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Wedge pillows usually have versatile applications. Thus, despite the common use to prevent some medical conditions like acid reflux and poor blood circulations, some people often use them as support while reading and sitting on a flat soft surface like a bed.

This is because reading in bed while sitting upright usually presents with inevitable stiffness and sharp pains in the back and neck. These are usually uncomfortable and may result in you completely not enjoying your book.

Thus, many individuals usually invest in these best reading wedge pillows to provide them with extra support as they read, thus minimizing/eradicating any form of discomfort.

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Why Should You Choose a Wedge Pillow for Reading?

Wedge pillows assist in a number of benefits when used as reading pillow in the right way. It is always important to keep your neck and back in the right posture when relaxing or reading a book.

This is because using a regular pillow or no pillow at all usually allows the force of gravity to exert pressure on the body muscles and joints.

This will forcing you to frequently twist in weird positions seeking comfortable posture while ending up creating painful pressure points and negatively affecting the spinal alignment.

Therefore, to counter this problem, wedge pillows are usually specially designed to comfortably support the right posture for prolonged periods of time as you read your book.

Thus, a good wedge pillow will provide you with a soft yet firm surface, capable of supporting your back in the right posture, thus conforming to the several pressure points in the back and neck.

Henceforth, the back, shoulder and neck muscle pressure will be evenly distributed, thus preventing any pain or strain while reading. Therefore allowing you to have a very comfortable and enjoyable reading session.


How Do You Choose a Reading Wedge Pillow?

Acquiring a wedge pillow for the first time or replacing an old one usually requires consideration of certain essential factors. This will help you choose the best and most appropriate wedge pillow for the most relaxing and comfortable reading experience.

These factors include;


Before you buy any brand or model of a wedge pillow, you should always familiarize yourself with the materials used in the manufacturing process specifically, those used for filing the pillow.

Majority of these wedge pillows are usually filled with different foam materials such as memory foam, polyurethane and latex foam. These can often be used singly in one wedge pillow or can be compiled in several layers.

This is usually to regulate the overall firmness of these pillows. These are, therefore, some of the popular and most recommended filling materials to look out for when buying a reading wedge pillow.


The reading wedge pillow cover is also important to consider when purchasing one. This is because the materials used in the cover will determine the breathability and washing mechanism to be used when cleaning the wedge pillow.

Therefore, the most popular and recommended materials for wedge pillow covers should at least be cooling fabrics such as bamboo, Tencel or microfiber.

Materials which are soft, hypoallergenic, breathable and easily washable, thus allowing for comfortable reading.

Other materials may be stuffy, resulting in heat retention, which could result in profuse sweating and discomfort. Thus, always select the best cover material for your reading wedge pillow.


This is always categorical, thus dependent on the size of the bed and also the actual reading wedge pillow size. These two correlate in that you cannot purchase a big reading wedge pillow to be used on a small bed.

Nevertheless, your reading wedge pillow should be large enough to accommodate your entire torso from the waist to the head.

This is thus inclusive of both the back, neck and shoulders. By completely and comfortably accommodating all these parts of your body will guarantee comfortable support for your body, thus allowing you to read without straining.

Therefore, you should be well conversant with the size of your torso before committing to a specific reading wedge pillow as this will allow you to select the right size.


Proper support of your upper torso as you read is usually the essential function of these wedge pillows. Therefore, for proper support, you have to make sure that your wedge pillow is properly inclined and at the right angle for comfortable support.

Therefore, the angle of inclination should not be too steep as this might be uncomfortable. Similarly, a much lower inclination angle may also not be appropriate for reading.

Nevertheless, you might always utilize the wedge pillows with the normal inclination angles ranging from 30 to 45 degrees when used for sleeping.

This range is however too low; therefore, you should properly situate the wedge pillow such that the inclined phase rises at an angle range of 45 to 60 degrees or thereabout by placing it in an upright position where the height can also reach your head for maximum comfort.


Different wedge pillows manufacturers always incorporate varying features in their design and overall manufacture, giving rise to different brands with varying qualities and prices.

Therefore, while shopping for a wedge pillow for reading, you should always familiarize yourself with the brands popular for their high-quality products.

This will give you a shortlist when trying to shop for the best wedge pillow amidst the many wedge pillow brands and models currently in the market.


