right pillow means quality sleep and an active next day. No single pillow works best for everyone; what is good for me may not be good for you. When purchasing a pillow, there several factors to consider.

In these guide, we’ve done a profound research for your better sleeping quality and have picked some excellent sleeping pillows for you!

Why Is It Important to have a good night sleep


How to Choose the Best Sleeping Pillow?

Comfort is key when choosing a pillow; always go for one that will adequately support your head and align your neck with your spine. Here are essential things to consider when choosing a pillow;


There are numerous pillow shapes available, and choosing the right one can be overwhelming. When looking at shape, some important things to consider include wedge, contour, full-body pillows and original shape pillows.

  • Wedge

Wedge pillows are some of the most compact pillows available in the market. They are most suitable for pregnant mothers; they are helpful to bolster various parts of the body.

For efficient use, mothers with large pregnancies can couple one or more wedge pillows to provide adequate support.

Although they do not offer full-body support, you can use wedge pillows to bolster various parts of your body strategically. Compared to other pillows that provide the same support, wedge pillows are affordable.

  • Contour

A contour pillow is made out of memory foam cut out to form the usual regular size pillows. Contour pillows are unique, and they come with two ridges on the lower and the upper side of the pillow with a shallow crease in the middle.

The lower part of a contour pillow is made to support the neck, ensuring that it remains aligned with your head.

If you are the type of person full of activity during sleep and find yourself moving all over the mattress, you can go for a medium-thick pillow with a little contour.

  • Full-body Pillow

Always make sure to make the most out of your body pillow. Body pillows are designed to offer extra support to the back, head and neck beyond what the ordinary pillow can provide.

If you are new to pillows, knowing where to place your head, arm and legs may seem complicated at the start; however, you will get an appropriate position after a few trials.

Using a full-body pillow can help to relieve pressure on your joints and reduce the chances of back and neck pain.

Wrapping your arms around the body pillow eases the pressure on your back while placing the pillow helps maintain the spine’s shape. Choose a body pillow that will help you get used to the side sleeping position, which is the most recommended.

choose a full body sleeping pillow

  • Original shape

How fast does the pillow you are about to take home return to its original shape? One way of knowing a good pillow is folding it to see if it springs back to its original shape.

If it takes too much time to return to its original shape, you may want to change it right away. Another way of determining a good pillow is examining it closely for tears, stains or an unpleasant smell. Do not wait for a pillow to lose its shape; change it within one year of use.


The material used to fill the pillow defines the character and sustainability of the pillow.

Depending on the filling material and quantity, your pillow can be unique and appropriate to your preference. Some of the most essential you should consider when looking at pillow material include;

  • Down

For a pillow to be classified as down, it needs to have over 70% down feathers, the rest being ordinary feathers. Also, they are softer and can retain heat better than other pillows. Down pillows may not be the best choice for people looking for height as well as side sleepers.

Their biggest undoing is that they flatten over time and may need occasional fluffing to regain shape. If you struggle with allergies, down, pillows may not be the best option unless you find one that is anti-allergy. Latex pillows a

  • Latex

Compared to other materials, latex pillows are hard to come by and are mostly sold as alternatives to memory foam as they have similar properties.

Latex pillows are firm and durable, making them useful for neck ache and are naturally hypoallergenic. Compared to memory foam pillows, latex is heavy and have a distinct smell when new.

choose a latex pillow for sleeping

  • Memory Foam

Memory foam pillows offer you solid and maximum support by taking the shape of your neck and shoulder. It is a good choice for anyone with neck pain.

Memory foam pillows are durable, long-lasting and easy to maintain. Their heights are rarely adjustable, meaning they are most suitable for side and back sleepers.

Memory foam pillows can be relatively rigid and are suitable for still sleepers and not active ones. The limited airflow that this type of pillows provides means they can get very hot, especially during summer.

  • Buckwheat

Buckwheat pillows are very firm; the buckwheat filling provides a sturdy feeling that is both sturdy and moldable for the head. Buckwheat pillows can move the hulls to take the shape you want, providing relief for neck pain while aligning your spine.

All the buckwheat pillows come with zippers, and so you can add or remove the filling to suit your preference.

  • Wool

If you suffer from allergies, wool pillows are a good choice for you. They can help to regulate temperature; keep you warm during winter and cool during summer.

Front sleepers benefit most from this pillow since they are firm and do not have much height. Other wool pillows can smell a little sheepy.

