Best Bolster Pillows For Yoga & Day Bed

Nearly every person can receive a much needed restful sleep when deciding to use a plump, soft bolster pillow to sleep on. But many are not aware of the particular history related to these pillows.

The basic make-up and form of a pillow that includes bolsters have all changed somewhat over the years.

We’ve done some research and in this article we’re gonna give you a full advice on how to choose the best bolster pillow. Besisdes, we’ve picked some outstanding pillows for you!

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What is a Bolster Pillow?

What is a bolster pillow?

The actual name bolster pillow originates from Germany. It is used to indicate a cylindrical, long throw that varies in its length. This cylindrical shape was stuffed with a number of materials that included straw onto the more modern-day fiber.

Bolster pillows are traced all the way back to the area of Mesopotamia, and can be located extensively through ancient Egyptian history. During these times the head of an individual was thought to be the most sacred portion on a body.

Considered in these times as the beat of life? the bolster pillows took on a variety of plush designs, sizes, and forms in preparing the operation of supporting the area of the neck and the head.


How to Choose the Best Bolster Pillow?

By now, you should be aware that a good quality bolster pillow can make a huge difference during sleep or yoga practice. A good bolster pillow can be beneficial in your Yin practice, Restoration as well as Prenatal/Postnatal yoga.

Although there are many more things you can to improve your sleeping pattern and yoga, choosing the right bolster pillow is one of the most important.

Purchasing or choosing a bolster pillow may seem like a walk in the park before you go to the market until you go to the market. Here is a guide to help you choose the best bolster pillow that suits your needs.

Filling Material

Filling materials is one of the most important factors to consider when choosing a bolster pillow. Before taking home your pillow, take kin look at what the manufacturer has used to fill the bolster.

Polyester and foam are the most commonly used filling materials in lightweight bolster to ensure that the pillow does not lose shape easily. Another good filling material for lightweight bolsters is buckwheat hull filling.

Many people, however, prefer sustainable, eco-friendly filling materials like buckwheat bolsters and organic cotton. An organic yoga bolster is good for the environment and your skin and body.

Additionally, be sure to consider the ease of cleaning your bolster as it is prone to get dirty.


You will likely find many bolster pillow covers made from natural fabrics like unbleached cotton and hemp.

When choosing the most suitable bolster pillow, make sure it is firm and dense enough to provide a sense of stability and support. It should be soft and comfortable enough for you.

So, the filling materials should feel stuffed and maintain the shape of the pillow after you have laid or sat on top of it for long hours. Once you get to the market, touch and squeeze a few bolsters to understand better what you are looking for.


When looking at the length, you have to look at your body size. Most extra-long bolsters are cylindrical and are wide for the bed.

If you love watching TV or reading while in bed, extra-long bolster pillows are an excellent choice for you.

The good news is that bolster pillows come in various sizes that match your needs. It’s you to choose the size that suits your needs and fits your sleeping area.


Bolster pillow manufacturers are getting more and more innovative when it comes to bolstering pillow shapes.

Bolsters come in a variety of shapes, different colours as well as prints. Therefore, you are most likely to find something that matches your home’s preference, personality, and interior design.

Keep in mind that cylinder pillows are more unstable and move easily in beds. So, you may have a hard time keeping them in one position for a long. Also, make sure you take proper care of the prints and patterns.

Look for a bolster pillow that does not get dirty quickly. Large bolster pillows usually have one or two handles.


Top Bolster Pillow Reviews

WOWMAX Large Bolster

Triangular wedge/ Body Positioners – Support backrest pillow for Headboard on day bed bunk beds

large bolster for couch

Best for – People who love reading or watching before sleep. It provides maximum back & neck support while reading or watching in bed.

What Makes this Bolster Pillow Outstanding?

Alternative Headboard – Most people find the WOWMAX Large Bolster pillow a perfect alternative as a headboard for decorative and functional purposes. The highly-rated Bolster will support your neck effortlessly while relieving your neck from aches or pains.

Multipurpose – They come in various sizes; the king size is a perfect fit to act as a couch, backrest for bunk beds, bumper pillow for children and Headboard for trailers. It also helps relieve various conditions, including back pain, arthritis, post-surgery pain, and keeping the neck and shoulders aligned.

Made from high-quality material – The bolster pillow is stuffed with high-density polyurethane that provides excellent back support for users. Also, the fabric of the wedge pillows has a fantastic virtual effect designed to match your interior decoration.

Easy to wash – Its cover is detachable and washable. It is attached with buttons to create a dynamic pillow shape that provides maximum support for the user. It is 100% polyester and is machine washable.

What About the Buyers’ Review of This Bolster Pillow?

“I was in search of a bolster pillow that could help me relax in bed and watch TV without straining. After reading through customers reviews, I decided to purchase the WOWMAX bolster pillow, and I am glad I made this choice!”

“I bought this for my son’s bedroom, and it’s amazing. He’s able to do his computer work, study, read and even watch TV while in bed. When he’s ready for sleep, it gives him the much-needed stability and comfort for the Headboard in the dorm room.”

