Best Anti-Wrinkle Pillow

The moment we notice the first wrinkle on the face, the first thing many of us do is worry and search for a magic treatment to stall the aging process.

The sad reality is that there is no cure to maintaining a good body shape; however, some measures could help slow down the aging process by reducing wrinkles and achieving glowing skin. Here, we are not talking about using creams or any medicinal products, just using the right type of pillow.

During sleep, it is normal to toss, turn, lay on the side or in front, which causes the face to push up against the pillow’s fabric and push your face causing fine lines and wrinkles on your face.

Although some people can claim to sleep facing up, it isn’t easy to sleep in one position throughout the night. The most effective solution to wrinkles and good quality sleep is the anti-wrinkle pillows.


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What to Look for In A Wrinkle Pillow?


When selecting a wrinkle pillow, design is an important factor to consider. If you decide to go for a large pillow, that’s fine as long as you keep your posture at a good alignment.

Just ensure that the thickness or thinness of your wrinkle pillow enables you to keep your head, neck and shoulders are aligned with the spine. Also, make sure the pillowcase and pillow cover fits properly. Avoid a situation where you stuff a giant pillow into an undersized cover.

Wrinkles are often made in specialty to provide users with additional support and stability for their neck and head. Other uses of wrinkle pillows include support, stability and relief to pressure points in your body.


When selecting a pillowcase for your pillow, there are several fabric options to consider. Cotton is soft and breathable and can provide a luxe feel to the user. Pillowcases made of microfiber and polyester are cheap and work best as wrinkle-resistant.

Plain-weave pillow covers are also common in wrinkle pillows, but they have sateen and jersey weaves. Jersey brings in a live-in feeling while the sateen cover has an ultra-smooth feeling to the users. If you are looking for a silky-smooth pillowcase, it is perfect if you opt for satin.


Feeling hot and sweaty reduces the chances of a good night’s rest. Go for a wrinkle pillow that allows free airflow instead of trapping heat.

You need to understand that the denser the filling, the less breathable it will be to the head and neck. Pillows that stay cool are often made of polyester, or shredded foam and those made from a single slab of foam are the least breathable.

Although pillows with cooling gel pads give a somewhat refreshing feel, they quickly wear off and become the least breathable.


Tips to Prevent Wrinkles When Sleeping

With numerous assumptions on whether sleep increases wrinkles on the face or not, people have formulated natural solutions to keep this phenomenon under control for as long as possible. So, what measures can you take to prevent the effects of sleeping on your skin?

Sleeping on the back: Sleeping on the back is the best natural solution to preventing wrinkles on your face. Well, this might be a difficult option, especially if you have been a side sleeper all your life. It is almost essential to keep in mind that side sleeping is the solution for pregnant mothers. For this reason, this option is only viable if you are comfortable sleeping on your back and without any underlying conditions.

Anti-aging pillow: The second option on our list is getting an anti-aging pillow. As shown in our list of reviews, they come in various shapes and sizes. Some of these pillows are designed to force you to sleep on your back, while others are made to minimize contact between the pillow and the face. Others are even made to assist in cell hydration.

Sunscreen products: Applying sunscreens reduces the chance of wrinkles and lines appearing on your face. Such products are also beneficial in skin cancer prevention.

Nighttime cream: Last on our list is applying nighttime face creams to help in hydrating the face throughout the night. As you advance in age, one of your goals is to help boost collagen production, which is why face collagen-rich creams are helpful for people over the age of 30.



Do Wrinkle Pillows Work?

Wrinkle pillows are made to reduce pressure on the face during sleep. They are designed to allow you to sleep without your face coming into contact with the pillow.

They come in various designs; others encourage you to sleep on your back while others feature cut-ways to sleep on the side leaving the face exposed comfortably.

Most anti-wrinkle pillows are made from hypoallergenic materials and micro-bacterial properties to be kinder on the skin. Additionally, the stretch cotton fabric does not absorb cream and lotions you may have put on your face before sleep. The stretch cotton fabric reduces acne since dirt does not rub off the pillow onto the skin to clog pores.

Does A Silk Pillow Help with Wrinkles?

Silk pillowcases have become popular among beauty and wellness enthusiasts due to several benefits that come with these types of pillows. One of these benefits is wrinkle prevention.

Silk pillows help better your skin health by reducing friction between your face and pillow and preventing abrasion on the skin. Silk pillows also help to retain moisture which is essential in wrinkle prevention.


Reviews of Best Anti-Wrinkle Pillow

Slip Silk King Pillowcase

Momme Slip Pillowcase – 100% 22 momme Mulberry, Hypoallergenic, Silk, Envelope Type, Navy, King (20 x 36 Inch)

Best for – Hair and skin health, anti-aging, Back & Side sleepers

What Makes This Pillow Outstanding?

Eliminate sleep crease – Slipsilk has proven to reduce friction between the pillow and the skin, thus allowing the skin to glide along the pillow to help reduce pressure on creased skin.

