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Travelling can often be quite tedious and frustrating, especially when going long and distant places. It is always harder to conform to the perfect position in the airplane/train/car seat and to make matters even worse, trying to fall asleep further becomes even more complicated.

Thus, many travelers usually end their journeys with numerous body aches from stiff necks to painful lower backs which can often be very frustrating.

Nevertheless, this can usually be rectified using the right and the best travelling pillow.

These travelling pillows will provide you with the sufficient support needed for you to get some quality rest or sleep while travelling thus minimizing the habit of people self-medicating when travelling.

We have thus provided you with some of the best travel pillows worth checking out and some ways of choosing the most fitting travel pillow for you when travelling.

choose the best travel pillow


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What is the Best Travel Pillow?

The best travelling pillow should always incorporate a variety of features to guarantee a comfortable and relaxing trip. Some of the vital features in the best overall travel pillow should include;

Ergonomic design

These pillows should be designed in a way that they can conform to the normal body contours during use. This will maximize comfort while eliminating any discomforts.

High-quality manufacture materials

The materials used in the manufacture of these pillows should also be of high quality. For instance, some of the popularly used materials include memory foam, microbeads, down and feathers as fillings for increased comfort.

The pillow covers should also be derived from hypo-allergenic, soft and breathable fabric. These will also guarantee maximum relaxation.

Size flexibility

The best travel pillows should also come in varying sizes or at least with the option of size adjustability. This is to ensure that they fit individuals of different sizes from children to adults and individuals with varying body feature sizes from small to large.

Versatile design

They should also be versatile, thus enabling for utilization for a variety of purposes. For instance, these pillows should not be limited for use in specific travel media such as airplanes but also on cars, trucks, trains, buses and even while just relaxing on your couch at home.


This is also an essential feature in these best travel pillows. Lightweight ensures that you do not fatigue as you utilization these pillows. This applies to those carried during use such as neck pillows. Similarly, the lightweight will also facilitate easy and smooth portability.


What is the Best Travel Pillow for Long Flights?

When taking long flights, there are specific features your pillow should always have to ensure they provide that much needed prolonged comfort throughout your flight. These pillows should therefore be;

Made of high-quality manufacture materials

The materials used should be soft and smooth yet moderately firm to allow for comfortable support throughout such as memory foam, microbeads, down, feather or a combination of some or all.

The materials for the fabric cover should also be soft, breathable and even sweat resistant for further improved comfort.


These pillows should also conform to the general body contours. This will prevent the development of painful pressure points in areas coinciding with the pillows causing discomfort during your flight.

Have adjustable size and be lightweight

These are to ensure that you can easily carry your travel pillow in a small bag to wherever you are going. Thus during long flights, you can always put them on and take them off as you please without worrying of place to store them.

The lightweight also prevents fatigue for those pillows carried on the body during the long journey.

Allow for easy maintenance

Long flights will result in the dirtying of the pillow through spills and even sweat. The best pillow for flights will thus have easily removable and machine washable fabric cover for hygiene maintenance. Those without covers should also be easy to clean.


Filling Types of Travel Pillow You Can Choose

different material of travel pillow

There are many travel pillow designs that you can always choose from when purchasing one for your travels. Therefore, you should always be well acquainted with the different types to ensure you select the most appropriate and fitting for your maximum comfort. They include;

Inflatable Travel pillows

These include specially designed travel pillows which can always be inflated to increase size and firmness to a desired volume and level.

Similarly, these pillows could also be deflated for more soft and squishy feeling while also facilitating for some packaging space for maximum convenience. They are usually lightweight and budget-friendly.

Solid Travel Pillows

These constitute a variety of compact designed travel pillows filled inside with specific material for support purposes. The materials used to fill these pillows usually contributes to their categorization;

Memory foam travel pillows

These constitute the variety of travel pillows filled up with memory foam, a plush and firm material ensuring that the support to your neck is not only efficient but also very comfortable.

Thus, by conforming to the general shape of your neck, they provide excellent support during travels.

