All Best Knee Pillows in 2019 – Guide and Reviews

Sleeping on your back and sleeping on the side are two of the most common sleep positions which require a knee pillow. But the knee pillow is used differently in each sleeping position. People with orthopedic knee or back pain also can benefit from a quality knee pillow. This article provides a comprehensive overview of choosing the best knee pillow on the market.

Why You Need a Knee Pillow?

Why You Need a Knee Pillow

A knee pillow is great for many reasons as the body is often put under duress while sleeping. When a person tends to put pressure on their knee joints, it can lead to chronic pain.

To avoid dealing with this particular concern, it’s important to use a well-designed knee pillow. The pillow is able to alleviate the unnecessary stress put on the joints while remaining comfortable to sleep with. Most people incorporate the use of a knee pillow to make sure they are able to sleep without a problem.

This pillow is easy to use, safe and offers an incredible list of advantages. Next, we will talk about all the things you need to know about the best knee pillows on the market.

Best Knee Pillow in 2019 – ComfiLife Orthopedic Knee Pillow

best knee pillow you can buyWhy do we recommend this pillow?

  • 9.8 x 7.9 x 6.3 inches size will fit your body perfectly.
  • With the premium high-density memory foam, contoured in an ergonomic shape, can give correctly support for side sleepers.
  • Breathable covers are so soft to touch and comfortable to sleep with.
  • Smooth zippered covers make the washing job easily and quickly.

More than 6,000 reviews, almost fully 5-star rating on Amazon, this pillow is highly recommended for side sleeping people with back and lower back pain, even people with bad sciatica. Many people said they have a nice entire night sleeping with this pillow. Other one said this well-made pillow has a perfect size and comfortable touching, good for hip pain.

The less than $30 price making it a great pillow to try. With the 100% money-back guarantee, you will not need to worried about if you are not satisfied.

For better sleeping, just pick up one ComfiLife pillow home now!

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Top 10 Best Knee Pillows on the Market

There are thousands of knee pillows for sale, which one the best? We have checked all the reviews and comsumer reports,  choosing the outstanding top 10 knee pillow with a different feature for your convenience.

1. Best Half Moon Bolster Knee Pillow for Side Sleepers best knee pillow for side sleepers reviews


Back Support Systems Knee-T Leg Pillow

Best knee pillow with strap for sleeping reviews

Restorology Elevating Foam Wedge Knee Pillow

Best reviewed knee wedge pillow for sleeping

MOMSIV Memory Foam Knee Pillow Doctor Recommend

best pillow for between knees reviews

High-Density Leg Rest Elevating Foam Wedge Pillow for Knee Pain

Best reviewed pillow under knees while sleeping

NATUMAX Knee Pillow for Side Sleepers Sciatica Pain Relief

Best selling knee pillow with strap for side sleeping

Cushy Form Knee Pillow for Side Sleepers

best knee pillow for back pain reviews

Sleep Yoga Ergonomically Designed Between Under Pillow for Knee Support

Best rated knee pillow for back and side sleepers

Best Wearable Knee Pillow with Elastic Straps

Best reviewed knee pillow with strap for sleeping


How to Choose the Right Knee Pillow for Pain Relief?

Are you guilty of sleeping on your back? If so, then you’ve probably tried breaking this bad habit with no success. It’s difficult to change your sleeping position especially if it seems to be the only way you can get some shuteye. But by using a knee pillow, you can finally correct this habit and experience some pain relief benefits at the same time. You have plenty of choices on the market, but how can you choose the right knee pillow? Keep reading to find out.

The first thing to understand is that many pillows are designed to help people who sleep on their sides or back. The most popular is the knee lift, which raises your knees but not the legs and feet. This type of pillow usually serves as the best starting point because it’s cheap and relatively smaller than the others. It relaxes the legs and reduces lower back tension. After a few days of consistent use, you may notice that your back no longer aches after you wake up.

Some people opt for a wedge pillow, which elevates the knees, legs, and feet. These are bigger in size than knee lifts. They are designed to help reduce pain and inflammation in the lower torso. If you’re having problems with your legs and feet, then this might be the better option for you.

Of course, you need to take your budget into consideration. Price varies according to the material and the size of the knee pillow. It’s best to set your budget first and then start looking for knee pillows that fall within your comfortable range.

When it comes to material, it’s recommended to go for memory foam. It provides unmatched softness and comfort, ensuring that your knees will be relaxed throughout your sleep. While it’s tempting to choose something that’s very soft, pillows like this usually go out of shape after just a few months.