  • Microfiber

They are also known as synthetic or polyester pillows and are some of the cheapest pillows in the market. Microfiber pillows come in a range of heights and firmness, making them suitable for different sleeping styles and are hypoallergic.

However, they are not breathable and can retain moisture and heat, and so you can wake up in a sweat. Additionally, such pillows are known to flatten quickly and with a short lifespan of less than a year.


You need to understand that pillows are not made just for the head and neck. Depending on your sleeping position, additional pillows can help keep your spine in a good position.

Pillows meant for the head should support the natural curve of your neck and shoulders. Too high pillows, on the other hand, can put your neck in a position that strains the muscle, back, neck and shoulders.

Choose a pill that will keep your head aligned with your chest and lower back. It is crucial to change the pillow every year for efficient support.


A firm pillow provides adequate support for side sleepers. Also, they come with a gusset to help the pillow conform well with your shoulder. Most pillows often come with a gusset to help the pillow fit your shoulder with ease. Side sleepers need more feathers on the pillow for adequate support.

A medium support pillow is most suitable for those with large frames, especially for side sleepers. It’s still okay to sleep on a firm pillow o your back.

Cooling Function

Most people find it difficult to sleep during the night because of too much heat. The solution for such people would be to invest in cooling function.

It is also important to note that almost 10% of the body heat is lost through the head. A stuffy or dense pillow can contribute greatly to heat retention, and a colling pillow can help increase comfort for those who suffer from sleeping hot.

The most common characteristics to look for in cooling pillows include

  • Ventilated foams
  • Heat diffusing gels
  • Natural linens
  • Moisture-wicking fabrics


Pressure Relief

When you find yourself in pain on the neck, the chances are that your pillow is to blame. The most significant work of your pillow is to hold and support your head and neck to prevent unnecessary strain.

Ultimately, the most appropriate pillow for neck pain is one that works well for you.


Reviews of Best Pillow for Sleeping

An excellent pillow is a key to restful sleep, but choosing the best in a market full of pillows is not a walk in the park. As seen above, there are many things to consider when choosing a pillow, including your sleep position.

For instance, thick pillows are suitable for side sleepers, soft for stomach sleepers and thin pillows and moderate pillow for back sleepers. Here is a list of pillows you should consider when going to the market.

Beckham Hotel Collection Bed Pillows

Cooling Luxury gel pillow – Soft Allergy-friendly, Queen Size, Set for 2

hotel use sleeping pillow

Best for – Back, stomach or side sleepers and hotel use.

What Makes This Pillow Outstanding?

100% Cotton – Beckham Collection pillows are made from high quality 100% cotton. The cotton pillow is tailored to give maximum comfort no matter the sleeping position.

Stain & Fade resistant – They are Fade and stain-resistant, so you have no reason to worry. They are machine washable and are allergy-friendly, and don’t contain any chemicals, making them suitable for any person.

Quality sleep – The pillows provides great comfort and support that assures you of quality sleep.

Customers’ Reviews

“For a long time, I have been looking for an affordable pillow that provides great quality sleep. This pillow provides just that! It offers great support, and the quality of my sleep has improved a lot.”

“I am always very selective with pillows, but ever since I purchased this type of pillow, I have loved the support and comfort it offers. I would recommend.”

What You May Not Like

Do not last long – Although they offer great support and comfort to sleepers, many customers have complained about the pillow losing shape fast.

Not firm enough – If you are looking for a firm pillow, this might not be suitable for you. Some people love its softness, while others would have loved it if the pillow was a little firmer.

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Elviros Cervical Pillow

Contour pillows – White, Memory foam, Ergonomic Orthopedic support, chemical-free

contour pillow for sleeping

Best for – Side, back, and stomach sleepers are struggling with neck and shoulder pain.

What Makes This Pillow Outstanding?

Ergonomic Design – They are well-designed to support the curve of your body and keep the air passages optimal for good sleep and less snoring. It has cutouts on the side to give your top arm maximum rest and keep it at a perfect angle.

Relieve Neck and Back Pain – Its contour design is made to perfectly support and aligns your head, neck and shoulder. The slope is meant to keep your head from rolling over the pillow, reducing stress in the cervical vertebra and spine.

100% memory foam – The pillow is made of high-density slow rebound foam to provide adequate support and softness. The memory form helps to keep the pillow in shape and firm to ensure long term use.

Customers Reviews

“I got a 100% worth for my money, I bought two for my kids, and they love them. One of them had picked a shoulder injury from school and had been suffering from neck pains. I was looking for a pillow that would relieve the pain, and this pillow has done exactly that!”