Microbead travel pillows

This category constitutes travel pillows filled up with some tiny polystyrene beads.

The beads warrant for the constant changing of the pillow shape to conform to the user’s demands, thus guaranteeing for exceptional support and comfort during travels. They are, however, a little challenging in terms of portability.

Down Travel Pillows

These, on the other hand, constitute travel pillows usually filled up with RDS Certified down combined with feathers.

They are thus super soft, supportive and comfortable guaranteeing for an exceptional pain-free trip to wherever the destination.


What to Look for in a Travel Pillow

Before purchasing a travel pillow, you should always consider certain travel pillow features and associated factors. Since these will ensure that you acquire the most appropriate and comfortable travel pillow for your utilization. Thus, things to consider include;

Preferred Sleeping Position

Every individual usually has their most preferred sleeping positions in which they enjoy a great deal of comfort. Therefore, before selecting any travel pillow for your utilization, you should always make sure that you know your favorite sleeping position. For instance, some of the common positions include;

Face cradle – which includes individuals who constantly change their heads while sleeping thus incorporating multiple positions in one travel.

Lean forward – these individuals often sleep with their face and upper torso tilted forward hence tilting of the head towards any other direction like sideways or backwards would be uncomfortable.

Similarly, sleeping on the side, upright or the back would also be uncomfortable.

Upright – these individuals, on the other hand, sleep sitting straight up; thus, any head tilt to any direction would be quite uncomfortable.

Lumbar – finally, these individuals often flex their back at the lumbar region while trying to conform to the most comfortable sleeping posture. Thus, taking on other postures might not result in a desirable amount of comfort.

Nevertheless, if possible, you should always look for a travel pillow capable of supporting you comfortably in any posture as this will be most convenient.


The kind of support an individual requires while travelling is also an important consideration to make. This is because different body regions usually require support as an individual sleeps.

Without this support, they will always wake up with stiff muscles and aching in the previously unsupported area. Thus, depending on the sleeping position, different individuals usually require different kinds of support;

Neck support – thus, regardless of your sleeping position, neck support is always paramount and thus warranting for the appropriate travel pillow. Without proper neck support, an individual usually suffers immense neck pain afterwards.

Head support – proper bracing of the head prevents free movements and overstretching of the neck muscles, which could afterwards be achy and painful.

Chin support – this is vital for lean forward and face cradle sleepers, since, by supporting the chin, you will guarantee limited forward mobility thus safe and unpainful sleep.

Front support – this is also vital since by receiving the support against the forward, falling body weight, you will be able to manage the extension levels of the spine and the back thus maintaining comfort and relaxation.

Back support – the chairs used in the travel media like airplanes, trains and buses never provide for lumbar support, thus, obtaining a travel pillow for your back would immensely eliminate misalignment of the spine and the development of any pain afterwards.


This is also an essential factor for consideration to maximize the applicability of your travel pillow. Thus, before committing to a single travel pillow, you should always check whether the pillow could be used for all-round support.

Furthermore, you should select a travel pillow that does not only get used during transport but also at home while relaxing or watching TV.

Checking for a travel pillow with adjustable features such as size, height and fitness around the neck would also be much convenient for maximum functionality and relaxation.


The level of comfort a pillow can offer is also an essential consideration. This is, however, often dependent on the fillings used. Different types of travel pillows often have different material fillings such as down, feathers, memory foam, microbeads, among others.

All these provide varying levels of softness and firmness. Thus, you should always stick to a material which is most comfortable for you.

This is because some materials may be too hard or too soft, resulting in undesirable effects and aching.

Therefore always choose the travel pillow with the most desirable feeling for the best comfort on your journeys.


Travel pillows should always be easily portable to allow for convenient travelling from place to place without having to worry about packaging and storage space for the pillow.

Thus, you should always select a travel pillow with adjustable size and tolerable weight levels such as inflated or memory foam types which can always be reduced to smaller sizes for easy portability.


Travel pillows are also made with varying fabric covers. You should, therefore, check for the best and most recommended fabric for use.

