Best Leg Wedge Pillow

Wedge pillows for legs are becoming popular among many individuals globally. This is due to the growing knowledge on some of the health benefits they usually present to the user by slightly elevating the legs as you relax/sleep.

Nevertheless, there are a variety of models currently in the markets, making the acquisition of the best leg wedge pillow most appropriate for your situation a little challenging.

This article thus provides you with information regarding best-leg wedge pillows and how to easily purchase them from the current market.

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Why Should You Pick a Leg Wedge Pillow for Sleeping?

Many individuals always cherish excellent and sound sleep. However, for you to achieve this, you always need to relax properly without any distractions. Nevertheless, many individuals find themselves in a pickle as they exhibit and suffer certain symptoms such as;

  • Occasional overall body aching.
  • Joint pains
  • Back pains
  • Swollen legs
  • Poor blood circulation, among others

These make sound sleeping very difficult and close to impossible.

However, through the proper utilization of a leg wedge pillow, you will be able to relieve yourself from some of the above symptoms. For instance;

  • The utilization of a leg wedge pillow will ensure the proper alignment of your vertebral column and the spinal cord, eliminating lower back pain, thus ensuring you receive a sound quality sleep.
  • Furthermore, using the wedge pillow improves blood circulation in the legs by facilitating the backflow of blood. Thus, reducing any swellings, post-surgery pains, and varicose veins, thus giving you a good night’s sleep.
  • The leg wedge pillows, when properly positioned, often relieves pressure from certain pressure points and joints in the body and legs, allowing you a comfortable sleep.
  • Also, through elevation of your legs, you will achieve a zero-gravity posture, a position of weightlessness, so comfortable you will find yourself drifting off even without knowing.

why use a leg wedge pillow


How to Choose the Best Leg Wedge Pillow?

Even though choosing the best leg wedge pillow might be challenging, adhering to guidelines through the consideration of a variety of below-listed factors will warrant for the acquisition of the best and most appropriate wedge pillow for your legs. These factors and features include;

Sleeping position

This is an essential factor for consideration before deciding to embark on the leg wedge pillow purchasing journey. Different individuals usually have varying sleeping positions from back sleepers to side, stomach, and multiple positions sleepers.

Each variety usually warrants a specific type of wedge pillow for elevating their legs. For instance, back sleepers may purchase wedge pillows of any elevation angle from small through average to big.

Side, multiple, and stomach sleepers, on the other hand, however, should look for wedge pillows with a minimal elevation angle or a very soft fabric that would not result in an uncomfortable angle of elevation.

This is because a slight elevation of the legs when sleeping on your side or stomach usually creates a misalignment on the spinal positioning, resulting in further pain.

Thus, these pillows are generally recommended for back sleepers, and therefore, before committing to a specific model, you should first know the type of sleeper you are.


Regarding their function of elevating an individual’s legs, their shapes usually vary depending on the wedge pillow’s features and quality.

However, averagely, these pillows should always conform to a trapezoid like shape with a sharp end usually positioned around the buttocks and back.

Besides, they have an exponentially rising elevation towards the leg extremity to form a rising platform up to the knees beyond which there is a flat platform for resting the legs although at a higher elevation.

Some other designs are always triangular. Thus, depending on your preference, you should first decide on the most comfortable shape you are comfortable with.


Different leg wedge pillow models usually come in different heights. This height variation provides for a vast degree of leg wedge pillows to choose from.

Thus, selecting the most appropriate and comfortable height may warrant consideration of your overall height.

In general, high leg wedge pillows may often be uncomfortable, resulting in the development of other health complications such as increased back pain and affected blood circulation.

Similarly, too low height for a leg wedge pillow may also not produce the results you need for your health and comfort.

Thus, the most recommended height is usually the average range, which measures between 7 to 12 inches of elevation height.

However, it is advised that you try and find a height more compatible with your overall height and most comfortable to you and your sleeping position.

Elevation Degree

The elevation degree reflects the inclination angle of the pillow. This is also usually dependent on the comfort of the individual and their sleeping position.

Thus, a too high elevation degree may often be uncomfortable and problematic as much as a too low inclination angle may not prompt the desired results.

Nevertheless, the average recommended inclination angle is usually about 30 to 45 degrees. Therefore buying a pillow within this range of elevation degrees will provide you with a comfortable elevation for your legs.

However, you should always try and figure out the degree of elevation most convenient for you before deciding to buy a leg wedge pillow.


The materials used in the manufacture of a leg wedge pillow is also a vital consideration. This is because they determine the efficiency with which the pillows satisfies the user’s requirements.

Thus, too soft materials may not produce the desired effects while too hard materials may also be quite uncomfortable.

Therefore, the common manufacturing materials used in many high-quality leg wedge pillows are usually of foam varieties. These include memory, polyurethane, and latex foam, allowing for a variety of choices if an individual is allergic to one material.

These materials are always used singly or compacted to several different layers to effect the distinct feel of firmness.

