The 10 Best Knee Pillow Reviews for 2021

Sleeping on your back and sleeping on the side are two of the most common sleep positions which require a knee pillow. But the knee pillow is used differently in each sleeping position.

People with orthopedic knee or back pain also can benefit from a quality knee pillow. This article provides a comprehensive overview of choosing the best knee pillow on the market.


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The 10 Best Knee Pillows On the Market


What Is A Knee Pillow?

A knee pillow functions just like other standard support pillows only that it is designed for supporting the legs when sleeping.

The knee pillow is inserted between the legs for support and reduces pressure employment on one leg while aligning the body to the right sleeping angle.

Most knee pillows are designed in an hourglass structure for convenience when inserting them in between the knees.

The different styles of knee pillows support different sleeping positions. These pillows have padding for comfort and breathable materials for excellent airflow when sleeping.


Why Do You Need a Knee Pillow?

A knee pillow is great for many reasons as the body is often put under duress while sleeping. When a person tends to put pressure on their knee joints, it can lead to chronic pain.

To avoid dealing with this particular concern, it’s important to use a well-designed knee pillow. The pillow is able to alleviate the unnecessary stress put on the joints while remaining comfortable to sleep with. Most people incorporate the use of a knee pillow to make sure they are able to sleep without a problem.

This pillow is easy to use, safe, and offers an incredible list of advantages.

– Benefits of Putting A Knee Pillow Under Knees

Why You Need a Knee Pillow

1. It Helps Remove Pressure

Sleeping on your back is a great way to relieve pressure from your lower back. This is primarily due to the fact that sleeping on your back allows your weight to be properly and evenly distributed throughout the widest area of your body. Therefore, you will end up placing much less strain on the various pressure points throughout your body.

One of the main reasons a knee pillow under the knees is going to be good for those that still experience lower back pain has to do with the fact that it can effectively help to remove the pressure that you might be facing due to having improper support with your mattress.

2. Helps Align The Spine

Making a simple and subtle change to your sleeping position can really make a big difference in how well you are able to sleep and in keeping your back healthy and pain-free.

Along with this, you will be able to place your spine in its optimal alignment. However, for some, it might cause increased pressure on the lower back likely due to the type of mattress you have and due to having a lack of support.

Another benefit that you are going to get from using a pillow placed directly underneath the knees is the ability to better align the spine. Because the spine features a natural curvature in your lower back, you want to be sure that you are able to remain in this alignment while you sleep.


– Benefits of Sleeping with a Pillow in Between Your Knees

For those that are unable to get truly comfortable with sleeping on their back, you will likely find it much more comfortable sleeping on your side.

While sleeping on your side has some inherent benefits such as dealing with acid reflux, it can cause issues with lower back pain and even hip and knee pain. One of the best ways to remedy this with sleeping on your side would be to use a pillow in between the knees.

1. Alignment

Perhaps the main benefit that you will be able to get when you choose to sleep with a pillow in between your knees is the ability to keep everything in much more optimal alignment.

With a pillow in between your knees, you will be able to keep everything from your hips to your pelvis, and even your spine is much more optimal alignment.

This alone is going to help you avoid putting more strain and pressure on the various pressure points in your back and placing more strain on your joints and spine.

2. Keep Your Knees From Grinding Against One Another

Another big benefit that comes with using a pillow placed between your knees when you sleep on your side would be the ability to keep your knees from grinding up against one another which can make sleeping very uncomfortable for anyone.

Overall, there are plenty of things that you can do to improve your sleep. One of the best ways if you are a side sleeper and someone that might be dealing with some kind of back pain would be to use a pillow placed between your knees in order to achieve a much better overall alignment of your spine and hips while you sleep throughout the night.


Reviews of the 10 Best Knee Pillows for More Support

A tremendous amount of pain and pressure can be caused depending on how a person sleeps. There are many examples where people can’t seem to sleep at night because of their aching joints. To thwart this issue in a matter of seconds, a knee pillow is a way to go. This is a great solution for the body and is able to eliminate pain and improve one’s posture over the long-run.