These should always have features such as sweat resistance, soft, breathable, machine washable, hypo-allergenic and without any toxic chemical odors.

Thus, choosing a travel pillow with some or all of these features will guarantee maximum comfort and relaxation.

Therefore, you should always consider these options because, failure to do so might result in purchasing of some hard, smelly, non-breathable and itchy fabric which will not permit comfortable rest and sleep.

Hence, choosing the best fabric will ensure that you also maintain the hygiene of your pillow.


The shape of a travel pillow is also an important consideration before buying one. Some of the popular shapes are always ergonomic to the body features being supported to improve comfort and relaxation.

Therefore, you could always go for a U-shaped model conforming to your neck, J-shaped pillow for side support, and a long-travel pillow which could be folded to conform to the desired shape.

Or a flat pillow to provide ample surface area for supporting structures such as the head or face and finally a rectangular-shaped travel pillow for further appropriate support.

You should thus choose one which is most appealing to you and able to provide the most comfort and relaxation during your travels.


Top 6 Travel Pillows Review

Top Rated – BCOZZY Chin Supporting Travel Pillow

ergonomic travel pillow


  • Relatively affordable, as it costs less than $20
  • Light and portable
  • Machine-washable


  • Lacks enough plush

This product is the best rated among travel pillows, thanks to how reliable it tends to be.

  • Ergonomic design

It boasts of an ergonomic design, which is vital in keeping the head from falling forward. This design provides enhanced support to the neck, head, and the chin, and simultaneously so. While at it, the design leaves sufficient room for you to use headphones whenever necessary.

  • Customizable

The overlapping design allows you to adjust your comfort. You will be free to place the pillow at any preferred point of your neck, and as tightly or loosely as you wish.

  • Lightweight

This product comes with about 7.4 ounces, which is relatively lightweight. What is more, it will hardly take much of your space in the bag.

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Neck Pain Relief – TRTL Travel Pillow

neck support travel pillow


  • Weighs no more than 0.5 pounds
  • Machine washable
  • Soft and friendly to the skin


  •  A little pricy

This product is handy for those with neck issues.

  • Strengthened ribs

The TRTL comes with strengthened ribs, which have proven to be vital in supporting both the neck and the head.

  • Cozy cushioning

You can hardly overlook the soft fleece featured in this pillow, as it provides both warmth and comfort. This cushioning ensures that your head and neck find a suitable resting place.

  • Impressive, ergonomic design

Did you know that this travel pillow comes as a scarf? This patented design is all you need for unrivaled comfort.

  • Colors

This pillow is found in many colors, including gray, black, coral., and red.

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Best for Long Trip – MLVOC Travel Pillow

contour pillow for travel


  • Cushions you against pain
  • Soft, sweat-resistant fabric
  • Saves space


  • Could be too small for some

If you are looking forward to a long flight, this will be the ultimate choice for you.

  • Memory foam

This pillow comes with 100% memory foam, giving you the comfort that you so desire. With sufficient memory foam, you will also be confident of a little more warmth.

  • Impressive design

MLVOC comes with a perfectly curved shape, which can comfortably fit your neck and head. What is more, it comes with an adjustable rope lock that you will effortlessly adjust for your comfort.

  • Impressive size

This pillow measures around 11*9.2*5.9 inches and it weighs no more than 0.6 pounds. With this, there is more convenience and portability.

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Travelrest Ultimate Travel Pillow

full lateral support travel pillow


  • Easy to inflate
  • Versatile
  • Lightweight


  • A little pricey

This pillow is ideal for side sleepers.

Lateral support

Thanks to its unique design, this product has proven to be suitable for those that need lateral support. With the upper body supported, you will be sure of sleeping comfortably. This design prevents tension and neck strain too.


An adjustable pillow will allow you to pick the right comfort levels, and effortlessly so. This pillow allows you to attach it to an airline seat or even improve comfort levels.


It comes with no more than 7 ounces.

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Twist Memory Foam Travel Pillow

Twist pillow for travel


  • Breathable and skin-friendly fabric
  • Easy to wash
  • Enhanced comfort and support


  • A little less firm

Are you looking for versatility? Look no further than this memory foam travel pillow.

