Top 7 Pillow for Combination Sleepers Reviews for 2021

Welcome, combination sleepers! Are you confused about how to choose the best pillow for combination sleepers?

When you are staring at the ceiling, tossing or turning your body all night, you may realize the importance of a perfect pad for combination sleeping.

Buying a new pillow for a mixed sleeper feels like an intricate and disturbing process. That means you have to consider your sleeping preference, what the pillows are made of, how high your pillow should be, and so forth.

It comes with some benefits of great combo pillows, top 7 pillows for combination sleepers, and different pillow types for you.

All of these tips can solve plenty of questions about the combination sleepers pillow. So get ready, folks.

best pillow for combination sleeper reviews


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What Is the Best Pillow for Combination Sleepers?

When it comes to the best combination sleepers pillows, the quality may be the first factor to consider. Obviously, it is not enough for a mixed sleeper to pick an amazing pad.

The loft which can adapt to different positions is quite important for a combo sleeper. Thanks to a customized loft, you can shift and switch kinds of postures all night.

Certainly, the fillings play an important role in your cozy feeling. An ideal pillow for combo sleepers should be stuffed with premium foam or down.

Are you picking a perfect combination sleeper pillow? Look no further. This adjustable loft pillow with cut memory foam fill will do the trick. It features all the key points which the best pillow for mixed sleepers should have. Many customers provided fantastic feedback about its comfort and bought a second one.

Best Rated – Coop Home Goods Pillow for Combination Sleepers


Top 8 Best Pillow for Combination Sleepers On the Market


Who Is a Combination Sleeper?

best pillow for combo sleeper reviews

Have you always met or heard anyone who keeps sleeping on one side all night? Certainly yes. It is also quite normal to slumber on the back or stomach during bedtime.

A combination sleeper is an exception which mixes these common positions. You may stick to side and back sleeping, a mix position of side and belly, or love to shift your body constantly.

Actually, quite a few folks settle into the combination sleeping, which makes a blend of sleep styles as they like.


Benefits of Using Combination Sleepers Pillow

The big interesting thing about the pillow for combination sleepers is the benefits for your health.

1. Less Snoring

If you often snore during sleeping, it’s not a pleasant expression for your health. That means your false position may hinder the airway between the neck and chin when you are tossing on your bed.

You may feel more tired in the morning because of an improper pad. Conversely, with the help of a great combo pillow, your body can keep a neutral spine alignment so as to keep your breath smoothly, prevent snoring.

2. Less Body Pain

Relieving your body aches and pains is a quite vital task since severe neck, back, or shoulder pain will affect your daily life.

A combo sleeper makes it easy to cause shoulder or back pain. Improper posture makes your shoulder squeezed, and your spine curved during you shift your body randomly.

To solve these issues, the pillows for combination sleepers provide superior cushioning, which can fill the gap between your neck and the mattress. Moreover, the majority of pads with a contoured shape allow themselves to conform to your sleeping postures. Thanks to these specific designs, these combination sleepers pillows let your spine aligned to your neck, relieve your neck and back pain.

Choose to work with this contour pillow for neck and shoulder pain. Designed for neck support, it helps to elevate your neck and correct sleeping positions. It is easier to alleviate your pain, improve your sleeping quality.

Best for Neck and Shoulder Pain – Coisum Combination Sleepers Pillows

cervical Pillow contour pillow

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3. More Spine Supports

Most folks easily ignore the importance of the support by their pillow. However, it is an essential foundation for combo pillows to own a sweet night. Without cushioning, your head and neck will sink into the pad. That will cause your spine curved, even deformed for a long time.

A good pillow with firm support for combination sleeping can offer ample cushioning to make sure a neutral spine alignment.

4. Easy to Switch Positions

As a combination sleeper, the common feature is changing and shifting your sleeping positions. That means you need to pick a specific pad that adapts to any postures.

Designed with an adjustable loft, combination sleepers pillows usually allow you to customize the thickness. Plenty of pillows for combo sleepers that are filled with memory foam can change its shape according to your posture.

