The 8 Best Bath Pillow Reviews for 2021

Day to day life can be very stressful especially in the current times we live in. If you cannot wait to get home and enjoy a long soak in their baths then you should know that you are not alone.

Many people enjoy spending some quality and alone time in the baths away from all the stresses and responsibilities of the outside world. If you are keen on having an enjoyable bathing experience, it is important that you consider getting the best bath pillow.


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What Is a Bath pillow?

A bath pillow is an ergonomically designed cushion that offers comfort and proper neck support during baths. The uncomfortable ledge of your tub always digs into your neck and makes the entire experience quite uncomfortable.

The bath pillow offers you the perfect comfort during such scenarios, especially when you have neck and back problems.

These handy cushions are fitted with suction cups that attach firmly to your tub or Jacuzzi and provide maximum comfort. Using the bath pillows instantly turns your home bath into a spa experience.


Reviews of the 8 Best Bath Pillows for Adults

These special bath pillows come in many different shapes, colors, and sizes. There are unlimited varieties to choose from depending on the specific part of the body you want to support. You can therefore easily find a suitable pillow to support your neck, head, or upper body as you bath.

In regards to shapes, you can choose from square, round, animal-shaped, heart, roll, jelly bean, cylindrical, and many more. The pillows can also come with different types of fillings. You can choose from jelly, beads, foam, and memory foam fillings.

1. Best Overall – Gorilla Grip Non-Slip Large Bath Pillow for Neck Support

Best Reviewed Non-Slip Two Panel Bath Pillow

This is a two-panel bath pillow that comes with Gorilla grip suction cups. These suction cups can hold the pillow in place on any smooth surface such as your bathtub. The cups have an excellent grip meaning you will never have to worry about slips while you bath.

This pillow features 2 inches of luxurious padded foam that is both smooth and ultra-soft. The large two-panel design offers extensive head, shoulder, and neck support.

The pillow can fit in any type of bath setup be it a Jacuzzi, spa or your ordinary bathtub. Additionally, it is very easy to clean and wipe down because of the non-porous and waterproof cover. The Gorilla Grip Non-Slip Bath Pillow comes with a 10-year money-back guarantee.

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2. Best Full Body – QuiltedAir BathBed Luxury Waterproof Pillow

Best Quality Full Body Spa Bathtub Pillow and Cushion Reviews

You can say goodbye to the feeling of a hard tub pressing on your neck, back, and tailbone. The bath pillow is designed to offer premium comfort and support for your entire body and not just your neck and head.

This bath pillow features an elongated design that stretches all the way to your lower back with the aim of providing maximum convenience and comfort. On top of this, the pillow is mold, mildew, and bacteria resistant.

It also comes with a water-permeable covering that provides excellent breathability. The pillow’s cover is machine washable meaning it is easy to clean.

The cover is made from a quick-dry material so that you can always have the pillow ready for your next bath. The pillow is engineered using 3D air mesh technology that guarantees extra durability due to the vertical fibers that have been firmly quilted together.

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3. Best Versatile –  IndulgeMe Jacuzzi Bath Pillow With Extra Large Suction Cups

Best Rated Luxurious Bath Pillow Reviews

The Harrison House Luxurious Bath Pillow with Konjac Bath Sponge is another excellent pick if you are looking for a quality bath pillow. The pillow comes with 4 superior suction cups that claim to have a better grip than suction cups in other high-end bath pillows.

This pillow has a contoured shape that holds your neck, head, and back in a comfortable position you bath. The shape of this pillow is its most significant feature as it helps boost support and comfort for its users. The pillow comes in bacteria resistance covering that is made from mesh instead of ordinary plastic.

The Harrison House Luxurious Bath Pillow with Konjac Bath Sponge is one of the most durable bath pillows you will find in the market. The pillow dries quickly and is built to withstand the common wear and tear that comes with repeated use.

To guarantee the quality of this bath pillow, the manufacturers offer a 10-year warranty. This means that you can get your money back if you are not satisfied with the quality of the product.

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4. Best Inflatable – Aquasentials Large Blow Up Bath Pillow

inflatable bath pillow with terry cloth review

If you are looking for an inflatable bath pillow that offers excellent comfort, then the Aquasentials large blow-up bath pillow is a perfect choice. Because most houses have insufficient bathroom storage space, a high-quality inflatable bath pillow is always a great choice.

The great news is that the Aquasentials inflatable bath pillow uses four suction cups strategically located at the back.

