Best Leg Elevation Pillow

Whether you are on your feet all day, recovering from surgery or suffering from lower back pain, it’s time you get an effective solution to rest your knees. Get targeted support through one dedicated leg elevation pillow.

If you have never used or encountered this type of pillow, numerous brands and fabrications are available in the market that all share similar goals but vary in many ways.

This is why it is important to have a deep understanding of things to consider when selecting a leg elevating pillow.


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How to Choose A Leg Elevation Pillow?


Before anything else, it is important to look at the height as it determines its effectiveness in soothing pain. If you buy a leg rest pillow to calm down intense swelling, make sure the pillow is tall enough to elevate the legs above the heart.

The standard height for most leg rest pillows is 7″ or 8″ tall, which is a perfect height for pain relief. Other models are taller, which are perfect for taller individuals.

We recommend you measure the length of your legs or those of your loved ones before deciding the height and length of your leg elevation pillow to go for.


A trench is an elevation you put your leg snuggle in for proper rest. Some leg pillows come with two trenches that lift the legs at a 45-degree angle, which is excellent for proper blood circulation and relieving pressure.

It is also important to align your spine, especially if you suffer from sciatic nerve pain. Leg pillows with trench could help relieve some of your sufferings.

Filling material

Once you decide to purchase a leg elevation pillow, there is no sense in ordering one filled with inferior material. Whatever filling materials you use will determine the type of support your legs will get. Inferior quality filling materials tend to elevate the legs at the wrong angles and usually flatten after a short period of use.

With the right leg elevating components, your legs with get ample support, and blood circulation will improve, which is critical for healing. Over time, leg elevating pillows filled with memory foam has proofed effective thanks to their steadfast ability to remain in shape for many years.

Ease of Wash

The material used as a pillow cover for the leg rest pillow can make a world of difference in terms of lifespan and comfort of your legs. In this case, we recommend you go for a leg rest with a machine-washable cover; otherwise, you will be allowing the pillow to become a breeding ground for bacteria.

Most leg rest pillows covers are made from cotton, just as is the case in ordinary pillowcases. A good leg rest pillow should be warm and soft but should not be as breathable as other fabrics since staying cool isn’t a priority.


A leg elevating pillow has numerous therapeutic benefits, which are important when travelling. Thus, buying one portable can make your life easier since you will not have to purchase one every time you are on the road. Avoid a leg rest pillow that is too cumbersome to the pack bag anytime you are on the road.


Leg elevation pillows come in different sizes. While some models allow you to place only one knee simultaneously, others have enough space for both knees.

If you suffer from hip or back pain, we recommend you go for one that is large enough to elevate both your knees. Whatever size you choose, ensure that it enhances the quality of your sleep or rest.


What Can You Use A Leg Elevation Pillow For?

Leg Rest

As you perform your day-to-day activities, whether sitting, standing or walking around, gravity pulls the whole of your body towards your legs. This gradually leads to sore, tired and tight muscles at your lower back and blood floor back to the heart, lungs and brain are derailed.

Elevating your legs at the end of the day helps reverse gravity, and blood is pumped to the upper part of the body. When blood flow is increased on the legs, the lower part finds adequate time to relax and heal. As the body relaxes, your mind is likely to drift into a deeper and restful mode.

Post-Surgery Recovery

Leg elevation after surgery helps to ease pain and to swell, especially for hip and leg surgery. During this time, it is important to do gentle movements; keeping the legs in one position for long will lower the risk of blood clots.

After surgery, it is recommended that you rest a lot in the first few days; elevating your foot will significantly reduce swelling. If you do not elevate, fluid may accumulate in the affected area, causing more damage.

Other Usage

During and after pregnancy: Swelling at the lower extremities is a common occurrence for pregnant mothers due to hormonal changes, increased fluid retention and pressure from expanding uterus. A leg elevating pillow may help to ease this swelling.

Injuries: If you have recently had an injury that affected your leg, you will experience pain, tenderness, swelling and elevating your legs may help ease these symptoms.

Improves blood flow: Raising your legs above the heart helps increase blood flow in the lower part of your body. Oxygen-depleted blood is moved to the heart much faster.

Reduces swelling: Swelling often happens due to the accumulation of excess fluid in the affected area. Injuries or certain health conditions may lead to swelling in your legs. Elevating the legs above the heart helps to drain excess fluid more effectively.


Advantage of Using A Leg Elevation Pillow

Elevating the legs using a pillow helps reduce swelling and pain in the lower parts of the body. It also improves your general body health by increasing blood circulation to help combat varicose veins, align the spine, reduce pressure on the sciatic nerve. Research has also shown that elevating the legs helps to correct your body posture.

Here are potential benefits of elevating your legs during sleep:

Proper rest – After a long day of work, you require proper rest to ease the pressure off your legs. There is no better way to do this than raise your legs above your heart for proper blood circulation.