Best Rated Knee Pillows for Different Support Needs

Your back muscles are connected to the butt while the butt muscles connect with the hamstring. The hamstring connects to the knee. This way you may find that the whole body is interconnected with each other part. In fact, when you relieve tension in one area of your body, it helps relieve stress and pain in another. That’s why we need to choose the right knee pillow to give our body the best support. When you place an ergonomic knee pillow under your knees, it takes tension off them which results in reducing the pain in the lower back area. (Here is the best collected bolster pillow you can use under knee: Best Bolster Pillows)

When a person sleeps on his/her side with one leg over the other, the upper leg will flop out and rotate the pelvis. This throws off the spine and hip joint alignment. When you place a pillow between your knees, it helps raise the upper leg and maintain proper alignment. When a person sleeps on his or her side and throws one leg out, he or she may develop hip pain over time. A knee pillow will help keep the legs in the right position and have proper alignment while you sleep.

Pregnancy is another condition where side sleeping is recommended. The pressure on your back and hips joint can be easily relieved by placing a pillow or two under your knees. Knee pain is another condition where you can get relief by using a high-quality knee pillow.

Best reviewed knee pillow for pregnancy

Leachco Snoogle Total Body Pillow

More pregnancy pillows you can check here: Choosing Best Rated Pillow For Pregnant Women

A body pillow is a long knee pillow that can be used to cradle your knee when sleeping on your side with one leg flopped over the other when you sleep on your back. An hourglass-shaped knee pillow is another popular option on the market. It is contoured to the shape of your body so that the pillow will stay in place between the knees. Most of these pillows are made from memory foam and are ideal for providing support to the knees. The knee wedge pillow is a pyramid-shaped pillow that is ideal for back sleepers who usually keep their knees elevated with a gradual incline. A regular pillow can also be used as a knee pillow by folding it in half or wedging it between your legs. The hypoallergenic knee pillow is a thick but comfortable knee pillow ergonomically designed to eliminate pressure on the hips, shoulders, knees, lower back, and neck areas.

Below is the popular type of knee pillows on the market:

Best Sales hourglass shaped contour knee pillow between legs

Best sale Carex Memory Foam Knee Pillow

For more contour pillow for knee and other support, you can check page: Buy An Orthopedic Contour Pillow Fit You Best

How To Buy The Best Knee Pillow?

There are many important factors to consider when buying the best knee pillow out there. Ensuring that the pillow’s firm is one of the first things to look for when purchasing a knee pillow. If the pillow is too soft, it may become flat with a short period and become utterly useless. Medium firmness is the best option for most people who need to keep their knees comfortable during a good night’s sleep. Surely, the main purpose of a knee pillow is to keep your knees apart. More firm tips, you can see our page: Tips Of Choosing Right Softness & Firm Pillows

On the other hand, a thin pillow will not help maintain a good distance between your legs. This is why you need to ensure that the pillow is adequately thick. If you are overweight, the pillow should be even thicker, or you need to use two knee pillows between your knees. Memory foam is the best material for a knee pillow. It helps contour your body more than any other material on the market. Hence, memory foam is considered a good filling option for knee pillows. Also, memory foam is naturally dusting mite resistant and hypoallergenic. ( Here for collection: Best Memory Foam Pillows To Buy)

The density of the pillow should be three pounds or above for best results in protecting your knees. Anything less than three pounds might be thin and too soft. Look for CertiPUR-certified memory foam when buying a knee pillow. It is made of safe ingredients and better than other types. Check this hot sale memory foam wedge pillow for the knee:

Top Rated under knee support wedge pillow for back pain

Elevating Leg Rest Wedge Knee Pillow for back pain

Shopping for the best knee pillow should be done with utmost caution. Although there are numerous knee pillow brands on the market, all these products are not created equal. This is why you need to do your homework when purchasing the best knee pillow on the market. Make sure you buy from a company that offers a reasonable guarantee and has the option of returning the pillow if it doesn’t serve your purpose. The knee pillow that you finally choose should help improve your sleep as well as soreness in the long run. Of course, you can buy one for multi-use as below:

Multi-use Knee pillow for neck back leg pain

Multi-use Knee pillow for neck back leg pain

Here is another hot sale multi-use knee pillow pad for you check:

BEST Multipurpose Kneeling Pad

baby knee pad

You can use if for Bathing Kneeling Mat, Garden Kneeler, Yoga mat for fitness, Praying mat, Beach mat, Baby changing mat.

