Best Inflatable Pillow for Backpacking and Camping

Are you planning a backpacking trip? If so, you must pay attention to purchasing the best sleeping gear, and this must include a sleeping pad, sleeping bag without forgetting a pillow.

While there are different types of pillows suitable for camping, I would recommend getting an inflatable pillow as the best choice for a backpacking pillow.

These types of pillows are lightweight, easy to carry and set up, thus an ideal option for ultralight backpackers. To help you settle for the best inflatable backpacking pillow for you, I shall introduce you to the best inflatable backpacking pillows available on the market today.

choose the best inflatable backpacking pillow

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How to Choose the Best Inflatable Backpacking Pillow?


While most backpackers opt to get inflatables as opposed to other types of pillows for backpacking, you must pay attention to the weight of the inflatable pillow and ensure that it will not add much burden to your luggage.

So, consider the size the pillow folds down to and its weight after deflation. Also, consider the weight of other accessories that come with it, such as a pump.

Always settle for a product that will be easy to carry and store after use. Moreover, you could consider if the backpacking pillow comes with a tiny pack to let you attach it on your luggage for even better storage and transport.

Face Fabrics

Various inflatable pillows feature different types of fabrics on the cover. Therefore, you must be on the lookout for an inflatable pillow that combines materials that are easy to clean, moisture-wicking fabrics, breathable, and slip-resistant fabrics.

The reason for getting a pad with slip-resistant fabrics is to protect your head from moving around while sleeping while enabling the pillow to maintain a bottom grip that will protect it from sliding out of place.

Besides, the fabrics should be soft and plush against the skin, but they should not trap heat to guarantee comfort to the user.


Although most inflatables integrate fabrics with slippery textures, this doesn’t mean that all inflatables have these slippery materials.

That said, if you want to remain comfortable while sleeping, look for an inflatable pillow with a non-slip cover to protect your head and the pillow from slipping when asleep.

Otherwise, you might be required to wrap the pillow using a towel for a comfortable night of sleep.

Ease of Use

The best inflatable backpacking pillow must be easy to use. In this case, look for a pillow with a valve system that allows for easy inflation, so that you can inflate it with at most five breaths.

Besides, you could get an inflatable pillow with a self-inflating feature so that you could leave the vale open and watch it inflate itself. Also, ensure that the inflatable pad has a quick deflate feature.

That way, you can simply open the valve and watch it deflate, and better still, you could squeeze the pillow after opening the valve to have it deflate faster.


Besides portability, the best inflatable pillow must be comfortable to use. After all, I don’t find it necessary to get a pillow that is easy to carry but not comfortable to use.

Therefore, since most inflatable pillows are made using plastic, consider getting one that includes a soft pillow cover. Equally important, get an inflatable pillow that allows you to adjust the amount of air in it.

In such a case, the pillow should have an air release valve so that you can release the pressure from it when desired.

Air retention

The best inflatable backpacking pillow must retain the air to eliminate the need for frequent inflation as a result of having the air leak out.

Therefore, read various customer reviews, or rather, you could have a close look at the pros and cons of our reviewed products so that you can settle for an inflatable pillow that retains the air effectively.

In case you landed for a backpacking pillow that leaks the air, you could contact the seller for a replacement, given that most of them maintain this promise before the end of the warranty.


Besides air retention, look for a durable inflatable backpacking pillow. Such a pad must be made of materials that will not tear or wear despite using them frequently.

Plus, opt for pillows with puncture-resistant fabrics to eliminate the frequent need for repairing or replacing should the pad become punctured.

Sleeping Styles

Are you a back sleeper, side sleeper, or stomach sleeper? The feature that differentiates the ideal pillow for such sleepers is the thickness of the pads.

Side sleepers prefer firmer cushions, back sleepers require flatter pillows, while stomach sleepers need a soft pillow or no support. The best part of inflatables is their customizable design.

You could choose to add more air into them to get a firmer pillow for side sleepers. Besides, you could deflate them to get a soft pillow suitable for side or back sleepers.


Top 8 Best Inflatable Backpacking Pillow Reviews

Self Inflation – Teton Sports Sleeping Pillow for Backpacking

inflatable backpacking pillow for sleeping


  • Easy to inflate and deflate
  • Easy to adjust the firmness level
  • Fabrics remain cool during use


  • The pillow is a little bit heavy

The best choice for an inflatable pillow, whether you need a traveling pillow, camping pillow, backpacking pillow, or a pillow for use on a road trip, is the Teton Backpacking Pillow.

It is the best choice for a self-inflating pillow, thanks to the fact that you do not need a pump to inflate it. The pillow features an easy-to-open twist valve for effortless inflation and deflation.

Also, it features a microfiber fabric for durability and softness. The Teton Inflatable Backpacking Pillow can deliver a non-slip performance because of the grey non-slip bottom.

Also, the pillow is easy to wipe using a damp cloth, thus an excellent choice for a backpacking pillow that is easy to wash. The pillow deflates and packs down to a compact size that weighs 12 ounces for portability.

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Lightweight – Rugged Camp Inflating Backpacking Pillow for Head Support

ultralight inflatable pillow for backpacking


  • Easy to inflate and deflate
  • Compact and lightweight for effortless carrying
  • It comes with a carrier bag


  • Covers unremovable

Support your head and neck so that you can wake up refreshed and ready for the day with the Rugged Camp Backpacking Pillow. It is easy to inflate, given that you can fill it up with 3-5 breaths.

The pillow has a 2-way air valve system. The top valve allows for easy inflation while the bottom valve is suitable for deflation.

Also, it is waterproof. The reason is the water-resistant knitted cotton that makes it a reliable camping pillow for use in the snow and rain.