You can easily attach the bath pillow to the tub and enjoy their bath. What is interesting about this bath pillow is its high-quality construction at a pocket-friendly price under $10.

However, note that this bath pillow is coated using terry cloth, which is highly absorbent. You will, therefore, have to dry the bath pillow after every use thoroughly.

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5. Best Massaging Pillow – Beurer Pillow for Neck Pain Relief

waterproof massaging bath pillow for neck pain

The Beurer MG13 is among the top spa vibration massage pillows in the market. It is made from soft material that is waterproof and long-lasting. The fantastic news is that this bath pillow helps in massaging and soothing the shoulder and neck region during a bath.

The two integrated large suction cups easily attach to your bathtub, thus ensuring that you get maximum support for a more massaging feel.

The Beurer pillow will prevent your neck and shoulder muscles from tensing back up due to its firm support. You get an effective way to maintain proper circulation during your bath, thus reducing inflammation.

However, note that the Beurer MG1 3 is a battery-operated bath pillow.

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6. Best Budget – AEROivi Bathtub Washable Neck Pillow

soft and washable bath pillow with 3d mesh technology

AEROivi brings you a high-quality, ergonomically designed bath pillow at an affordable price. At around $10, this bath pillow is ideal for individuals on a budget. It is useful in reducing headaches, relieving muscle fatigue, and boosting blood circulation.

The starfish shape ensures that the bath pillow can fit in all different kinds of tubs. All you need to start enjoying your relaxing bath is fix the cushion to the bathtub.

Whether you have a straight back tub, soaking tub, Jacuzzi, hot tub, or whirlpool, the AEROivi neck pillow is an excellent choice.

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7. Best for Pregnancy – Raffaelo Spa Non-Slip Bathtub Cushion

large-sized bath pillow with 6 strong suctions review

When you are looking for a secure and comfortable bath pillow, then the Raffaelo bath pillow is an excellent choice.

It features six powerful suction cups that make it an ideal option during pregnancy. The top-grade material construction works seamlessly with both Jacuzzis and bathtubs.

The soft fibers used during the construction of this bath pillow give you more durability when compared to foam products. Raffaelo Gives you a non-slip bathtub cushion that doesn’t overheat and stays highly comfortable at all times.

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8. Best For Baby – Bathtub Mat for Infant Bathing

Best Infant Bathing Cushion for Sink Reviews

This Baby Sink Bather has 6 large petals, which can be wrapped in 360 degrees, very flexible to fit for different size sinks. Of course, 35.5″ diameter length can give enough protection in any condition.

Equipped with 7 layers of mesh spacer filling, the baby-touching layer is the organic lyocell. it’s super soft and elasticity, very environmentally friendly. We choose all BEST materials to make your newborn baby get the BEST bath experience.

With more security designs and an extra-strong suction cup at the baby lotus bottom, the pillow mat can easily fix any sink without slipping nor sliding, makes your baby bathing time easy and safe.

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Benefits of Having A Bath Pillow

As we all know, bath pillows are ergonomically designed to give the best possible bathing experience. A typical bath without a pillow can be uncomfortable especially if you like to soak for long periods. Let’s see why people like to buy a pillow for bathtub first:

1. Relieve Your Neck and Shoulder Pain

With a pillow, you get extra comfort for your head and neck so that you can stay relaxed throughout the entire period. A bath pillow allows you to relax and lie back in comfort without having to worry about a stiff neck or back.

If you experience aches and pains from long hours of work, a bath pillow can help to soothe away these unpleasant sensations leaving refreshed and rejuvenated after your bath.

2. Provides Comfort in Bathtub

Another major benefit of having a bath pillow is that they can fit inside the bath and support your entire upper body if needed. They can still fit on the top of the bath rim or wall to provide support for the head and neck.

Just like the normal pillows we have in our bedrooms, bath pillows are extremely comfortable. To add functionality, most bath pillows come with rubber suction cups that help to keep them in place as you soak away.


How To Choose A Bath Pillow?

Choosing a bath pillow is relatively easy if you know exactly what to look for. Your personal preferences and requirements should, however, be the top priorities when choosing a pillow. A few tips to help you choose a bath pillow include:

1. Pay close attention to the quality of inflatable bath pillows. You should look around the suction cup joints and seams for any cracks. Cracks can lead to air or water leaks resulting in the constant deflation of your bath pillow. So, it is advisable to ensure that there are no tiny holes or cracks on the lining of the pillow.

