How to Measure a Pillow

When you have a pillow that you would like to update with a homemade home pillow cover, you will realize how difficult it is to get the actual size of a pillow. In this article, we will take you through how to measure the size of your pillow to purchase the right size pillow cover.

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Tips for Measuring A Pillow

Many people order new pillows online in this digital age, and a few buy them from the store. No matter how you choose to buy your pillow, the biggest challenge is getting the right dimension.

When measuring a pillow, here are a few tips to put into consideration. Do not measure the pillow from the bottom, diagonally or transversely or centre to the top.

To get the right dimension, measure the pillow from side to side. This means that you should measure the pillow from one end along its rectangular vertex to the other. That way, you will get the right width and height of your pillow.

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How to Measure A Pillow Size?

Step 1: Find a measuring tape or flexible ruler

The pillow is rounded and three-dimensional, and so you need a bendable ruler that can bend with the curves. To get the best results, use a tape measure and someone to give a helping hand.

Step 2: Locate the Correct Direction for The Pillow

Many people do not know that pillows have a top and bottom end. First, locate the bottom, where the closure of the cover is situated. If the pillowcase cover is removable and has a zip, that bottom side is where the zipper is located.

Once you have correctly located the bottom and top, measure the width and distance from left to right.

STEP 3: Measure the Height

Get someone to help you hold the tape along the seam, ensure that 0 lines up with the seam. Start by measuring the height to get the first number you will indicate in the pillow cover measurement, not to forget once you are done taking the measurements.

Step 4: Measure the Width

Getting the width is simple; this is the measurement from left to right. Use the same formula you used to measure the height of the pillow.

You can indicate the measurement on a piece of paper or the pillowcase, depending on your convenience. If you are not careful, you can easily confuse these measurements.

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What Is A King Size Pillow?

A king-size pillow is the largest of all the four types of pillows in the market. It measures 20 by 36 inches. The pillow is a good fit for sleepers who move a lot or prefer huge surface areas to rest and relax.

For a king-size bed, you require two king-size beds to fit well when propped against a headboard.


What Is A Standard Pillow Size?

Standard pillows are the smallest of all sleeping pillows measuring 20 by 26. They are mostly associated with twin or double beds, and two of these pillows can fit a double bed perfectly. When you go to the market, most standard pillows are labelled standard/queen size pillows.

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How to Choose the Size of a Pillow?

Before anything else, the most important job for a pillow is to support and provide a good sleeping position all night long. A good pillow keeps your head, neck, and spine in a neutral alignment and supports the natural curvature of your spine.

Every person has a preferred sleeping position. A pillow that works well for me will not necessarily work the same for you. Before getting into the little details that satisfy your wants, first ensure that the pillow you are about to take home supports your neutral spine.

The good news is that there are hundreds of pillows out there, so you will not struggle much to find one that perfectly suits your needs.

There are a lot more things to consider when hunting for the most suitable pillow. For example, memory foam fans, latex lovers, hot sleepers, eco-friendly folks will go for specific pillows to accommodate their personal preferences.

Remember, a perfect pillow accommodates your personal preference and is compatible with your whole self.



Pillow cover measurements are mostly made on measurements from seam to seam. A pillowcase mat appears smaller, especially if you measure from the front.

For this reason, for you to get the most accurate measurements, remove the pillow cover, turn it inside out, lay it flat and measure it from seam to seam.