Best Lumbar Support Pillow – Waist Cure for Back Pain

The work of a lumbar support pillow in an office chair is supporting your back and maintaining the proper curve of the spine while you are sitting.

Without proper back support, your body may tend to compensate by slouching or leaning forward. This can, in turn, lead to poor posture or back pain in the end.

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Different Types of Lumbar Support Pillow

There are two types of lumbar support pillows to buy. These include the support pillows for the chair and those for the bed. Take a look.

For Chair

Memory Foam Back Cushion: Memory foam back cushions are excellent at maintaining the natural curve of your spine. This, in turn, promotes blood flow and prevents back tightness or muscle fatigue. Some brands are made of 100% bamboo, thus the best option to have for recliners.

Memory Foam Lumbar Support Pillow – Premium Support: This type of pillow is a pocket-friendly cost if you are looking for an inexpensive way to support your back while working for extended periods while sited. They are usually made from hypoallergenic cotton material and have a complimentary grey piping lining.

Orthopaedic Memory Foam Pillows: These pillows have a curved structure and spine support for a comfortable sitting position. They may come with extra features, including an adjustable and removable strap that safely secures the pillow to the backrest of your chair.

Duro-Med Relax A Bac Lumbar Pillow: These pillows have a wooden insert that supports individuals needing extra firmness in their pad. The cushion is designed to keep your spine well-aligned and comes with a highly resilient foam that does not deform after prolonged use.

Self-Inflating Travel Pad Lumbar Support Pillow: As the name suggests, these pillows are inflated by simply twisting clockwise the embedded valve. They are the best ones for travel since you only need to slip them into your handbag or backpack. It gives you support through air and foam.

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For Bed

Foam rolls: These are cylindrical-shaped pillows that are so versatile. They are used to support your neck and your lower back despite being a side or back sleeper.

Triangular foam: These lumbar pillows are triangular and are specifically used for lower back support. They are made using memory foam.

Inflatable pillows: Their height is adjustable to give you the support you require. If you are having trouble finding the right lumbar pillow, this would be an excellent pick for you.

Lumbar belts: These belts wrap around the waist above the hips to provide lower back support to a side or back sleeper. It is excellent for combination sleepers or those that move around too much while sleeping.

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How to Choose A Lumbar Support Pillow?

Choosing a perfect lumbar support pillow may not be a challenging task if you have bought it before. However, it can become a nightmare if you did not get it right the first time or your first time. A few features qualify your pick as an excellent one. Here are just a few features to check out.


Always go for a cushion that is of perfect dimension for your back. Are you a heavy person? If yes, then you would prefer one with a firmer design with guaranteed firmness when used over time. Shorter people, on the other hand, should pick thicker lumbar support pillows.

The size and dimensions affect the lumbar support effectiveness given that the height of the support pillow on both the height of the person sitting on the chair and the chair itself.

Deep support pillows are the best for deep chairs, while thin ones are excellent cars, planes, or even sofas seats. Therefore, go with one that fits your body profile.


You will always need the cushion whenever you are sitting. Hence, choose a breathable cover. A breathable cover ensures your back stays cool all the time. Choose ideal cover designs and excellent colors that will match your furniture.

With the best type of cover comes air circulation. To know whether your cover is good, you have to consider how much time you will spend on that chair.

If breathability is of the essence, then get help on which one to select. Usually, one with a mesh design guarantees the comfort you deserve.


Quality material guarantees long life; thus, the more money you will save on repairs and replacement. Investing in low-quality material for lumbar support pillows is not advisable because it does not offer any support. In any case, it is too soft and will lose shape fast.

Make sure you buy from a reputable vendor, read their reviews first, and consider individual product descriptions.  Always ensure they have a high resistant level. You may still get a softer pillow that could provide superb support for your back.

Since comfort is of the essence, after all, ensure the material is of top quality, and neither should it be too soft nor too firm.


Adjustable straps make the support pillows to be even more convenient. A lumbar support pillow with two adjustable straps and ensures that they are not too short.

The ideal length makes the support pillow easy to use on average, to big chairs. The straps should keep the cushion in place; hence you don’t worry about it getting out of position.


Back support pillows come in different styles and designs. Ensure you pick one that suits your needs. There are single-feature cushions, and then there are the advanced lumber pillows with advanced features to support other body parts such as the hips or even the neck.