2. Pillows that come with different types of fillings should also be evaluated to ensure that there is no opening for the fillings to get out. This is to avoid you losing your pillow fillings and having to replace your bath pillows.

3. Next, you should pay close attention to the size and quality of suction caps. Some bath pillows such as those filled with water can be quite heavy when full. In such cases, the suction caps need to be strong and firm enough to hold this weight. Weak or low-quality suction caps can also cause the pillow to move around because they cannot handle the weight of the body.

4. Mold, mildew, and bacteria resistance is another key feature to consider when choosing a bath pillow.

5. The type of pillow cover which can either be fabric, vinyl or PVC also matters a lot when choosing a pillow. If you settle on a fabric-covered pillow, you should ensure that it can be removed and washed when needed.

Best Cheap – Aquasentials Inflatable Bath Pillow with Comfortable Terry Cloth

Best Inflatable Bath Pillow Reviews

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What Are the 5 Favored Bath Pillows You Can Buy?

1. You can play around with jelly-filled pillows by placing them in the fridge before use in order to get a cool and invigorating feel. (MyGift Deluxe Gel Filled Bathtub Pillow is the best selling pillow high recommend to buy. )

2. Bead filled ones are also an excellent choice as they adjust to the unique shape of your head and neck.

3. Foam-filled bath pillows are the softest meaning you get quite the cuddly feel from them.

4. Memory foam-filled pillows are heat and pressure-sensitive and are less prone to becoming flat over time.

5. Alternatively, you can opt for inflatable bath pillows that are filled with either air, cold water or hot/warm water. These may offer extra comfort but at an added price.

You can inflate these pillows to your preferred level of firmness. You can also deflate them for transport or storage purposes. Most of these pillows come with proof covers that are designed to resist mold, mildew, bacteria, and odors.

Best Gel Filled – MyGifts Deluxe Bath Pillow for Spa and Hot Bath

Best Jelly Filled Bathtub Spa Bath Pillow Reviews

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How to Use a Bath Pillow?

Using a bath pillow is simple and straightforward. The user manual will contain all the instructions you need to use the product effectively. Ensure that you go through the entire user manual to get some helpful tips.

Understand that each bath pillow will have unique instructional guidelines. However, the principle is attaching the suction cups to the surface of your bathtub or Jacuzzi.

You must ensure that you place your bath pillow in a comfortable position for proper neck support and comfort.


How to Make a Bath Pillow?

Did you know that you could use a bunch of all stuff at home to make a bath pillow? Well, here is a detailed description of how you could make a bath towel at home.


  • Scissors
  • Old cotton towel
  • Measuring tape
  • Sewing machine
  • Sponges
  • Thread and needle

Best Way to Make a Bath Pillow

  • Start by measuring your bathtub to help you create a matching pillow.
  • Use the measuring tape to get the correct measurements that you need for your new bath pillow.
  • Next, you need to make a pillow cover using your old cotton towel. The pillow cover has to be an exact measurement to your bathtub for extra comfort and convenience.
  • Next, please fill-up the cover with sponges before stitching it up.


How to Wash a Bath Pillow?

A bath pillow will quickly develop mold and mildew within a short period. To prevent mold growth on your bath pillow, you need to clean it thoroughly after every use.

Use an antibacterial soap and scrub gently without ruining the covering.  You then have to ensure that you dry it outside before putting it in the storage area.

However, what happens when your bath pillow develops mold and mildew?

  • Your best solution is to use a natural cleaning mixture of vinegar and baking soda. Mix a solution with equal parts of water and vinegar.
  • Use your cleaning solution to scrub the bath pillow using a sponge gently. A
  • dd baking soda while washing to help lift the stubborn stains off your pillow. You can always use a toothbrush to clean the hard to reach areas.
  • You can then dry out your clean bath pillow in direct sunlight to kill any mildew, mold, and bacteria. Air drying is also pretty effective in case it is not possible to dry your bath pillow outside.

Note that the vinegar smell will dissipate quickly within a few hours. Ensure that your bathroom is kept dry at all times to reduce the occurrence of mold and mildew on your bath pillow.



Bath pillows ensure that you have a comfortable and relaxing bath after a long and tiring day. There is no better feeling than getting into a warm bath with your favorite novel or glass of wine. However, this moment is usually short-lived without a high-quality bath pillow. Ensure that you find a bath pillow that suits your needs at an affordable price.



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