Having a well-designed solution for this exact purpose is a game-changer and is the reason many people are now able to go to sleep at night without pain or discomfort.

There are thousands of knee pillows for sale, which one the best? We have checked all the reviews and consumer reports,  choosing the outstanding top 10 knee pillow with a different feature for your convenience.

1. Best Overall – BeautigulLife Semi Roll Round Wedge Pillow

best knee pillow for side sleepers reviews

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Made by BeautifulLife, this wedge pillow is made of memory foam, can give the right support and so soft to touch. More important is, the memory foam is hypo-allergenic, great for physical therapy use, even for sensitive people.

The size 20.5″ x 8″ x 4.5″, ergonomically carved in a half-moon shape, makes this pillow giving perfect knee support for back sleepers. For people with neck pain, this pillow can also give you a better sleeping.

The good points are no finish yet, this BeautifulLife Semi Roll Wedge Pillow is designed as a multi-use pillow. You can use it as lower back support when watching TV, a sleeping pillow for the neck, lower back, and knee. This pillow is highly recommended by doctors, once you try, you must love it! If you have any non-satisfaction after buying it, the 100% money refund GUARANTEE will go in no time.

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2. Best for Knee Support – Back Support System Medical Grade Pillow for Sleeping

Best knee pillow with strap for sleeping reviews

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This pillow is very different, it first comes to me is “designed buy doctor“, then attracted me by the magic consumer reviews! You must also curious about how this pillow does the job.

For people after knee surgery with screws in the kneecap, it hard to sleep on the side while the knees touching each other and putting pressure on the screws.

With this Knee-T pillow, things are quite different, the ergonomically curved pillow-shaped is perfect to fit the kneecap and keep the knees getting away, the flexible strap can make you move freely when sleeping. After buying this pillow, a sound sleeping is never a dream.

For people with back problems, spinal surgery, or hip surgery, this pillow can give enough elevation between or under the leg. No more pain suffering, a comfortable and better sleeping is what the Knee-T pillow supply!

People say they have tried many knee/leg products, and this one really worked. It did the job done as it designed. Many PT therapists, doctors recommend it for arthritis, herniated disc, sciatica, and people after surgeries.

More to say, different like other pillows, this one has made in 2 materials: medical grade premium foam and memory foam, with a series size to choose. Whatever your height or weight is, there must be one knee-t leg pillow fit you perfectly.

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3. Best for Leg Elevation – Ebung High-Density Knee Pillow With Memory Foam Top 

Best reviewed pillow under knees while sleeping

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Everyone has its own problems, when people have to face the surgical procedure, what we can do is alleviate the pain as more as possible, this Ebung leg elevation pillow is designed for it.

Made of premium quality foam inside and memory foam top layer, the pillow is hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial, soft touching and long-time lasting. Optimal density avoids heating up for long night using.

Sized in 24” x 21” x 8”, 8 inches is a right leg elevating hight for most people, improving the blood circulation, reducing the leg swelling after hurts or surgery.

Whatever for foot, leg, knee, hip, or back surgeries, this pillow can give a zero-gravity resting for the leg, helpful for swelling reducing and faster recovering. That’s why people seriously recommended it as a healthier sleeping gift for surgery suffered people.

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4. Best for Side Sleepers – NATUMAX Pillow for Pain Relief Combo

Best selling knee pillow with strap for side sleeping

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Thre are two strong points that make this Natumax pillow outstanding the common pillows.

First, it’s a multi-position pillow. With the ergonomically designed shape, you can use it as a neck pillow for sleeping or car seat. As some customers tried, it also comfortable to use under the lower back. Some people say having a strap is the best thing about thins pillow, with this strap design, you can use it under your knee or foot when sleeping and never worry about the pillow falling down, whatever you turn over or move around the bed, the Natumax pillow is always at the RIGHT position.