No matter how often you switch your position all night, this perfect pillow will solve your problems. The changeable thickness makes it ideal for mixed sleepers to keep your body a stretching status. Made of shredded memory foam,  it can contour to your shape easily.

Best with Adjustable Loft – Xtreme Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

best cooling pillow for combination sleepers

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5. Less Waking up in the Midnight

Without a correct pillow for combo sleepers, you may experience kinds of aches, constant snoring, or overheating. These issues will always interrupt your nice dream.

Want to regain a sweet sleeping? With the help of premium fluffy materials, the best combo sleepers pillows bring you a comfortable feeling. They can quickly ease the strain and tension of your body, make you relax.

Top 7 Pillows for Combination Sleepers Reviews

Check out top rated 8 pillows for mixed sleepers so you can wake up feeling your best.

#1. Best Overall – Coop Home Goods Bamboo Pillow With Adjustable Loft


  • Fully Adjustable
  • Highest Quality Materials


  • Only Two Sizes

best hypoallergenic pillow for combination sleepers reviews

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Here we have the aptly named Premium Hypoallergenic Pillow from Coop Home Goods, perfect for mixed sleepers who perform allergically.

Stuffed full of superior cut memory foam, this pillow features safety and high-quality. Then, the cover comes with bamboo-derived materials, so it is supernatural and won’t sensitize your skin.

That said, its hypoallergenic and dust mite resistant makes it ideal for falling asleep freshly.

Designed for combo sleepers, this one also calls attention to its full adjustability. No matter who you are, you really can’t go wrong with a customized pillow, suiting your sleep position.

This kind of adaptability lends itself well to all- position sleeping!

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#2. Best Cervical Pillow – Coisum Contour Pillow for Conbination Sleepers With Neck and Shoulder Pain


  • Amazing Pain Relief Solution
  • High-Quality Memory Foam
  • Breathable Pillow Case


  • Not Adjustable

best cervical pillow for side & back sleeper

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Cervical pillows, in general, are great choices for combination sleepers, who need neck support, and it’s always a good practice to try such one to relieve neck and shoulder pain.

Ergonomic bed pillow with a curved contour, make it perfect for supporting your head, ease the pressure on your shoulder.

The other exciting thing about this pillow is that three distinct parts play crucial roles for your cozy sleeping.

If you mainly stick to side sleeping, the higher side can provide better support for your neck. Conversely, the lower side will be a great option to rest your body when sleeping on your back.

The added areas with armrest can also mildly reduce strain from your wrist and arms.

Intrigued? Check out our review of the Coisum Cervical pillow so you can wake up feeling your best.

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#3. Best Cooling Pillow – Snuggle-Pedic Shredded Memory Foam Pillow


  • Stay cool while sleeping
  • Eco-friendly construction
  • A 120-night sleep trial and 20-year warranty


  • Only natural white color

best cooling pillow for combination sleeper review

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This ideal pillow in hot summer days is more cooling and provides a refreshing sensation. That is because of the increased level of airflow the shredded memory foam offers.

As an easy-sweating sleeper, you will be pleased with its cooling. You know that bamboo is a popular material in sleep products, which takes heat and moisture away.

Imagine how marvelous it will be!

Although this pillow is made from cut foam, it feels as soft as down ones. It offers a firm loft and proper postural support as well to maintain neutral spine alignment.

If you are a lover to the feeling of memory foam, this can meet your needs.

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#4. Best Thick – Xtreme Comforts Hypoallergenic Pillow for Combination Sleepers


  • Fully Adjustable
  • Premium Quality Shredded Memory Foam
  • Cooling Sensation


  • Only White Color

best adjustable pillow for combination sleeper review

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One of the biggest concerns for combo sleepers is the loft, which can wholly affect the quality of your sleeping.

If you wake up frequently with all of the pillows with improper height all night, this one’s adjustable design will prevent that.

The shredded foam filling and new inner zipper allow you to adjust the thickness and firmness, in order to make it a great fit. You can regard it as a customized gift, whether you prefer a fluffy one or a flat one.

Of course, it’s always an efficient method to try a higher loft than you think at first.

Adjustable pillows, in general, are excellent choices for mixed sleepers no matter who wish flexible support.

