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Pillows are a very personal choice and it is very important to understand the difference related to a down pillow and a feather pillow. Below is information on how the fill of a pillow can have a direct impact on the cost, performance and longevity of a pillow.

What is the difference of down and feather pillow?

Down feather difference

Feather Pillows

The feather pillows do not have a long life span, sleep flatter and can contain quills that can poke you, they cost less. This pillows are very popular and most people like them, here you can see feather throwing pillows for home: Accent Throw Pillows for Decorative

Down Pillows

They are resilient, last longer, cost more and do not have quills that can poke you.This is dependent on the type of down used in the pillow. Most people like use down feather filled throw pillows, for their long term shape keeping and firm touch, below is hot sale one for you:

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Down and Feather Blends

They do not last very long, but do contain a small amount of down that can add support so that they do not go flat.

  • Down Clusters (goose down feathers)The down clusters have a spherical and round shape and appear as like a dandelion head. Dependent on the down quality, these shapes are around the same size as a dandelion head. Hungarian down-clusters are an 800 fill that is the same size as a U.S quarter. The spherical natural shapes give a down pillow its loft. This loft occurs due to the down clusters always wanting to return to their round shape. The more down-clusters used to fill a pillow that is typically represented in the form of ounces, the more firm the pillow will be.
  • Feathers (goose down feathers)Nearly everybody will know what a feather will look like, but goose down feathers is smaller than U.S quarters. These feathers are extremely soft and feature a spine in the center known as the quill. Hair-like strands radiate from the spine like a filament or sail. These feathers dependent on the type of bird assist the bird in staying dry, keeping warm and flying.

However, when these feather types are forced into a pillow-shell, the feathers overtime begin to align and the pillow becomes flatter. In order to deal with this flattening effect a few pillow companies fill add in down-clusters to stop the feathers from compacting.  Here is collection of best selling throw pillowcase on the market, and here is Choosing The Right Case And Protector Material For Sleeping Pillow, you can check the tips to choose right pillowcase.

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What Is The Best Feather Pillow?

Cylinders Of Down

The typical rule is the ligher the fill power, the better the quality is. This means that an 800 fill is considered to be the most consistent and finest down fill that is available worldwide. But it is important where this down fill is derived from. Is the down from a specific bird or region such as Chinese geese, European, Canadian or Hungarian? If the manufacturer does not say Hungarian then it is not the real deal and not every company use Hungarian goose down as it is highly expensive.

The other important aspect involves how the down is cleaned and the percentage of the down. These elements will all have an impact on the actual quality offered by the fill of the given region and bird. It is important to keep in mind that the higher the fill the more down clusters are in the pillow and the more down clusters contributes to an increased quality. This also contributes to a longer lasting pillow and loft. The pillow will trap in more air contributing to a more comfortable and warmer sleep.

For the pillow firm and softness choose, there are tips for you reference: Choosing Right Firm Pillows

The Enemies Of Down And Feather Fill

Many people ask why their pillows turn yellow and go flat. Below are the main reasons that can destroy the quality of down and feathers contained in a pillow.


This particular aspect is typically difficult to deal with as using the pillow compresses the feathers and down in a pillow automatically. Constant compression overtime will begin to crush the natural fibers which make up these extremely fine filaments that come off the quill of the down-cluster. It is advisable to shake the pillow upon waking to move the down or feathers around.


The number one enemy of a down pillow would have to be moisture. This moisture can come from a number of factors which can include the down or feathers that are not dried in the correct manner during the manufacturing process, to humidity that can be absorbed when stored in a warehouse before it becomes available for purchase, or moisture that gets inside the pillow from the incorrect cleaning procedures.


Overtime oils that are found in certain hair products, facial creams and moisturizers and even the oil found on the skin will make their way into the pillow-shell. This oil is then absorbed into the feathers or down-fill. One way to slow down or reduce this issue would be to use night creams well before going to bed and using a pillow protector. Oils found in the skin are the contributing factor as to why a pillow shell, pillow protector or pillow case will turn a yellow color.

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