What Bolster Pillow May Not Be Fit For

Lose buttons – A few customers have complained about the bolster pillow losing buttons after few months of use. The good this is that these buttons are replicable, and you can do it from the comfort of your home.

The base is flatter than it looks – A more triangular base would be preferable to prevent the pillow from sliding. As is, you have to pull the base out of the wall to sit or rest comfortably with it.

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Half Moon Bolster Knee Pillow

Back pain memory foam – Improves posture, reduce back pain, combat restless leg syndrome, relieve pressure in knee joints and soothe sinus headaches.

halfmoon bolster pillow

Best for – The memory foam is best suited for people with constant back and knee pain. It comes with a semi-circle design that slips into the empty crevices under the knees, back and neck.

What Makes the Half Moon Bolster Knee Pillow Outstanding?

Medically recommended pain relief – Sports trainers, doctors, chiropractors, and physical therapists recommend this bolster pillow. It is made from 100% quality viscos-elastic memory foam that is hypoallergenic and provides excellent comfort to different parts of the body. It is best suited for back, side and stomach sleepers, surgery recovery, and pregnancy.

Provides multi-positional body support – It uses a Half Moon Bolster design to provide under knee support, lumbar support on a reclining sofa/chair/coach, the spacer between legs, elevating legs while sleeping. It improves blood circulation while reducing varicose veins while accelerating post-surgery requirement.

Made from high-quality material – It comes with a dual-layer of 100% Viscos-elastic, hypoallergenic memory foam that provides excellent back and hips support without flattening out throughout the night. It has a cotton machine washable pillow that is easy to clean.

Backed by a lifetime money-back guarantee – If you are not satisfied with the quality of this product, you have a chance to return it to the manufacturer and get 100% of your back with many restrictions.

Buyers’ Reviews About This Bolster Pillow

“I love this pillow; it provides a firm yet soft form. I intended to use it as a lumbar support in my travel trailer, where space is limited. I intend to purchase more of this!”

“I use it between my legs so that my ankles don’t cross; I’m 5’5″, and I must say it works best for me. It allows me to switch positions as I toss a lot during the night.”

What This Bolster Pillow May Not Fit For?

It takes longer than 48 hours to expand after shipment – It is shipped in a small container, and it will take a while for it to fluff out. However, 48 hours shouldn’t be an issue considering the manufacturer is trying to save you money.

Too small – A few buyers have complained about the bolster pillow being too tiny and thin for their liking.

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Cervical Roll Cylinder Bolster Pillow

Bamboo Gray Round – Ergonomically designed bolster pillow to provide head, neck and legs support during sleep.

ergonomic cylinder pillow

Best for – The bolster pillow is most suitable for anyone with neck pain. It can be used handy with a regular pillow to provide maximum comfort and support to the neck.

What Makes the Cervical Roll Cylinder Pillow Outstanding?

Made from high-quality material – The bolster pillow is made from a premium quality form with a removable machine washable cover. You don’t have to worry about the pillow losing shape after wash.

Maximum all-night support – The Round Cervical Pillow is ergonomically designed to provide a therapeutic posture throughout the night. It is made to prevent or relieve the head, back, neck and shoulder from poor spinal alignment.

Multipurpose – The bolster pillow can be used under the knees, ankles for extra support or back. It can also be utilized to provide long-lasting support on chairs.

Easy to slide to the pillowcase – After cleaning the cleaning pillowcase, you will not challenge to roll the 13 by 5 inches bolster pillow into the case.

Buyers’ Reviews About This Bolster Pillow

“I bought this pillow for my dad, who is disabled. He uses it for his head while on the wheelchair and behind his knee while in bed. He finds the pillow very comfortable, and I am looking to purchase another one for his neck. I highly recommend this bolster pillow.”

“I wanted a neck pillow to roll my neck each night. My neck does not have many curves, and I needed a pillow to help enhance a curve. I was guided by reviews to purchase this pillow, and I must say I am impressed. It is made from quality material, and it bounces back after each use.”

“The pillow is very functional and offers an excellent neck support. Product well made for me”.

What the Cervical Roll Cylinder Pillow May Not Be Fit For

Not too firm – A few customers have complained of the bolster pillow not being firm as they would have expected.

The roll is too big – The cover is super soft, but the diameter of the roll is too big to provide a comfortable cervical roll.

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Retrospec Sequoia Bolster

Yoga Bolster – Round & Rectangular, includes a Machine Washable Cary Handle and Cotton Cover.

bolster pillow for yoga

Best for – Anyone looking to promote spine support, relieve joint stress and ease sore muscles.

What Makes Retrospec Sequoia Bolster Outstanding?

Multifunctional – You can use this bolster pillow as a yoga block, pillow and many other uses in your everyday wellness routine. It can be utilized for meditation, provide spine support, eases joint stress or relieve tension.

It comes with a 100% removable cotton shell – Its exterior is made from 100% washable cotton that prevents plastic from getting into the pillow. The pillow is machine washable, and so you have no reason to worry about cleaning.

Improve your practice – Cervical Roll Cylinder Pillow can help to improve your posture, promote relaxation, better the relaxation practice and enhances stretches after a yoga practice.

