Best Wedge Pillow for Sinus Congestion

Proper sleep is a must when you want to function at your highest possible level. However, sinus congestion can interfere with the quality of your sleep, thus interfering with your productivity.

However, thanks to wedge pillows that help to relieve the effects of sinus congestion for a better night of sleep. These pillows can elevate your head, neck, and shoulders to help the sinuses drain smoothly.

Given that wedge pillows are not equal, choosing the right wedge pillow requires extra effort and patience. To help you save time in this quest, we will walk you through the best wedge pillows for sinuses today. Read on:

choose the best wedge pillow for sinus congestion

In a hurry? Look at our top picks of best wedge pillow to relieve your sinus congestion!

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How Do Wedge Pillows Help with Sinus Congestion?

In case you are wondering, a wedge pillow is a unique triangular-shaped pillow. It raises part of the body so that you can rest peacefully by easing some pain or pressure.

The pillows are useful for solving a range of health issues, among them sinus congestion. Sleeping on a wedge pillow elevates your head and shoulders while it also keeps these body parts at an angle.

In turn, this helps you drain the mucus that is making you stuffed up. With time, the pillow helps you to relieve sinuses congestion naturally and without medication.


Benefits of Buying a Wedge Pillow for Sinus Congestion

Back Pain

With different types of back pain, a wedge pillow helps in ensuring the correct spinal alignment, reducing spinal related infections. This is because it has enough ncline. Unfortunately, people with upper back pain benefit more than those with low back pain.

Cough and Post-Nasal Drip

This is as a result of the mucus flowing down your throats back and into the airways. The post-nasal drip develops issues both during sleep and upon waking.

For many, the post-nasal drip causes a persistent cough that never seems to let go. Sleeping on a wedge pillow provides enough elevation for the upper body, which opposes force of gravity and prevents the mucus from pooling at the back of the throat.

At length, this reduces irritation and inflammation thus leading to better overall health.

Snoring and Sleep Apnea

When sleeping horizontally on a mattress, gravity always tends to work against your respiratory system and can lead to a collapse of your airway.

This can also disrupt the sleeping patterns to some people. A wedge pillow gently shifts the body and does away with this occurrence.

Nighttime Asthma

If you are asthmatic during the night, this pillow helps you fight the adverse effects of gravity and prevents blood from pooling in the lungs, which may be one of the causes of breathing issues.

Post-Operative Care

For patients who have recently had surgery doctors often advice wedge pillows. It can reduce swelling and pain in sensitive joint areas depending on where it’s placed. Two wedge pillows can be useful for the upper body and the other for the knees.

Reduce Swelling in Legs

There are also a number of conditions that can lead to swelling of legs ranging from injuries to pregnancy.

Having a way to elevate your feet while you sleep can make a very huge difference in pain relief and reducing swelling. The wedge pillows are the best for elevation of your feet when you sleep.

Reduce Heartburn

There are various ways of reducing heartburn but one of the best is to sit up. But sleeping while sitting up can be uncomfortable and awkward. The wedge pillows allow you to sleep in an elevated position comfortably.

This helps to keep you in a sleeping position that limits the amount of heartburn you will get while remaining comfortable throughout the night.

Great for Intimate Moments

The wedge pillows can support your night time activities with your romantic partner. There are many of the pillows designed for this purpose that are shaped like the wedge pillows. The pillows can provide healthy support for your back and joints in more than one way.


Tips to Choose the Best Wedge Pillows for Sinus Congestion

1. Material

Similar to other products and pillows, wedge pillows are made using different products. These materials include memory foam, polyurethane foam, feather, latex, and polyester.

While looking for a pillow that will maintain its shape and firmness longer, we would recommend getting a pillow that features latex or foam fillers.

While feather provides a soft, comfortable, and supportive surface, it compresses over time, thus not suitable for long-life performance.

2. Shape

When looking for the best wedge pillow for sinuses, we would recommend getting one that features a flat surface. Such a pillow can support the neck, shoulders, and head to maintain you in a comfortable posture.

Meanwhile, you can select a pillow that features a contoured surface when looking for one that will align with the natural curves of the body, especially the spine.

3. Breathability

You do not want to forget about selecting a wedge pillow that keeps the heat off your body. Therefore, look for a pillow that features breathable materials to keep you cool and comfortable.