The bottom of the pillow features a non-slip design to safeguard it from slipping. Also, the pillow is puncture resistant for longevity. The pillow deflates to a compact and lightweight size for portability.

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Top Rated – Trekology Inflatable Pillow for Backpacking

ergonomic inflatable pillow for backpacking


  • Folds compactly for effortless portability
  • Lightweight design for easy carrying
  • Anti-slip bottom protects it from slipping around


  • Not easy to put back into the carry case

The best travel companion is the Trekology Inflatable Pillow. It is made using highly durable elastic TPU fabric. The fabric is water-resistant, thus an excellent choice for use in outdoor settings.

What’s more, this pillow is easy to use. The reason is the simple-click button that allows for effortless inflation in approximately 3-5 breaths. Plus, there is a quick-deflate feature that releases the air rapidly within seconds.

The pillow features a unique technology for easy adjustment of the firmness to personal preference. Also, it is compact and lightweight for portability.

The pillow is ergonomically designed for superior back and neck support. It features a back with rubber anti-slipping dots to protect it from slipping. A latch strap pairs perfectly with the pillow to protect it from moving around while sleeping.

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Most Versatility – Kmall Inflatable Backpacking Pillow for Cooling

cooling inflatable pillow for backpacking


  • Built-in pockets
  • A hook for easy attachment to luggage
  • Convertible design


  • Not easy to fold after use

This is a U-shaped pillow. It is a versatile backpacking pillow suitable for anyone who wants to enhance his travel and lounging experience.

The pad is easy to inflate, thanks to the push button that allows for quick inflation or deflation. It features a scientifically-proven hump design. The humps can support the neck and head to protect you from excessive leaning.

The pillow is made of high-quality materials. On the exterior, it features a super softcover. The cover is breathable and sweat-absorbent for superior comfort.

Better still, this cover is removable and machine washable for easy maintenance. The liner is made of elastic PVC for leak-proof performance. To enhance versatility, the pillow converts from a U-shaped to a square-shaped pillow in seconds.

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Highly Comfortable – WELLAX Inflatable Backpacking Pillow

compressible inflatable backpacking pillow


  • A two-way valve prevents air from leaking
  • Compact and ultralight after folding
  • The pillow holds the air effectively


  • No strap to secure the pillow

The best choice for a comfortable pillow best suited for stomach sleepers, side sleepers, and back sleepers is Wellax Inflatable Backpacking Pillow.

It is U-shaped so that it can fit the neck and head for contouring support. The pillow features a soft and comfortable surface so that you can use it without causing pressure on the neck.

Moreover, it has a back that features a slip-resistant material to prevent unwanted sliding.

The inflatable pillow is compact and lightweight, thus an excellent traveling companion. It folds into a small sack that weighs 2.75ounces for easy carrying in a backpack or pocket.

The pillow can inflate in 3-5 breaths, thus one of the best choices for a backpacking pillow that is easy to set up. Also, it features a valve that opens easily for effortless deflation.

The backpacking pillow comes with a sleep aid, sleeping mask, and eye relaxer to enhance the sleeping experience.

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Which Kind of Inflatable Backpacking Pillow Suits for You?

There are two types of inflatable backpacking pillows. You could either opt to acquire a manually-inflated backpacking pillow or self-inflating pillow.

A manually-inflated pillow is one that requires you to get a pump and inflate it. Besides, you could blow it using your mouth to fill it up with air and open the integrated valve when you want to deflate it.

A self-inflating pillow is a pillow that can inflate itself. All you should do is open the air valve and watch it fill up with air.

While both pillows do not require much energy to inflate, note that a self-inflating is an excellent choice for those who want to save energy. After all, a self-inflating pillow doesn’t require your intervention so that you can inflate it.

On the other side, a manually-inflated pillow is an excellent option for users who need to save time.

Even though it requires you to use some energy, this pillow doesn’t take much time to fill up with the air, which makes it suitable for anyone who doesn’t have much time to set up an inflatable pillow.



How Do you Keep an Inflatable Backpacking Pillow from Sliding?

There are several means of protecting a backpacking pillow from sliding.

1. Use a non-slip mat

You could opt to purchase a mat that grips the pillow from the bottom and one that features a non-slip surface on the bottom. That way, you can protect the pillow from sliding on the mat and protect the mat from sliding off the tent’s floor or mattress.

2. Use a slip-resistant pillowcase

Something else you could do is purchase a pillowcase that accommodates the backpacking pillow. Ensure that the pillow will fit into the case snugly to protect it from slipping inside.

Plus, the case you choose should be slip-resistant so that you can get the desired value after making the purchase.

How do you wash a backpacking pillow?

If you get a pillow that comes with a removable cover, then you can rest assured to have a pillow that is clean since all that is needed of you is to remove the cover and wash it in a washing machine or using hand.

For pillows that do not have such a cover, follow the following procedure.

1. Close the valve to protect the water from getting inside the air chamber.

2. Get some warm water and add some down wash soap into it.

3. Immerse the pillow in the water. Allow it to rest a bit and knead it gently using the hands. Handle the kneading process for some minutes until you are confident that the pillow is clean.

4. Get clean water into a bucket and knead the pillow to rinse it. Knead in in several buckets of water until you end up with clean water.

5. Squeeze excess water from the fabric and hang the pillow so that it can air dry. Always avoid drying the pad in a tumble dryer to avoid damaging the TPU bladder.



While backpackers prefer inflatable pillows because of the lightweight designs and ability to pack down into compact sizes, note that being portable doesn’t mean that the pillow should sacrifice comfort, easy maintenance, or ease of use.

That said, buy one of the reviewed products so that you can get a combination of these features at a reasonable cost.