Best Pregnancy Wedge Pilllow

A pregnancy wedge pillow is a wedge-shaped cushion that helps significantly in minimizing back strain during all three trimesters.

The wedge shape lets you slide the pillow under your bump to support your growing belly while lying down.

It also helps you lie down comfortably on your side, which is the recommended sleeping position that enhances blood flow.

choose the best pregnancy wedge pillow


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Our Top Picks

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Double wedge for more support, not easily flatten with time, click to buy the ALFUSI Pregnancy Wedge Pillow

2 in 1 full body wedge pillow, support your leg and belly at the same time. click to buy the  Bellipod Wedge Pillow for Pregnancy

How to Choose the Best Pregnancy Wedge Pillow?

To select the right pregnancy wedge pillow, you should consider a number of things. They include:

Sleeping Styles

Your sleeping position and the trimester you are in go hand in hand, and you should put them in consideration when picking the best pregnancy wedge pillow.

If you are a stomach-sleeper, the bedtime battles begin on the first trimester when your breasts get sore. That can make it difficult to sleep in your usual sleeping position.

If you are still sleeping on your back by the second trimester, you need to shift since your weight in the midsection can interfere with blood circulation.

By the third trimester, you need to sleep on your left side. However, your bump’s weight and the increased laxity in your joints can cause serious pains and aches.

Therefore, it is essential to use the best pregnancy wedge pillow to make these transitions more comfortable.


similar to ordinary pillows, manufacturers make pregnancy pillows using different materials, including:

  • Microbeads
  • Styrofoam beads
  • Regular pillow fluff
  • Memory foam or shredded foam

The materials provide distinct qualities.

For instance:

Memory foam can hold its shape for an extended period but can be hot.

Styrofoam beads make noise when shifting but are inexpensive.

Regular pillow fills are cost-effective, but they compress after some time.

Microbeads do not rebound like a regular pillow, but they are quiet when shifting.

Choose the material that offers the right support and meets your needs.

Also, look for pillows with a washable, removable cover, epically if you experience night sweats. However, you do not need to spend lots of money on a wedge pillow.


Manufacturers design some pillows for overall use while others are shaped for support proposes on specific areas. For instance, wedge pillows support your bump when lying down and comfort when resting on your back.

Make sure you choose the best wedge pillow that can support and provide you with comfort during all your trimesters. It is advisable to avoid buying soft pillows and choose firmer versions instead because they provide more support.


Choose a pregnancy wedge pillow that can help you overcome your primary physical complaints. Different people prefer various levels of firmness in their cushions.

Avoid soft pillows since they may not offer the support you require. If you are uncertain which pillow can help meet your specific needs, try different degrees of softness, and see what feels best.


Pregnancy wedge pillows can range in dimensions, but they are not necessarily larger than standard pillows. When choosing a wedge pillow, consider the room you are willing to give up in bed.

If you select a bigger wedge pillow, make sure there is enough room on your bed since it can occupy more space. Also, pick a wedge pillow that can support the weight of your bump and provide you with comfort.


As mentioned earlier, the primary purpose of a wedge pillow is to provide support and comfort. Choose a pillow with an efficient inclination for a restful night.


Top 8 Best Pregnancy Wedge Pillows Reviews

Top Rated – Hiccapop Pregnancy Wedge Pillow 2671


best maternity wedge pillow


  • Maximum support and comfort anywhere
  • Comes with 2 layer sides, one side that has memory foam and the other that is firm
  • Perforated foam layer provides cooling and air circulation


  • Might be a bit smaller for some expectant mothers

Topping this list of best pregnancy wedge pillows reviews is Hiccapop Pregnancy Wedge Pillow 2671. This is a compact and versatile pregnancy wedge pillow for supporting your belly, back, or legs.

It is made of cotton offering you all the comfort while using it. The memory foam has small pores for air circulation and cools you at night especially if you are overheating while sleeping.

Hiccapop Pregnancy Wedge Pillow 2671 has two layer sides, one layer which has memory foam and soft, and the other layer is firm thus supporting your belly, back, and legs well.

Weighing 12 pounds, this pregnancy wedge pillow is lightweight thus you can carry it easily when traveling.

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Best for Back support – OCCObaby Wedge Pillow for Pregnancy


back support wedge pregnancy pillow


  • Micro holes provide cooling effect at night
  • Versatile dual purpose design can solve late trimester discomfort
  • The material offers a comfortable and cool experience


  • Compact size may not provide support to back, belly and knees

OCCObaby Wedge Pillow for Pregnancy is an extra soft pregnancy wedge pillow with breathable memory foam for air circulation thus providing cooling at night.

It has been well designed with two sides, one that is firm while the other side is soft. The pillow cover is easily washable and is strong, durable and comfortable.

You can use it under your belly, behind your back, or between your legs. This helps to properly support your belly and relieve your back from the stress of pressure, thus reducing swelling in your hands, legs, and feet.

The foam layer of the pregnancy wedge pillow has micro-holes for air ventilation, which gives you a cool, and comfortable feel at day and night.