Second, this pillow is not a “Pillow Only” design, the Natumax people have taken all the tiny needs of their customers for better sleeping, they choose good quality sleep mask and earplugs to match this pillow, giving a more comfortable sleeping experience. That’s why this Natumax pillow set is chosen by most people as an ideal gift for their wife, for the pregnant mom. If you have no idea about the coming Christmas gift, just pick this pillow up, and it won’t let you down!

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5. Best for Sciatica – Cushy Foam Orthopedic Contour Wedge Knee Pillow

best knee pillow for back pain reviews

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It’s easy to make a pillow in the same size and shape, but it’s hard to make the pillow have the same function and comfortable feeling. That’s why we choose the Cushy Form knee pillow for you.

Have you ever suffer things like this:

Buy an “ideal” knee pillow waiting for a nice night sleeping but wake up by the heat and sweat legs?

That’s what most common pillow does, try the Cushy Form knee pillow to open a new world door, things can be very different! The Cushy Form knee pillow is anatomically contoured, by 100% Visco-elastic memory foam, the heat & weight is responsive. And the firmness can also change with the temperatures, softer in warm and firmer in cold.
The pillow can react to your body automatically to give you a better sleeping and pain relief.

That’s why this pillow is recommended by doctors for medical use. This pillow really does well in improves circulation and relife hip、 back、knee pains.

One review from an overweight customer, who has sciatic nerve pain and has to stand up for 8 hours every day, he says this pillow does a great job and very helpful for his foot-rest, the comfort worths every buck he paid.

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6. Best Foam – Milliard Pillow for Leg and Knee Support Rest

Best Curved Foam Leg Elevator Cushion Reviews

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As we all know, the most important thing after the ankle or leg surgery is immobilizing the surgery parts and protecting it from secondary injury of tossing and turning. That why people highly recommended this Milliard leg elevator cushion with a sculpted leg channel prevented rolling of the leg, and 45° angled ramp for thigh support.

Form people who have used it, they said, the surgery pillow curves the leg perfectly, but not too restrictive to make any uncomfortable.

Sized in 32L x 13W x 9.5H inches.9.5 inches can give enough height level to reduce blood pooling and leg swelling, it can relieve the pain after surgery and give the whole leg a Zero-Gravity rest.

It’s convenient to use in the car for homing, and comfortable while laying on the bed or sofa. Compared with stacking pillows, this pillow is much more stable and comfortable. People reviewed it as an absolute “Must Tools“ for foot, ankle, delicate, ACL surgery recovery, and knee replacement.

If you just need one pillow like this, no hesitate to get one.

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7. Best Cooling – iDOO Memory Foam Knee Pillow With Cooling Gel

sleeping with pillow between knees

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This knee pillow is recommendable for people experiencing hip pain or lower back pain since the pillow provides excellent support to relieve pain in these areas when sleeping.

Cooling gel layer. This pillow is equipped with a gel layer that allows cooling action around the legs for a comfortable sleeping environment. The cooling effect prevents one from moving the legs, which may aggravate the pain.

Premium high-density foam. Comfort and ample cushioning are guaranteed as long as you use the pillow since it has excellent padding materials.

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8. Best Latex – Kingnex Leg Roll Pillow for Sleeping

under knee pillow for sleeping on back

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This roll knee pillow comes with a removable cooling cover for easy cleaning and fits various seasons.

Multiple-use. This knee pillow is versatile in use since you can place it under the knee, between the legs, or use it as a knee roll pillow.

Great shredded latex materials. The fillings on this knee pillow consist of shredded latex foam that provides excellent support to the legs and the knees when sleeping.

Cooling cover. The pillow features a removable cooling cover that prevents heat build-up when used in hot seasons.

