Best Pillow for Reading in Bed and Watching TV (2021 Updated)

Are you a fan of reading books? If this is the case, you probably do not care where you read from, which means that you might find yourself reading from the bed in several instances.

While reading a book while lying on the bed can help you unwind, it can also be frustrating, more importantly, when you find yourself struggling to find a comfortable position.

In fact, you might find yourself shifting regularly to alleviate numb body parts. The result? Concentrating on trying to stay comfortable instead of focusing on the book in front of you.

To avoid that, you can always assume the most comfortable reading positing with the best pillow for reading in bed.

Below are some best reading pillows and noteworthy points before buying.


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How to Choose a Pillow for Reading in Bed?

Most comfortable pillows to Reading in Bed

1. The softness of the cover

When using a pillow while reading on the bed, the chances are that the fabric of the cover will come into contact with your skin. That said, you must get a pillow that features a cover that is soft to the touch.

That way, you will never have to worry about it irritating the skin or resulting in discomfort.

2. Hypoallergenic fabrics

Along with having a soft-fabric cover, the best reading pillow must be made using hypoallergenic fibers. The reason for recommending this is to take care of the needs of those who suffer from allergies and asthma.

With a pillow that features hypoallergenic fibers, you do not have to worry about it exposing such family members to elements that will worsen their condition.

3. High-density support

The best pillow for reading in bed must incorporate a supportive backrest. After all, this is the only way to prevent neck and shoulder strain as well as promote an upright posture.

Therefore, get a pillow that features a supportive backrest, and better still, a backrest made of materials that conform to the spine and lumbar region, including polyfoam, memory foam, and fiberfill.

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4. Ease of cleaning

Moreover, look for a reading pillow that is easy to clean. After all, accidents happen, and you do not want to settle for a reading pillow that will give you a difficult time when you want to get rid of the stains and spills.

Therefore, opt for a pillow that features fabrics that are easy to spot clean. Besides, you could get one that includes a removable cover for easy cleaning.

5. Size

Note that reading pillows do not assume one size. Some pillows are bigger and suitable for use by bigger individuals, while others are small and suitable for teenagers and small adults.

That said, pay attention to the dimensions of the pillow, more importantly, when you need a reading pad that will support the entire back or one that will accommodate larger people.

6. Arm support

Reading pillows are of different types. You could opt to get a wedge pillow, pyramid pillow, or husband pillow.

  • Wedge and pyramid pillows do not incorporate armrests;
  • Husband pillow includes armrests so that it can support the arms.

That said, consider if you will need support for the arms depending on the position you assume while reading so that you can settle for the right reading pad.

7. Removable cover

Last but not least, you might want to choose a reading pillow that features a removable cover. This is going to enable you wash it.

Besides, in case you decide to redecorate your house, you can simply buy new covers to match the new colors, instead of replacing the pillows.


Reviews of the 7 Best Reading Pillows for Bed

These pillows can support your back so that you can reduce the discomfort and focus on the story ahead of you. That said, allow me to introduce you to the best pillows for reading in bed.

1. Best Overall – Linenspa Shredded Foam Pillow for Neck Support


  • Carry handle for portability.
  • Plush and soft velour cover.
  • Supportive foam.
  • The pillow unfolds easily.
  • Support for back and neck.


  • It is in extra large size.

book pillow for reading in bed

Responding to the need for a high-quality memory foam pillow is the Linespa Shredded Foam Pillow. It is an extra-large size pillow suitable for use by adults and teens.

The pillow comes in two sizes, a standard and extra-large size. Also, it features a plush and durable velour cover. The cover is available in two neutral colors designed to work perfectly in any room.

Fitted with adjustable neck support, you can adjust the support that the pillow offers so that you can get the right amount of extra comfort. Or, you can remove the neck support and use it for an added leg cushion.

The shredded foam pillow arrives while compressed and rolled in a box so that you can simply shake and fluff it for use. Besides, the pillow’s memory foam is CertiPUR US certified for safety and comfort.

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2. Wedge Pillow – Soraken Large Back Support Pillow for Reading


  • Soft and removable cover.
  • Two types of foam for comfort and support
  • Top handle for portability.
  • Ergonomically shaped and comfortable to use.


  • One-color selection.

wedge pillow for reading in bed

If you are looking for a wedge-type pillow for reading in bed, I would recommend the Soraken Back Support Pillow.