Are you still changing two supports with different lofts? Stop doing that; just buy an adjustable pillow like this one.

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#5. Best Orthopedic Pillow – Nature’s Guest Contour Cervical Pillow


  • Chiropractor and Orthopedic Recommended Design
  • Fully Adjustable
  • Premium Quality


  • Only Two Sizes

best neck&back pain pillow for combination sleeper review

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Contoured pillows like this one by Nature’s Guest are produced to cuddle into your neck and help ease neck, back, and shoulder ache.

If you’re a real mixed sleeper who has endured kinds of pain, this pillow can be excellent for you.

The microfiber fill means it’s an excellent support that will offer comfortable experiences, encourage neck and back relief. Its proper firmness rating makes it perfect for folks who freely shift from back to side sleeping.

Not only does it support you in all positions, but it conforms to the contours of your neck and shoulder to maintain neutral spine alignment.

And you won’t feel overheating at night as cotton fabric cover will bring airflow and natural cooling.

Are you confused with waking up and staring at the ceiling in the midnight due to your aching neck? You might want to give this one try.

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#6. Best Latex Pillow – OrganicTextiles All-Natural Pillow With 100% Cotton Cover


  • All-Natural Latex
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Toxic-Free


  • Not Adjustable

best natural combo pillow review

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If you are one of the fans of the organic material, the OrganicTextiles pillow will be the one for you.

From the organic cotton cover to all-natural latex fill, this whole pillow is made from the highest quality and sustainable materials. So, rest assured for some of you who are skin sensitive sleepers since it can effectively prevent the growth of harmful bacteria. Pure organic materials mean that they can bring you a fresh and breathable sensation by promoting lots of airflows.

It’s also worth noticing that pillows stuffed with natural latex tend to do an excellent job of providing a supportive effect. So, try out the pillow that will relax and support you!

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#7. Best Budget – Utopia Premium Bed Pillow for All Sleeping Position


  • Ideal Choice for combination sleeper
  • Gusset Pillow Pack
  • Medium Firm Blend Filling


  • Only Two Sizes

best budget pillow for combination sleeper guide

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This premium two-pack pillow, which is a great budget for a high-quality combination pillow like this.

Looking for an appropriate pillow for either side sleeping or stomach sleeping can be a challenge, but this unique 2-pack support makes it ideal for combo sleepers.

Made from plush fiber, this pillow does a great job of adapting to your contours and bring you maximum comfort.

Using this one, you can enjoy a long night’s sleep without any interruptions as it provides a medium-firm filling.

If you like a nice sleeping with less budget, this pillow is a tried and true all-position one.

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How to Pick A Pillow for Combination Sleepers?

how to pick best pillow for combination sleeper guide

Have you known some factors about how to choose the perfect one? Some key points are listed for you.

  • Loft

The loft, also called thickness of the pillow, comes to the critical factor when looking for a proper pillow. A high-loft suit for side sleepers. The stomach sleeper benefits from a low loft. And back sleeping needs medium height.

  • High loft – More than 6 inches
  • Medium loft 3-6 inches
  • Low loft – Less than 3 inches

For a mix of side and back sleeper, the medium height pad will be a nice choice. Back and stomach sleepers prefer the low profile pillow. The unique adjustable loft pillows make it ideal for any combination sleepers.


  • Firmness

How to choose the firmness of your pillow mainly depends on your preference.

Generally, the filling and cover of the pillow decide whether it is soft or hard. Wheat bucks fill usually makes a firm cushioning. Conversely, full of down, the pillow can offer a fluffy and extra soft experience.

Most folks benefit from pillows with a medium hardness, which can strick a perfect balance between soft and support. While personal preference matters, too. You can pick a firm pillow for strong support or choose a fluffy one to enjoy a sweet night.


  • Price

The bed pillows for combination sleepers usually are available for us. While, the price of these pillows can be listed to different levels, for instance, under 30 dollars, under 50 dollars, between $50 to $100, above 100 dollars.

The price is relevant to particular pillow materials. Down fill always is more expensive as well as more comfortable and luxurious than others. Down-lovers who want to pick an affordable choice might be pleasant about down and feather fill. Otherwise, down-alternative material will be a great cheap option.