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9. Best Triangle – Back Support System Medical Quality Bed Pillow for Back Pain

Best Reviewed Wedge Pillow For Under Knees

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If you experience back pains when you sleep at night, this s a perfect knee pillow to buy to reduce and eliminate the back pains. The pillow is ideal for back sleepers since it has a wedge design.

Provide pain relief and therapy results. Besides eliminating lower back pains, this knee pillow is suitable for providing therapeutical treatments such as; improving circulation in the body and promoting a good sleeping position.

Cooling technology. The pillow is comfortable to use in all seasons since it now features cooling technology for breathability needs.

Multifunction pillow. This pillow can be used as a knee pillow to elevate the legs and back pillows to reduce respiratory issues like acid reflux.

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10. Best Inflatable – Body & Sole Travel Pillow for Between Knees

best cooling knee pillow

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If you need a knee pillow that you can tag when traveling, it is an excellent option since it features inflatable.

Comfortable fitting. This knee pillow is designed to contour to one’s legs for comfortable inserting in between the legs.

Great support. The pillow elevates the legs to offer reliable support to the leg areas and the lower back

Portable. Carrying this knee pillow when traveling is relatively easy since all you need is to deflate it when packing in the travel bag.

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How to Choose a Right Knee Pillow?

  • Check out the pillow shape

The knee pillows come in three different shapes: the hourglass, wedge, and roll body pillows.

– The hourglass knee pillow

The hourglass knee pillow is relatively standard and the most affordable among the three styles. These shapes of knee pillows are comfortable and easy to insert in between the knees since they are crafted to contour to the knee cap. In return, this helps to hold both legs in the same position for a comfortable sleeping position. They have padding to provide support and cushioning. The hourglass pillows are the best for side sleepers

– The wedge pillow

The wedge pillows are crafted in a triangular model. These pillows are recommendable for back sleepers since they are meant to be placed beneath the knees. Note that you can also use the pad if you are a side sleeper.

– The roll body shape

These knee pillows are crafted to accommodate different people, especially of large body sizes. The body pillows are quite large such one can tuck the body pillows between the legs to relieve pressure on the knee. The roll body knee pillows work by reducing the stress between the knees and both legs.

  • Consider the sleeping position.

Your sleeping position will influence your choice of knee pillow. The choice of the knee pillow is determined by how you position your legs when sleeping. For example, for a side sleeper, you need a knee pillow to place between both legs considering one leg lies on top of the other one. A knee pillow helps to reduce pressure on the lower leg.

You need a pillow that you can place below the legs to alleviate them to relieve tension and pressure for back sleep.

For stomach sleepers, you need a knee pillow that you can place on both knees on the front side to align them and keep them in an elevated form. This is quite critical for people who have knee injury. Note that a bed pillow can also work as a knee pillow for stomach sleepers as long it has the right padding for support.


How to Choose a Knee Pillow for Different Sleepers?

Side Sleepers

  • The size

The pillow’s size will determine your comfort and the area to support when sleeping on the side. So, make sure to choose a pillow that has a reasonable size to support both legs when sleeping. The pillow you choose should conveniently support the upper leg, so it does not touch the lower one when sleeping on the side. Still, it should not be too large to distract you when turning.

  • Choose a pillow with Velcro

Velcro is a crucial piece to consider when choosing a knee pillow for side sleeping for securing it to the leg. A Velcro firmly holds the pad on the leg such that it cannot move when you turn to the other side. But, make sure to choose a pillow that has an adjustable Velcro for comfortable holding to the body.

Best for Side Sleepers – ComfiLife Orthopedic Knee Pillow for Pain Relief

Best Selling Between Knees Pillow Reviews

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Back Pain Sleepers

  • The texture

The knee pillow you place in between the legs supports the lower back that also affects the spine. Therefore, choose a knee pillow that is firm to ensure the spine is aligned in the right position, while providing the support that relieves pressure. A firm pillow prevents the body from twisting when you sleep since it aligns the spine correctly.

Why? If your upper leg keeps moving and turning, it ends up pulling the spine, which aggravates more pain. Therefore, keeping the leg in the same position prevents the pulling.

