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It’s no secret that nothing weakens the body like old age. Constant aches can be hard to deal with if one does not take practical actions to eliminate body soreness.

One natural way to help the body is a bath, only if it is a relaxing experience. Resting on a hard bathtub surface can put undue pressure on the body and reduce the effectiveness of taking a bath in curing aches and pains.

A bath pillow acts as a barrier between the bathtub’s surface and the body. It also adds a layer of cushioning to alleviate stress on pressure sores to ensure that the elderly get maximum benefits from the bath tap.


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How to Choose A Full-Body Bath Pillow?

Full-body bath pillows are essential for the elderly and people who love to take baths multiple times a day due to an underlying medical condition.

If you choose the wrong bathtub pillow, your body rub against the surface, causing soreness and pain. Here are factors to consider when choosing a full-body pillow.


Full-body pillows are not designed to offer full coverage to the body, rather down to the hips. Although the legs are left out, you will not have any problems because they are the least sensitive parts of your body. The average dimension of a bath pillow is 50″. If you are tall, you should go for the largest bath pillow to get that extra length.


If you have used a bath pillow in the past, you will not miss a day when you felt a cat urine smell on it. Such a smell means mildew is starting to grow due to prolonged contact with water. If the problem is not arrested soon as possible, the smell will worsen until the pillow is not usable anymore, and you will have no option but to discard it. This is why you need to go for a mildew-resistant bath pillow.


Constantly rearranging and positioning the bath pillow takes away the mood. The Most recent bath taps are made with subpar suction technology that can lead to frustrations during refreshment.

To keep up the SPA experience, look for a bath pillow with extra suction cups to hold together and avoid the possibility of slip during bath.

Bath pillows need a sufficient number of suction cups at the center and all surfaces that contact the tub, like the headrest and extra-wide shoulders.

Easy to Dry

An ideal pillow should dry within 30 minutes to enable air ventilation in materials that have to be optimal. Also, the bath pillow should have a quality mesh to provide maximum airflow for quick drying once they are removed from the tub.

You need to constantly clean your bath pillow to eliminate dirt and bacteria that can attach during bath. Choose a pillow that allows easy access to corners and with removable suction cups to keep everything clean.


Factors like the material used affect the softness and comfort of the bath pillow. The feel of the material used can be irritating if it is not soft enough.

Although comfort is individual, a mesh is much softer than inflatable plastic. While some people have neck and back pain and could benefit from foam that supports the neck and back, others can be more sensitive and benefit from full body pillow.

The best way to determine which bath pillow will work best for you is to notice areas of your body that are most uncomfortable during bath. Such areas could need extra support, and you will need to find a bath pillow that offers just that.


What Is A Full-Body Bath Pillow?

It is a pillow designed to provide luxurious comfort to the head, neck and shoulders while relaxing on your tub. The full-body bath pillow comes with numerous patterns to provide strategic support to the most sensitive joints in the muscles for better relaxation and fewer aches or pains.

Some full-body bath pillows come with 3D ventilation systems called AirMesh technology to provide a breathable bath and to allow fresh air circulation constantly.

This helps to keep it from getting soggy but always dry and ready for the next bath. A premium quality spa pillow is that which provides exceptional back, neck and head support during bath.

Full body bath pillows come with two separate pillows, one made to provide head support and the other to support your back and neck. Most full-body bath pillows are designed to contour the bathtub and provide a comfortable cushion.


What’s the Benefit of Using A Full-Body Bath Pillow?

A full-body bath pillow is essential to anyone who would love to take their bathing experience to the next level or have to take multiple baths a day to cope with a specific medical condition.

If you take a bath more than once a day, hard bathtub material could end up hurting your body, and so you need a soft material that you can rest your head, neck and back. Here are a few benefits you would get from using a full-body bath pillow.

Full-body support: The full-body bath pillow is designed to provide adequate support to the head, back and hips while you rest in a bathtub. It is long and wide enough to provide ultimate relaxation for the muscles, which eases tension. With its built-in pillow, your head will get maximum support.

Quick-drying abilities: The full-body bath pillow is a clean, fresh and free smell. Unless indicated otherwise, the materials used are safe to wash in a machine and are very fast to dry, making them usable for multiple baths in a single day. Depending on the company you choose to take home, some can take as little as 30 minutes to completely dry.

Maximum comfort: The soft materials inside the full-size bath pillow are soft enough to provide ultimate relaxation. It is made to minimize backache and enables you to spend more time and relax in a bathtub. If you are fond of stretching out your head during bath as you do in bed, you can easily do it.

Suction cups: Full-size bath pillows come with powerful suction cups that grip the tub’s surface even when the material is very slippery. The materials used to make the suction cups help keep the pillow in place, especially when switching positions. Additionally, the suction cups are easy to remove once you are done and ready to get out of the bathtub.

Easy maintenance: Most full-size bath taps are made from anti-dew properties and will always feel and smell fresh. Its maintenance is simple; the only thing you need to do between use is hanging it somewhere to drain water fast and dry. Occasionally, you can use a washing machine and a dryer for quick cleaning. It also has a wash bag where you can place it to ensure the suction cups do not stick on the machine’s edges.

Is A Full-Body Bath Pillow Easy to Clean?

Hygiene is one of the most important things to consider when purchasing a pillow. A full-size pillow can be cleaned by hand or machine. All of the full-size pillows we have reviewed are machine washable, and it’s also possible to clean them by hand.

