Best Wedge Pillow for Back Pain

Wedge pillows are the most versatile pain-relieving pads you will find on the market. They are suitable for relieving back pain since they provide reliable support and position the back in the right angle to alleviate pressure when sleeping or seated. How does it work?

The wedge pillows feature stiffer materials fillings that post the back spine in a straight form to prevent straining and curving, which causes pain and injuries.

The elevation model provided by the wedge pillow helps to relieve pressure and tension on the back muscles. Note that the wedge pillows come in different designs and sizes to accommodate varying adult sizes.

choose the best wedge pillow for back pain

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Why Should You Buy a Wedge Pillow for Back Pain?

One of the reasons that make people experience back pains after sleeping is due to the curving of the back when sleeping on the sides. But a wedge pillow plays a massive role in keeping the back in a straight form for comfort and excellent support when sleeping.

The wedge pillows are designed in a slant form that naturally supports the lumbar section and cervical vertebrae to reduce pain and pressure.

The majority of the wedge pillows are made with stiff filling materials that ensure the back remains in a straight form, whether seated or sleeping.

This is one reason why these pillows are recommendable for reading since they provide excellent support and protection to the back. Note that with a wedge pillow, you can still comfortably sleep on sides.


How Do You Choose a Wedge Pillow for Back Pain?


The inclination provided by the wedge pillow is crucial since it determines your comfort and support for your back when sleeping. A right wedge pillow should elevate the back at an angle of 30 to 45 degrees for ample support of the body.

The high angle from the pad keeps the back in a high form, reduces the pressure on the upper body part, and keeps the spine in a straight form to prevent injuries. So, when choosing the wedge pillow, make sure it has an elevation of at least 30 degrees and above.

Material Composition

The wedge pillows are made with high density and stiff materials to provide durability and ensure you get the right support when sleeping.

Most wedge pillows are made with the memory foam material, which is quite durable and offers excellent cushioning.

Note that some people may find the memory foam material a bit uncomfortable at first due to the stiffness, but they are perfect for wedge pillows and provide the right cushioning for support.

Also, the dense memory foam materials are a bit hard to secure the pillow in one position when sleeping. Some have infused gel material that increases the pillow’s breathability while others have removable and breathable pillow covers.


The wedge pillows are designed with different densities that provide different body supports. The wedge pillow offers a medium firmness, complete firmness, and others offer low stiffness for people who need a simple wedge pillow for sleeping with.

If you need a wedge pillow for back pain relief, consider buying the pillow with medium firmness and completely firmness. Such rigidity on the pillow provides the perfect back alignment to reduce pain and prevent injuries.


The wedge pillows are crafted in varying sizes to fit different users and their needs. The wedge pillows come in varying sizes: small, medium, and large, although some brands also have extra-large styles.

If you need a wedge pillow for sleeping with, consider getting the large models.

Such cushions are suitable for back pains because they allow flexibility when sleeping in different positions and can fit the majority of adults with different body sizes.

If you need a wedge pillow to use when seated, maybe on the sofa, consider choosing a small or medium-sized wedge pillow to fit on the couch.


The wedge pillows are designed in two shapes, which are flat and contour. The flat-shaped wedge pillows keep the back in a straight or flat position when sleeping while the contour-shaped contours to the back for support.

The flat wedge pillows provide support around the neck, back, and shoulders, while contour wedge pillows may target various parts of these areas where you place it.

The cost

The wedge pillows are sold at varying prices determined by the materials, size, brand, and even the design.

If you need a flexible wedge pillow that you can use on both upper and lower body parts, be prepared to pay more than a pillow that supports any of these parts.

However, whichever pillow you choose, make sure it has all the qualities and support you require.


Best Wedge Pillows for Back Pain Reviews

Top Rated – Healthsmart Wedge Pillow for Back Pain

DMI wedge pillow for back pain


  • This is a versatile pillow you can use for lower and upper body support
  • It greatly helps people with stomach problems such as indigestion or acid reflux
  • The pillow has high-density memory foam for ample support
  • The cover is removable for cleaning


  • Too hard for long use

This is the perfect sleeping pillow for people suffering from stomach problems. The pillow’s design puts the upper body in an elevated position for safety.

Improve abdominal problems

The fact that the pillow keeps the upper body in an elevation, this in return helps to reduce abdominal problems such as respiratory issues, and relieve acid reflux

Relives pain

The pillow also helps relieve the pain either on the back or lower body areas like the hips and the legs by eliminating pressure and straining.


The pillow has high-density foam materials that contours to the body for ample comfort

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Therapeutic – Brentwood Wedge Pillow for Pain

therapeutic wedge pillow for back pain


  • This pillow helps to improve circulation on the upper body parts
  • It is comfortable to suit people who enjoy reading or watching TV
  • The pillow can help improve digestion by keeping the torso in the right angle
  • The pillow helps to control snoring when sleeping


  • One may need to add an extra pillow beneath when lying for balanced support to the back

If you need a comfortable pillow for support when watching TV or reading a book, Brentwood’s pillow may work for you.