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Best for Prenatal – Boppy Maternity Wedge Support Pillows

compact pregnancy wedge pillow


  • It is perfect for travel
  • Compact and portable design which saves space
  • High density polyurethane foam filling


  • Not very fluffy

The Boppy Maternity Wedge Support Pillow is made of high-density polyurethane material which offers all the firmness you need.

It can therefore properly support your back, belly as well as reduce swelling in your hands, legs and feet.

The zippered pillow cover is made up of jersey cotton material which makes it easy to wash with a machine, and is durable, and comfortable

This pregnancy wedge pillow is firm, portable, and versatile, making it easy to carry when you have a vacation.

It has a three-piece design for extra versatility which makes the pregnancy wedge pillow great for back support, knee support and baby bump support.

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For Pregnancy Belly – Jill & Joey Maternity Wedge Pillow

belly support maternity wedge pillow


  • The memory foam is soft and breathable
  • The pillow has both soft and firm side


  • Provides support to only one body part at a time

Jill & Joey Pregnancy Pillow is made from memory foam with one side soft and the other side firm.

The high quality memory foam which is made of polyurethane contains no PVC, BPA or Phthalates.

This helps it to properly support your back, belly, hips, and legs thus relieving pregnancy pain.

Jill & Joey Pregnancy Pillow is well perforated and offers no overheating at night. It comes with a travel bag which makes it easy to carry while traveling.

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For Side Sleepers – ALFUSI Pregnancy Wedge Pillow


double wedge pregnancy pillow


  • Keeps its shape and will not flatten with time
  • Supports both your belly and back thus reducing back pain
  • 30 degree positioner helps relieve pressure on coccyx and hip bone


  • Complaints that it chips with time

ALFUSI Pregnancy Wedge Pillow has been well designed with an enlarged part so that it accommodates your belly as it grows all through your pregnancy period.

It supports your belly and back while you are sleeping on your side. The gradual slope is comfortable thus offering leg and back support that help reduce pressure on the back and improve leg blood circulation.

This wedge pillow is made of top quality pure cotton which is removable to be washed by a machine. The polyester material makes it soft thus giving you all the comfort you need while sleeping on your side.

ALFUSI Pregnancy Wedge Pillow has a compact design which allows you to sleep comfortably while sleeping.

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Memory Foam – EKLO Pregnancy Wedge Pillow

velvet cover maternity wedge pillow


  • Resistant to overheating and made to be dust-free
  • Has a velvet pillow cover which is soft and easy to wash


  • May lead to neck pain

EKLO Pregnancy Wedge Pillow is ideal for all pregnant mothers because it gives them comfort throughout their pregnancy period and relieves them of pain.

This pregnancy wedge pillow has high memory foam which provides you with firm support that you need and prevents you from rolling back.

The memory foam also offers proper air circulation thus providing you with a cooling effect at night and eliminates any overheating.

EKLO Pregnancy Wedge Pillow properly supports your belly, back, and legs. This reduces any pressure exerted on your lumbar region and swelling on your hands, legs, and feet. The pillow cover is machine washable thus no issues with allergies.

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Full Body – Bellipod Wedge Pillow for Pregnancy

2 in 1 pregnancy wedge pillow


  • The wedge pillow is versatile
  • Has been designed by a chiropractor
  • Made from top-quality jersey which is 100% cotton


  • It is a bit heavy

The final product to feature on this list of best wedge pillow for pregnancy reviews is Bellipod Wedge Pillow for Pregnancy.

This type of pregnancy wedge pillows has been systematically and uniquely designed by a chiropractor to support all your body while you are sleeping or relaxing.

It is made of 100% jersey cotton thus giving you the comfort you need all night long.

As the name suggests, this pregnancy wedge pillows provides full-body support which include the head, neck, shoulders, back, belly, legs, and feet.

Additionally, Bellipod Wedge Pillow for Pregnancy aligns your cervical spine for enhanced flexibility and relaxation. Thanks to the ultra soft and luxurious design, this wedge pillow can achieve maximum relaxation.

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When Should You Start Using a Wedge Pillow for Pregnancy?

From the thorough research we have conducted, we have found that there is no specific time to use a pregnancy wedge pillow. It all depends on how you feel.

If you have a hard time getting to sleep or feeling uncomfortable as you change positions while sleeping, you need to use a pregnancy wedge pillow.

The belly grows big at around 20 weeks of pregnancy, causing pain in the ligaments, among other body parts, because of the increase in weight. This is an excellent time to begin using a wedge pillow for pregnancy.

Health experts advise women at this stage to sleep on their side to enhance blood circulation in their bodies.

If the position is new to you, then a wedge pillow can come in handy since it supports the weight of your growing belly and offers comfort.

Some women might prefer to use the pillow immediately they learn that they are expectant since it makes them feel good.



If you want to do away with the body pains and difficulty in finding sleep, a pregnancy wedge pillow is an ideal solution for your troubles. It has proven to be the perfect solution for better sleep when the belly shows.

The best pregnancy wedge pillow can enhance blood circulation in your body as you lie down and support the weight of your growing tummy as you sleep.