You wouldn’t want any component of your support pillows to get broken or ripped off a few days after your purchase. Therefore, it is crucial to choose one with wider straps and buckles rather than the elastic ones. Non-elastic ones do last longer. Also, select the 3D mesh covers as they are more durable.

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Why Do You Need A Lumbar Support Pillow?

Relieve Back Pain

The work of a lumbar support pillow is to help alleviate lower back pain among people suffering from it. If you love to sit in one place for long hours, you are more susceptible to lower back pain; hence the lumbar support pillow can help prevent the pain.

Relax Your Muscle

A lumbar support pillow is an excellent way to relieve the tension of the day. Place it behind your back and support some of your weight. Placing it here takes away the strain that your muscles might be experiencing and relaxes them.

This will, in the end, help to release knots that may have built up. It will also improve your posture since you need not compensate for the straining muscles.

They Support Your Spine

The spine is responsible for carrying a more significant chunk of your body weight and keeping you upright and moving correctly every day.

Daily activities may exert a lot of pressure on the spine. Providing your spine with customized support is an essential part of taking care of your spine.

These pillows are so flexible and will provide your spine with the much-needed support without losing shape. Memory foam lumbar support pillows are a perfect choice for spine support.

The pillow’s memory foam steadily warms with your body, molds to your shape, and supports everywhere it needs to support.

Make Travel Easier

Spending extended periods in a plane or vehicle can cause a lot of pain and aches. Your shoulders may tense, your hips may hurt, and you might begin to experience back pain. It is vital that when boarding a flight for long hours, you ensure to pack a support pillow to use in the flight.

Plane seats are barely made with ergonomics in mind. Thus, a lumbar support pillow comes in handy to ease backpressure, making you stay comfortable throughout long flights.

Support pillows are also recommended for long car rides or drives.  They will keep you from slouching in your seat and keep your hips in a better position throughout the journey.

Align Your Spine

When you are sleeping, it’s crucial to observe your spine as your body relaxes into bed. Side sleepers may notice their spine curving down to the side. On the other hand, back sleepers or stomach sleepers may experience the curve in their low back becoming more pronounced.

Sleeping with a lumbar support pillow may help align your spine. Side sleepers ought to tuck the support pillow under their waist.

Those sleeping on their stomach should place it under their hips, and back sleepers should slide it under their knees to pull their hips and lower back to the correct position.

Improve Posture

This pillow helps to improve your posture when driving or sitting on your desk. Other than this, it also offers long-term benefits. With regular use of the lumbar pillows, your posture will be improved even when you are not sitting.


Review of Best Lumbar Support Pillow

Memory Foam – LOVEHOME Lumbar Support Pillow

office chair cushion for back pain

Best for – Anyone who experiences back pain and or is confined to a wheelchair, office chairs, drivers, gamers, etc.

What makes this support pillow outstanding?

Removable and washable cover – This office chair pillow comes with a 3D mesh ventilative cover that enhances air circulation, preventing the buildup of sweat and moisture. Thus, it is excellent for people who sit for long hours without taking breaks.

Two adjustable straps – The car and chair support pillow have two adjustable straps to keep the cushion in place and prevent it from sliding down when used on the office chair.

Sturdy and effective – This back support is molded with high-quality foam; hence it never flattens out. It takes the shape of the back, thus reliefs numbness on your back while providing comfort.

Customers Reviews

“Sitting more than 7 hours straight is not a joke. I soon started developing some back pain and other problems. I tried foam rollers, massages, and even stretching to no avail. It was not until my girlfriend advised me to buy this lumbar support pillow for my office recliner. It is now a year and, the pain is gone”

“This is my all-time favorite lumbar support pillow that is comfortable and lets me game more.”

What You May Not Like

No installation guide –The photo shown can be misleading, and you can spend too much time putting it together.

Too small – This lumbar back support is small and flimsy, and of poor quality. It won’t work on big-bodied individuals.

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Adjustable straps – Qutool Lumbar Support Pillow

lumbar support cushion for chair

Best for – Pregnant women teachers, drivers, people in wheelchairs, students, gamers, the elderly can use this support and get the much-needed support for their back when sitting for long hours.

What makes this support pillow outstanding?

Unique back support pillow – This support will help you if you spend most of your time sitting. The ergonomically designed support will relieve lower, mid, and upper back pain and tightness. Continued use will enable you to achieve a healthy posture and maintain the curve of your spinal cord.

Two adjustable straps –These straps will hold the support in place in your chair despite how much you move around. The straps can be used on your SUV, wheelchair, sofa, couch, computer, or office chair.

