Top 10 Best Pillow for Shoulder Pain Reviews for 2020

Are you sick of waking up in consequence of shoulder pain and eager to pick the best pillow?

When you are going to lift heavy objects, you have to rely on the strength of your shoulders. If something goes wrong with your shoulder, it may cause discomfort, even severe shoulder pain.

Although chronic shoulder pain seems very common, it will disturb your comfortable sleeping, as well as daily life.

Thanks to the best pillow for shoulder pain, you can effectively avoid severe shoulder issues. It helps to keep your spine aligned, relieve the pressure on your shoulder during sleeping.

After checking up what may cause your shoulder pain, you will know all the secrets of choosing the best perfect pillow for sore shoulders.

best pillow for shoulder pain guide


Top 10 Best Pillows for Shoulder Pain On the Market


What Types of the Pillow is the Best for Shoulder Pain?

Considering the causes of shoulder pain, there are several types of pillows taking effect.

  • Neck Pillow

All neck pillows with a unique contour design work on providing enough support for your head and neck.

That said, they can effectively reduce the pressure of your shoulder by elevating your heavy head.

A neck pillow is portable and you can use it not only on your bed but in the car, in your office whenever your shoulders need to relax.

Best Neck Pillow – PAWING Chiropractic Pillow for Spine Alignment

  • Wedge Pillow

A wedge pillow for shoulder pain is a nice option for sleeping, reading on the bed.

When you are sleeping, a wedge pillow can provide higher and stronger cushioning on your shoulder than other pads. The unique posture keeps your arms drooping naturally and lets your shoulders relax. You can also put one behind your legs to get a comfortable position.

If you like reading with a wedge pillow behind your back, it can make it ideal to support your neck and shoulder. Try one out and you’ll properly want to keep it longer.

  • Ergonomic Pillow

An ergonomic pillow usually conforms to contour design. That means it keeps a special shape different from the common ones.

Such an exclusive curved pillow can totally adapt to your head. Designed with a hole style, it can absolutely fill the gap between your shoulder and mattress.

Sleep patterns often vary, but the ergonomic pillows always relieve your neck and shoulder pain.

Best Ergonomic – EPABO Pillow for Shoulder Pain

  • Chiropractic Pillow

Combining the characteristics of a neck pillow and contour pillow, the chiropractic pillow features a contoured design around your head and shoulder in order to reduce the strain of your muscle.
The interesting point is that some pillows are lightweight, portable and you can take it wherever you need pain relief.

Top 10 Pillows for Shoulder Pain Reviews

These top 10 best-recommended pillows for shoulder pain might be right up your alley.

#1. Best Overall – MARNUR Cervical Pillow for Side, Back, Stomach Sleeper


  • Premium material structure
  • The ergonomic design thus ensuring comfort while sleeping
  • Ensures good sleep quality
  • Perfect design that allows different sleeping positions.


  • Lacks care instructions

best rated pillow for shoulder pain review

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MARNUR is one of the best rated Pillow models, thanks to its unique features that entails: Ergonomic design.

Be ready for pillow contour that maintains the natural curve of the neck with a cervical contour to support your neck.

The MARNUR pillow also comes with a perfect design. Its unique design shape will make it ideal for different sleeping postures, thus, ensuring comfort.

Besides, if you want a memory foam neck pillow at both ends that will enhance proper sleeping, you should opt for the MARNUR Pillow model.
Furthermore, the MARNUR pillow comes with premium material.

It has the slow-rebound memory foam that keeps the shape of the pillow, supporting your head, neck, and shoulder, thus enhancing maximum comfort while sleeping.

Another interesting feature of this particular model is that its cover is machine washable and made from polyester. It feels soft to touch.

Generally, if you are up to for the best of the best pillow that will offer excellent performance, look no further than MARNUR Cervical pillow model.

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#2. Best for Side Sleeper – Sleep Artisan Curved Pillow for Neck Pain


  • Three-year warranty
  • Luxurious and comfortable cover
  • Fully adjustable natural fill
  • Perfect contour design for a luxurious sleep


  • Expensive as compared to other models.

best for side sleeper pillow for shoulder pain review

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Sleep Artisan pillow is ideal for a side sleeper. Thanks to its luxurious, comfortable cover that will support your body while sleeping.

The Sleep Artisan pillow also has an adjustable natural fill. You can add or subtract fill to your liking to meet your desires.

Besides, if you are looking for a pillow model with topmost certification and safety, consider the Sleep Artisan Pillow model.

Moreover, the Sleep Artisan pillow has the perfect firmness. Thanks to its premium materials that ensure you get the ideal support amount.