What People Review of Cervical Roll Cylinder Pillow

“I love the fact that this bolster pillow is well contracted and does not squash or flatten even under immense pressure. I am thrilled and pleased that I purchased this great product.”

“I ordered this pillow, not just for yoga but to also use it as bolsters, cushions and backs because they perfectly fit my chic hippy style. I love the fact that its cover is removable and washable, which works well since I have two kids.”

What This Bolster Pillow Is Not Fit For

Too lumpy – A few customers have complained about this bolster pillow losing shape after few months of use. It depends on the usage, as many other users have applauded it for not losing shape even after many years of use.

Cover zips too lose – Many users have raised fingers on the quality of zips used. Some had reported that they received the bolster pillow unzipped, and when they tried to zip it, the zip fell and had to incur an additional cost to repair.

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Healthex Cervical Pillow

Cylinder Round Cushion – Sleeping memory foam. Breathable and Hypoallergenic and effectively alleviates pain.

round cushion pillow

Best for – Anyone looking to get rid of bad aches and pains and enjoy a peaceful sleep throughout the night.

What Makes Healthex Cervical Pillow Outstanding?

Therapeutic cervical pillow – The bolster neck roll pillow helps to relieve debilitating effects of conditions such as arthritis, sciatica and post-surgery pain. It also helps keep the vertebrae relaxed and helps the neck and shoulders maintain a natural curvature.

Adequate neck support – Designed to provide desirable neck support and maintain proper neck alignment. It also helps to reduce pressure on your spinal disc and joints and even rest you are lower.

Innovative Ergonomic design – The bolster pillow measures 6.2 x 18.5 inches and is made from premium quality memory foam with an easy wash of the bamboo exterior cover. It is gentle on the skin, breathable, dust-free, stimulates the vital pressure points and never collapse or gets heated up.

Multi-purpose – Can be used as a reclining cushion while reading or watching TV or supporting a circular lumbar pillow. It is an ideal gift for anyone who loves staying up for a few minutes before sleep.

What people say about the Healthex Cervical bolster pillow

“I have had to deal with neck pain for close to 6 months. Since I purchased this pillow and started using it, I can feel a huge difference. I’m glad I went for this pillow.”

“I like it! I used to have difficulties getting good night sleep until I purchased this bolster pillow. After just one night of using it, all the pain disappeared. I would advise you to get this pillow for yourself if you have neck pains.”

Healthex Cervical bolster pillow undoing

Too soft – Some customers had complained about this pillow is too soft and do not feel any support when they placed their neck on it. Many customers, however, are of a contrary opinion as the pillow providing maximum support.

Scented – In the description, there is no mention that this bolster pillow is scented, and a few customers have raised concerns over this.

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What Can You Use A Bolster Pillow For?

Apart from comfort during the night, bolster pillows may be used by practitioners of health and wellness like yoga instructors. A bolster pillow assures you of comfortable sleep, especially if you suffer from back pain.


Apart from sleeping, bolster pillows play a huge role in changing the look of your home. Small bolster pillows are a small decorative item. Such pillows are made from a wide range of materials like cotton, linen, microfiber, velvet, Silk and chenille.

Bolster pillows play a huge role in interior design and come in a wide range of shapes, decorative elements and sizes. The most common decorative bolster pillow is the 16 by 24 inches; the UK throws pillow, commonly referred to as scatter cushion.


Bolster pillows are perfect for sleep thanks to their design and stiffness, especially for pregnant mothers who find it challenging to find a perfect sleeping position.

Soft and cuddly bolsters also help stimulate babies during sleep and offer a great alternative as cot bumpers. They can protect your child from rolling over and hurting themselves while in bed.

In addition to protecting against potential injuries, they are a great item that can act as a barrier to guard you and the baby against falling over.


Proper posture when resting or during sleep reduces pressure on the muscles and ligaments in the body, especially for people who have a hunchback.

It is a common problem in this technological age, where people are hatched from overworking on laptops, mobile phones and other tech devices.

Such conditions cause one to acquire a bad posture caused by constant stretching, having shoulders tight on your ears and too much to stretch forward.



How Do You Put A Bolster Pillow on A Bed?

Set up the bolsters, place the straps at the left and right sides of the bed and leave a space to allow the pillow to fit between the headboards. Tighten the straps at the edge of the bed.

Bring the belt of one bolster and join them at the D ring of the other bolster to make sure they are tight and secure. To offer extra comfort, cover the straps with a sheet.

Is Bolster Pillow Good for Sleeping?


If you have trouble sleeping and you have tried a variety of sleeping aids without success, a bolster pillow could be the solution for you. The pillow is versatile and can help you find your most comfortable sleeping position.

A bolster pillow is beneficial to people struggling with sciatica, pains in one side of the body and nervous system problems.

A bolster pillow is a versatile tool that can help you find a more comfortable sleeping position. There are multiple ways to set position the bolster pillow to provide relief and comfort.



Upgrade with a more luxurious deep rest using a bolster pillow. That way, you will wake up feeling more relaxed and ready for the next day.

Many people love bolster pillows for their immediate benefits, you will notice in your first night of use. If you are struggling with restless nights, constant turning due to discomfort, then a bolster pillow is what you need.