Keeps your back neutral

Setting a pillow under your knees helps the spine neural and supports your back’s curvature. You may also find it helpful to put a towel or small pillow under your back for extra support.

Even weight distribution

Sleeping on the back helps to keep your weight evenly distributed against all parts of your body. Elevating your legs also takes stress off your spine, especially if you have a long-term underlying problem.

It prevents you from rolling over

Using an elevating pillow beneath your knees can help to reduce the likelihood of you rolling over the bed during sleep.


Don’ts of Using A Leg Elevation Pillow

If you are interested in using a leg elevating pillow, here are several pointers to keep in mind. First, if you have any underlying health condition, speak to your doctor to make sure the pillow is safe for you. Your health practitioner may have specific tips on how best to position the elevation pillow.

Do not use a pillow that does not adequately support your body. Remember that your legs need to rest above the level of your heart. This is why you must get a pillow that is designed explicitly for leg elevation.

Lastly, never go against your doctor’s instruction, especially when recovering from an injury or surgery. If the leg elevation pillow is part of your recovery plan, be sure to adhere to your doctor’s instruction on how often or how long to use the pillow.



How Long Is Advised to Use A Leg Pillow Each Time?

During the first few weeks following a knee or hip operation, you should use the leg elevating pillow at least three times in the first few weeks. In the case of a hip operation, you should use a leg elevation pillow for at least one year following the recovery.

Putting the pillow between your legs helps keep the knees aligned, which helps keep your hip and pelvic area aligned. Even as you follow the time mentioned above, it is important to follow your doctor’s direction.

Can You Lift Your Leg on This Pillow for All Night Sleep?

Sleeping while the lower part of your body is elevated comes with numerous benefits and a few downfalls. Whether you are using the pillows to deal with an underlying problem or prevent future issues, there is no doubt the effectiveness of these pillows.

Unless the doctor advises otherwise, there is no harm in elevating your legs the whole night. Again, the amount of time you elevate your legs depends on your condition and what the doctor says.

How Often Should You Use A Leg Elevation Pillow to Recover?

The number of times to use a leg elevating pillow depends on your reasons for using the pillow. If you are using the pillow following a hip replacement surgery, you are advised to use the leg elevating pillow at least three times for a minimum of twenty minutes every day.

Also, the amount of time you spend using an elevated pillow depends on the condition you are battling. If you are facing a serious condition, always seek the opinion of a health practitioner. Keep in mind that choosing the right pillow is key.


Review of Best Leg Elevation Pillow

Leg Elevation Pillow

High-Density Leg Rest – Memory Foam Top, Breathable/Washable Cover

Best for – Anyone looking to relieve leg, hip and knee pain

What Makes This Pillow Outstanding?

Medical benefits – The pillow helps relieve swelling, attain spine, improve blood circulation, support ligaments, reduce oedema and support ligaments and muscles. It is typically home leg therapy equipment.

Ultimate comfort – It is an ergonomic leg pillow designed for ultimate comfort. The pillow has natural curves that take excess pressure off your legs, hips and knees to provide a good rest for your legs.

Made from quality material – The pillow is made from the best quality high-density foam that is sturdy enough to retain shape for a long time.

Multipurpose – The leg elevating pillow can be used while watching TV, pre/post pregnancy, post-surgery, among other uses. It is an all-occasion gift for your loved ones.

Customers Reviews

“I recently had a hip replacement and have been using odd-sized pillows to try and elevate the lower part of my body without success. But since I bought this pillow, I felt deep relief in my knees, lower back and hips. My regret is why I never got this pillow since day one. It is such a wonderful product!”

“I needed my foot elevated after surgery. Then I got this pillow, and it was the right height and firm. I loved the fact that it comes with a washable cover, so I don’t have to worry about dirt. I would recommend it for anyone looking to elevate their legs.”

What You May Not Like

Too hard – A few customers have complained about the pillow is too firm for comfort.

A bit high -Short people may find this pillow suitable as it can be too high.


Abco Tech Leg Elevation Pillow

Cooling Gel Memory Foam – Machine washable, 8in Wedge

Best for – Leg rest, Knee pain, reduce swelling, improve blood circulation, Hypo-allergenic

What Makes This Product Outstanding?

Maximum comfort – Memory foam cushion that can best eliminate leg cramps in the morning. Also, it adds ease to breastfeeding mothers, reduces leg rest syndrome and varicose veins & phlebitis.

Improved overall health – The leg elevating pillow provides gentle inclination that helps to improve blood flow, reduce back pain/leg pain and ends insomnia.

Made from high-quality material – It is made from high-quality premium foam that does not collapse under pressure. Additionally, the pillow is breathable and has an additional gel layer that stays cool and dry.

Versatile – The pillow can be used in multiple positions like leg rest, backrest sitting pillow, or a mini desk to support laptops or tablets.

Customers Reviews

“I love it! It worked well for my swollen legs. Since I started using this pillow, my legs have never been the same; I feel better and healing fast. I highly recommend them.”