The Sleep Artisan pillow also has an adjustable loft. If side sleeping suits your desires look no further than this model. Interestingly, the Sleep Artisan pillow comes with a three-year warranty. You will have extra assurance in this product.

If you want an adjustable pillow model that will meet your side sleeping needs to look no further than the Sleep Artisan pillow.

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#3. Best for Back Sleeper – Coisum Contour Ergonomic Memory Foam Pillow


  • Has the best health care features
  • Breathable pillowcase
  • High-quality slow rebound inner memory foam


  • None

best for back sleeper pillow for shoulder pain review

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The Coisum Contour pillow best suit back sleeping. Its perfect ergonomic design that considers your health will prevent back pains; thus, you will have a proper sleep.

With a breathable pillowcase, this pillow will have perfect airflow to keep cool and prevents the growth of mold, caring for your facial skin.

Another interesting feature about the Coisum contour pillow is that it is easy to care. Be ready for a washable model that has an extended service life.

It also comes with slow-rebound memory foam. You likely not find your head overheating – a big plus for any user who desires memory feel.

Furthermore, the pillow also features an ergonomic design. Be ready for a model that can support your body parts while sleeping to prevent back pains.

This pesticide, chemical-free pillow enhances comfortable sleeping and perfect for the elderly, office workers, and or people with a chronic cervical vertebra.

If you are looking for a pillow model that will prevent back pains while sleeping comfortably, opt for the Coisum Contour Pillow model.

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#4. Best Therapeutic Pillow – Mediflow Pillow to Help Shoulder Pain


  • Ideal for all sleeping positions
  • Comes with warranty
  • Superior material structure
  • Customize water level to suit your liking


  • Not washable model

best therapeutic pillow for shoulder pain review

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Mediflow Fiber is the best therapeutic pillow model.

Its water-based technology is clinically proven to reduce neck pain and ensure you have proper sleep.

Besides, the Mediflow Pillow is ideal for all sleeping positions. The water will move with your head; hence you will never have to adjust the pillow while changing your sleeping position.

Another unique feature about Mediflow Pillow is that it comes with customized comfort. You can quickly adjust the water level to make your Pillow soft, medium or firm to suit your preference.

Mediflow pillow also has a unique insulated water pouch with a resilient top layer that will provide exceptional comfort for your head.

Interestingly, the Mediflow Pillow will ensure you have extra assurance in the product. Thanks to its ideal three-year warranty package.

If you want a customizable pillow model that comes with a healthy gift that provides above-average body support, you should choose Mediflow.

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#5. Best Orthopedic Pillow – IKSTAR Ergonomic Shoulder Pain Relief Pillow


  • Perfect size that allows different sleeping postures
  • Ergonomic design
  • Eliminate sleeping pain


  • Not perfect for side sleeping

best orthopedic pillow for shoulder pain review

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This pillow is the best orthopedic pillow model.

Thanks to its unique shape design that offers ideal space for resting thus reducing pain that comes up as a result of improper sleeping. It is constructed in a hollow design that allows for the perfect spinal alignment to enhance proper sleep.

Besides, this unique design also provides perfect breathability, cooling, and airflow. No need to worry about your head overheating.

Furthermore, you can sleep in different sleeping positions such as sleeping on your back or side.

Thanks to its perfect size! Finally, it comes with an ideal two-year warranty. Your confidence in your money will be high.

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#6. Best Ergonomic – EPABO Memory Foam Pillow for Shoulder Pain


  • Luxurious sleeping pillow
  • Ergonomic design
  • Quality materialCons


  • Not ideal for severe cervical pain

best ergonomic pillow for shoulder pain review

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This pillow is the best Ergonomic Pillow design.

Its contour design will offer perfect comfort whether you are a back sleeper, side sleeper, or a stomach sleeper.

Interestingly, it has breathable memory that will provide perfect air circulation to keep you cool and dry while sleeping.

Are you allergic to certain chemicals? Don’t worry, EPABO has a super material structure that is chemical and pesticide-free for better health benefits.

Moreover, you will have cooling airflow and comfort when sleeping when you opt for this model. Thanks to its premium fabric build.

Lastly, the EPABO pillow comes with an exclusive design: It has is a piece of memory foam that you can remove if you find the pillow is too high.

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#7. Best Chiropractic – PAWING Pain Relief Pillow for Spine Alignment


  • The lightweight and stable model
  • Supports the neck in various ways
  • Offers effective pain relief


  • Lacks the user’s manual

best chiropractic neck and shoulder relaxer pillow review

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This pillow is the best Chiropractic pillow design.