The Different Type Of Knee Pillows

If you experience discomfort in your back or hips while sleeping, you can improve your sleeping experience using a knee pillow. The same case goes if you are having knee, calve, hamstring issues, pregnant women, and people with restless legs syndrome.

However, before investing in a sleeping pillow, it is you should have an intricate understanding of the various knee pillows on the market. Herein we will explore the different types of sleeping pillows on the market.

#1. Knee Pillow With Strap For Sleeping

Knee pillows with straps are ergonomically designed to stay in place with the help of straps. The straps wrap around the legs, typically around the knee area securing the pillow in place. The added straps are perfect for people who move around a lot while sleeping. However, if you do not want to sleep with a strap around your knees, you can remove the straps, as many of the strap knee pillows come with removable straps.

#2. Knee Bolster For Sleeping

This knee pillow has a half-moon shape and it is designed and optimized for back sleepers. It is placed on the flat surface with the user placing their knees over the pillow. Aside from back sleepers, this type of knee pillow type is perfect for people recovering from surgery and requiring the raising of legs. It is also a good choice when you need to improve leg circulation.

#3. Knee Wedge Pillow For Sleeping

These particular knee pillows are perfect for back sleepers. Unlike the other pillows that have an hourglass shape, the knee wedge has a wedge shape, which one can describe as a triangular-shaped pillow when you look from its cross-section. Placed on its largest flat surface of the pillow, back sleepers can raise knees over the wedge, providing comfort and reducing backpressure.

#4. Knee Pads For Sleeping

Knee pads are sleeves that you wear around the knee(s) to raise the knees and separating them, providing pain relief. Knee pads are specially designed to fit and wrap around the knees. They are made of soft breathable materials. As such while you have to wear them, they do not cause unwanted sweating around the knees. Knee pads are typically worn on one of the legs.

#5. Knee Cushion For Sleeping

Knee cushions for sleeping have an hourglass design that allows users to place their legs in the grooves of the pillow. This allows the user to separate their legs while sleeping, offering pain relief, improved circulation, and better sleep quality.


Finding The Best Pillow For Under Knees

For those that suffer from back pain yet who sleep on their back, having a pillow tucked under your knees might prove to be a difference-maker. Sleeping on your back is a great way to relieve pressure from your lower back. This is primarily due to the fact that sleeping on your back allows your weight to be properly and evenly distributed throughout the widest area of your body. Therefore, you will end up placing much less strain on the various pressure points throughout your body. Along with this, you will be able to place your spine in its optimal alignment. However, for some, it might cause increased pressure on the lower back likely due to the type of mattress you have and due to having a lack of support. Below, we will be going over the benefits of sleeping with a pillow underneath your knees.

Benefits Of Sleeping With A Pillow Under Your Knees:

1. It Helps Remove Pressure.

One of the main reasons a pillow under the knees is going to be good for those that still experience lower back pain has to do with the fact that it can effectively help to remove the pressure that you might be facing due to having improper support with your mattress.

2. Helps Align The Spine.

Another benefit that you are going to get from using a pillow placed directly underneath the knees is the ability to better align the spine. Because the spine features a natural curvature in your lower back, you want to be sure that you are able to remain in this alignment while you sleep.

Making a simple and subtle change to your sleeping position can really make a big difference in how well you are able to sleep and in keeping your back healthy and pain-free.


Finding The Best Pillow For Between Knees

For those that are unable to get truly comfortable with sleeping on their back, you will likely find it much more comfortable sleeping on your side. While sleeping on your side has some inherent benefits such as dealing with acid reflux, it can cause issues with lower back pain and even hip and knee pain. One of the best ways to remedy this with sleeping on your side would be to use a pillow in between the knees.

Benefits Of Sleeping With A Pillow In Between Your Knees:

1. Alignment.

Perhaps the main benefit that you will be able to get when you choose to sleep with a pillow in between your knees is the ability to keep everything in much more optimal alignment. With a pillow in between your knees, you will be able to keep everything from your hips to your pelvis, and even your spine in much more optimal alignment. This alone is going to help you avoid putting more strain and pressure on the various pressure points in your back and placing more strain on your joints and spine.

2. Keep Your Knees From Grinding Against One Another.

Another big benefit that comes with using a pillow placed between your knees when you sleep on your side would be the ability to keep your knees from grinding up against one another which can make sleeping very uncomfortable for anyone.

Overall, there are plenty of things that you can do to improve your sleep. One of the best ways if you are a side sleeper and someone that might be dealing with some kind of back pain would be to use a pillow placed between your knees in order to achieve a much better overall alignment of your spine and hips while you sleep throughout the night.

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