Best Budget – Utopia Bedding Gusseted Pillows


  • Cover

The cover is as important as filling. It also plays a vital part in the firmness of one pillow. Thanks to its comfy feeling, cotton fabric is one of the standard materials as a cover.

As a protector of the fill, you should notice whether it is removable and washable when you are picking a pillow.

Besides the washability, another function of the cover which needs to consider is cooling, especially on hot days. The material with gel-infused or bamboo-derived fabric makes it easy to bring a cooling sensation.

Best with Cooling Cover – Snuggle-Pedic Pillow


  • Durability

Without durability, your pillows may become compressed and lose flexibility several weeks later. That means it loses the ability to support your neck and shoulder. It’s not a piece of good news for a mixed sleeper.

Picking high-quality filling is an important point since premium materials usually represent long-lasting support.


  • Washability

Some folks may ignore the care instruction easily. Take notice that not all the pillows on the market are washable. Or only the covers are allowed to wash. If you mind that, you have to pay attention to the washability.

Some types of pillows, like pads filled with down or latex, aren’t machine washable. That means you need to wash it by hand.

Generally, washing your pillow two or three times a year is recommended.


  • Warranty

The combination sleepers pillow you will buy has a close connection with your sleeping condition. So, it should be a long-term investment with superior quality. A warranty provided by the manufacturer is in need if you worry about the pillow. It will give you a free trial and allow you to return.

What Are Special Kinds of Pillows for Combination Sleepers?

different kinds of combination pillows guide

A common square bed pillow won’t necessarily work for every combo sleeper. The following are three types of pillows with distinctive shapes to meet your personal needs.

1. Body Pillow

Because you are always tossing and turning on your bed, sometimes you may want more cushioning on your back when you’re suffering from back pain. Or your legs may need a pad since you slumber on one side.

The body pillow might be right up your alley. With the help of the full-size body pad, this kind of pillow can support and cradle you entirely. Just put your arms or legs on it during sleeping on your side. You can also place one behind your back to find a relaxing posture. Certainly, it can provide ample support for your head and neck as same.

Best Body Pillow – Snuggle Pedic Shredded Memory Foam Pillow

2. Knee Pillow

If you are undergoing leg or knee problems, a normal pillow can’t solve it. Knee pillow will be an ideal choice for a combination sleepers.

You can put the knee pillow between your legs to ensure a neutral spine alignment. It also makes it ideal for supporting your legs when you place it under your knees. Thanks to the unique design, you can avoid leg or knee pains, enjoy a sweet night.

Best Knee Pillow – ComfiLife Wedge Contour Pillow For Combination Sleepers

3. Bolster Pillow

Similar to knee pillows, the bolster pillows can offer enough cushioning for your legs. Place one under your leg, when you’re suffering leg issues.

Besides, the bolster pillows make it perfect for lower back support if you are reading on the bed. The bolster pillows with multi-functions are valuable picks.

Best bolster Pillow – ComfiLife Memory Foam Pillow


What Are the Different Fillings of A Combination Sleepers Pillow?

Whether a pillow is comfy depends on fillings. Several common materials for the combination sleepers pillow are listed below.

  • Memory Foam

We keep going on and on about memory foam throughout our reviews because it is a great fill choice for sleeping with all kinds of positions. Memory foam pillows, which are quite popular, can be found in almost every market or your friends’ home.

Some folks have a question of why memory foam is so popular. That is because it provides you a comfortable feeling as well as ample support. Or they will ask whether it is good for combination sleepers. Its shape can contour with your head, adapt to your sleeping postures no matter what sleep style you have. Memory foam makes it ideal for combo sleepers to keep the spine aligned to a level.

Memory foam fill includes two different types, loaf memory foam, and shredded memory foam.

The loaf memory foam means a slab of foam, which usually supports and cradles your head. Compared with that, shredded memory foam is easily shapeable and malleable. For instance, you can adjust it to individual thicknesses and firmness, which suit your demands.