Its neck hammock slowly cradles the neck and removes the pressure and weight of the head while correcting the spine alignment when you are asleep.

The pillow is made from high-quality materials; therefore, it can withstand any weight test. Besides, the PAWING Pillow also has a small volume and weight.

Be ready for a lightweight, soft, and fluffy model that will be convenient to use, carry, and store away.

For anyone who wants a pillow model with an updated design that has a soft feel that is also long-lasting, you will not find any better model than PAWING.

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#8. Best with Memory Foam – Royal Therapy Pillow With Adjustable Side


  • Contour memory foam pillow
  • Firm support to sustain your body
  • Chemicals and toxins free


  • Not a durable model as compared to other models

best with memory foam pillow for shoulder pain review

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Royal Therapy Pillow is the best Pillow model with Memory foam.

Its contour memory foam has two gentle slopes: One a bit higher than the other to make you choose the side that best suits your neck to enable proper sleep at night.

Another interesting feature of this Royal Therapy is the adjustable feature. Be ready to customize its firmness to suit your desires.

Its cover is built from 100% polyester that has a soft feel and is machine washable.

Besides, the Royal Therapy Pillow comes with firm support. It supports gently cradles your neck, relieving the pressure that can result in pains allowing for a comfortable sleep.

If you need a pillow that has an organic materials structure that will ensure your comfort while sleeping, there are no many options that can beat Royal Therapy Pillow model.

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#9. Best Budget – BODESY Contour Orthopedic Memory Foam Pillow


  • Breathable pillowcases
  • Ergonomic design
  • Perfect size that allows for different sleeping postures


  • The initial odd plastic smell may be inconvenient to certain users

best budget contour orthopedic memory foam pillow review

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This Pillow is the best budget pillow model. Be ready for a pocket-friendly model that will offer excellent service.

It also comes with an ergonomic design. The contour design perfectly supports your shoulder, allowing for shoulder stiffness to allow proper sleep.

If you need a pillow model with the perfect breathability that is machine washable, opt for this model. Another interesting feature about the BODSEY pillow is the high-quality slow rebound inner memory foam.

You will experience perfect support while sleeping that results from its medium firmness.

Overall, BODSEY comes with essential features that will offer perfect comfort as well as a long life span despite the affordable price.

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#10. Best with Full Size – Moonlight Comfort-U Body Pillow for Shoulder Pain


  • Safe quality materials
  • Provides luxe comfort
  • Perfect size to allow a different sleeping position


  • Expensive as compared to other models

best body pillow for shoulder pain review

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Moonlight Shoulder is the best available body pillow model.

Thanks to its Comfort-U total body aligns your body while helping to regulate body temperature allowing for a restful sleep.

The Moonlight Pillow also cleans easily. Be ready for a model that will not clump even after consistent washing thus will serve you extensively.

Besides, you will have perfect airflow through the material. Thanks to its fusion fiber-fill.

Lastly, the Moonlight pillow has the safest quality materials. No need to worry about allergic effects with your body.

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How to Choose the Best Pillows for Shoulder Pain?

how to choose best pillow for shoulder pain guide

Plenty of sleepers are experiencing aching shoulder. So, it is urgent to get a proper pillow for a sore shoulder.

  • Sleep Style

Before selecting pillows for shoulder pain, take into account the sleep position you have.

A back sleep position usually takes few effects on your shoulder issues. A mix of back and side sleeping positions is a good option to avoid bad shoulders.

However, some love to slumber on their belly or side all night. Those sleep positions may aggravate shoulder pain since sleeping on the side will make your neck twisted.

In order to keep a neutral alignment and relieve pain, one of the solutions is to pick a pad with a certain thickness.

Best for Side Sleeper – Sleep Artisan Luxury Pillow

best for side sleeper pillow for shoulder pain review

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  • Shoulder Width

Sleepers, especially side sleepers with shoulder pain, should know the width of your shoulder before buying a pillow.

Your shoulder width refers to the height between your neck and the mattress. A pillow with a proper loft can fill the space to support your neck.

  • Materials

There are several common materials as fillings or covers.

The most popular filling is memory foam. Maybe you are using the memory foam pillow which is useful to relieve shoulder pain.

Distinct from a slab of foam, shredded memory foam can adjust its loft or firmness to conform to your preference.

A portion of sleepers pursues gel-infused foam to gain a cooling sensation, not only cozy support.

Moreover, quite a few cervical pillows with firm support are filled with latex. It can support high-firmness for your sore shoulder.

The material of cover usually derives from cotton which is breathable and durable.