  • Choose a pillow with high padding

Although most knee pillows are crafted to conform to the knee shape, the model you choose should have enough padding. A firm and padded knee pillow elevate the legs to the same angle with the back, which, in return, helps to reduce pressure related to pain. Also, choose the comfortable padding, .such as memory foam padding.

Hip Pain Sleepers

  • Choose a wedge pillow

The wedge pillows are meant to be placed under the hip area to elevate it in a high position to relieve pain. The pad’s elevation model shifts the pressure from the injured part by evenly distributing it to the entire leg for comfort and reduced pain.

  • Choose a pillow with vents

You comfort when sleeping should be of paramount since you need to avoid as much as possible moving the legs. So, when choosing the knee pillow, make sure it has breathable material to prevent heat accumulation around the injured hip. A pad made with memory form with gel filling or charcoal infusion may work.

  • The size

The knee pillow you choose should cover the entire leg when supporting it. So, make sure to choose a pillow that is large to provide the right support needed.

Stomach Sleepers

  • Choose a firm and thick pillow

For stomach sleepers, the right knee pillow should elevate the legs to create an uneven angle with the body. So, choose a super firm and thick pillow to create this illustration when you sleep on the pillow.


How to Choose the Right Knee Pillow for Pain Relief?

Are you guilty of sleeping on your back? If so, then you’ve probably tried breaking this bad habit with no success. It’s difficult to change your sleeping position especially if it seems to be the only way you can get some shuteye.

But by using a knee pillow, you can finally correct this habit and experience some pain relief benefits at the same time. You have plenty of choices on the market, but how can you choose the right knee pillow? Keep reading to find out.

The first thing to understand is that many pillows are designed to help people who sleep on their sides or back. The most popular is the knee lift, which raises your knees but not the legs and feet. This type of pillow usually serves as the best starting point because it’s cheap and relatively smaller than the others. It relaxes the legs and reduces lower back tension. After a few days of consistent use, you may notice that your back no longer aches after you wake up.

Some people opt for a wedge pillow, which elevates the knees, legs, and feet. These are bigger in size than knee lifts. They are designed to help reduce pain and inflammation in the lower torso. If you’re having problems with your legs and feet, then this might be the better option for you.

Of course, you need to take your budget into consideration. Price varies according to the material and the size of the knee pillow. It’s best to set your budget first and then start looking for knee pillows that fall within your comfortable range.

When it comes to material, it’s recommended to go for memory foam. It provides unmatched softness and comfort, ensuring that your knees will be relaxed throughout your sleep. While it’s tempting to choose something that’s very soft, pillows like this usually go out of shape after just a few months.


What Are the Different Types Of Knee Pillows for Sleeping?

If you experience discomfort in your back or hips while sleeping, you can improve your sleeping experience using a knee pillow. The same case goes if you are having knee, calve, hamstring issues, pregnant women, and people with restless legs syndrome.

However, before investing in a sleeping pillow, it is you should have an intricate understanding of the various knee pillows on the market. Herein we will explore the different types of sleeping pillows on the market.

#1. Knee Pillow With Strap For Sleeping

Knee pillows with straps are ergonomically designed to stay in place with the help of straps. The straps wrap around the legs, typically around the knee area securing the pillow in place. The added straps are perfect for people who move around a lot while sleeping. However, if you do not want to sleep with a strap around your knees, you can remove the straps, as many of the strap knee pillows come with removable straps.

#2. Knee Bolster For Sleeping

This knee pillow has a half-moon shape and it is designed and optimized for back sleepers. It is placed on the flat surface with the user placing their knees over the pillow. Aside from back sleepers, this type of knee pillow type is perfect for people recovering from surgery and requiring the raising of legs. It is also a good choice when you need to improve leg circulation.