“Its height is perfect for sitting and laying down to rest or sleep. The pillow is comfortable; it bounces back into shape immediately. All in all, I love it, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for leg elevating pillows.”

What You May Not Like

No jel cover – Not a big deal for many customers; however, others prefer jel covers for pillows.

Too soft – While this could look like an advantage, some medical conditions require stiffer leg elevator pillows.


Lightease Elevating Pillow

Ankle Wedge Pillow – Memory foam elevating pillow, Trench, LightEase, Grey, 29 x 16.5 x 9 inches, Rectangular

Best for – Post-surgery, reduce swelling, footrest, sleeping,

What Makes This Pillow Outstanding?

Both legs elevated – Unlike other pillows, this pillow elevates both legs in parallel in line with your body. It is designed for after surgeries; it helps to speed up recovery for up to 30%.

Firm yet comfortable – The pillow is made from high-quality memory foam that provides support and comfort to the legs. Additionally, it is sturdy enough to withstand and retain shape even after a long time of use.

Multi-purpose – Apart from support, the leg elevating pillow can be used for post-surgery recovery, watching TV, relaxing after a tiring day and even as a post-pregnancy pillow. They come with dual handles for simple repositioning and carry-around.

Customers reviews

“I’m from hip surgery, and it feels good using this pillow to elevate your legs. It is the right height for me.”

“I am recovering from a knee dislocation and have a lot of fluid on the knee. This pillow is exactly what I have been looking for. Days when I used to struggle with uncomfortable pillows for elevation are gone.”

What You May Not Like

Hurdle on one side – It would have been better if the hurdle were found on both left and right sides for easy repositioning.

Too narrow – It may not work for extra size people above size 16.


Xtra-Comfort Leg Pillow with Double Trench

Leg elevation pillow – Breathable, Firm wedge rest, Polyester, Machine washable, Single Leg

Best for – Leg rest, sleep, post-surgery recovery, improve blood circulation

What Makes This Pillow Outstanding?

Support and elevate – The pillow is ideal for knee, leg and ankle support following surgery with its soft cushioning. It comes with a single-leg elevation that can support either the left or right leg with a wide contoured channel made to accommodate bandages or casts.

High-quality foam cushioning – The pillow is constructed with high-density foam that retains shape even after a long time of use. It is soft enough to be used during surgery recovery providing optimal support and comfort.

Removable-washable cover – It comes with a non-slip, textured pillow cover that is simple to remove and is machine washable for easy cleaning. The polyester knit cover is soft and breathable for exceptional comfort.

Customers Reviews

“It works well for me. The pillow elevates my legs above my heart and my ankle and foot from swelling. Before this pillow, I was using pillows that would constantly shift during sleep. This one is different, it is comfortable, stable and my swelling is healing fast. I highly recommend it.”

“Best pillow purchase ever! I recently had a knee injury, and this pillow helped to keep my foot in one spot. It is very comfortable.”

What You May Not Like

Too firm – While some people love it this way, others would have wished a softer form.

Slope too steep – On the top, it has a hard edge coupled with a fabric seam that can dig into the back of your knee, which can cause pain.


LightEase Leg Elevation Pillow

LightEase Memory Foam – Rectangular, 19 x 17 x 8.3 inches, Grey

Best for – Rest, post-surgery, improve blood circulation, reduce swelling, relieve back hip pain, relax spinal cord

What Makes This Pillow Outstanding?

Ergonomic design – The pillow is designed to conform to the lower legs, hips & knees. It comes with two arcs made to support the joints of the ankle and knee axils perfectly. The pillow has been tested and approved by an orthopedist.

Comfortable and firm support – It is made with premium high-quality memory foam made to provide adequate support and comfort to the legs. It is also sturdy enough to retain shape even after a long time of use.

Multi-purpose – The leg elevating is made to provide adequate support to the leg when watching TV, sleeping, resting, as a post-surgery pillow, among other uses.

Portable – It has two hurdles for simple repositioning and carry-around. The pillow measures 19L x 17W x 8.3H inches with a soft machine washable cover.

Customers Reviews

“It is an absolutely amazing pillow. Super comfortable, soft, and perfectly fits the leg. I made the order, and it arrived a day later; when I started using it, I immediately made the difference, and my leg is comfortable. I totally recommend it.”

“The support for legs that this pillow provides is excellent. I bought it after foot surgery, and it works perfectly. It is portable, and so I can easily move it around the house with ease. The design is simple, but the pillow works wonders.”

What You May Not Like

Too narrow – Although it elevates the legs to the correct height, you may struggle to keep the legs from falling off the sides.

Too firm for some users – Other users would have loved this pillow a bit soft to provide adequate comfort and rest.



Using a leg elevating pillow comes with a dozen of benefits. With it, you will a more comfortable sleeping position and your rest’s quality will be improved.

x`Leg elevation during sleep also helps relieve you from several medical conditions. If you cannot purchase a leg elevating pillow, you can use an adjustable bed or wedge pillows.