“It took quite some time for me to adapt to this pillow. Since I got used to it, it has eased my neck and shoulder pain. Since I started using this pillow, I wake up with no headache and fewer pains on my neck.”

What You May Not Like

Uncomfortable to the ear – A few side sleepers have complained that the hole in the middle of the pillow blocks the ears, which causes some discomfort.

The outer part is too hard – The outer part of the pillow is too hard for people who love resting on their cheek.

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Bed Wedge Pillow

Memory Form Incline System – Adjustable – & 12-inch folding system, Back support pillow

wedge pillow for sleeping

Best for – People with snoring problems, Heartburns, Acid Reflux and those who love reading before sleep.

What Makes This Pillow Outstanding?

Highly versatile – The foldable memory form can suit various sleeping positions.  Its wedge easily fits any bed, providing additional comfort while sleeping or sitting.

Comfortable – The pillow provides a 30°- or 60°-degree angle that supports a steep slope, allowing the head to get the right pressure no matter the position. Perfect for side sleepers.

Improve health – Using a wedge pillow helps increase your blood flow, promote breathing, reduce heartburn, and reduce snoring. Additionally, it is made to reduce knee pain, varicose veins, back pain and oedema.

Customers’ reviews

“Great pillow for reading in bed. I love the fact that this pillow is not too soft or too hard. The pillowcase is very nice and comfortable. I got value for money. I would recommend it to anyone!”

“It’s a fantastic addition to my bedroom. My only problem is that I’m struggling to get out of bed since I bought it. It gives my legs a perfect elevation, and the fact that it is adjustable blows my mind. Although it’s great to lean on, I prefer it for my legs.”

What You May Not Like

Not many colour choices – The pillow comes only in white. It would have been nice if there were more colour choices.

Bottom support easily destroys – A few customers have complained of its bottom easily destroying hence losing shape.

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Nestl Coolest Pillow

Gel-infused memory foam – King Adjustable King – 18″ X 36″ – 1 Pack, Breathable, Washable.

gel infused foam pillow for sleeping

Best for – Designed for all types of sleepers, especially those who experience wet nights.

What Is Outstanding About This Pillow?

Ensures maximum comfort and support – The pillow is designed to provide maximum comfort and support. It is double-sided, with a cooling ice sink material on one side and soft bamboo rayon.

Made for breathability – The design of this pillow has a significant effect on regulating head heat and controlling temperatures of your head throughout the night. The pillow is Oeka-Tex certified and is ideal for all types of sleepers.

Machine washable – Its pillowcase is removable and machine washable, and so you can get rid of stains, dust and even pet hair with ease. That way, you don’t have to worry about stains or dirt.

Customer’s review

“Many times, I have had terrible sweaty nights with my hair soaked in the pillow. It’s just three weeks since I bought this pillow, and I have better and dry nights. I got value for my money!”

“My husband struggles with sweaty nights. I have since bought this pillow for him, and he loves it. It is cool! I would recommend it for anyone looking for a cool pillow.”

What You May Not Like  

Comes with a flat board – A few customers have complained about the pillow having a flatter board than they expected.

Stuffing comes out easily – When you hold the two corners of the cases, almost half of the staffing goes to the bottom, leaving almost all the pillow with just a case.

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The Original Pillow with A Hole

Your Ear’s Best Friend – England made, Comfortable, peaceful, pain-free

sleeping pillow with a hole

Best for – Anyone struggling with pain and discomfort due to the ear being squashed by the pillow.

What Is Outstanding About This Pillow?

Helps you stay cool and comfortable – The pillow is specifically designed to get rid of any kind of pressure from your ear.

Its unique design helps the ear to stay cool and comfortable throughout the night. Its unique design helps you to stay cool and comfortable throughout the night.

Highly versatile – Easily adaptable to personal preference like different sleeping positions. Additionally, it is suitable for different climatic conditions. It has become a great friend in many homes owing to the high-quality materials used in the manufacture.

Customers’ Reviews

“I bought this pillow for my grandfather who was always complaining of not being able to sleep laid on his ears; at first, I was not sure it would help. After a few trials and adjustments with the filling, the pillow has worked magic. He now sleeps seeps like a child!

“I have struggled with ear pain for long. I have been down to push down the pillow, trying to create space. However, it’s a little expensive. The pillow is worth every pillow.