For instance, get pillows that integrate bamboo, poly-based synthetic fabric, or polyester to avoid waking up on a wet and sweaty pillow.

4. Size

Another factor that is worth considering is the size of the wedge pillow. When getting a pillow for sinus congestion, we would recommend that you get a large enough padding so that it can cushion the head, shoulders, neck, and upper back.

Also, get a pillow with at least 7″ of height for a gradual and effective incline.

5. Ease of cleaning

The best wedge pillow must be easy to clean. After all, no one wants to wake up on a dirty or unhygienic surface. That said, opt for a wedge pillow that includes a cover. Also, narrow down to one that features a removable and machine washable pillowcase for easy cleaning.

6. Hypoallergenic materials

Remember, people with sinus congestion are more likely to get affected by allergens. Therefore, look for a pillow that is made using hypoallergenic materials for their safety.

Besides that, opt for pillows that are certified as safe to use. For instance, a CertiPUR-US and Greenguard Gold certified pillow assures you that it is free of toxic chemicals likely to affect the user.


Top 5 Best Wedge Pillow for Sinus Congestion Reviews

Top Rated – Ebung Bed Wedge Pillow

versatile wedge pillow for sinus congestion


  • Comfortable memory foam
  • The pillow provides a firm and reliable support
  • The case is soft to the touch


  • Big and not foldable for compact storage

Alleviate the pain in your head or neck using the Ebung bed wedge pillow. This pillow is designed to reduce back pain, snoring, neck pain, breathing issues, and allergies, thus an excellent choice for helping you improve your health.

The pillow is made of premium-quality memory foam. This material offers you with a soft and plush pillow that is guaranteed to provide the desired comfort and support.

Adding to that, its materials are easy to maintain. The reason is that the pillow is fitted with a highly breathable and removable cover for easy cleaning.

The memory foam is free of toxic substances, which means that you can get it with an assurance of safety. Moreover, the pillow can stay cool without the risk of heating, given the breathable design and cover that doesn’t allow moisture to leak in.

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Best with Memory Foam – SUPPORT PLUS Bed Wedge Pillow

elevated wedge pillow for sinus congestion


  • Comfortable memory foam
  • Perfect height and firmness
  • Wide and supportive


  • Heavy and quite challenging to lift

Do you want to relieve acid reflux symptoms and drain sinuses freely? If this is the case, you can do so with the help of the Support Plus wedge pillow.

It provides a perfect way by which you can elevate the neck and shoulders to give your body a bit of height that will improve such issues. The pillow is made using a two-layered hybrid memory foam.

In the outside, a soft 40D foam surrounds a firm base to provide the required comfort and support. On the other hand, there is a 25D regular molded polyurethane inner foam core layer that provides the desired firmness.

The pillow includes a 100% polyester zipper cover. The cover’s fabric is porous and designed to stay cool on the skin. Also, it is easy to remove and machine washable for easy cleaning.

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Supportive – RELAX SUPPORT RS6 Wedge Pillow

supportive wedge pillow for sinus congestion


  • Removable and machine washable cover
  • Comfortable memory foam
  • No chemical smell


  • Plastic zippers

For the best supportive wedge pillow, we would recommend the Relax Support RS6 wedge pillow. It adopts a strategic elevation technology.

In particular, the pad incorporates two wedge pillows that offer different elevation degrees. Because of this, you can choose among three elevation choices for a customized comfort experience.

Adding to that, this pillow provides you with an option of zippering the pillow sections into one wedge pillow or using them separately for customized comfort.

The Relax Support RS6 is made of premium-quality memory foam. This foam is firm but soft to provide the perfect elevation of the spine for a better upright posture. What’s more, it includes a pillow cover. The cover prevents slippage for a comfortable user experience.

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Hypoallergenic – Bekweim Bed Wedge Pillow

hypoallergenic wedge pillow for sinus congestion


  • Durable and well-constructed
  • Easy to maintain
  • It comes with two covers


  • The pillow is quite stiff

Achieve comfort wherever you need once you invest in the Bekweim Wedge Pillow. It is a multipurpose pillow that helps you get relief of neck pain or chronic pain.