Easy to maintain

This wedge pillow has a stretch knit bamboo cover that is removable for easy cleaning purposes.

Eases pain and facilitates quick healing

This wedge pillow’s sloppy pillow keeps the body in an elevated design to reduce straining around the back, shoulders, and neck. You can also use it to relieve pain after knee surgery. Improves sleeping patterns

The pillow enhances breathing, which in return helps to reduce snoring, for a comfortable sleeping night.

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For Lower Back Pain – Healthex Wedge Pillow

ultra soft wedge pillow for back pain


  • This pillow has thin edges for total comfort when lying
  • It helps to reduce lower back pains
  • The pillow can improve correct posture while seated to read or use a computer


  •  It only stays fresh for a while then heat up slightly.

One of the top best features on this wedge pillow is the cooling gel material that prevents the heat from building up during the hot seasons.

Gel memory foam padding

Your comfort and support is taken care of thanks to the gel memory foam that provides excellent support and cushioning


This wedge pillow can be used for various support needs when sleeping and when sitting down

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Memory Foam – Ebung Wedge Pillow for Back Pain

Versatile wedge pillow for back pain


  • This pillow comes with a 2-year warranty and 60 days money refund
  • It is a versatile sleeping pillow
  • You can use it to improve breathability and reduce snoring


  • The pillow is extra firm

Are you having problems maintaining the right posture when sleeping at night? This wedge pillow from Ebung is designed to offer the perfect sleeping support for all people.

It is a multifunctional

Other than using this wedge pillow for support while seated, you can also use it when sitting as it provides excellent support to the back.


The pillow has quality design, plus one is provided with one year warranty for quality assurance

Improve your sleeping

This wedge pillow helps to improve your health by helping to reduce snoring, improve breathing while sleeping, and reduce back pains.

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Best Budget – ComfiLife Back Pain Relief Wedge Pillow

Lumbar support wedge pillow for back pain


  • The pillow comes with a lifetime warranty
  • The cover of the pillow has the quality and breathable material construction
  • It offers ample support to the back and the knees


  •  It produces a strong odor when new.

This pillow provides excellent support to the lower back so you can sleep on all sides comfortably. You can also use the pillow to support your legs and knees, especially if you have an injury.


This pillow is made with high-density memory foam that ensures total comfort and support to the body.

Versatile wedge pillow

This pillow is versatile such that you can use it in multiple areas like the back, hips, legs, and even the knees.

Breathable design

The cover on this pillow has a breathable material that allows the free flow of air when sleeping at night. The cover is removable for easy cleaning as well

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How to Place Wedge Pillows for Back Pain?

How you place the wedge pillow on the bed will determine the effectiveness of support to prevent injuries and pain.

Place the small and extensive section of the wedge pillow on the lower side while the elevated part of the pad should be placed against the headboard or the head area on your bed.

Putting the pillow in this form ensures you are flexible when getting off the bed and provides you have the right support.

Can I Use Wedge Pillow for Back Pain During Reading in Bed?

Yes! Wedge pillows are the perfect pillows to use when sitting to read on a couch or in bed. The pads help to prevent back injuries and pain by enabling one to maintain an upright posture when seated. The pillows also provide a comfortable leaning surface for the back.

When setting up the pillow, ensure the steep side is placed on the top area to ensure you have a stable and comfortable surface to lean the back.

Are Wedge Pillows Good for Back Pain?

The backbone plays an important role when it comes to supporting your body.

However, if your spine’s natural alignment is not maintained – due to uncomfortable, dropping, and poor sitting posture among others – it can put too much pressure and strain on the back, causing different types of aches and pains.

Fortunately, the ergonomic design of wedge pillows supports your neck, head, and back, restoring your spinal alignment. To maintain the correct posture all the time, you can use a wedge pillow when sleeping, sitting at your workplace, at home, or even in the car.

When sleeping, the pillow adapts to your body’s contour without losing its firmness. As a result, you will maintain a right posture regardless of the sleeping style, whether it is on your side or back.

Is Leg Wedge Pillow Good for Lower Back Pain Relief?

If you are experiencing back pain, which is likely to prevent you from a good night’s sleep, consider a leg wedge pillow. It provides additional support and quick pain relief to your lower back.

You can choose to place it under your knees when sleeping on your bed or sofa watching television. This inclination and support is especially recommended for those recovering from a back surgery because it will help in relieving the back pain faster.

Apart from providing support for those with lower back pain, leg wedge pillows are comfortable to use and increase the circulation and improve blood flow. This takes the pressure off your lower back’s nerve roots, offering enough relief to fall asleep.



The wedge pillows are suitable for back pains since they help relieve pressure, stress on the spin, and use them to relieve pain in case of an injury.

The wedge pillows are comfortable to sleep on and sit as well when reading a book or watching TV.

Use the above buying guide to help you choose the right wedge pillow for back support.

Although the firm wedge pillows are a bit uncomfortable on the first days of using them, they are the best for relieving back pains and are durable as well.