It features a 7-in-1 folding design. As a result, you can fold it in such a way that it will support the back, head, or legs.

Better still, the pillow measures 23″wide and 12″ deep. These measurements allow it to fit any bed to keep you comfortable while sleeping, sitting, or lying down.

The wedge pillow can be used at 30 degrees or 60 degrees, a measure that allows you to find a perfect elevation to support the lower or upper back.

It features breathable memory foam and a premium 25D foam so that it can remain firm enough and provide lasting comfort and support.

The pillow features a sturdy carrying handle for easy movement. Also, it has a removable and washable cover for easy maintenance.

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3. Best for Kids – SUNSIDE Reading Pillow with Arms Support


  • Removable cover for easy washing.
  • Comfortable and supportive.
  • Strong and holds its shape.
  • A little pocket is suitable for storing a phone.


  • White color may require frequent cleaning.

bed bath and beyond reading pillow

For the best pillow for use by kids, you will be amazed at the comfort the Sunside reading pillow has in store for you.

It features a shredded memory foam for exceptional comfort and support. The foam can contour to the shape of the body and provide excellent support for the shoulders, head, back and arms.

The reading pillow includes a soft-to-the-touch velvet cover, which is removable and machine washable for easy cleaning. The pillow integrates a hidden zipper that opens for the insertion of the cushion.

Also, it features a luxurious embroidery pattern and color to provide an elegant look. The velour cover includes side pockets for the secure storage of small items.

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4. Best Budget – Brentwood Versatile Pillow for Comfortableness


  • Well-made and durable.
  • Small and suitable for use in small spaces.
  • Comfortable and supportive.


  • No extra functions.

bed reading pillow with arms

If you are on a budget but still in need of the best pillow for reading in bed, I would recommend that you buy the Brentwood Pillow.

It is a versatile pillow suitable for use in a living room, at the stadium, in the dorm room, or during a picnic. This pillow features a 100% polyester fill. The filling can provide excellent support for user comfort while reading in bed.

Also, it has an easy-clean fabric. You can spot clean the fabric using a damp cloth for easy maintenance. A sturdy handle is based on the top of the pillow, making it easy to move it from one room to the next.

The pillow comes in a variety of colors including navy, shaded spruce, chili pepper, tan, coffee bean, and black.

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5. Cup Holders – Cascadia Essentials Backrest Reading Pillow in Bed


  • Two built-in cup holders.
  • Durable and lasting materials.
  • Soft and supportive.


  • Only grey colors.

back support pillow for reading in bed

For perfect backrest support, I would recommend that you get the Cascadia Essentials Backrest Reading Pillow.

Whether you need it while watching TV, studying, gaming, or relaxing in bed, you can expect this pillow to support you so that you can sit in bed comfortably and relieve back pain.

The pillow features a grab handle that allows you to lift it comfortably and take it from one place to the next.

Also, it features soft shredded memory foam. This foam can contour to the back for exceptional comfort and support while sitting. The exterior integrates a soft grey velour fabric for comfort and easy maintenance.

Plus, the pillow includes two built-in cup holders. These holders are suitable for storing items including pens, drinks, and electronic devices.

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6. Triangle – Moonase Large Positioning Support Pillow with Pocket


  • Lots of color choices.
  • Comfortable and supportive.
  • Removable color for easy cleaning.


  • Not suitable for a small bed.

best reading pillows for bed

The Moonase is a large support pillow. It can provide excellent back and neck support, thus an ideal choice for reading, playing video games, and watching TV. The pillow features a triangular shape that matches the natural curvature of the human.

Moreover, it is filled with a high-quality PP cotton. This material is durable, soft, and with good elasticity so that it can support you comfortably.

The pillow features a button design so that it can look fuller. Moreover, it features side pockets suitable for storing a TV remote, cell phone, and other small items.

The pillow includes a zippered cover for easy removal and washing. Its polyester fiber can maintain its shape without squishing for durability.

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7. Lumbar Support – HOKEKI Support Reading Pillow for Bed


  • Removable and machine-washable cover.
  • Thick and comfortable memory foam.
  • The cover is breathable.
  • No peculiar smell.


  • One-color option.

lumbar support bed reading pillow

This is a multi-position lumbar support pillow. Back sleepers, side sleepers, and stomach sleepers can use it with an assurance of comfort. For stomach sleepers, the pillow can align the space between the head and base of the spine.