What You May Not Like

Earhole far from the hole – Its ear hole is too far from the pillow and too close to the edge of the top. People with long necks will find the edge of the ear hole cutting across the ear.

Not too thick – Even when stuffed to the brim, it does not offer the thickness offered by an ordinary pillow. Subsequently, when another pillow is added, it becomes too thick and can give you a headache.

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Lumbar Pillow

Soft memory foam – Orthopedic Bed Cushion, Soft Memory Foam

lumbar support pillow for sleeping

Best for – Anyone struggling with lower back pain and is suitable for back and side sleepers. The pillow is also recommended for weighty people.

What Makes This Pillow Is Outstanding?

Maximum comfort – The lumbar pillow is designed to provide maximum comfort between your waist and bed to keep your legs, hip and spine. It is made to improve spine posture and distribute the force of gravity across the spine.

Multiple uses – The pillow can provide support from various positions; it can elevate the upper part of the body, calf or below the knee and elevate the lower back or knee. It is also designed to support the back while adapting to the curve on the spine.

Made from 100% Memory Foam – The lumbar pillow is 100% premium foam and can retain its shape for a long. It comes with a removable zip pillow that is machine washable with a protective outer and outer cover.

Customers’ Reviews

“I love this pillow; I can use it in many different positions; it helps to lessen the strain on my joint. At first, I was worried about the chemical smell; the good thing is that it disappeared after 24 hours.”

“In the past, I used to fold a bath towel and position it on my waist to sleep on my side comfortably. Being two months pregnant, I desperately needed something to improve my comfort during sleep. This pillow has worked miracles for me! It is a perfect shape; size, and I sleep better. I Recommend it”.

What You May Not Like

Easily loses its shape – A few customers have complained about the pillow losing its shape and support after a short time of use.

Too soft – It does not seem to be firm enough to support the waist of the weighty people.

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Beans 72 Organic Buckwheat Pillow

Organic pillow – Polyester, Japanese size 14×20, 100% cotton

buckwheat filling pillow for sleeping

Best for – People struggling with shoulder and neck ache

What Makes This Pillow Outstanding?

100% Natural Cotton – The filling is made with 100% US organic Buckwheat. The buckwheat allows air to circulate throughout the pillow, cooling it quickly.

Machine washable – The pillowcase is machine washable, and so you have no reason to worry about stains or dirt.

Relieves pain – The pillow is designed to relieve common problems such as tension, stiff neck, stress and even muscle pain. It conforms and adjust perfectly with your head, neck and spine and does not collapse even under immense pressure.

Customers’ reviews

“It took me quite some time to adjust to this pillow, but ever since I got used to it, I have completely fallen for it, and I have no regrets for buying it. It gives me maximum comfort and support throughout the night. I used to wake up with a clogged nose in the past, but now that is past”.

“It is well-zipped and has buckwheat hulls inside. There is no other interior liner holding the hulls in the case. The pillowcase I was using was way too big for my head; this pillow works well. I would recommend it to anyone.”

What You May Not Like

It comes with a weird smell – Some users have complained about the pillow having some weird smell which gave them a terrible headache.

Clings to the mattress – After some time of use, it clings to the mattress after a long time of use.

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What’s Your Sleeping Position?

Some people have a favorite sleeping position while others keep changing. Certain conditions like pregnancy and other health conditions can dictate your sleeping condition.

In such cases, getting the right sleeping posture can make a huge difference. Choosing the wrong sleeping position can cause aggregate neck or back pain.

Research also suggests that choosing a wrong sleeping position may cause toxins to filter out of your brain slowly, leaving you exhausted for a longer time.

Side sleeping

Experts recommend side sleeping to help relieve snoring and improve digestion. The right side might worsen symptoms of acid reflux and other digestive issues.

Sleeping on the left also has its fair share of effects; the stomach will stay below the esophagus, making it tough for stomach acid to go up.

During pregnancy, left side sleeping is preferable since it reduces heartburn, relieves pressure in the uterus and helps to improve blood flow. Side sleeping also helps to relieve back pain and improve spinal alignment.

Stomach Sleeping

While stomach sleeping may have some benefits like sleep apnea and chronic snoring, it adds stress to the neck and lowers the back, especially if you sleep on a soft bed.

Such strain can throw the spine out of its alignment and cause lingering. Stomach sleeping causes daytime pain.

Back Sleeping

Back sleeping has several benefits depending on age. For instance, pedestrians recommend putting infants to sleep on their backs to reduce the risk of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome).

