All You Should Know About Latex Pillows

The premise behind using pillows is to enable people to have the most comfortable sleeping position possible. The human neck does curve slightly as it joins the body and head. This curvature of the neck just frames the shape of the spine, meaning that the spine also curves in a similar manner. In this regard, the best sleeping position is a sleeping position which does not strain the neck but rather allows it to retain its natural position.

Pillows provide users with exactly this, reducing the amount of strain the neck is subjected to. This in effect reduces the chances of suffering muscle aches around the neck ( for you convenience, we make a collection of best sleeping pillows for neck and shoulder pain). The tremendous amount of support offered by pillows also makes a case for their use. However, with a variety of pillows made of different materials, it is important to understand which pillow is the best suited to meet all your specific needs and wants. To this end, we review one of the best materials to have on your pillow ? latex.

What Is Latex And What Are Latex Pillows?

Latex pillows are pillows that are made of latex material. Latex is a polymer that is derived from plants and trees, with rubber trees providing the majority of natural latex supply. This pillow are made by latex, you can check out how people reviewed it:

Lightweight & Compact Latex Travel Neck Pillow

Lightweight & Compact Latex Travel Neck PillowYou should also take note of the fact that modern science and chemistry has been able to replicate in part the structure and compounds that produce the polymer in nature. However, even though through science man has been able to produce man-made latex, we have not been able to refine the quality of the latex. As such, the quality of man-made latex is not on par quality-wise with the quality of natural latex.

For purposes of creating pillows, the latex material is foamed to produce the right kind of structure that can provide support to the head and neck when sleeping. The foaming process creates small bubbles that are interconnected, giving the entire structure the spongy and bouncy feel that characterizes latex pillows. However, nothing beats the natural organic latex pillows in providing complete comfort for the neck and head. Below is a Top Rated one:

Top Rated organic natural latex pillow

Malouf Talalay Latex Zoned Pillow

What Are The Benefits Of Using Natural Organic Latex Pillow?

Even though latex is a natural polymer, there are very many different ways of producing and processing the liquids latex sub. To produce organic natural latex, the rubber plantations must use only organic cultivation methods, negating the use of chemical pesticide to near zero. The processing of the natural latex also maintains the general principle of using processing methods that do not rely on harsh chemicals or any chemicals at all.

The end product is natural latex pillow that does not have traces of harsh chemicals. This in itself is an advantage as it reduce the chances of suffering from sporadic allergies stemming from coming into contact with trace amounts of harsh pesticides and chemicals.

Since natural latex is an anti-dust polymer, it reduces the chances of accumulation of dust on the pillow. This, in turn, reduces the exposure to allergy-causing dust or solid particles.

Natural organic latex pillows are far better in the dissipation of heat and moisture. This makes the sleeping environment a touch more comfortable.

These pillows have a superior stability of structure. When you lie on them, they do not have customary sinking in feeling that is associated with other types of pillows.

The main price rang of latex pillow is $30~$160, most natural latex pillows sale at about $90, you can select one fit you budget. Here is all Top Natural Latex Pillows on the market, you can check reviews for choose best fit one.

Types Of Natural Organic Latex Pillows

There are two types of pillows that are made using natural organic latex pillows. These two pillows are:

#1. Contoured latex pillow: this is the kind of pillow that is designed to improve the efficiency of neck support. The pillow is, first of all, sturdy to ensure that your neck receives the best kind of support. Additionally, the pillow is contoured to take into account the shape of the head and the shape of the neck, thereby, they have a thick neck section and a somewhat thinner head section. This type of pillow provides great support for the head and neck since the design of the pillow is a perfect fit for your head and neck. (Here for more Contour Pillows and Contour Foam Pillows on Sale)

And there is perfect latex contour pillow for people who do not move around a lot as they sleep:

Talalay 100% Natural Latex Contour Pillow

Talalay Natural Latex Pillow with 100% Ventilated Latex Foam Filler-Contoured Medium Pillow
#2. Shredded latex pillow: in contrast to the contoured latex pillows, shredded latex pillows are fluffy as opposed to sturdy. They are made by shredding natural rubber foam producing small pieces of latex foam. The resulting pillow has the best amount malleability, allowing users to change the shape of the pillow as they please. This type of pillow is best used by people who move around a lot while asleep and also people who prefer malleability on their pillow. Check best one below:

100% Shredded Latex Pillow – Natural Cooling Latex Noodle Filling

Shredded Latex Pillow - Natural Cooling Latex Noodle Filling

What Are Natural Latex Pillows Used For

Natural latex pillows are used to make neck pillows, bed sleeping pillows and body pillows. They are also perfect for making pillows for kids and toddlers, especially those who are prone allergies or those who are hypersensitive to chemical smells. Try it for you kids!

Best toddler latex pillow for kids – with Highest rated 5 stars

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