Best with Shredded Memory Foam – Snuggle-Pedic Adjustable Pillow


  • Down and Feather

Some down-lovers pursue soft and breathable feeling. However, pillows full of pure down aren’t perfect options for combination sleepers. A combo sleeping always requires medium support, which a down pillow can’t offer.

Rather than pure down pillows, down and feather pads are more suitable for combination sleepers. A blend of fluffy down and hard feather makes it perfect for striking a balance. The majority of combo sleepers benefit from goose down and feather fill, which is one of the most famous and premium down materials.

Best with Goose Down Feather – Puredown Natural Pillow


  • Down Alternative

Distinct with pure down, down alternative pillows are firmer and more supportive. It is also available for most combination sleepers. Down fans can pick the cheaper pillow with down alternative to gain down-like feeling.

Down alternative feels as comfortable as down and feather. It features enough support for your neck as well as a cozy experience.

Any combo sleepers can use down alternative pillows with confidence since it can’t cause allergic reactions.


  • Buckwheat Hulls

Made from buckwheat hulls, the pillow will be breathable. It brings airflow and makes you cool in the morning. You can use it with confidence since it is dust mite resistant and hypoallergenic.

Because of hard shells, it provides extra firm support. If you stick to sleep on your side or back, it may be an amazing option. Keep in mind that it’s not good for sleeping on your stomach.


  • Latex

As a filling of combination sleepers pillows, latex can offer strong support for your head and neck. So, it can effectively alleviate your neck, back, and shoulder pain.

Most of the latex pillows feature a pin-core design that helps airflow and prevents moisture. This material makes it easy to keep you fresh and breathable. If you are a hot sleeper in search of a cool pillow, latex fill will be a great pick.

Best with Latex – All-Natural Organic Pillow


  • Gel Fiber

Like latex one, this fill also can give you a cooling sensation by drawing heat from your skin surface. Usually, it can be combined with memory foam fill to gain the best sleeping experience.

FAQ About the Best Pillow for Combination Sleepers

1. Why Are Hotel Pillows for Combination Sleepers So Comfy?

best combo sleepers pillows with materials guides

Because plenty of hotel pillows are stuffed with fluffy fills. For instance, these pillows which are full of high-quality fiber or cotton provide a super soft and breathable experience. Generally, five-star hotels use luxurious pillows filled with pure down, down and feather, or down alternative materials.

The comfort of hotel pillows usually is the first thing to consider. So, fillings play an important role. If some of you desire fluffy and cozy pillows provide by the hotel, these three premium hotel collection pillows are available and suitable for you.

Best Hotel Collection Pillows – for Combo Sleepers


2. Are There Any Benefits for Combination Sleepers?

Almost 7-hour-sleeping one day takes up more than a quarter of a day, so an ideal sleeping position matters. Sleeping in all positions can avoid countless health issues.

Since combination sleepers often switch and shift your body all night, you may avoid a long-time strain on your neck or shoulder. It helps you to prevent chronic neck and shoulder pain. A comfortable sleep without any aches can guarantee adequate sleep.

On the other hand, thanks to your mixed sleeping postures, you may avoid airflow obstruction or heart compression for a long time. A blend of sleeping positions takes quite a few effects for your health.


3. Are There Any Downsides for Combination sleepers?

A combo sleeping also has a negative side.

Too much tossing and turning during sleeping may make it hard to fall asleep. It might be a big challenge for you. Sometimes continual moving can seriously interrupt your partner. Because of that, some complaints may appear.

Do you know how to solve these issues? Fortunately, a properly mixed sleeper pillow does a great job. It helps you to stay more comfortable no matter how you are tossing.

Otherwise, a memory foam mattress matters, too. The majority of sleepers who are familiar with memory foam know its advantages. With the help of contouring memory foam, the mattress can cradle your body perfectly. It can adapt to your postures and relieve your pain.

Here is the best mattress which can make up for the downsides of combination sleeping.

Best for Combination Sleepers – Linenspa Memory Foam Mattress


As I mentioned up top, these top-rated pillows above lend themselves well to combination sleepers. Each one with unique features will meet different demands. The following lists several useful tips for you.

Take a close look at these, and you’re well on your way to choose one great. Have a nice sleep!