Best Reading Wedge Pillow Review

Top Rated – InteVision Headrest Reading Wedge Pillow

back rest wedge pillow for reading

The InteVision headrest reading wedge pillow with comfort in mind. It is specially made for people who need to read and sleep in a comfortable elevated position.

They may require that position because they have a problem with breathing, acid reflux, snoring, poor circulation, neck and back problems, and COPD.

Made with durable quality materials

The InteVision foam wedge is made with quality materials that include 2-inch memory layer foam that is on top of a sturdy base.

The adjustable headrest thickness memory foam gives you more support for your head and neck while you read.

Its wedge system enables the pillow to provide you with gentle support and elevate your upper body; you can also use it to raise your legs.

Great for a doctor recommendation

This pillow is excellent for those advised by their doctors to elevate themselves when reading; you can be told that maybe after surgery, when recovering.

If you want to relax and read a book and you don’t feel very well, then this is the pillow to use.

The pillow is also great for people who have a problem snoring; it can help relieve that, if you also suffer from acid reflux, this pillow can put you in a position that will give you relief.

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Best for Back Support – DMI Reading Wedge Pillow for Pain Relief

back support wedge pillow for reading

The DMI reading wedge pillow for pain relief is a great foam pillow for people who love Reading but have health issues.

It helps elevate your head if Reading in a sleeping position, which in turn relieves back and neck pain, prevents acid refluxes, and eases up on respiratory issues.

Therefore if you have health issues, it does not mean you can enjoy a book; the pillow is also made for people with allergy issues, so they don’t have to worry.

No spill removable covers

It has an attractive, removable cover with Nano text, which means it repels any liquids and is spill protected. Therefore if you are reading while drinking a refreshment, you don’t have to worry about spills.

It is also made with quadruple stitched seams and quilting that is multi-layered, ensuring it is protected from tears and rips. The pillow is also hypoallergenic, which means people with allergy issues can use it freely.

Dual-sided comfort

Use it at your head to relieve symptoms of shoulder and neck pain, respiratory issues,s, and even acid reflux.

Flip it and use it to elevate your feet, helping with leg, knee, and back pain. That makes it an excellent pillow for reading or watching TV because it gives you support and comfort.

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Adjustable – Cushy Form Memory Foam Wedge Pillow for Reading

pain relief wedge pillow for reading

With the cushy form memory, you can afford yourself a great reading experience.

If your reading session has always ended up with neck, back, and shoulder pain, you need this pillow type to give you a good reading posture, not end in pain.

If you are suffering from acid refluxes, this pillow can relieve the symptoms and ensure your reading is smooth; health problems should not deter you from a good book.

Turns your bed into a recliner

With this pillow, you can make your bed to become an all-embracing comfortable recliner, if you are one of those people that like reading in bed, then this is the pillow for you. It not only improves your posture but also supports your shoulders and back, not forgetting excellent circulation.

Quality durable materials

The foam pillow features a high-density layer foam for maximum comfort, the form contours your head, neck, and shoulders to give you a great reading experience. You can also add a small pillow at your neck for extra support.

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How High Should a Reading Wedge Pillow Be?

This is usually dependent on the matter of body size/height of the individual using the reading wedge pillow.

Since wedge pillow often comes with varying height levels from petite to extra-large, determining how high a wedge pillow should be is usually dependent on the individual.

However, for an overall application reading wedge pillow for individuals with varying body sizes and lengths, purchasing the highest possible height is always recommended to ensure that everybody fits perfectly leaving even some room for movement.

This usually averages at about 24 inches high. However, some brands also allow for the placement of special orders to allow for the making of an even higher height for comfortable accommodation of the entire upper torso.


How to Keep Your Reading Wedge Pillow Clean?

Practising good pillow hygiene is very important to keep it germs free since you may be using the reading wedge pillow on a daily basis. Washing the entire pillow is usually challenging.

Therefore, you may always buy a wedge pillow with several removable covers. This will allow you to occasionally remove the dirty covers, replace them with clean, fresh ones.

Since the dirty ones are usually washing machine friendly, you will then wash them and keep them fresh for the next changing of the dirty cover. In the case of spills leaking to the foam layer, you may wipe it with a damp cloth.



Wedge pillows for reading will ensure that you have the most comfortable and relaxing reading session. However, this requires that you buy the best reading wedge pillows in the market.

To achieve this, the above information will help you choose the best and most appropriate reading wedge pillow suitable for your overall body size and needs. Moreover, they will not only help you while reading but also with different ailments.