How to Use a Nursing Pillow?

First-time mothers are always nervous over every step of their motherhood. It is because it is a learning process from start to end.

Finding products that help to make the process simpler and comfortable is welcome to first-time mothers.

One of the items that can help a first-time mother learn how to breastfeed and help the baby reach the nipples and suckle easily is the feeding pillows.

It is commonly known as a nursing pillow. The nursing pillow supports the baby and helps the mother to sit in a comfortable posture.

tips to use a nursing pillow


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How to Use a Nursing Pillow

You can use a feeding pillow in many different ways, including bottle-feeding the baby and using it when pregnant. It helps relieve pain when you are holding the baby to bottle feed them.

You also need to know how best to feed the baby, after you purchase your pillow. Here are the best ways to use your feeding pillow.

  • For best breastfeeding, you need a quiet and comfortable place. You need your baby to feed without distractions and also one that will allow you to be relaxed.
  • You then need to place the pillow and snug it against your body in a way that it supports your arms and stabilizes your baby.
  • Positioning yourself well will ensure better feeding of your baby. Whether you are using a pillow with straps or wraps around your body, the most important thing is to ensure comfort during the process.
  • How you hold your baby during this process is very critical. Find the right breastfeeding position to make it easier for the baby to have a deep latch while suckling. The way you position the baby is a personal decision, but you must think of the comfort and easy suckling of the baby.


Your nursing pillow will be subjected to a lot of milk spilling when the baby spits up, unlatches unexpectedly and milk spilling from the breast. For that reason, it is prudent to clean your pillow often to ensure a clean pillow at all times.

You can also use the nursing pillow for other purposes, especially when you are expectant. It can help position yourself during pregnancy to provide a comfortable sleeping or sitting position.

Support Aid for Your Baby

The feeding pillow can also provide support to the growing baby learning how to sit. When your baby is between the ages of four to six months, the feeding pillow can help the baby learn how to sit.

Without support, the baby can hit their head on the floor, but the child will fall forward with the nursing pillow but have the chest rest on the pillow for support.

tips to use a feeding pillow


Benefits of a Nursing Pillow

1. Nursing Pillows save Your Back, Neck and Shoulders

The first few months after delivery, your baby will be feeding a lot, with some feeds taking more than an hour. Sitting down and nursing your baby requires you to be very comfortable because the process is repeated for hours and many days.

The joy of feeding the baby can be disrupted by the need to visit a chiropractor with pains in the back, neck and shoulders. A nursing pillow will help a mother to sit in a comfortable position and feed the baby without the fear of developing back pains.

2. Facilitates Faster Healing From C-Section

Mothers who have gone through a C-section during their delivery need to take good care of the surgical site to help faster healing. The feeding pillow helps prevent pressure on the stitches while feeding the baby.

It will help if the mothers cover the stitches with a nursing cloth before placing the nursing pillow to ensure no friction on the stitches.

3. Helps the Baby to Get Relief from Reflux

Most small babies suffer from reflux and colic, and mothers have to prop the babies to avoid reflux. Also, using nursing pillows is another way of propping the baby while breastfeeding to ensure they do not suffer from reflux, colic, or other gastrointestinal issues.

4. Helps the Baby to Get a Good Latch

Feeding pillows helps the mother to support the baby close to the body and the nipples. It is a great way of feeding the baby and provides a good latch. The baby can breastfeed without pain during the feeding section.

advantages of using a nursing pillow


Downsides of a Nursing Pillow

One reason mothers use nursing pillows is to position the baby’s mouth at the right height. It is important to prevent problems that may be a result of improper suctions.

It helps prevent nipple cracking and pain or down milk production, among others. However, if the mother is not careful, they may use too high pads and leave the baby to be covered by the breast.

If the pillow is not well-positioned, then it can turn the benefits and disadvantages. Every nursing mother needs to know the best way to position the pillow to provide comfort and ease to breastfeed.

Another downside of a nursing pillow is the inability to feed the baby away from home. When you get used to the comfort of feeding the baby with the feeding pillow, you may have issues when you are away from home.

You may have to carry the pillow, and if you do not have a car to carry the pillow, it can be cumbersome.

However, if you can adjust for the few hours you are not at home, the pillow can provide all the comfort you need later.


How to Choose a Nursing Pillow

Nursing pillows are not only for breastfeeding as you can also use them for other purposes. Getting the right nursing pillow is paramount to benefit from its use. Here are some of the best ways of choosing a nursing pillow:

how to pick a nursing pillow

1. Fit it

Some of the stores have sample feeding pillows to fit and see whether it fits your waist. Different mothers have different waist sizes, and it is important to ensure you have a pillow that fits your waist.

Fitting is one of the best ways to choose a pillow that will serve you well. Too tight feeding pillows will make you uncomfortable, while a shaky one will be hard to support the baby.

Some pillows are adjustable. You can adjust them to the size and the comfort of both you and the baby. These are the best to buy because you will keep adjusting according to the size of the baby.

2. Choose according to the Use

Having twins is a big blessing, but it is important to know that you may have to make some adjustments in several situations. For instance, if the twins are not the first children you have, you may have a single child feeding pillow.

When you are feeding twins, you have to buy a feeding pillow to serve the purpose well. You have to look for one that can serve twins.

3. Consider the Material

Some fabrics will appeal more than others when it comes to feeding pillows. But it is also important for you to consider the materials that are not hard to wash. You can ensure your baby always uses a clean pillow when you have easy to wash materials.



Feeding pillows are very helpful to mothers and especially for first-time mothers. They help support babies for better feeding and hold them from falling when learning how to sit. It is paramount to keep the pillows clean to take care of the health of your baby.