And many sleepers are fine with cool pillow with bamboo as cover since most of you enjoy a cooling sleep, especially in hot summer days.

Best with Memory Foam – Royal Therapy Adjustable Pillow

best with memory foam pillow for shoulder pain review

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  • Shape

Generally, the pillow contains two main shapes, even or curved.

An even pillow with flat appearance and full-filling is a common design. Besides the common square shape, the flat design also includes round, U-shape, V-shape. Such special shapes, like L-shape, play an important role to solve kinds of pains.

Plus, the basic style provides an adjustable loft and allows you to sleep as you like.

A curved pillow is a specific design for sleepers with neck, back, and shoulder pain. Its contoured shape provides different supports for your head and neck.

For instance, the higher section fills the space between your neck and the mattress. The middle section elevates your head to ensure your spine aligned.

It can also prevent you from tossing or turning during sleeping. It is a great option to avoid shoulder problems.

Best Contoured shape – Coisum Ergonomic Memory Foam Pillow

best contoured shape memory foam pillow guide

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  • Size

Have you noticed your pillow size? Maybe you can’t get a proper pillow because you don’t take a notice on your head size.

Normally, sleepers with shoulder pain need a large pillow which can provide enough support on your neck and shoulder. There are also small, extra-small, extra-large options for your specific demands.

To pursue maximum comfort, full body size pillows are good pillows for shoulder pain. They help to align your hips, neck, shoulders, and back.

Best with Full Size – Moonlight Comfort-U Body Pillow for Shoulder Pain

best body pillow for shoulder pain review

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  • Firmness

The firm has a close connection with sleeping comfort.

If you want to get the amount of support, you can’t select the pillow that is too firm or too soft. A medium-firm pillow is the most suitable for sleepers with neck and shoulder pain. The reason is that it can provide enough support as well as a comfortable feeling.

On the other hand, your pillow needs to keep its loft or shape for a long time. The crushability means that it can quickly reshape or rebuild after a few hours of sleep. That also is the vital point to make sure the firmness.

  • Washability

Do you use the pillow every day? That means it can easily get dirty.

Therefore, you’d better consider the care instructions before selecting it. Some pillows are totally machine washable.

Or only covers are washable. Just put them into the washing machine. However, others aren’t machine washable. You may wash them by hand.

FAQ about the Best Pillow for Shoulder Pain

1. What Causes Shoulder Pain?

what cause shoulder pain guide

There are dozens of causes that your shoulder may be aching.

Common injuries included muscle spasms, frozen shoulder, even osteoarthritis.

When your shoulder muscles have spasmed, they become very stiff and sore. Frozen shoulder means your muscles can’t move so as to cause pain. Osteoarthritis is an example of the discomfort about your bone which also causes aches in your shoulders.

On the other hand, it may cause severe discomfort or pain in your shoulders if your spine is out of alignment when sleeping.

  • Can a Pillow Cause Shoulder Pain?

Good pillows that keep medium-firmness and proper loft can help to solve your shoulder issues.

Conversely, a bad one can’t alleviate any pain, even cause the worse situation. For instance, the too soft pad is useless to elevate your neck.

  • Can Side Sleeping Cause Shoulder Pain

Any improper sleeping posture including false side sleeping may provoke shoulder, neck, or back pain. All-night contour posture during sleeping on one side can surely bring the strain of your muscle.

What if you suffer from shoulder pain? Find a pillow that can entirely support your neck and spine.

Best for Side Sleeper – Sleep Artisan Pain Relief Pillow

best for side sleeper pillow for shoulder pain review

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2. How Do I Relieve Shoulder Pain from Sleeping?

The most effective way is to match the pillow for different types of shoulder pain.

  • If you are facing shoulder issues caused by muscle injury, that means your muscles have suffered a strain. A quite soft, comfortable pillow with medium- support is suitable for you. It can hold your neck at a proper level. The pillow made of shredded memory foam is the best option. The reason is that it can contour your shape and have an adjustable filling.
  • If your shoulder becomes stiff, it needs strong support. You can try to sleep on your side with a neck pillow. This can keep your neck, shoulders at the right angle so as to reduce the pain.
  • If your neck, shoulder, and spine are out of alignment, a pillow with high-loft is suitable for you. An adjustable pillow is a more favorable option for you. You can gain proper support by switching its loft.



Can a pillow cause shoulder pain? A shoulder pain sleeper can never afford to make use of just about any pillow you pick randomly.

You, of necessity, ought to be careful with the kind of pillow you decide to set your eyes on.

The users accept all these 10 top pillows for shoulder pain, and that’s why they are here.


Recommened 3 Best Pillows for Shoulder Pain