Back sleepers can use it to fill the space between the waist and bed, while side sleepers can use it in the curve of the waist and straighten the spine to a neutral position.

The lumbar pillow is made using low-pressure high-density memory foam. This foam reduces the pressure on the waist while it molds to the neck to provide the desired comfort and support.

Also, the pillow includes an inner cover and outer cover. The inner cover protects the foam from getting stains, dirt, and dust while the breathable outer cover is removable for easy cleaning.

The pillow is free of fire retardants, volatile organic compounds, and phthalates for user safety.

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Why Do You Need to Buy a Reading Pillow for Bed?

– Support Your Back

Reading or watching TV in bed is one of the most common little pleasures of life. Nonetheless, this position can be hard on your back, especially if you maintain it for long periods of time.

This is why you either need to change your position frequently while reading or watching movies, or use a backrest or something to provide you the needed support for avoiding putting too much strain on your back.

The purpose of bed reading pillows is to provide support for your back, so that you can enjoy your favorite leisure activities without endangering your health.

– Versatile in Use

Besides, such pillows can help you fit more people in your living room, as you can lay them directly on the ground. This is a good way of enjoying watching movies together with your friends, without having to fill your house with chairs.

If you have teens, they probably love to lay on the floor and watch TV anyway, so they are going to be thrilled by your idea of getting them reading pillows to be more comfortable.

– Less Strain on Your Spine

Scientists say it isn’t good for you to maintain the same position for a long time. You should probably consider taking 5 minute breaks every 30 minutes while reading or watching TV.

Nonetheless, if you make sure your back is properly supported, your passion for reading or watching TV is going to put less strain on your spine. This is what bed reading pillows are for.


What Is the Best Ergonomic Bed Reading Pillow?

However, not all bed reading and TV pillows are alike, so you should research your options before making a purchase.

  • Softness

The ideal pillow should have a certain degree of softness. Nonetheless, it has to be firm and have a proper shape, in order to give you good support.

If it’s too soft, it’s going to collapse under your weight, just like any regular pillow. On the other hand, too much firmness can be uncomfortable. This is why you have to search for the middle way.

  • Breathable

According to most consumer reviews, the best bed reading pillows are the ones filled with clusters of foam that can be patted and plumped to suit your needs.

This type of pillow allows for a very good airflow, thus being perfect for people who use to sit for many hours in a row, binge-watching their favorite series.

  • Arm Rest

In addition, a good pillow needs to have comfortable arm rests, so that you can find the position that suits you best.  As reading and television watching pillows can be quite heavy, it’s good to find one that has a carry handle on top.

You are going to love it whenever you’ll need to move your pillow from one room to another.

  • Proper Size

Size is also important, so you should always make sure you choose a pillow that enables you rest comfortably. A pillow which is too big for you won’t support your back properly. A too small one is going to make you want to change your position every five minutes or so.


How Can I Read Comfortably in Bed?

Reading in bed is never easy, given that you might find it challenging to get adequate support to help you sit comfortably and avoid the pain and discomfort that arises by not supporting the back entirely.

That said, I shall introduce you to some tips that will help you get comfortable on the bed so that you can read comfortably.

1. Get the best pillow for reading in bed

Although some people assume that they could use a regular bed pillow to support the back while reading, note that such cushions cannot provide the desired support.

You will need a larger and firmer pillow such as a wedge pillow so that it can adequately support the lower back up to the neck.

Such a pad should feature materials that conform to the curvature of the body so that you can get the right amount of support without any pressure.

2. Acquire a proper lighting

If you want to read comfortably while lying in bed, then you must get the best reading light. Such a light should not distract your partner’s sleep as you use it, while it shouldn’t leave you straining your eyes to see clearly.

Therefore, opt for a clip-on reading lamp. Such a light includes a clasp that clips on the book so that the light can beam on the book’s pages as opposed to the surrounding.

3. Purchase a Book Seat

Although you have your hands to hold the book while reading, eventually, your arms will get tired or numb, the reason you will benefit from getting a book seat.

A book seat provides a place for your book or tablet to rest in an open position so that you can hold a cup of your favorite tea while reading.

Besides, book seats are beneficial for people with weaker shoulders, hands, or arms as a result of old age, injury, or arthritis.

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The best pillow for reading in bed can help you avoid back pain and shoulder strain as a result of spending a lot of hours while reading in bed.

Therefore, buy either of the reviewed products so that you can make reading in bed better without straining the parts of your body.