Breathable 3D mesh cover – It comes with a removable and washable cushion. The hypoallergenic 3D mesh cover enhances air circulation keeping your back cool and comfy. It also discourages the buildup of sweat and moisture during all seasons.

Five years guarantee – A hassle-free return or refund policy backs the cushion. You are also guaranteed a 5-year warranty. If you feel it does not meet your expectation, you are free to return it and get a refund or a replacement.

Orthopaedic doctors recommend it – The cushion relieves pressure and automatically takes the shape of your spine. Hence it will help you achieve a natural posture while relieves unnecessary stress.

Customer Reviews

“I have found the best support I needed since the day I purchased this cushion. Pain in my lower back has since eased, and my hips have aligned. I use it in my office.”

“versatility is of the essence, and with this support pillow, I don’t need to buy an extra one. I have one in my home office, which I always take with me whenever I’m driving to work or driving for long hours in my SUV.”

What You May Not Like

Smelly  I’m not happy at all since the day I unpacked it; it had some funny smell of dirt, wet and mouldy. I can always go for better.

Too thick – This support is so thick I feared for my posture. A good lumbar support should be less than 4 or 3 inches. This one has way too much heavy foam.

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Cooling Gel Memory Foam – Pet Step Lumbar Pillow for Sleeping

gel foam lumbar support pillow

Best for – People with spine and back problems and both side and stomach sleepers

What Makes This Support Pillow Outstanding?

Machine washable cover – It has a hypoallergenic and super-soft fabric. The material is made using recyclable and environmentally friendly. The material is removable and can be washed using a washing machine, promoting a clean and better environment.

Wake up freshened up – It improves your sleeping position and posture while still providing relief from back pain. It is engineered to cushion your back as it adapts to your spinal curve if you are a back sleeper. Also ideal for side and facedown sleepers.

Up to standards- The cushion has been manufactured upholding best quality control and adhering to set criteria.

Customers Reviews

“The best for after birth mothers like me. It offered a solution for my back pain when I delivered. I used to get up in the morning with a piecing back pain, but as soon as I started using it, the pain has since disappeared.”

“It was and is still great for the value. A friend recommended this to me since I spent money on other lumbar support, losing shape and firmness after a few days. This one is not only pocket friendly but also serves the purpose.”

What You May Not Like

Too thick – This product was too high under me when I lay on my back.

Does not regulate temperature – The cooling part does not work; it doesn’t regulate temperature.

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Gel Cooling Pillow – Mkicesky Gel Lumbar Support Sleeping Pillow

lumbar cushion for back pain

Best for – Side sleepers and correct spine to a recommended position

What makes this support pillow outstanding?

Firm memory foam –This cushion is made using 100%slow rebound memory foam

Support for back, knees, and legs – It can be used for under knees, hips to relieve pain and provide comfort. It is excellent bed support to alleviate leg, joint, and hip pain.

Odorless and well packaged – The material used to manufacture it don’t release odours. There are no fire retardants or phthalates used. The cool gel cover is removable for hand washing.

Backed by a 100-day hassle-free return policy – If this product does not suit your needs within 100 nights, you are free to return it for a refund or replacement.

Customers Reviews

“I have never used alternative equipment or sleep support pillows because this one always works for me. I can’t complain.”

“Most times, I’m never comfortable in bed due to lower back pain. This pillow, however, has been a game-changer as it offered overwhelming support and my lower back.”

What You May Not Like

Does not provide adequate support – A few customers have complained about the pillow not providing enough support to relieve pain.

Poor quality material – The lower covering gel gets ripped fast.

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Where Should A Lumbar Pillow Be Placed?

These support pillows are popular accessories on recliner chairs or work chairs and even in cars to make your sitting more comfortable. They are suitable for wheelchairs too.  They are placed on a chair in the lumbar position between your lower back up.

What’s the Difference Between Lumbar Pillows and Back Brace?

Lumbar pillows are for everyday use in the office, home, or while driving or flying. This is not the case with back braces.

Braces are meant for patients with significant back issues and are prescribed by a doctor to correct the problem and restore proper posture. Patients with herniated disks usually wear braces around their waist for support.

Can You Sleep with A Lumbar Pillow?

Yes, as there are lumber support pillows for the chair, there are those for the bed. These are meant to address the lack of support while sleeping. Only ensure you use one that is not too thick since it can be detrimental to your natural spine alignment.