For adults, back sleeping may not offer the most appropriate rest.  People with lower back and neck pain find back sleeping not suitable as it worsens the pain.

With Arm Under

Without a doubt, sleeping with the arm is the favourite sleeping position for most sleepers. Although it feels so right, it is not recommended.

Sleeping on the arm can cause pain and numbness on the arm and shoulder. Also, the position can misalign your head and neck out of your spine and discomfort.

If you feel comfortable sleeping on your arm, the problem is probably on your pillow. When you have a flat pillow, and your head sinks too low down the pillow, it’s a natural reaction to want to support your head with your arm.

If your head is supported appropriately, your arm will be left free, and you can use it for other things.


What Size of The Pillow Should You Choose?

Pillows enhance your sleep by providing the required balance and giving your bed a completely different look. They come in different sizes to suit different needs. There are two major pillow sizes, queen and king size pillows.

Queen size pillow

The standard size of this pillow is 20 by 30 inches, but there may be few slight variations in dimensions depending on manufacturing companies.

A queen size pillow perfectly fits the standard pillowcase, it can be placed across a twin, and two such pillows can fit perfectly across a queen size bed.

You can also place two queen pillows across full, King or California King and can be placed across the bed with extra space in between.

King Size Pillow Dimensions

A king-size pillow measures 20 inches by 36 inches, but it may differ depending on the brand. Such pillows are convenient for active sleepers who tend to toss a lot in bed.

You can make use of a back pillow for back support when sitting or reading in bed. The extra length provides lumbar support.


Outcomes that Bad Sleeping Quality May Lead to

Do you experience problems of bad sleeping? You might be shocked to even here that such a thing is even possible.

Sleep is something everyone needs every night, and it is when the body re-energizes, rests and heals itself. So how could something so healthy actually be a source of problems? There’s more than one way, so keep reading to find out a few.

Why choose the best pillows for sleeping

Sleep apnea is an increasingly common problem among sleepers. This is when the body lies prone in such a way that the sufferer actually stops breathing for a few moments.

It usually does not cause such distress to the body that the person wakes up, because of less metabolic needs during unconsciouness, yet over time that can prove to be a potentially fatal health risk.

Back and joint problems can also happen from bad sleep. If a mattress is too soft or hard, or parts of the body are not supported properly during rest, then individual joints and even nerves can be stressed greatly, causing physical pain and decreased functionality.

Neck pillows and anything that lets the spine curve naturally help out. Leg pillows that keep the knees apart can also help the legs and hips.

Obesity is a common problem of bad sleeping, especially in regards to the amount of sleep someone gets. The less hours a person sleeps, the more the body signals hunger the next day, as it needs extra calories to provide the energy missed from insufficient rest.

While the amount varies from person to person, most human adults need seven to nine hours of sleep a night.

Avana Contoured Bed Wedge Support Pillow with Bamboo Cover for Side Sleepers


Choosing The Right Case And Protector Material For Pillow

A pillow cover is important because it is designed to help make sleeping on the pillow easier. It can increase the life of the pillow, and that is essential for your investment.

Being able to sleep on a pillow that is beautiful and soft becomes necessary. You cannot sleep with a pillow that is not as cozy as you want it to be. This can lead to problems with your sleep, and that ‘s hard for anyone.

  • Dust Resistance

Your head is going to be resting on the cover, so if dust is settling in, you are now exposing the skin to this. So choose a dust resistance pillow cover is important. You also want to look at the softness and make sure that it is gentle on the skin.

  • Sofeness

Some people don’t think about the softness and then hate sleeping on the pillow. You want something that is soft and won’t be noticeable when you lay down. Here for Choosing Right Firm Pillows

  • Noise Prevention

The last tip would be to look at the noise factor and the overall breathability of the pillow. You can’t get a pillow that is going to make a lot of noise when you are resting.

Some covers make noise when you turn, and that is annoying. You should also look at how breathable the fabric is because it will start to smell over time if it isn’t allowed to relax.

Make sure it does not sweat as that is going to ruin the pillow’s durability which is not a good thing for you and the pillow. The most popular is washable bamboo cool cover not heat, comfortable cover allows for deep sleep, and hypoallergenic & dust mite resistant for all people use.


Final Thoughts

These are the factors that are going to come into play for those who are hoping to get a good pillow for sleeping. You want to spend time on case as much has you would be on the filling because it is equally important.

We sincerely hope this articles can help you know better on how to deciding your own pillow. Have a nice sleep!