#3. Knee Wedge Pillow For Sleeping

These particular knee pillows are perfect for back sleepers. Unlike the other pillows that have an hourglass shape, the knee wedge has a wedge shape, which one can describe as a triangular-shaped pillow when you look from its cross-section. Placed on its largest flat surface of the pillow, back sleepers can raise knees over the wedge, providing comfort and reducing backpressure.

Best Rated – Back Support System Wedge Pillow for Under Knees

Best Reviewed Wedge Pillow For Under Knees

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#4. Knee Pads For Sleeping

Knee pads are sleeves that you wear around the knee(s) to raise the knees and separating them, providing pain relief. They are specially designed to fit and wrap around the knees. They are made of soft breathable materials. As such while you have to wear them, they do not cause unwanted sweating around the knees. Knee pads are typically worn on one of the legs.

#5. Knee Cushion For Sleeping

Knee cushions for sleeping have an hourglass design that allows users to place their legs in the grooves of the pillow. This allows the user to separate their legs while sleeping, offering pain relief, improved circulation, and better sleep quality.



1. Do knee pillows help back pain?

The knee pillows do magic in eliminating or reducing back pains. How? The pillow works by providing support to the lower body parts that, in return, reduce pressure and tension of the muscles of the lower back area. The pillows elevate the legs in the same position with the upper body to create a pressure balance and align the spine in the right position.

The pad also helps to prevent the legs from often moving to avoid twisting the spine. Just make sure to place the knee pillow in the right position and ensure using the right pillow for a back pain reliever.

2. Why does putting a pillow between knees feel good?

The primary benefit that one reaps for putting the knee pillow in between the knees is the comfort. The knee pillow adds comfort by eliminating pressure and tension when one places one leg on top of the other. Therefore, the pillow keeps the hips and pelvic in an aligned form when sleeping.

If these parts of the body are in the same position, you don’t need to worry about experiencing back pains since the good alignment ensures the spine stays in the right place. The knee pillow also provides the legs do not move to avoid stressing the hips.

3. Should I sleep with a pillow under my knees?

The answer is absolute, yes! In fact, for people who love to sleep on their backs, placing a pillow beneath the knees is crucial for comfort and weight balance. If you are experiencing back pains while sleeping on the back, you need a knee pillow beneath the knees to relieve the pain.

The pillow elevates the legs up so the spine can stay in a neutral form. Just make sure the pillow you choose should not suspend your legs too high as it may cause strain on the lower back section. Make sure the pad raises your legs to the same level as the back. The right pillow to use is a standard bed pillow or a wedge pillow.

4. Are knee pillows worth it?

Knee pillows are quite reliable in ensuring the spine is aligned well when sleeping on all sides. These pillows work by positioning the legs in the right place and prevent them from moving to avoid pulling or twisting the spine while sleeping. The knee pillows are also reliable for relieving hip and knee pain as they elevate the legs at an angle to relieve pressure on these areas. For side sleepers, the knee pillow helps to distribute the weight of the knee evenly by keeping them apart.

5. Where Should I Place A Knee Pillow?

The perfect sleeping position when using a knee pillow is the side sleeping position. So, where do you place the pillow when sleeping on the side?

Place the pillow in between the legs with the lower edge of the pad touching the knee cap’s start.

This positioning helps keep the upper leg and the pelvis on position and prevent them from leaning forward, causing pain. It also helps control the legs from twisting to avoid the knees touching each other.



A knee pillow is a safety sleeping gear recommended for relieving pain both on a lower and upper body part. The pillow works by positioning the legs and the back at an excellent angle to prevent stressing the spine or the muscles around the legs.

The knee pillows come in different sizes and styles to fit different uses and sleeping positions. There are versatile knee pillows that support various sleeping positions, while others are only recommendable for single sleeping positions.

The fillings on these pillows differ depending on the type of the pillow and the use as well. Which are the best knee pillows, and how do they help in improving sleep? This article has all the crucial information you need to know about knee pillows and follow it to guide you to the right fit.


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