Anti-aging components – Research has shown that this pillow significantly helps to absorb less face cream compared to other cotton pillowcases. They help to keep valuable face and hair products intact throughout the night.

Reduce hair tangling – Most ordinary pillowcases can cause hair tangling during the night. Slip silk pillow has proven to reduce friction by up to 43%, which helps to reduce stretching and tangling on delicate facial hair.

Easy care – Unlike most silk products in the market, Slipsilk is machine washable. When cleaning this product, use a ph-neutral liquid detergent or fabric softener. Avoid bleach products for better care.

Customers Reviews

“I love this pillow cover. Since I started using it, I see a huge difference in night wrinkles and morning hair. I don’t have to do much to my hair when getting ready for work. If it were not too expensive, I would have bought more for other members of my family.

“By far, it is the best pillowcase I have ever used. It is easy to clean, soft, perfect color (rose gold), and it looks luxurious. My only concern was the pillow was wrinkled when it arrived, which is not a big concern.”

What You May Not Like

Not long-lasting – Although it is a good product, it gets tattered fast which is disappointing considering its price.

Has no zipper – This causes the pillow to zip out constantly.



Anti-Wrinkle pillow – 100% Natural Beauty, Hypo-allergenic CertiPUR-US Certified memory foam,

Best for – Wrinkle prevention, Anti-Aging, Acne Treatment, Back & Side Sleepers

What Makes This Pillow Outstanding?

Comfortable and adequate neck support – It is designed to provide good night rest, adequate support to offer neck pain relief while working as an anti-aging pillow.

Anti-Acne/Anti-ageing – Whether you are a back or side sleeper, this pillow is designed to alleviate pressure from your face, contributing to wrinkles, creases, acne, and overall aging. Use it after a cosmetic procedure and experience a toss-free night.

Made for all sleepers – The pillow works for everyone! Whether you are a side-back sleeper, this pillow is designed to fit you perfectly. Additionally, back sleepers have two options to choose from; standard and large pillows.

Hypoallergenic – It is made from US-certified memory foam with zero harmful additives, removable, washable bamboo cover and hypoallergenic inner cover. After purchases, unpackage it and leave it for 1 to 24 hours to expand.

Customers Reviews

“The pillow is worth the price. I’m 40, and for the past two years, I have been walking up with terrible horizontal sleep lines around my face. However, after one week of using this pillow, I can already feel the difference. My face keeps away from the pillow regardless of the position I choose to sleep in. Go for it if you get sleep lines every morning.”

“It works! It supports my neck on a downward arc. I love the fact that its bumpers are spaced far enough so when the head starts to flop, it hits them gently to keep it in a good position. Since I started using this product, I feel a magical reduction in pain and sharp wrinkle reduction in my face. Thumbs up!”

What You May Not Like

Not enough neck support – While it improves the face appearance, it does not provide adequate support to the neck.

No good for unstable sleepers – If you tend to move around during sleep, this pillow might not be good enough for you.


Core Products D-Core

Cervical Support Pillow – Standard Firm, Midsize

Best for – Back & side sleepers, Wrinkle prevention, Anti-Ageing

What makes this pillow outstanding?

Very firm – The pillow improves back sleeping by cradling the head and allowing built-in roll support to the neck. It also helps to restore curvature of the spine and treat various conditions affecting the neck and shoulders.

Comes in different sizes – Taller men and women prefer full-size Cervical Support Pillows (24×16 inches), while smaller-sized adults and children prefer the midsize option (22×15 inches).

Allows for adjustments – Immediate overuse of this pillow may increase neck pain; for this reason, most users go for orthopedic correction to achieve the best results. You may also choose to alternate D-Core and current pillow before the body can adjust to the new pillow.

Orthopaedic – Using this corrective pillow can help ease tension, neck injury and arthritis-related symptoms. It is non-allergenic, 100% polyester and fits the standard size pillow perfectly.

Customer’s Reviews

“I’ve been using this pillow for less than a week, and my neck tension has been greatly reduced. I’m a side and back sleeper; I went for the midsize (5’1), which works well. I would recommend it!”

“The pillow is life-changing for me! I have a degenerated disc on my neck and out-of-place vertebrae. Before this pillow, I have tried all cervical pillows, and it has never worked for me. If you want it, don’t think twice, go for it. ”

What You May Not Like

Too firm – The fact that it is too hard makes it a poor choice in relieving pressure at the back of your head, which reduces blood flow.

Too tall – Some users have complained about the pillow being too tall for their liking.



While sleeping position plays a huge part in accelerating wrinkle development, there are numerous other factors. Purchasing an excellent anti-wrinkle pillow should be combined with suitable creams, serums that increase collagen levels and help hydrate your skin.

As far as the wrinkle pillow is concerned, you should pay close attention to its design, breathability and cover, as mentioned in the article. Does it provide comfortable sleep? Does it come with a breathable pillow cover? And does it provide adequate neck support? If yes, go for it!