Once you have cleaned the full-size pillow, they should be dry within 30 minutes or less. They have made air ventilation materials that allow free air circulation. We reviewed all of the pillows with quality mesh that provides maximum airflow to allow for quick drying.


Review of Best Full Body Bath Pillow

Rraycom Non-Slip Luxury Spa Cushion

Full Body Bath Pillow Mat – Large non-slip suction cups, Bathmat for neck and back support, Rectangular, Rraycom

Best for – Any shape bathtub, jacuzzi and spa

What Makes This Bath Pillow Outstanding?

Non-slip Suction Cup – The pillow comes with 30 large suction cups to keep the pillow on a smooth surface throughout the bath. Additionally, it sucks firmly and does not fall easily. Squeeze the washing plate when the suction plate meets the water and suck the bathtub.

Made from safe and soft material – All the materials used by the manufacturer of this bath pillow are PVC approved. Its soft bath mat contains zero allergens and is safe and free of phthalates, BPA, lead, bromine and latex. Additionally, the bath is soft, comfortable and does not cause any harm to the skin.

Maximum comfort – It is ergonomic and allows you to apply a mask while bathing. The manufacturer has performed enough tests to ensure the best user experience. It is designed to suit your head, neck and hips to ensure that you receive maximum relaxation while you enjoy your bath.

Easy to clean – The spa pillow is machine washable and is made of 3D air mesh technology on the back. The hygienic open mesh material allows the free flow of water and air, preventing unpleasant odors. It is also easy to clean by hand and has a convenient built-in hook for easy drying and storage.

Customer Reviews

“I purchased this bathtub because I’m short and occasionally slide down the tub. Its mat gives me a grin when I sit on it and provides a cushion to my back. Although I wish it were bigger, the pillow is comfortable and provides enough cover for my back and head.”

“I love it. I was looking for a thin bath mat that wouldn’t absorb water and take forever to dry. The pillow is super thin and leaves no possibility of mold or smell.”

What You May Not Like

Suction cups do not stay attached – Although the pillow assures maximum comfort during the bath, it has an issue of suction cups not staying in place.

Not long-lasting – This is a common thing with most bath pillows; they do not last long, so you will have to keep purchasing a new one.


Full Body Bath Pillow

Spa Bathtub Pillow – Mesh Washing Bag, 5D Air Mesh & Quick Drying, 21 Non-Slip Suction Cups

Best for – Head Shoulder and Back Support

What Makes This Bath Pillow Outstanding?

21 Non-Slip Suction Cups – If you are tired of anti-suction cups that constantly fall while bathing, this could be a perfect solution for you. The bath pillow is equipped with 21 powerful suction cups, which firmly keep the pillow in place. Before using it, wet each suction cup and then press the pillow to each suction cup to the front of the bathtub.

5D Air Mesh Technology – The pillow comes with cozy soft layers acquitted together to create a water-permeable and breathable spa pillow with a softness equal to that of a bedroom mattress.

Maximum comfort & support – The pillow is soft enough to provide enough support and comfort to the user. It comes with a one-piece design cushion that reduces pressure on the back tailbone and shoulder, while the extra thick headrest provides support for the tired head and neck.

Easy to clean – The bath pillow can be cleaned by hand or machine with a mesh laundry bag to prevent suction cups from sticking to the machine drum. It also comes with a convenient built-in hanging hook for easy drying and storage.

Customers Reviews

“It is an awesome pillow! Very comfortable and has a handy hook to help it stay in place during storage. It is nice to have it down your whole back instead of just under your head. Go for it.”

“Amazing! Since day one of purchase, I enjoy my bath more than ever. Even though my tub is texted at the bottom, its suction cups still hold it in place just fine. It also has slight tabs that help with disengagement. After the bath, I hang it up to dry with ease. It comes with easy care instructions sheet and laundry bag.”

What You May Not Like

Too thin and small – Although some people prefer it like this, others would love it bigger and thicker.

Scratchy material – A few customers have complained that th

e pillow has an uncomfortable surface.


QuiltedAir BathBed Deluxe

Luxury Bath Haven Bath Pillow – Spa Cushion for Full Body Comfort, White, Machine Washable

Best for – Bathtubs

What Makes This Bath Pillow Outstanding?

Comfortability – Unlike most bath pillows in the market, this spa pillow envelops your head, neck, back and tailbone for maximum comfort. The deluxe version comes with a built-in ergonomic pillow.

Orthopedic – The pillow is designed to relieve pressure points in the body like sensitive joints and muscles. Additionally, the deluxe adds close to 30% more cushioning compared to the original design.

AirMesh Technology – It has 3D ventilation that allows for constant airflow. Also, it dries fast and won’t get hot or saggy during baths.

Stays securely in place – With this pillow, you will not have to worry about sliding or slipping, as it comes with 13 extra strong suction cups to help keep your pillow fixed on the tub.

Customers Reviews

“So comfortable; I had never used a more comfortable bath pillow like this. It does not slip, and so you are secure in terms of positioning. After a bath, I hang the mat to dry. Made from excellent material.”

“At first, I was skeptical; however, it has turned out to be a great purchase. Although it is pricey, I feel it is worth the price.”

What You May Not Like

Easily slides – Although it is a great pillow, the manufacturer would have improved its ability to stick on the surface.

Too pricey – Compared to the prices of related pillows, this bath pillow is too expensive.



The market is filled with numerous bath pillows, and selecting the right one can be confusing. Before selecting the right bath pillow, you have to do your research well and understand the type of pillow you are looking for. Take your time to go through various reviews to avoid making mistakes.