The pillow features a dual-layer Visco-elastic premium memory foam. This foam is dense and durable for reliable comfort and support that will last over the years.

What’s more, the pillow is firm but not stiff so that you can get the desired level of support without compromising comfort.

The pillow comes with two covers. The primary cover is made using premium bamboo to provide better airflow, while the bonus cover is made of soft polyester to ensure better hygiene and convenience.

You can get the pillow as one of the best wedge pillows for allergic persons, thanks to the hypoallergenic materials. Also, the pillow is an excellent choice for one that is easy to maintain, given that the covers are zippered and easy to remove for washing.

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Therapeutic – Zenesse Luxury Support Therapy Bed Wedge Pillow

therapeutic wedge pillow for sinus congestion


  • Included side pocket holds a remote control or smartphone
  • Built-in handle enhances portability
  • Soft and comfortable


  • The top is a little bit slippery

Gain the ultimate comfort and support for a deep and restful night sleep once you lie on the Cozilift wedge pillow. This pillow is made of 100% premium grade materials for comfort and durability.

Ideally, the pad comprises a therapeutic support foam base and a 2″ gel-infused memory foam top. These materials combine safety, performance, and longevity for comfort that you can rely on.

The Cozilift wedge pillow is enhanced with 2″ gel-infused AirFlow technology. This enables it to deliver the required breathability so that you can stay cool and dry for a comfortable night of sleep.

Also, the pillow includes a quilted natural bamboo cover. The cover can provide superior breathability and wick sweat and moisture naturally for a comfortable user experience. The cover is machine washable at 30 degrees for easy maintenance.

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What Else Can I Do for My Sinus Congestion?

Besides using the best wedge pillow for sinus congestion, there are other remedies to put into place for a natural relief. Such remedies include:

1. Treat sinuses with humidity

You can get rid of sinuses and sinus pressure by using a humidifier or drinking plenty of hot drinks. Besides, you can take plenty of steamy showers.

The reason is that increasing humidity and getting more liquids in the body can help the mucus to this out. Thus, by using plenty of drinks, you can thin the thick and dry mucus to get it moving smoothly.

2. Warm compress

Moreover, you could try placing a warm but wet towel over the face. Such a measure helps to relieve nasal passages and reduce the discomfort of the sinuses.

3. Nasal irrigation

Saltwater irrigation is another effective means of getting rid of sinuses. You could use a sinus rinse bottle or an over-the-counter saline nasal spray for the process.

This process aids in cleansing the nose and sinuses, while it also plays a role in relieving the sinus pain.



May I Put My Own Pillow on the Wedge Pillow?

Since a wedge pillow will keep your shoulders, head, and neck at an incline better than a regular pillow, you may not want to use a regular pillow.

Regular pillows may not have healthy benefits like the wedge pillow does and thus even doctors prefer the wedge for healthy benefits.

The wedge pillows help to keep the body in a good inclined manner. So, it is important that you stack them to raise your shoulders, head, and neck, but the healthy benefits like of the wedge will not be gained.

So, for a better experience and healthy benefits, using the wedge pillow alone may be the best option instead of using it with the regular pillows.

How to Sleep on a Wedge Pillow With Sinus Congestion?

Do you know you can use a wedge pillow to customize the perfect sleep with sinus congestion? The wedge pillow’s gentle slope is designed for supporting you no matter how you choose to position them — and there are two ways to switch it up when sleeping.

Many people who suffer from respiratory issues and sleep apnea are advised to sleep on an inclined position of 30 to 45 degrees to avoid pressure been taken out of their airway and their symptoms improve.

The gentle incline also avoids problems such as acid reflux or coughing by ensuring that gravity keeps acid away from the throat, which causes discomfort.

Side sleepers also have relief of health issues like sleep apnea and acid reflux. Using a wedge pillow for side sleep will offer great support for the neck and shoulders thus allowing your body to fall into a perfect neutral position.

Wedge pillows as discussed above have a lot more benefits than the regular pillows. Apart from being comfortable, the pillows that have several health benefits that help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.



Sleeping with sinus congestion is never an easy task. You night can end up being awful and unrestful, the reason we would recommend using the best wedge pillows for sinuses. So, buy one of the reviewed products and ease your problems without the need for pills or nasal sprays.