Therefore, before committing to a leg wedge pillow, you should check the type of foam filling used and how firm the pillow feels to avoid disappointments.

Pillow covers are also usually made with breathable materials to offset heat retention, allowing for comfortable relaxation without the build-up of sweat.

However, not all leg wedge pillows are crafted from these materials. Thus, you should always check the manufacturer’s notes to confirm before purchase.


Best Leg Wedge Pillow Reviews

Top Rated – Dmi Supportive Foam Leg Wedge Pillow


orthopedic wedge pillow for leg elevation


  • Relieve pressure on the injured area to eliminate pain totally
  • Multifunctional for both back and legs
  • Improve circulation in various body parts


  • This wedge pillow is quite hard

Enjoy a comfortable sleep after a leg surgery or if you have an injury by purchasing this pillow. It has an excellent elevation design that aligns the body to the right angle to reduce pain and facilitate quick healing.

  • Improves good circulation

This wedge pillow has a sloppy style that elevates the injured part at a high level to improve the blood circulation in various body parts. You can use the pillow on the leg or the back to enhance good circulation

  • Relives pain and discomfort

This pillow is recommendable for people experiencing pain on the back and legs since it helps to reduce pain and discomfort by relieving pressure on the injured areas

  • Machine washable

The cover of this pillow is removable, and you can wash it with a machine washer

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Pain Relief – Cushy Form Wedge Pillow for Pain Relief


breathable wedge pillow for leg elevation


  • Relieve pain at the lower and upper body parts
  • High-density memory foam padding


  • This wedge pillow produces some foul smell

If you need a wedge pillow for supporting both of your legs when sleeping, this right here is a good option. The pillow features a full size to accommodate both legs.

  • Quality and high-density foam

Your comfort when sleeping is fully guaranteed thanks to the quality high-density foam fillings on this wedge pillow. This ensures your legs are positioned on the right position

  • Comfortable material

The outer cover of this wedge pillow is removable for easy cleaning if it traps dirt or sweat. It also has a breathable material that allows airflow to reduce heat accumulation when you sleep in one position for too long.

  • Relives pain

Are you experiencing pain after a workout, or you have a knee injury? Well, this wedge pillow provides excellent and reliable support to relieve any pain around these areas.

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Knee Elevation – NOVA Wedge Pillow for Leg Rest

Leg wedge pillow for knee elevation


  • Easy to maintain by cleaning
  • Quality material fillings to ensure durability


  • Does not have the cooling effect

The NOVA wedge pillow is designed to keep both legs at 30 degrees, which relieves pressure and strain on the lower body and the back.

  • Great size

This wedge pillow measures 17 x 10 x 7 inches a comfortable size to fit both legs

  • Quality material construction

The durability and convenience are fully guaranteed with this fantastic wedge pillow as it has high-density foam padding that offers support to the legs. The fillings are also durable so that the pillow can serve you for a long time.

  • Facilitates quick post-surgery recovery

This wedge pillow is ideal for people who have had surgery since it quickens the healing process. The height of the pillow keeps the legs at 30 degrees to prevent too much pressure accumulating around the thighs to reduce pain and fasten healing.

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Best for Recovery – Zelen Leg Wedge Pillow for Ankle Surgery Recovery

recovery leg wedge pillow


  • The pillow helps to reduce swelling on leg
  • It has an ergonomic style for ample comfort


  •  Can only accommodate one leg at a time

Zelen leg wedge pillow features a unique U shape for slipping the leg for perfect fitting. It also has a reasonable height to elevate the leg on a proper angle for fast pain relive and support.

  • Improves good sleep night

This pillow elevates the leg in the right position to ensure you are comfortable and in the proper alignment when sleeping at night.

This also works for people with leg injuries since the pillow ensures your leg stays in the right position to avoid unnecessary movements.

  • Great and high-density foam

This pillow is quite durable due to the high-density foam fillings. This also ensures total comfort to the leg when sleeping or seated.

  • Unique design

This wedge leg pillow has a U shape that slips in the leg to offer the right support and prevent the leg from moving when turning.

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Does a Leg Wedge Pillow Help Back Pain?

Yes, however, this is usually entirely dependent on the proper utilization of the wedge pillow.

Thus, correctly placing the wedge pillow underneath your knees often raises the legs and, in the process, properly aligning your vertebrae and spinal cord curvature to the natural curve shape.

This will help alleviate any back pain that might have resulted from misaligned spinal curvature or exertion of pressure on the lower vertebral column.



Leg wedge pillows have been proven by medical experts to help improve a variety of medical conditions while giving you the best rest possible.

Thus, you should at least try and have one leg wedge pillow in your home since even without any of the above symptoms, they still give an exemplary relaxation.

Therefore, by perusing this article and applying some of the given information, you will be able to acquire the best leg wedge pillow for your utilization when dealing with any of the symptoms provided or just in need of some relaxation.