  • Material

This travel pillow features memory foam that assures you of unrivaled comfort. Its fabric is one of the most reliable ones. Typically, this pillow features cotton material on its surface. The fabric is soft, friendly to the skin, breathable, and easy to clean.

  • Versatility

Whether you are looking for unmatched comfort or excellent pain relief, this travel pillow will be worth considering.

  • Robust construction

The travel pillow is built to last, as its construction is a confirmation of reliability. With enough stitches and contouring, this is all you need.

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Therm-a-Rest Compressible Travel Pillow

compact size travel pillow


  • Comfortable
  • Enhanced durability
  • Impressive design and construction


  • Takes long to get fluffy

This travel pillow is worth every dime, especially for those who want to go camping.

  • Fabric

This travel pillow is a product of brushed polyester, which is relatively soft and friendly to the skin. It also comes with foam filling that can comfortably expand to 4 inches.

  • Where to use it

Thanks to its robust construction and the reliability of its fabric, this travel pillow can be used anywhere. Whether you need support when traveling or comfort when camping, this choice will serve you best.

  • Weight and size

It weighs around 9 ounces, which is relatively light. Also, the pillow measures 14*18*4 inches when inflated, which guarantees you enough comfort.

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Is a Travel Neck Pillow Worth It?


Travel neck pillows are usually worth the expenditure due to the numerous benefits they always present.

For instance, they will guarantee appropriate and necessary support for your neck and head, thus preventing travel aftermath filled with regrets and immense neck pain and body ache.

Furthermore, these travel pillows will make sure that your journey is as smooth as possible, allowing you to even sleep comfortably as you travel.

Thus, these pillows are always necessary even for a heavy sleeper who feel like they do not need the travel neck pillows. His is because, even if they were able to fall asleep, they would still be haunted by painful and aching body parts.

Are Travel Pillows a Good Idea for Kids?

Kids just as adults also often struggle with finding the best and most comforting posture to relax and sleep in while traveling.

Therefore purchasing and having your kid put on a travel pillow is always a great idea as this will also help them travel comfortably, safety and arrive at their destinations unexhausted without any body aches.

Nevertheless, kids below at least one and a half years should not be using these travel pillows as they may present with certain negative consequences according to experts.

Therefore, as a parent/guardian, you should be responsible and ensure that your kid is old enough to be using these travel pillows and that they are constantly supervised to make sure they do not strangle themselves and suffocate in the process.

This, therefore, require constant monitoring by the parents.

Do You Need a Bean Bag Travel Pillow?

Probably, however, this is entirely dependent on the individual. Bean bag travel pillows are usually as soft and comfortable as the other types of travel pillows except for the varying price ranges where bean bag pillows are usually much pricey than the other varieties of travel pillows.

Therefore, you do not need a bean bag travel pillow; however, if you can always afford and purchase one, then you can have it for your travels.

All you need is any travel pillow capable of offering you the most relaxation and comfort at an affordable price regardless of the type, brand or manufacture material.

Can I Bring a Blanket and Pillow on a Plane?

Simply put, yes. This is, however, often dependent on a variety of factors such as the specific airline you are travelling in.

Thus, many airlines often allow people to bring on board blankets and pillows if they wish to either as carry-ons or just as you would board with a hat or a jacket without any extra charges.

Nevertheless, due to the competitive airline business today, for a little extra cost, these airlines usually provide passengers with onboard blankets and pillows, thus prohibiting passengers from bringing their own.

It is nonetheless not against the TSA to bring you blankets and pillows; however, it depends on the rules and regulations by specific airlines which could allow or prohibit these materials.



Travelling should never be tedious, frustrating and followed by body aches and pains; however, it should be comfortable, relaxing and non-exhausting.

Therefore, to achieve the latter, you should consider investing in some high quality and the best travel pillows for support and comfort during your travels.

This article will thus help you in your search for that most appropriate travel pillow by giving you some overall pointers to purchasing the best travel pillow.